Surname: Hamilton
Christian Names: Harold
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Branch: Artillery
Case Notes:



Harold Hamilton

Hamilton was doing OK as a model citizen until, apparently believing that Military history was something he could toy with, chose to steal the honour of veterans by claiming to be a veteran of the Korean war and having been wounded in the leg during his Korea service.

Hamilton is one of the somewhat “Showy” 1950s Nasho’s who have reared up and become active in ex service organizations and events since being allowed full RSL membership and  given a couple of gongs by the Government  to flash around.  Another one of these coves who appears on this site is Schmidt of Kingaroy in Queensland who also thought he had gone to Korea and even started to wear the Korea Service Medal which he claims in a sensational local newspaper story that he found in a rubbish bin.  In reality it is believed he stole the Medal from the Kingaroy RSL when he held the office of President.

It is also notable that in a speech recorded in Hansard on the 7 Sep 2006 to the Federal Parliament, Lindsay Tanner extols Hamilton’s virtues as follows. 

Lindsay Tanner(Melbourne, Australian Labor Party, Shadow Minister for Finance) Link to this| Hansard source

As the representative of the inner suburbs of Melbourne, I am blessed with many longstanding, dedicated community activists in my electorate—people such as (Names deleted), to name just a few. These are people who, often on relatively low incomes, manage to dedicate their lives to the interests of people in the area and participate very actively in the community. But tonight I want to pay tribute especially to one such person who qualifies to be mentioned in that esteemed category—that is, Harold Hamilton.

In earlier days, Harold Hamilton served actively in the Australian Army in the Korean War. He has also been active in the Collingwood RSL and the Australian Legion of Ex-Service Men and Women. Harold was awarded the national service medal and also, a few years ago, received the Centenary Medal.

As well as these noted achievements of contribution to our community, of service in wartime and as a general citizen on whom others depend, Harold is also something of a poet.

Notice that Hamilton’s “active” Australian Army Service in the Korean War is specifically mentioned by Mr Lindsay Tanner.

Lindsay Tanner like most decent citizens would have taken what Hamilton said on face value not knowing that Hamilton is liar and a thief of veterans honour. Hamilton, like a fox, has used his false veteran status to enhance his reputation in the Collingwood community. 

What the hell was the RSL doing in allowing this fraud to claim to be Veteran when they and his fellows from the National Service Association must have known Hamilton was lying. We have pointed out time and again that wannabes seek notoriety in ESO’s and other members seem more interested in numbers than integrity.  We say that without this web site, frauds and wannabes would be in plague proportion and in many cases, in control of ESOs which seems to be the goal of wannabes, as gaining ESO office gives credence to their false claims.

Hamilton really put his foot in his mouth when he participated in a community History Video about interesting people from the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, he clearly states in this Video that he served in the Australian Army Overseas and was shot in the leg.

Hamilton’s Service Record has been accessed, it is complete and concise in the fact that he did not serve overseas with the Australian Defence Force at any time in his life whereas he said in the Collingwood History Video.

" . . . . . I did my national service time then went into the regular army and was posted overseas, come (sic) back home after being shot in the leg and things were basically the same, I was still in Collingwood and Collingwood was still in me . . . .  '

The full Video can be viewed here   http://www.yum.vic.edu.au/cstories/harold.htm

Well may he say in the video that Collingwood is still in him, as it is sure and certain that he was never in Korea during his Army Service and there was never a bullet in his leg as he has claimed.  Most of the rest of it is drivel about how poor he was as a child. As he is a proven liar regarding his military service who knows what else he has lied about during his much “admired” public service.

Hamilton’s very sparse Military Service Record has been studied and his service history is summed up here:

1. Enlisted as a National Serviceman in January 1952 and Taken on Strength of 14 NS Trg Battalion, Puckapunyal.

2. Served 98 days at 14 NS Trg Battalion.

3. Taken on Strength of 2 Fd Regt Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) on the 7 April 1952.

4. Transferred to Inactive list 2 Fd Regt RAA, on the 10 June 1954.

5. Discharged 1 March 1957.


During his 5 years service he spent only 140 days training and 98 of those were during his initial recruit training.

Below is a copy of his Attestation Form.



Below is a document from his file that shows he was in Australia during the whole period of the Korean War and that during his Army service he turned up for only 140 days, during his 5 years National Service commitment.



In claiming to be a Returned Serviceman Hamilton has clearly committed an offence against the Defence Act 1903 (as amended) and he has left a trail of irrefutable evidence for use by the Federal Police.  It is a federal offence to falsely claim to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman and subject to six months' imprisonment and a fine of up to $3300.

Hamilton is not a veteran he is an ex serviceman having served as a National Serviceman in Australia for a 98 days, followed by a further five years part time during which he served only 42 days.  He was never in the Australian Regular Army, has never served in a war and was never wounded in action. 

Australian Veterans deserve an apology from Hamilton.  Lindsay Tanner the politician also deserves an apology for the embarrassment of being mislead by Hamilton.

Hamilton is a liar and a fraud and will  feature on our web site for the rest of his days, he has enjoyed the kudos associated with being a war veteran now he can suffer the ignominy of being a fraud and a liar.

31st Aug 2010

Update Harold Hamilton - Collingwood, Victoria

We are pleased to announce that Harold Hamilton has been expelled from the Victoria Branch of the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia for falsely claiming to have served in Korea as a National Serviceman.  This positive action by an Ex Servicemen’s Association (ESO) is applauded and indicative of the growing awareness within ESOs of the necessity to maintain integrity by not allowing scurrilous wannabes infesting and distorting organisations.

Well done Victoria Branch. We are always prepared to apply our expertise to assist ESOs. Simply send an email to information@anzmi.net for assistance.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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