Entries with Surname (Title)s starting with 'N'

Surname: Nitschke
Christian Names: Robert Gabriel
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Flaxman's Valley
Service #: 4721240
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Engineers (RAE)
Case Notes:


Robert Gabriel Nitschke served in Vietnam with the 1st Field Regiment, RAE from July 1970 to July 1971. For his service he has been awarded five Defence medals. Unfortunately he has succumbed to vanity and has awarded himself a self purchased Front Line Medal, and now wears six.


This is the offending medal:


The medal has no credibility and has no place attached to genuine defence medals on the left breast.

We welcome Rob Nitschke to this website for the act of wearing a worthless piece of tin contrary to tradition and protocol.

Surname: NOLAN
Christian Names: Garry
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Blackheath
Service #: 227495.
Branch: Claims Special Air Service.
Case Notes:


Garry Nolan would have you believe that he is a qualified member of the Australian Army Special Air Service regiment. (SASR).


Nolan placed a photograph of himself on his Facebook page, claiming that he is engaged in SAS Counter Terrorism.



He has also claimed to others that he served in Rwanda in the Australian army and as a result he suffers from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.(PTSD).

Nolan came to the notice of ANZMI when former SASR veterans became suspicious and advised that a person by the name of Garry Nolan had never served with the Regiment.

Records indicate that Nolan joined the Katoomba RSL Sub-Branch in January 2005. He claimed that his service number was 227495 and that he served with 5/7 RAR Holsworthy. He claimed that he enlisted on the 21 November 1978 and Discharged on the 30 November 1984. (6 years). There was no supporting documentation received at Katoomba RSL Sub-Branch to support these claims however, his membership was apparently accepted.

He subsequently transferred his membership to Blackheath-Mt Victoria RSL Sub-Branch, where his membership was not questioned, as he had already been accepted by Katoomba RSL Sub-Branch as an eligible member of RSL NSW.

As a result of concerns raised, ANZMI conducted research into Nolan’s claims.

It has been established without doubt that he was never a member of the SASR. It was also established that his name does not appear on the Rwandan Roll of Australian Defence Force personnel who served in that area.

Nolan was contacted by a Researcher and asked to provide particulars of his alleged service in Rwanda and that of his SASR Counter Terrorism service.

He stated that he never served in SASR, and that the SASR Facebook page is a “technical glitch”. We are uncertain what he means when he stated that it was a “technical glitch”, but everything points to the fact that he is a liar and cannot give a reasonable explanation for his actions.

He also claimed to the researcher that he served in Rwanda on one occasion and Malaysia on two occasions. He claimed that he served in the Australian Army in 6 RAR and 5/7 RAR for 35 years and has severe PTSD.

It is clear that Nolan is a false pretender and wannabee.

ANZMI has been unable to establish if Nolan served in the Australian Army at any time.

We know that he was never a member of the SASR and he was never posted to Rwanda as he has claimed.

RSL NSW need to conduct a full investigation into Nolan's claims.

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