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Surname: Hentscher
Christian Names: Gunther
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Kingaroy
Service #: A117358
Service: RAAF
Branch: Dental
Commencement of service: 07/06/1967
Completion of service: 06/06/1979
Case Notes:


Gunther Henscher was a Board member of the Kingaroy Returned and Services League (RSL), where he often represented the President on ceremonial and social occasions around the District. He had his own office at the RSL and was the official Membership Officer. He wore five Medals of which four were fake.

Gunther Hentscher

Notice that Hentscher is wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) - Not entitled
Vietnam Medal (VM) - Not entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) - Entitled
Commemoration of National Service Medal (CNSM) - Not entitled
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - Not entitled

The only medal that Hentscher is entitled to is the ADM, awarded for completing four years of volunteer service in the Defence Force. In fact Henscher never served one day anywhere overseas in operational areas. He was never a National Serviceman and has no entitlement to wear the CNSM. The three most important medals that denote active service in Vietnam are complete shams. By wearing these medals he has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII, Sections 80A and 80B.

The Kingaroy Police will have no difficulty in prosecuting Henscher as there are dozens of witnesses available at the RSL. This is a blatant case of enhancing ones status in a community by dishonouring Veterans everywhere. The maximum penalties for these offences are fines of $3,300 or six months imprisonment of both. This penalty applies for both offences of:

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or
80B. Improper use of service decorations.

As well as claiming to be Returned Serviceman, he also claimed that he served in Vietnam in 1970 as Helicopter Pilot with the rank of Squadron Leader. As he was born on 31 October 1949, it would be not possible for him to have been a Squadron Leader at the age of Twenty One years. In fact he never rose above the rank of Corporal and was a Dental Hygienist.

Below is an extract from his Discharge Papers signed in June 1979.


There is a long term inherent weakness in the Kingaroy RSL membership system. Despite an intricate system of checks that should have been done by the Kingaroy RSL, the RSL Regional Headquarters at Bundaberg Qld and the Qld RSL State Headquarters, fraudulent documents must be been "signed off" by senior RSL Officers at the three levels of management. The RSL should realize that there is more to being a senior RSL executive than the "perks" they receive.

As well as the offences against the Defence Act there is also the aspect of creating and signing fraudulent documentation Because of their fear of embarrassment, it is obvious that this matter has been covered up at all levels of the RSL. They need to demonstrate some integrity and formerly report this matter to the Police for action.

There have been three other major fraudsters uncovered from Kingaroy who were all "respected" members of the local veteran community, The are:

Colin William SCHMIDT of Kingaroy. (deceased). Schmidt was President of the RSL who Falsely claimed to have served in Korea.

Ronald William MASTERS of Kingaroy. Wore fake medals including an unofficial Injured service persons medal. www.anzmi.net/index.php/cheats-thieves/v...-thieves/174-masters

Barry Francis HAYDON of Kingaroy. Falsely claims heroic "secret service" with Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam. We are advised that HAYDON is still making a fool of himself whenever he gets the opportunity.

Now, Gunther HENTSCHER a senior Board Member and Membership Officer is added to the sorry list.

The Kingaroy RSL knew full well that Hentscher had committed crimes against the Defence Act, and acts of fraud that were insults to all Veterans everywhere. Their motive for the non reporting could only be to cover up the incompetence of their administration at all levels.

Hentscher has well earned a place on this web site and we look forward to reading about charges proffered to the Kingaroy Police by the RSL.


Surname: HEPBURN
Christian Names: William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Winkleigh
Service #: 63230
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 1978
Completion of service: 1979
Case Notes:


William Hepburn was born in 1958, and according to him, joined the Australian Regular Army in 1978, where, he, served for twelve months in Australia and in Rhodesia. In Rhodesia he went on special missions and the other soldiers with him were killed, and he is the only survivor. He is being treated for severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of his special missions.



Hepburn claims that after completing training at Recruit Training Battalion Kapooka, and Infantry Training Centre Singleton, he was posted to 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR).

In 1978, as a member of 6 RAR, Hepburn and five other Private soldiers were deployed to Rhodesia, for special operations and to train "local soldiers". They were seconded to the British Army, and from there were further seconded to the Rhodesian Army

The six traveled to Rhodesia by C130 Hercules aircraft, and on arrival were dispatched to a remote camp, where they lived in "hutchie" tents and remained for six weeks. During the six weeks, groups of "local soldiers" carrying an assortment of weapons would arrive for training and then randomly disappear as others arrived. As previously stated his five fellow soldiers were killed in action during this time.

A researcher spoke to Hepburn on four occasions, on the first three occasions Hepburn spun some graphic yarns about his twelve months in the Australian Army, which included being deployed to Rhodesia on a special mission in 1978. During the fourth discussion, the researcher suggested to Hepburn, that he was a liar. After much humming and hawing, Hepburn, said he was sure he had done the service, but may be "mixed up". He followed up with the email shown below:

" Good morning xxxxxxxx,
in regards to our recent phone conversation ,firstly thank you for your time and for being so straight forward with me, i am struggling to come to terms with this. i have lived with the belief that this actually happened for all of these years and now that you have given me the facts that it didnt i am totally confused.
it has never been my intention to falsely claim anything in regards to benefits or recognition, i dont know what to say . i am both ashamed and confused .
Xxxxx please accept my humblest apologies ,i dont have the words to say how i am feeling or even comprehend any of this .
if it is ok with you i would like to keep in touch from time to time .


Hepburn says he is very sorry, but as is often the case with wannabes, and liars, he is only sorry, that he has been caught out after many years of basking in the kudos, of his false heroic military adventures in Rhodesia

It is of interest that 152 Australian Army Officers and Non Commissioned Officers, including some from 6RAR, were involved in the Peacekeeping Operation "Agila", in Rhodesia, but it was in December 1979.

"Operation Agila : The Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Rhodesia 1979–1980

In December 1979, the Commonwealth Monitoring Force (CMF) was established by the British Commonwealth, with troops drawn from Australia, Britain, Fiji, Kenya and New Zealand. The operation was codenamed AGILA. The role of the CMF was to keep the peace between the Rhodesian Government's Security Forces and 22,000 Patriotic Front guerrillas during the run-up to the 1980 general elections which would establish the governance of a new independent state. The elections were held in February 1980, with the two major parties being Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union and Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union".

It appears that Hepburn has decided to join the operation a year early, and without doing the hard yards. As would be expected from an inexperienced private soldier with minimal service, his lies are easy to identify.

Hepburn has said he is being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), relating to his Rhodesia service, and he suffers constant nightmares and flashbacks. He is not associated with any Veteran organizations, however, he is being counseled by the Tasmanian State Government sponsored, Veterans and Veterans' Families Counselling Service (VVCS) located in Launceston, Tasmania.

He has basked in the kudos of his false service, and conflict caused PTSD for more than thirty years, he can now experience the infamy of being a caught out liar, and wannabe.

Surname: Herbert
Christian Names: Darrel Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Rockingham
Service #: 57719
Service: RAEME
Branch: Army
Commencement of service: 21May 73
Completion of service: 20 May 76
Case Notes:




On ANZAC Day 2014 the National President of the Returned and Services League (RSL) announced that Darrel Edward Herbert was one of the five named by the RSL as ANZAC's of the Year 2014.

Notice the proclamation says "Mr Herbert who owns Rockingham-based construction company Global Constructions Australia, was in the Australian Army for three years and served in Vietnam. However he rarely, if ever talks about it".

The reason "he rarely talks about his Vietnam service" is because he was not there. He didn't enlist into the Army until 1973, well after Australia's involvement was completed.

It has now been more that one month since the announcement, and Herbert has failed to advise the RSL that he is not a returned Vietnam Veteran.

In any case, it is difficult to understand how the Rockingham RSL wrongly nominated him for the award, then the Western Australian RSL State Management recommended the nomination to the National Executive who approved this person with the understanding that he was a returned veteran.

The National RSL President has again been embarrassed. A few months ago, on incorrect advice from ex Able Seaman Terence Meehan, the current Queensland State RSL President, the National President wrongly announced that ANZMI had got it wrong regarding Meehan's disregard for medals protocol. The truth of the matter is that Meehan has now removed the offending State medal.

Herbert's award is another example of the Laissez Faire management style that envelopes the RSL. Perhaps the RSL are so desperate, to stop the membership haemorrhage, the executive care little for tradition and the integrity of the League. Just about any person can now be a member with full voting rights.

We are reliably advised that there is a very strong possibility that in the Tasmania Region a person who has never served in the Australian or any other Defence Force is about to become President of a Sub Branch. This is another harbinger of the downhill slide of the RSL.

We had to bring Herbert's true status to the attention of the Western Australian RSL, had we not done so, Herbert would have remained immersed in his returned Veteran status.

Herbert must be stripped of his "ANZAC of the Year 2014" status, and he, together with the Rockingham RSL, the Western Australian RSL President and the National RSL President must apologise for their careless disregard for the integrity of the Australian and New Zealand Veteran Community.

Herbert is a wannabe, and deserves his place on this web site. He must have given the RSL good reason to believe he is a returned Vietnam Veteran, and he has said nothing regarding his status despite the elapse of more that a month since being proclaimed "ANZAC of the Year".

Surname: Herriott
Christian Names: Harry Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: Qld
City or Town: Cairns
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Harry (Hal) Francis Herriott gave many interviews to reporters with false tales about his war service and on the 15th April 2006 he gave this story to the Cairns Post.


Statements from the newspaper.

"Mr Herriott fought in Greece, Crete, Syria and Papua New Guinea with the 2/11 Infantry Battalion".   -   At no time did he "fight" with the 2/11 Infantry battalion.

"They dropped 3,000 German paratroopers on us, we were 500, and it was 10 days of hand to hand fighting. No quarter given none asked a defiant Mr Herriott said"  -   He was not there on 20 May 1941 when German paratroops opened Operation Merkur (Mercury) on Crete, Herriott was 1,000 kms (600 miles) distant at 1Aust. Convalescent Depot , Kafar Vitkin, Palestine where he remained until 26 May 1941.

"We joined the Freedom Fighters in the Mountains"- "We wore German uniforms and boots, used German weapons and ammunition"  -  Obviously he did not.

"For five months Mr Herriott fought with the Antarties Freedom fighters, living in caves and stone huts by day and ambushing the Germans by night"  -  All of his time is accounted for from 9 April 1941 when he departed Egypt for Greece. He was in Australian Army Service Corp (AASC) units and in hospitals during this five month period.

"Mr Herriott and six other fellow infantrymen escaped Crete on a small fishing boat still wearing German uniforms"."Picked up at sea by a British submarine"     

Herriott claims to have been "picked up" five months after the 20 May 1941.  During the relevant months Herriott was, from 27 Sep 1941, in hospital with catarrh, jaundice and boils........ From 13 October 1941 with Services Training Regiment...... On 24 October 1941 transferred to Petrol Company AASC, 6 Australian Division until 13 January 1942 when he was transferred to No. 2 Company AASC.

His claim of fighting in the mountains and leaving Crete on a fishing boat is remarkably similar to this recently published story.


The 2/11 Battalion, which Herriott was very briefly a member of, fought a heroic battle alongside New Zealand, British and Greek troops against German paratroopers during Operation Merkur (Mercury) at Retimo, Crete, commencing 20th May 1941.  

Below is an eyewitness account of the opening of the operation from an ordinary soldier who was there

"It was a spectacle that might have belonged to a war between the planets. Out of the unswerving flying fleet came tumbling lines of little dolls, sprouting silken mushrooms that stayed and steadied them, and lowered them in ordered ranks into our consuming fire. And still they came, till all the fantastic sky before us was filled with futuristic snowflakes floating beneath the low black thundercloud of the processional planes - occasionally flashing into fire as if struck by lightning from the earth."

"These little dolls were highly trained and motivated German paratroopers of General Kurt Student's XI Air Corps. For ten days they and the elite mountain troops that were sent to reinforce them hunted and were hunted by the Australian, New Zealand, British and Greek soldiers, as well as Cretan farmers, townspeople and police. Fighting was savage and bloody, with little quarter given or asked. Men fought to the death in solitary duels or in major engagements. Their bodies cluttered the narrow streets of the towns or lay among the olive trees and creek beds of the countryside.

Herriott is stealing the honour and valour of Soldiers of the Battalion while never having to endure the same hardships. He was not part of the unit at that time, he spent only thirty-six days with the 2/11 whilst it was inactive in Egypt, three months before it was deployed to Greece and Crete.

He joined the army on 26th April 1940 at Northam in Western Australia. After training he arrived in Palestine on 13 October 1940, then completed a Signals Instructions course and was sent to Australian Imperial Forces Staging Camp, Line of Communications at Beit Jurja on the 8 Jan 1941.   

On the 18 January 1941 Herriott marched into the 2/11 Battalion at Amiriya Egypt, was promptly marched out again on 23 February 1941 and transferred to Petrol Company Aust. Army Service Corps, (AASC), he then remained with AASC units until his discharge in Victoria on 7 September 1945. 

On 9 April 1941 Herriott embarked for Greece from Egypt as part of the 17th  Brigade Composite Company AASC.  
On 2 May 1941 he was admitted to 2 Australian General Hospital which had already been evacuated from Greece in late April 1941 and relocated back in Palestine. Apart from perhaps travelling via Crete during evacuation from Greece he never served on Crete at all. He remained in 2 Australian General Hospital Palestine until 16 May 1941.
He was then transferred to 1st Australian Convalescent Depot Palestine where he stayed until 26 May 1941andon release from the Depot he was transferred to Services Training Regt AIF  (This unit is shown to be located in the Middle East).  

(Operation Merkur 20 to 30 May 1941)

How likely then is his statement?"When we went to Greece we went to Kalamia and were evacuated from there on a Royal Navy cruiser that dropped us off at Crete, they must have got the records wrong or assumed I came back on another ship."
He did not address the "picked up by submarine" claim.
We can only rely on his service records that say he was in Palestine (Middle East) during the Battle for Crete, if they're wrong it's up to him to have them corrected. We, however, believe them to be correct.

Between early May 1941 and January 1942 he alternated between hospitals, (always a non-battle casualty) the Services Training Regiment and Number 2 Company AASC until he embarked for Ceylon then onto Fremantle Western Australia, arriving on 28 Jul 1942.

On 30 Nov 1942 as a member of the AASC he again departed Australia and arrived New Guinea 4 Dec 1942. On 20 Dec 1942 he was evacuated (non battle casualty) on the hospital ship MV Duntroon and disembarked at Gladstone Queensland on 6 January 1943. He did not "fight" with the 2/11 Battalion in Papua New Guinea either and spent only 16 days there as a member of the AASC. After evacuation from Papua New Guinea he spent the rest of his service in Australia.

Whilst Hal Herriott, through rewriting the history of his service, thought he was a "hell of soldier" it is obvious from reading his service record that he was in fact the "soldier from hell".   He clocked up at least twenty charges for offences and spent a great deal of time in and out of hospitals with non-battle caused injuries or sickness spending more than three hundred days on sick lists.   For the majority of his service he could be described as troublesome and well below average. Herriott has been living off his dishonourable stories in the Atherton, Queensland area for many years. He presents himself as a heroic Infantry soldier when in fact he has the track record of an ineffective burden on the Australian Imperial Forces during time of war.  

Late news to hand says that his friends at the Returned Services League Club where he is a committee man and former Secretary, subsidised a trip to Crete for him to attend commemorative events as a representative of the Battalion that fought so bravely in defence of the island and subsequently endured many hardships including imprisonment in German Stalags.   As is usual with our exposures of RSL executives, we discovered that some of the members of Herriott's club were suspicious of his tales of service and great valour but nothing came of this.  The RSL could apply to have him charged with obtaining financial benefits by deception but they won't and we don't suggest they do. 

Herriott has made three trips to Crete and Greece as a 2/11 Battalion representative and was in Greece only last year for another memorial service.  We are reliably informed that he has another trip already booked to Greece where he will present the Order of Australia Medal to a Greek citizen.   The Australian Embassy there would be interested in this story of ours because they fully believed his yarns about the Battle for Crete and the aftermath and had arranged enough trips, commendations, medallions, awards and recognition from the Greek, Crete and British governments to be highly embarrassed about this deception. 
The forthcoming OAM presentation will be the final insult, if it goes ahead.

The Commonwealth could also have him charged with offences under the Criminal Code because what he has done is deceive Commonwealth Officers, ie Embassy staff, to gain benefits, but they won't and again we don't suggest this be done. Removal from his possession of all deceitfully gained awards made by foreign governments would be sufficient. Perhaps a better home for them would be Western Australia where the 2/11 Battalion was raised rather than on his chest and in his living room.

Wannabes beware, obtain benefits by deception and you could find yourselves in a lot more trouble than you ever imagined.

31Jul 2006

"They must have got the records wrong" (Hal Herriott 20 July 2006) 

"The war records must have been stuffed up....there is no truth to the allegations as far as I'm concerned" (Hal Herriott 26 July 2006)

Herriott has rejected our allegation that he is an impostor, read the Tablelander (25 July 06) and Cairns Post (26 July 06)  newspaper reports.



Note 13 trips to Crete, 10 more than we knew of.

"Outcry" "Herriott in hospital" We can't find any evidence of any "outcry" this reporter writes of, he appears to be the lone voice.  A report from the Atherton area tells us that most people there agree with our version of events because they've been suspicious of Herriott's wild tales for years.  We've yet to receive any other reports from Cairns but it could be due to total disinterest.  Herriott booked himself out of hospital on 26 July 2006 without undergoing an amputation and doubts have been cast on this "leg amputation" being the reason for his hospitalisation in the first place.   This deemed ploy to gain the sympathy vote was published twice in two days by the Cairns Post but it won't work, too many people are aware of Herriott's ways now.

 Herriott says his Army records are wrong, what else would he say? This is a standard first response from a wannabe who has been caught out.  We can't find any other Herriotts, or names with similar spelling, on the WW2 nominal roll who served with the 2/11 Battalion or the Australian Army Service Corps, 6th Division, also there are no similar names with Harry Francis as the first and second names.   His Army records from April to September 1941, which is the period he says he was on Crete, involve entries showing him to be elsewhere and were made by many clerks and were initialled by almost as many officers as being correct. Could they have all made the same mistakes? Not likely. Just one example is his admission to, and discharge from, 1 Aust. Convalescent Depot in Palestine, two entries made on 17 and 27 May 1941 by two different clerks and signed off by two different officers. Would he have us believe this was a conspiracy to disguise the fact that he was actually on Crete fighting a guerilla action dressed in German uniform?   Perhaps some people who know Herriott heard some stories of him being on an "X-List". This sounds a bit like something special but being on that list only meant the soldier was absent from his parent unit, in Herriott's case a Service Corps Petrol Company, and we know exactly where he was and it wasn't near Crete. Herriott was on seven such lists during his Army service and always due to hospitalisation or convalescence.

 Perhaps Herriott could produce two Japanese swords he reportedly stole and lodged in a Sydney bank for safe-keeping. They are said to be the ancient family samurai swords of the Japanese Commander of the 18th Army and his aide who surrendered to an Australian General near Wewak, more precisely Cape Wom, New Guinea in August 1945. This theft is said to have  occurred just before the surrender ceremony.   History tells us that this particular Japanese surrender, there were others, took place on 13 September 1945 but Herriott had moved the month forward to August to suit his own needs i.e. his discharge date.  We remind you of what we wrote in the initial story.           On 30 Nov 1942 as a member of the AASC he again departed Australia and arrived New Guinea 4 Dec 1942. On 20 Dec 1942 he was evacuated (non battle casualty) on the hospital ship MV Duntroon and disembarked at Gladstone Queensland on 6 January 1943. He did not "fight" with the 2/11 Battalion in Papua New Guinea either and spent only 16 days there as a member of the AASC. After evacuation from Papua New Guinea he spent the rest of his service in Australia.  (Herriott discharged from the Army on 7 September 1945, five weeks before the surrender)

Representing the 2/11 Battalion, 19th Brigade, 6th Division. The cost of this trip was heavily subsidised by his RSL club.

Photo, May 2005, Crete. When this photo was first published by the Tablelander newspaper the caption was "Kairi WW2 veteran Hal Herriott is comforted by Colonel Mark Blatherwick, British Military Attaché to the British Ambassador to Greece after the Rethymno (Retimo) memorial service"

Cairns Post 28 July 2006. Quote from the Minister for Veteran's Affairs, Bruce Billson.

Perhaps a few of our readers could heed Mr. Billson's urging. If anyone has genuine doubts as to the validity of a person's war service, take the information to the nearest DVA office and let us know the outcome via our guest book but please don't name names.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the  Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Herve
Christian Names: William Jean-Paul
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Paddington
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

William, Jean-Paul Herve` of Horsham, Victoria, was born William Thomas Harvie on the 6th  September 1947 at Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales. He joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on the 12th February 1966 aged eighteen years. He served as a Steward in the RAN. 

From the 20th September 1969 to 11th April 1970 he served aboard HMAS Vendetta during Vendetta's deployment in Vietnam waters on the "Gun Line". Details of Vendetta's Gun Line duties can be read here;   http://www.navy.gov.au/Naval_Operations_in_Vietnam      

Herve aka Harvie, was not satisfied to have served honourably on Vendetta as a Steward and has invented a very different history of his Vietnam service


Herve` is an Artist as well as a Steward and we assume he “souped” up his name to paint a better picture of himself to impress his "Arty" mates. He is known in art circles for his religious paintings and his historical dioramas. He was a member of the Hornsby, NSW Art Society, and the following report identifies Herve` aka Harvie the artist.

“Hornsby Art Society Members Exhibition This year, visitors are in for a treat when they come to Hornsby Art Gallery to see Members' works. As well as a variety of quality paintings from Hornsby Art Society members, there will be a special display of 16 hand crafted historical dioramas created by member, William Hervé. This is the first time the display has been on show for public viewing. Until recently, William painted many art works with a religious theme. Then, about two years ago he discovered the magic of dioramas, and decided to add dioramas to his creative palette and engage others through this interesting visual medium. A Vietnam War veteran and a keen historian, William has extensively researched each period he has presented, to accurately portray the countryside, lifestyles of the people, their uniforms and equipment used in various periods of war. He states: "I don't like war, and in no way glorify it, but I find making dioramas a good way of recording history to share it with younger generations." Chief Hanger from the gallery's hanging team, Tony Prince, will also exhibit several of his handcrafted model aero planes. An exhibition not to be missed! The Exhibition will open on Wednesday 3 December 2008.”


Note the “blurb” says that Herve` aka Harvie is a “keen historian”. As shown below in relation to his own history of his Vietnam service he is very much more of a fiction writer than a historian.

Herve` the “historian” having adopted a "racy" French name, could not be satisfied with serving as a Navy Steward in Vietnam, so he has adopted  a new service history changing from mundane galley duties to sinister, heroic secret missions.

He claims to have been a marksman in the Navy, there is nothing on his service record to prove or disprove that claim, but we believe it is germane to his other claims. His statements are shown below.

He was seconded to the United States Navy because he was a Marksman.

He operated under a false name as the missions he undertook would cause outrage back home in Australia and the United States.

On several missions he had to shoot women and children, when tunnel systems were discovered in villages.

He was awarded two medals for bravery by the United States Government but was unable to accept these awards on advice from the Australian Government.

His name does not show up on the Australian Vietnam Veteran nominal Rolls because the missions were classified secret by the United States Military.

We hold Statutory Declarations relating to the above statements here is an excerpt.

William Jean-Paul Herve` does appear on the Vietnam Nominal Roll - see below.  He is listed as R64987 William Thomas Harvie his current name, William Jean-Paul Herve` does not appear on the Nominal Roll because he adopted it well after his Navy service was completed.


We have contacted both senior and junior RAN personnel who served with Herve` aka Harvie on HMAS Vendetta whilst in Vietnamese waters, they are disgusted with Herve’s claims, and state very clearly that he never left the ship.

Simply put Herve` aka Harvie was not seconded to the US Navy for special operations, it is ludicrous to say that a Steward would be deployed in such a way, even if he were a Marksman, which is very much doubted.

Perhaps Herve` aka Harvie got the notion from the Steven Seagal movie "Under Siege" where an Admiral's very meek Cook/Steward was really a hot shot undercover operator. 
Left wing politics during the Vietnam War made a lot of noise about Australian and Allied forces killing women and children.  It is an abhorrent assertion, and any genuine veterans like Herve` who maliciously and dishonestly add weight to that false notion deserves to be treated with contempt by the Veteran Community.
Herve’ aka Harvie never left HMAS Vendetta to embark on covert operations ashore in Vietnam, he is a disgusting liar who has grossly exaggerated his service and brought disrepute to the Royal Australian Navy by claiming that he killed Vietnamese women and children.

Herve` now joins the ranks of other disgraced ex sailor wannabes like Hammal, Kirkman, Robinson, Nelson, benSerai, Muller, Taylor, Pidgeon, Wright and others who will remain on our web site until the day they die.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Heta
Christian Names: John
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Auckland
NZ -Which Island:
  • North Island
Service #: Not Known
Service: NZ Army
Branch: Territorial
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




In late September 2015 John Heta of Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) was arrested by the police. He  successfully conned the police and gained their sympathy and support by spinning a yarn about how he was a damaged war veteran. 

The police in an open display of largess and affection, deciding to get some public relations mileage from the incident and gave the story to the New Zealand Herald.  After  a deluge of clamour and objection from New Zealand Veterans the Herald Newspaper printed the following retraction.



Here are excerpts from the NZ Herald article that alarmed New Zealand Veterans.


Heta has done a disgraceful thing, he has falsely blamed his petty criminal activities and anti social behaviour on the horrors of war. 

Heta claims to have been a United Nations Peacekeeper who served five tours overseas including Iraq and Sarajevo. In fact, Heta did serve in the NZ part time Army, but was never deployed to any overseas operational areas.

He exhibits the behaviour of a  pathological liar  who has the ability to take advantage of those trying to help him.

We are sure that in future, if the police involved in this incident,  come across a genuine Veteran in need of help they will display a less than friendly attitude.  Heta has made life a little bit harder for Veterans in genuine need.

New Zealand Veterans will be happy to see Heta on our web site where he well belongs as a liar, conman  fraud and a wannabe.


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