Surname: Nancarrow
Christian Names: Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:
Major Barry Nancarrow (Retired) – Chief Commissioner Salvation Army Red Shield Defence Services


Dear lord, here we have a Salvo adding a bit of unauthorized weight to his rack. The position of his left hand, may also indicate that Nancarrow is a skilled billiards player.



Nancarrow has added a Salvation Army Long Service Order to his rack. It is the second last medal on the right.  It is not a Australian Defence Medal and therefore must not be worn on the left side with his issued Defence Medals.  Adding to the offence, Nancarrow has been unable to procure the correct ribbon for the medal and has purchased and added a bit of rag he has picked up from somewhere.

Note the colour of the ribbon on Nancarrow’s rack and then note the actual ribbon for this medal





When asked about the medal Nancarrow said “My RSM made me wear it” Of course a man of the cloth would never prevaricate and therefore there must be a misguided Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) on the loose.

We are reliably advised  there are other Red Shield operators wearing this medal as part of their rack. For instance below is a photograph of the medals of Henry May, a Salvation Army Red Shield Welfare Officer serving in South Australia, note the inclusion of the offending medal. It is a sad situation when the unit Henry May is serving with are unable to advise him on medals protocol - but then again, it may be that same renegade RSM who advised Nancarrow to "put it up".

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