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Surname: Newlyn
Christian Names: Phillip Eric
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Nowra
Service: RAN
Branch: Psychologist
Case Notes:

Phillip Eric Newlyn of Nowra New South Wales. The case of the gallant Navy Psychologist.


This is a recent photo of Newlyn in his Navy Reserve Officer uniform, complete with medal ribands he is not entitled to wear. It was the Vietnam Logistic Support Medal (VSLM) that bought him undone.  He claimed to have earned this whilst serving in the Australian Army prior to joining the Navy Reserve. He does not appear on the Department of Veterans Affairs, Vietnam Nominal Roll nor does he have an Army Service file in the Army system. He also wears the National Medal that is not registered on the Australian web site “It’s and Honour”.



Newlyn’s deceit was not a spur of the moment action as careful planning and forgery went into his preparation. Unfortunately wannabes prevail when organizations are inept or purposefully negligent in checking credentials.  Newlyn presented forged documents shown below to Cadet Units to “prove” his previous military service.




The forged “Certificate of Discharge” and “Certificate of Service contain numerous errors including i.e.

  1. Wrong abbreviation for Battalion i.e. “Batt” instead of “Bn”

  2. He is wearing the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal whereas the documents shows “Vietnam Service Medal”

  3. Newlyn has included “dots” between the abbreviations of both “RAR” and “RAAMC”

  4. The Certificate of Service should read “Served with” not “Service”


It is an exceptional wannabe who “Falls on his sword” and “graciously” accepts the fate of being named and shamed on our web site. We are pleased to announce that Phillip Eric Newlyn is an exceptional wannabe, however this is because he is a Psychologist who knew he was cornered and produced a whining confession, in the hope that his contrition may save him from the wrath of ANZMI, genuine Veterans and the Psychology Council of NSW.   

 Newlyn is a senior Psychologist who lectures at a NSW university and understands the underlying reasons for his behaviour, that being so he could have sought appropriate help from a colleague. Apparently the “feel good” part of being a fraud was a preferable reality to being and ordinary decent bloke.

Before we confronted Newlyn we knew quite well that he was a fraud, because we had checked in all the right places and we were holding photographic and Statutory Declaration evidence. When we tracked him down and put our allegations squarely to him, he responded, excerpts from some of his responses are shown below.

“Your investigations are correct.  I have fraudulently wore medals that I am not entitled to and, in doing so have told lies and committed offences against my country, veterans and service personnel of the ADF

While some may say that I am sorry because I got caught, I do feel remorse for what I have done.  The ANZMI website has brought my deceit sharply into focus. 

I can only hope that I can make restitution for this crime.  I would be most appreciative if you could provide some feedback as to how I can apologize to veterans and to the ADF.

In my consciousness, I knew what I was doing was wrong and I was a liar.  Once the lie was perpetrated, it was difficult to stop.

Also, when this is made public I will risk losing my part time job and gaining the loathing of the community.  As I live in a military town, many people will, no doubt, shun me.

I also apologise to the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force as I have worn medals I am not entitled to on their uniforms.  This was done with the knowledge that I was committing deceit”. 

Whilst serving for many years as a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Reserve Officer and an Officer of Cadets in both the Australian Navy and Australian Air Force, Newlyn wallowed in the kudos of his fake Army history, now, like all wannabes he will have to endure the ignominy of being listed on our web site. 

Newlyn says he may lose his job and will earn the enmity of the community for his deceit. The community expects those who advise about very personal issues to be scrupulously honest and we are sure, that the Psychology fraternity is also concerned about integrity. We have advised the Psychology Council of NSW and await developments from that august body.  

If you steal the honour of Veterans, you had better steel yourself for when we name and shame you.

Is it worth it?


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Newson
Christian Names: Donald Allen
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Port Macquarie
Service #: 432533
Service: CMF (Army)
Branch: RAAMC
Commencement of service: 02 Nov 67
Completion of service: 25 Aug 71
Case Notes:




Donald Allen NEWSON enjoys life as the ‘Dirranbandi Dandy’ in the seniors movement in and around Port Macquarie, ask him about his military service and he is more than happy to recount his many adventures as a helicopter recovery officer in Vietnam.   We know he doesn’t mean he went out looking for and recovering downed helicopters because that would be just too boring.

No, there are more miles to be had in such a story if our hero is out there in ‘the green’ rescuing wounded soldiers.   Now there’s a story fit for a hero, the problem is of course, it never really happened. 

Donald NEWSON has never set foot in Vietnam, at least not as a soldier.   The truth about NEWSON is that he served as Pharmacist (PHARMO) in the Citizens Military Forces.   He was commissioned as a Lieutenant (Probationary) into the RAAMC on 2nd November 1967.   He served as a Reservist for four years before discharging on 25 August 1971.   His career was not spectacular but he completed his obligations and attended camps and the like, but did not serve in Vietnam.


Over the years, NEWSON has gone unchallenged about is apparent Vietnam service so he has many of the stories down pat.   He happily to recount how upon his return to Australia, he had to get his wife to bring him some civilian clothes (civvies) to wear because of the protests.   A fine story, but don’t you think he would have a shirt and pair of pants somewhere in his kit?  

You may well ask why NEWSON appears on our Website as he does not parade about wearing medals he has no entitlement to.   No, he is not a medal fraud but he is a valour thief.   By telling stories which cause people to believe he was involved in medical evacuation (MEDIVAC) operations in Vietnam is offensive to all the members of No 9 Squadron (RAAF) and US Army MEDIVAC units which operated in Vietnam during the war.   Often under heavy enemy fire, the aircrews of these units saved the life of many wounded soldiers, putting their own lives and the safety of their aircraft on the line.   They are the true heroes and the true victims of wannabes like NEWSON.

So, if you happen to be travelling to sunny Port Macquarie for a holiday, keep an eye out for Donald NEWSON, the ‘Famous Flying PHARMO of Phuoc Tuy Province’, he will be the bloke running for cover and no doubt trying to recant his many stories.  

Of course it will be ANZMI’s fault that he has been exposed as a wannabe, but if you see him, remind him of No 9 Squadron’s motto: ‘VIDEMUS NEC VIDEMUR’ - (translated - We see without being seen).

A word of advice Mr NEWSON, if you are going to make up a false war service in Vietnam, don’t do it in a town like Port Macquarie were many genuine Veterans have chosen to live out their lives.   Wannabes like you always come unstuck and what may have started as a little fabrication of the truth has led you to a permanent spot on our website.   

Surname: Newton
Christian Names: Reginald Bruce
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Citizens Military Forces
Case Notes:

 Reginald Bruce Newton claims to be a hero of the "Cold War" who joined British Intelligence, aged 20 years, became a Commissioned Officer in the British Army, gaining the rank of Major in three years and winning an MC and Bar as well as seeing covert service in Europe, Laos, Mongolia and Korea. He was medically discharged as a Major MC and Bar aged 23 years.

Photo above is an extract of the photo below

Photo from FRONTLINE, a Defence Service Journal, the official journal of the 1st Nineteenth and the 2nd Nineteenth Associations, Vol 4 Issue 3, page 22


Hard core Wannabes put a lot of planning into their activities ; they weave a web of deceit and then fine-tune their stories by relating anecdotes to give them a human touch.    Reginald Bruce Newton is a hard core Wannabe, who has spent many years crafting the fiction of his brief but action filled career in the British Army .


Of course, he was a "Secret Agent" and cannot divulge his regimental details, or written proof of his service to Colonial Ex Service Organisations.   He does however relate tales of incredible feats of "Cold War derring-do" and likes to have his photo taken wearing "his" medals.  


Reginald Newton rubs shoulders with State Governors, Generals, and the upper crust of New South Wales.   He can be seen above standing beside Warrant Officer Class One Wally Thompson, OAM, the first RSM to become RSM (A). (Regimental Sergeant Major of the Army).  A very prestigious position to hold.   One General, when asked about Reginald said "Oh you mean Major Reginald Newton MC and Bar who served with distinction during the cold war". Read on and learn about Reginald, the consummate "Cold War Major" who, we are sure, will now be the consummate "Cold Shoulder Major" of NSW.


Pictured below is a photo of Reginald Newton and a female family member. The lady is included because she is wearing miniatures of her Newton's "Medals" on her right side (top row). She is also wearing the medals (bottom row) of another Newton family member. Although the medals are in black and white and not very clear we are reliably informed that they include MC and Bar, British General Service Medal, Korea Medal and United Nations Medal Korea.

Photo from FRONTLINE, a Defence Service Journal, the official journal of the 1st Nineteenth and the 2nd Nineteenth Associations, Vol 4 Issue 3, page 15



The RNSWR Association Newsletter detailing Newton's Cold War exploits is shown below.  A synopsis of the Newton RNSWR Association newsletter story together with our comments follow.


From 1950 to May 1953

In 1950 Newton departed Sydney for the United Kingdom with a letter from a "family friend" and was inducted into a Secret Intelligence Service Group as a Junior Field Officer.


We have Newton's Citizens Military Forces Record of Service, gained through the Freedom of Information Legislation from the National Archives Australia. His records clearly show that he was taken on strength of 30 Battalion NSW Scottish Regiment on 19 Sep 1949 and he was struck off strength 13 November 1952. Had Newton gone to the United Kingdom in 1950, he would have been taken off strength in 1950. We don't know where he was between 1950 and 1953, when he claims to have been a super spy, but it looks like he was still attending parades at 30 Battalion in Sydney in 1951 and 1952.  When this is put with the mountain of other evidence it is most likely the truth of the matter.  



Trained as a secret agent in Arisaig Scotland and Beaulieu Manor in New Forest England with the Political Warfare Executive   (PWE) and other "Secret Units ".


According to "Secret Operations Executive (SOE) Syllabus: Lessons in ungentle manly warfare, World War II", introduction by Denis Rigden (pub by Public Record Office 2001), the Group A Schools based around Arisaig and Morar in Inverness were opened between Nov 1940 and June 1941 (10 in total). The last students left in Dec 1944. The Political Warfare Executive (PWE) and the "Finishing school" for the SOE ceased operations at Beaulieu Manor in New Forest, England in 1945      

The information is direct from Beaulieu Manor's Heritage Education Officer and Archivist . See the emails from Beaulieu Manor

For the attn of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for your recent enquiry, which has been passed to me for reply.

The Beaulieu Estate was the location for one of the training schools for the Special Operations Executive rather than the PWE, which I believe had a base at Woburn Abbey in Bedfordshire. The SOE 'Finishing' School at Beaulieu closed in June 1945, the first properties for the School having been requisitioned in January 1941.

 Best wishes for the New Year,


Heritage Education Officer and Archivist

 In 1951, was trained by Fairbairn and Sykes formerly of the Hong Kong Police and "Paddy" Mayne former SAS Commander

L t Col William Ewart (Dan) Fairbairn and Captain Eric Anthony (Bill) Sykes were both from the Shanghai Police not the Hong Kong Police. Fairbairn left Arisaig in 1942 and worked in Canada and the USA with various secret organisations.   Sykes died of pneumonia in 1945 so neither were at Arisaig to train Newton.  Lt Col Robert Blair (Paddy) Mayne DSO and 3 Bars was famous for his exploits with the British SAS during WW2 he served between 1939 and 1945. He left the Army at the end of the war and served on an Antarctic expedition before returning to his profession as a solicitor in his home town of Newtownards, England


September 1951 was commissioned as a British Army Officer.


ANZMI has friends in the UK who have access to the British Army List of Officers. Lists from 1950 through to 1959 failed to find any Reginald Bruce Newton. One of our London sources at the Imperial War Museum said:

"I checked one of the following for each year from 1950 to 1959 inclusive Quarterly Army list: [a distribution list of officers on the active list...] - London: HMSO, 1918-1959. - vols.; 21cm. - index for R B Newton, again without success."


The London Gazette publishes details of all commissions granted for the  

services of the United Kingdom . A friend from the London Gazette told us:

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxx



Date: Dec 30, 2005 9:49 PM

Subject: RE: Maj Reginald Bruce Newton, MC and Bar


This link has the search engine results for Newton in September 1951.

I looked at the printed index and couldn't see any military commission for an R Newton.

He may of course have a different formal first name.





In addition to the information received directly from the London Gazette, we also, have searched the Gazette for information about Newton's "Commission" "Promotions" and "Gallantry Awards"– He is not listed anywhere.


Conducted a raid to Gough Island in the South Atlantic to a suspected secret Russian base.


There are no records of such a raid having taking place. All is serene on Gough Island. The first recorded British expedition to the Island was in 1955.    


Early in 1952 served On His Majesty's Service in, Greece, Rumania, Albania and Bulgaria moving dissidents out of unstable areas .


Operatives who served in foreign countries were able to speak the languages of the country in which they operated. Did Newton learn Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian during his training in 1951


Lost his team in secret operations behind the Iron Curtain.


Rather convenient that he "lost his team" he has no one to disprove his claims.


Mid 1952 did secret courier work in Yugoslavia. Met a lady whose parents ran a safe house in Rukavac who later became his second wife.


Must have learned Yugoslav during his training as well.


October 1952 was posted to Laos and won an MC for "A heavy action".


The Imperial War Museum London told us:


"All gallantry awards were published in The London Gazette and this is searchable online, the address is in the attached document."   http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk/index.asp?webType=0 

Officers working with "Special Units" are listed against their "home" or original unit.  In the Gazette we were easily able to locate his "Training Officers"   "Paddy" Mayne for his four DSOs and also Lt (Later Lt Col) Fairbairn for his appointment as an Officer in the British Army. No Reginald Newton mentioned anywhere. In addition to information received directly from the London Gazette, we have searched the Gazette for information about Newton's "Commission" "Promotions" and "Gallantry Awards"– He is not listed anywhere. – Here is the address for the London Gazette. Have a look for yourself. 



Was promoted to Captain. Joined the war in Korea.


No mention in the London Gazette of Reginald Newton being promoted to Captain.


Worked on secret operations in Mongolia and received a Bar to his MC.  Lost another team.


No mention in the London Gazette of Reginald Newton receiving a bar to an MC. "Lost another team" conveniently, no one to disprove his claims .


Worked on the North Korean border observing troop and equipment movements and was wounded in action in an Ambush, sustaining facial and chest injuries. Lost most of his team again.


Newton claims to have been invalided out of the British Army, "Medically and physiologically spent".  Newton being invalided out of the British Army would certainly attract compensation from the UK Ministry of Defence, War Disablement Authority, as well as ongoing medical attention. When the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) War Disablement Authority was approached they told our London agent;




Thank you for your email. I have checked our War Disablement Pension records and we have no trace of this gentleman.

Thanking you


Veterans Advice Team 


Australian Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has reciprocal arrangements with the UK War Disablement Authority. They would have, over the years, arranged medical appointments and generally assisted a heroic and wounded UK war veteran who is an Australian citizen. The Australian Department of Veterans Affairs have never heard of Major   Reginald Bruce Newton, MC and bar.



Promoted to Major


There are no entries in the London Gazette relating to a promotion of a Captain Newton to Major. The British Army, the same as the Australian Army, has a system of time in rank, whereby officers must serve a specific time in each rank, as part of their qualification for promotion to the next rank. From Australian CMF Private soldier to Major, British Army, would require at least nine or ten years. Newton did it in two and a half as well as, absorbing and mastering many different languages and specialist training, required for covert operations


"Was medically and physiologically spent"


No wonder Newton was physiologically spent, as he had achieved much for the British Empire in three years on both, His, and Her Majesty's Secret Service. In reality the achievements, promotions, battles, honours and awards would never fit into such a time frame .


Returned to London.


May 1953 - Invalided out of the British Army as a Major aged 23 years .


As stated above, not known at UK Ministry of Defence The Imperial War Museum or the War Disablement Authority.  No entry in the London Gazette relating to his retirement .


Newton mentions a large, bald headed Mongolian Intelligence Officer.


Newton adds little anecdotes to his story to given them the human touch. He tells of a large, bald headed Mongolian who wore a large medal around his neck that was given to him by the Czar of Russia. The Mongolian escaped from Russian communists with a large amount of gold bullion and worked with Newton in Mongolia and Korea in 1952.   Newton said, in October 2000 "The large, bald headed Mongolian was now living in Australia and doing very well".


If the large, bald headed Mongolian was given a Medal by the Czar and escaped from the Russians he would have had to have been at least 20 years old in 1917. Do the calculations, and if the large bald headed Mongolian was living in Australia and doing well, in October 2000, he would have to be 103 years old.


Australian Military Service as a CMF Private Soldier from 1948 to 1950


Newton was born on 22 September 1930.  On 12 September 1949 aged nearly nineteen he joined the 30th Infantry Battalion, NSW Scottish 2 Division a Citizens Military Forces unit based in Sydney, as 257955 Private R B Newton, where he served until the 13 Nov 1952. According to Reginald he departed Sydney for the UK in late 1950 to work in UK Intelligence. His CMF records clearly show him still in Australia in 1952.   30 th Battalion merged with the RNSW Regiment in the early 1950s.


Because of his service with the 30th Battalion Newton was eligible for membership to the current RNSWR Association.    As a result of his Wannabe posing he is a well-known member of that association. When asked by the RNSWR Association for proof of his service he is quoted as saying "I worked for British Intelligence and cannot divulge my discharge papers".   Any Service papers in his possession would show his regimental details, decorations, medals and awards all listed against his "home unit" and disclosure of this information would be no threat to Global Security as Reginald Newton purports


Newton claims to be Major Reginald Bruce Newton MC and Bar (Retired). He wears the medals and acts the part of a retired British Major.   Newton is a fraud a Wannabe and an impostor.


We ask you to review the evidence and come to your own conclusion. Our conclusions are that:


He never left Australia in 1950 to work with British Intelligence.

He was never a commissioned officer in the British Army.

He did not train at Arisaig Scotland or at Beaulieu Manor in New Forest in 1950 or 1951.

He was not trained by any of the famous trio Fairbairn, Sykes or Mayne

He did not serve as a British officer in covert operations in Europe, Laos, Mongolia or Korea

He was never wounded in action.

He is fraudulently wearing bravery, and service medals.

He was still in Australia in 1951 when he claimed to be training at secret schools in the UK


ESO Membership

What has to be done to convince ESOs, that when claims of "Secret Service" are uttered, it is essential to insist on proof of service


Unfortunately people like Newton are aided and abetted by well meaning and honest, but gullible executives of Ex Service Organisations, who, having served in the Armed Forces trust that a retired Major is a decent and honourable person. Newton is not a decent and honourable person and has never been an Army Officer or the recipient of bravery awards in any army anywhere at anytime


Newton's antics are an affront to veterans worldwide; they are an insult to a long line of his soldierly relatives, - including Newton VC an heroic WW II pilot from the Australian 22nd Sqn. The Squadron is now based at Richmond NSW. In December 2002 at a dinner in the Squadron's Sergeants Mess honouring Flight Lieutenant Bill Newton, VC.  The RAAF Newspaper reported


"Also present were members of the Newton family – which has a proud history of service to Australia – including Major Reg Newton MC (ret'd) whose Army service overseas reflected the depth of commitment the extended Newton family had given to the ADF."


Newton has committed wrongs against veterans and against his family as well as crimes against Australian federal law.  Penalties for falsely wearing medals and claiming to be a veteran are heavy, and include jail. Jail is where he belongs and we will do our utmost to help him get there, although, his lies, deceit and miserable behaviour has done most of the work already.


The tragedy is that Newton was not exposed a long time ago, which is indicative of the depth of his deceit and the planning that he must have put into his charade. These actions cannot be actions of stable personality, and it is suggested to Newton that he seeks immediate psychological help.


Newton will remain on our web site for the rest of his life.   We will alert Defence establishments and Ex Service Organisations in the Sydney area and Australia wide of his deceit, so that he – a miserable impostor – will never again be held as an example of an "Heroic cold war veteran", as he was in the 1/19th Association Newsletter and the RAAF 22nd Squadron Sergeants Mess, as reported in the RAAF Newspaper of December 2002.


Newton, go to all those people you have fooled over the years and apologise, then go to a psychologist and seek help for your personality defect.


  Sydney Morning Herald 1 April 2005


  8 July 2006

Reginald Bruce Newton is a member of the 2/19th Bn Association. The President of that Association Mr Roger Perry finds it impossible to grasp the concept that his "good friend" Reginald Bruce Newton is a fraud an impostor and a thief of honour .

Perry wrote in the latest edition of the 2/19th Bn Newsletter



Mr Perry is approaching a great disappointment because he will eventually discover that his good friend Newton has been lying for all these years.


Newton had the opportunity to clear his name before we published his story on our web site. On the 21st January 2006 we sent a letter to Newton. He chose to ignore our letter.


Mr Perry said that Newton is collecting evidence from the United Kingdom, should he choose to wait for that evidence he will grow old and weary, because the evidence does not exist. Perry is a loyal friend to Newton but infinitely gullible. Perhaps the 2/19th Association could collect some evidence as well. The NSW State Library Sydney, the National Library Canberra and the National Archives Australia hold records of the NSW Scottish Battalion and Newton's service file, these records will show Reginald was still attending parades in Sydney during his "dreamed up" cold war secret service.

Finally, Newton has committed serious offences by falsely wearing gallantry and other medals. The penalty for these offences is a heavy fine or gaol.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Nicholson
Christian Names: Michael John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Bellevue
Service: Army Reserves
Case Notes:

This photo taken off his fake Army ID card. The card will not be displayed for Defence Security reasons

Michael John Nicholson, aka Michael Cohen, 39 years old of Bellevue Hill, as a highly decorated Australian Army Colonel commanding respect reserved for our loyal servicemen . 

The truth of the matter is that Mike Nicholson is an impostor who served one year with the Army Reserves before he was discharged in 1987. He was never an officer and never saw active service. He was also never awarded medals that he wore when masquerading as a Colonel. 


He was exposed as an impostor in an article published by the Sydney Daily Telegraph on the 22nd March 2006 as "Colonel Con".


When NSW Police searched his home they located an assortment of uniforms, Military ID cards and a number of medals including the Order of Australia and the Conspicuous Service Cross as well as a live military issue smoke grenade. As a result of their investigations he is facing 21 fraud related charges.

He appeared before the Chief Magistrate at the Downing Centre Court and has been remanded to appear in court again in May.

The story states he led the RSL Anzac Day Parade at Bronte in 2005. The group he led was the Bronte Surf Life Saving Club at Bronte Beach.



From this photo above you can see that he is wearing a number of medals but due to the poor quality of the photograph it is difficult to identify all the medals.

They appear to be the"Member of the Order of Australia", "Conspicuous Service Cross", "Australian Active Service Medal", "Defence Force Service Medal", the others are harder to identify, but they are mostly likely the East Timor Medals and the Interfet Medal. He is also wearing the Infantry Combat Badge.

He is also wearing the AIRN Badge ( "Army Individual Readiness Notification") which indicates that he is classified ready for operational service.


He is also wearing the green Commando beret with what appears to be a Staff Officer Badge and on the right arm the SAS parachute wings which also appear in another photograph. 

Again this photograph is of poor quality to properly identify all the medals which are indicated by the ribbons he is wearing.

His dress and bearing leaves a lot to be desired of that expected from an Officer or any serving member of the ADF. His Service Dress looks shabby and his Sam Browne belt could do with a bit of work. His long sleeved polyester shirt is showing which is very untidy.

In this photograph of him wearing his short sleeved shirt, his personal presentation is woeful in that the shirt is not properly pressed with the collars flat and it is ill fitting. Obviously Nicholson has no pride in the way he presents himself as a bogus Colonel.


Nicholson has made a mockery of security at Defence establishments if he could enter and obtain free tailoring of uniforms and name plates using false identity cards. If he can do it so can someone else. In today's climate, it has proved a point that Security must be taken more seriously not just at Defence establishments but at all places that are classified as high risk security targets.

Nicholson for his own reasons has shown disrespect to veterans, various organizations and the Australian Defence Force by carrying out this charade, not to mention shaming himself, his family and friends.

It is now up to the Justice system to show people like Nicholson that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated to tarnish the good reputation built by our proud serving and ex-service men and women of the Australian Defence Forces .

If anyone has any further information on Nicholson and his activities it is your duty to inform the NSW Police prior to his next court appearance.

You can also notify us at information@anzmi.net

25 May 2007

Nicholson faced the Sydney Central Local Court on the 3rd March 2007 and pleaded guilty to seven charges relating to his 2006 impersonation of an Australian Army Colonel.

Local Court Magistrate, Ms Jaye Carney, was scathing in her description of Nicholson's actions and described how hurtful his actions had been to the veteran community, particularly his disgraceful act of leading an Anzac Day parade in a bogus Army uniform.

Despite her harsh words, it seems the judicial system has once again failed veterans by the imposition of a very lenient sentence on Nicholson, who is one of the more outrageous wannabes featured on these pages.

Not only did Nicholson wear false medals and uniforms, he fraudulently obtained false ID and regularly infiltrated Army bases to obtain uniforms and equipment. We can only hope that that service police have plugged the loopholes exposed by Nicholson's deceptions , and we also wait in hope for some serious sentencing of wannabes in the future.

Sydney Morning Herald article here:

30th Aug 2009

Be aware that Michael John Nicholson is now known as Michael Cohen  and  mickeyacohen. 
Nicholson - Cohen as well as changing his name, our man in Sydney observes that he has “embraced” the Jewish religion claiming that he has returned to his roots. 

His name change is more likely to have something to do with the exposure he got for his criminal offences in relation to impersonating a veteran, and his religion change and its authenticity is questionable. 

Nicholson – Cohen resides in the Bondi area of Sydney NSW and is still up to his old tricks of fraud and subterfuge.
Don’t be fooled by Nicholson aka Cohen as he is a tenacious con man who has been convicted for his fraudulent behaviour.

We are reliably advised that Nicholson - Cohen is currently known to be active in the Sydney area weaving misery into peoples lives.

If you have had problems with Nicholson - Cohen, we would like to know about it at info@anzmi.net also we seek an up to date photo


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the  Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Nicholson
Christian Names: Roy
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Dandenong
Case Notes:

Roy Nicholson aka (Bill)

Roy Nicholson suffered a stroke in 2004 that he says was brought on by his Army service in Vietnam, he is unfortunately wheelchair bound. We had to overlook Nicholson's infirmity to present his exposure as a wannabe because many real war veterans suffer from extreme disabilities and this individual is not going to cash in on his. The fact was that his family and friends were sick and tired of putting up with his antics and lies.  They believed that once he was made aware of his exposure here on our site, he would wake up and stop.  He has been posing as a Veteran for over thirteen years and used his tales of heroism to win over his now estranged wife.

Nicholson displayed what he thought would be the actions of a Vietnam Veteran who was severely affected by  traumatic war time experiences. In attempts to convince family and friends of his war caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder [PTSD], this violent, abusive, heavy drinker threw beer cans at his TV when war movies were shown ranting that the movies weren't real.  If he heard helicopters outside in the street he would yell "Choppers, choppers" and duck for cover.

A family friend offered to take Nicholson's wife to a Department of Veteran's Affairs office to initiate a pension claim for him but he forbade her to do this because DVA had thrown his claim out years ago.

Last Anzac Day, 25/4/05, Nicholson spent the day at Dandenong, Victoria, Returned Services Leagues Club being bought many beers by patrons who listened to his tales of war service in Vietnam as a Colonel in the SAS.  
On the day he told his listeners that he was confined to a wheelchair due to having been shot in the back while serving in Vietnam.  He didn't wear medals because he "had thrown them away" Nicholson claims he was a National Serviceman who rose through the ranks to Colonel but he forgets in which state he was conscripted, sometimes it's NSW and sometimes it's Victoria.

A former AATTV member questioned Nicholson on behalf of the family to ascertain whether he is a Veteran or not. It was determined that Nicholson had never dragged on a boot in his country's service.

Three of his most transparent tales of Vietnam are as told to the Veteran:

1...He had to "rescue" a SAS patrol when they ran into trouble [enemy contact] and during a helicopter rope extraction a Soldier fell to his death but he can't remember any names of those involved. This Soldier is still listed as MIA.

2...He had to rescue his troops who had been caught in ambush. During this incident he had to rescue his current wife's estranged father who had been shot and mortally wounded, this man died in Nicholson's arms.
This lady has since discovered that her father did not serve in Vietnam. Nicholson claims that it was during this 'rescue" that he himself was shot in the back.

3...He had to go and rescue more of his men. After the pilot of the helicopter he was riding in was shot, he flew the aircraft. This aircraft was subsequently shot down and burned causing three Australian lives to be lost. Nicholson stated that this loss of life could have been avoided but the "idiots on the ground stuffed up", one of these Soldiers is still listed as MIA. Nicholson has loosely quoted three incidents that actually happened.

Editors note; An Australian Soldier who was on the ground and killed during this actual helicopter crash in 1971 (No.3) was known to one of our CPMH members. Corporal "Blackie" Blackhurst was the advisor on the ground who Nicholson says "stuffed up" 
Nicholson is the idiot who has "stuffed up" by besmirching the name of a good soldier who died doing his job in trying to save the lives or four Vietnamese Regional Force Soldiers.
There will be no forgiveness shown by this CPMH member, nor by the former AATTV advisor who supplied us with information on Nicholson and knew both Corporal Blackhurst and one of the soldiers listed as MIA. Any
apology tendered by Nicholson will be rejected by them and so this story will remain here.

Nicholson had difficulty in remembering where he did his recruit training but states that he was such a good soldier he bypassed Infantry Corps training and was posted directly to Townsville, QLD, to a unit he can't remember the designation of. He was rapidly sent from this unit to SAS as a Colonel and then to Vietnam.   Another version of his tales says he was sent directly from recruit training to a special unit in Vietnam.

Nicholson further stated that he was the Commanding Officer of 3 Cavalry Squadron, an Ordnance unit and D Company 4th Battalion during the cleanup after all Australian fighting troops left Vietnam in 1975. Yes, 1975, this is not a typo.  These units left Vietnam in early 1972.

Did we carry out our normal searches for documents that may support his stories?  No, here's one reason why. He was born in 1958.  National Service conscription finished and the last fighting and advisory troops left Vietnam when he was 14 or 15 years old.
Whether he served in some reserve unit at some time is very doubtful and is not of concern here, our concerns are with his outlandish claims of service in Vietnam.

There is more information on Nicholson and his failure to answer appropriate questions but what you read above should be sufficient for us to brand this fool as a wannabe, he deserves his lifetime entry on this page.

We sent a letter to Nicholson asking for an explanation of his stories and actions but at time of publication no reply had been received directly from him. We did, however, receive an email from someone who telephoned him to ask about his reaction to our letter. This email states, "He says he has nothing to answer to, he says he has never posed as a vet"

There you have it, this spineless bag of excrement felt very comfortable terrorising his family with his garbage and sucking up free beer at the Dandenong RSL but when the hard questions were asked, he went to water. A typical wannabe, a despicable specimen of same.

For those of our readers who think we're kicking a bloke when he's down, think about this. Nicholson had been carrying on with his lies for at least twelve years before he had a stroke.

Naturally, the memories of the former AATTV Veteran and our CPMH member had been vividly awakened due to the exposure of this disgusting wannabe. How does this creature compensate for the dreams they are having right now?   He wouldn't know and would care even less. Sleep well Mr. Nicholson but open your mouth again and you'll find yourself in very deep trouble.

There's a message in this story for our readers. If you know someone who won't allow friends or family to contact the Department of Veteran's Affairs on his or her behalf, that's a big red warning flag.  There's an even chance that you have discovered a wannabe. All Military records over thirty one years old are available. Apply to ref@naa.gov.au  supplying branch of service ie. Army, Navy, Air Force or Reserves, full name, date of birth and service number (if known). Your local RSL or Vietnam Veteran's organisation should be able to assist with a search of the WW II, Korea and Vietnam Veterans nominal rolls.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Nightingale
Christian Names: Nickolai
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Narooma
Service #: 2787521
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:



Nickolai Nightingale did 169 days hard service in Vietnam from 21 May 1968 to 5 November 1968 with the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR).  




Here are the medals he is wearing


Infantry Combat Badge (ICB - Wrongly positioned

Anniversary of National Service Medal (ANSM) - Wrongly positioned

Vietnam Medal (VM) - Wrongly positioned

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - Not entitled and wrongly positioned

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) - Wrongly positioned


Had Nightingale not been wearing the RVCM and his only problem was wrong positioning he would not be appearing on this website.




The RVCM required service of 181 days in Vietnam, Nightingale completed only 169 days.




Nightingale was not declared a Battle Casualty and therefore did not earn the RVCM.


The Narooma RSL has a reputation for counselling those who wrongly wear medals and we are confident that Nightingale will straighten out his rack.


We welcome the smiling face and the befuddled medals of Nickolai Nightingale






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