Surname: Bayliss
Christian Names: Danny
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army Reserves
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:


Not surprisingly, in most of these fraudulent histories the wannabe recreates himself as a Special Forces soldier or a member of an elite unit, creates deployments that he never went on, and gives himself qualifications he never earned.


1. Bayliss had a smattering of Army Reserve service in various parts of Australia. He first enlisted into the Army Reserve in South Australia in August 1982 under another name (which ANZMI knows, but will not be divulging here) and served there until July 1983 when he was discharged at his own request. He next enlisted  into 51FNQR (Far North Queensland Regiment) a Regional Force Surveillance Unit based in Cairns, Queensland in March 1987. He was discharged from 51FNQR as "unsuitable" in July 1987.

2.  He next appeared in the Army Reserve, with a new service number and under his present name in Western Australia's 16RWAR (Royal Western Australian Regiment) in April 1992. He served in both 16 RWAR and 11/28 RWAR until September 1993, and was once again discharged at his own request.
An undistinguished but honourable service history, but that wasn't good enough for Danny Bayliss. He went on to invent a much more interesting and colourful military history for himself.

3.  Unfortunately for Bayliss, he decided to publish his bogus history on an internet bulletin board, where it quickly came to the attention of a number of ex servicemen who had genuine service in both the Special Air Service and 3RAR (Parachute Battalion), who alerted ANZMI to his website. (the website was taken down after we contacted Bayliss about his claims)

4.  This is a screenshot of the bogus history he posted on the site:

Anybody with any idea of military service will note his incorrect terminology for units and qualifications, the spelling mistakes i.e. "parashooter", and a simple comparison of his real military service record of about three years Army Reserve service and his bogus claims of twenty years in elite Regular Army units (SAS and 3RAR) shows him up as a liar and a wannabe.

Soldiers who are selected to serve in the ADF's special forces and elite units undergo rigorous mental and physical training.  They have many and varied combat skills, and all are earned the hard way, by doing the necessary courses and practising and honing those skills in combat situations, rather than imagining them in their dreams. The members and ex members are intensely proud of their reputation and honour both within the military and in civilian life.

Fakers like Bayliss who steal their honour rightly attract their total contempt. We thank those ex members who drew our attention to this wannabe's website.
Welcome to the world of shame, Danny Bayliss, and a place in the gallery of wannabes.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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