Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Bees
Christian Names: Anthony George
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bribie Island
Case Notes:

Anthony George Bees - The case of the hustling Hussar .

From our experience dealing with wannabes of all kinds, we find  they share many behavioural traits. We created a profile that is indicative that a person may be a wannabe. Tony Bees fits many aspects of our wannabe profile because he claims the following

1.  Rank that he never attained.
2.  Bravery awards that he was never awarded.
3.  Service with Special Forces on secret operations.
4.  He is not allowed to discuss his service because of the UK Secrecy provisions
5.  He wears many trinkets when "done up" for ceremonial occasions
6.  He forges and alters documents as required to "prove" his credentials
7.  He is the President of an Ex Service Organisation (this gives credence to his claims)
8.  Exaggerates his civilian occupation
The 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars was first raised as Henry Conyngham's Regiment of Dragoons in Ireland in 1693. It saw service for three centuries, including service in Korea in 1950 - 1951. The warriors from this ancient, fierce unit are displeased with  Anthony George Bees who has brought discredit to their illustrious history. The United Kingdom Korean Veterans Association, the Australian Korean Veterans Association and veterans generally are disgusted at the contemptuous behaviour of this ex British soldier who says he served in Korea with The 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars then was a Special Forces hero who was awarded an MM and Bar for his part in quelling the savage Mau Mau uprising in Kenya during the 1950s



Most Australian veterans would look twice or even thrice at Tony Bees rack of medals as worn when the Bribie Island Naval Association Sub Section and the Returned Services League Sub Branch combined to commemorate Korean Forces Day at Bribie Island on Queenslands Sunshine Coast on the 27 July 2006. However nothing seems to have been said, or done.  We stumbled on to Tony Bees photograph whilst working on another matter, subsequently we learnt that a Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch has been wrestling with the Tony Bees issue for more than ten years. See the photo Below:


Bees is wearing on the top row a Military Medal and Bar (MM) (Imperial bravery medals) two British Army Korea medals, a General Service medal and another unrecognised medal. The bottom row consists of United States (US) medals including a Silver Star (bravery medal), Bronze Star, Purple Heart (awarded by US for being wounded in action) and two other medals. A "Bar" worn on a bravery medal means that the medal has been awarded twice. In the Bees photo the "Bar", is the silver horizontal device about a third of the way up the ribbon above the actual medal. It is clearly visible in the photograph and by wearing it Tony  Bees is declaring that he has won the Military Medal for bravery on two occasions.




We urge Ex Service Organisations to take early decisive action against suspected wannabes, those unable to solve a wannabe problem have an open invitation to seek our help - 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Simply send advice to 

We wrote to Tony Bees and requested that he show evidence of having received the various bravery awards. Here is his reply


Original Message -----

From: Tony Bee


Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 9:14 AM

Subject: letter




Mr Bees joined the British regular Army in 1949 and trained as a Assault commando then went into a tank Regiment.


He served in Far East Land Forces in different countries and emergencies also in British Army Of the Rhine.


On the question of Medals in 1999 the then Executive of the Nambour RSL sub branch instigated an investigation on the same subject as you are doing now, and got the same results from the Ministry of defence.


Mr Bees however did get a reply from the war office on this issue,he then gave all the relevant documents to his Arbitrator at that time "RSM Frank Pallet  RAA OAM Retd" (since Deceased) to be passed on at that meeting, The executive were satisfied with this report and placed all the documents relating to this incident into thier (sic) Archives  by the branch Secretary.


Mr Bees does not receive any type of Pension from DVA nor any Benifits (sic) from DVA, that is why he has to do the job he does at his age to survive, He also states as it seems to be a problem for your faceless enquirers,He will never again wear any Medals to any ANZAC parade or reunion .


 Yours sincerely




The email appears to have been written by Anthony Bees himself his email address is The word "sasqual" of course alludes to him being qualified as an Special Air Service (SAS) soldier.


Bees did not know that we had the above photo when he answered our letter and he has failed to address the issue of the Bar to "his" Military Medal  and the United States bravery medals. The only medals mentioned in the RSL meeting referred to in his email  above related to wearing a Military Medal (MM) with no Bar.


We well know that the UK Ministry of Defence will not disclose information about British ex servicemen.  Service Records can be acquired with the consent of the ex soldier but for obvious  reasons  Bees will not give permission.  There are many other avenues to gain information about soldiers from the United Kingdom. This includes Ex Service Associations, and for bravery awards recipients The London Gazette


In his reply, Bees alludes to an investigation at a Queensland RSL where, with the assistance of "RSM Frank Pallett RAA OAM Retd"  (now deceased) he produced "conclusive" evidence to the RSL committee "proving" his credentials as a Special Forces hero who had been awarded a Military Medal.  What was that evidence?


1.  A letter purporting to have been written by Major Lowther, Bart

     "proving" Bees clandestine service in Kenya. (The post nominal

     "Bart" means Baronet).


2.  A Statutory Declaration signed by Bees and witnessed by Frank

     Pallett JP.


At the meeting where the above evidence was presented by Bees the following verbal information was also tendered ;  "Bees informed us that he had been awarded the Military Medal for a brave act in rescuing a farmer's wife and two children hiding under a veranda in Kenya, Africa.  This was during the Mau Mau uprising not Korea as mentioned in this original email." 


The RSL never scrutinised the letter from Major Lowther, Bart, it was only shown to the RSL President, who then wrote a note to the committee.  Here is the Letter written by the then President, and the Statutory Declaration presented to the committee by Bees and Frank Pallett







Here is what Anthony Bees declared on the "scribbly" Statutory Declaration:


"I do hereby declare that I wear the Military Medal Awarded to me by the British Government under circumstances which I am not allowed to disclose with great honour.  My no and rank on discharge 22276149 Tpr Bees.  I am fully aware of the Penalties for making a false statement as I am a Justice of the Peace Queensland"


Our UK Agent advises that there is not now, and never has been a "Major Lowther, Barts" of Special Forces, Thetford, England. The letter seen by the then President is a forgery and Bees is the most logical suspect to be the forger. The Statutory Declaration is false and as Bees has said on the declaration "I am fully aware of the penalties for making a false statement".   Anthony Bees has told lies on a Statutory Declaration to gain benefit and must be prosecuted by the law.



In his reply email, Bees has said:  Mr Bees does not receive any type of Pension from DVA nor any Benifits (sic) from DVA, that is why he has to do the job he does at his age to survive.


We have a short Bees resume, where he describes himself as a "Part time Coroner".

See below



 In this statement he is drawing a very long bow. The Queensland State Coroners office say they have no "Part Time Coroners", in fact Bees works in the morgue of a regional hospital. Claiming to be a "Part Time Coroner" is  akin to a Council Street Sweeper claiming to be "Part time Mayor". In relation to "DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) benefits."  Bees has no entitlement to benefits from DVA, however we believe he is administered by DVA on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence, War Disablement Pension organisation and is in receipt of some benefits from that UK office. 

Anthony Bees claims to have been involved in clandestine military operations in Kenya that he is forbidden to speak about because of obligations under the Official Secrets Act of the United Kingdom. As well as the letter from the mysterious " Major Lowther, Barts" other evidence of this "secret work" is shown on his 1993 dated application to join the RSL. On the document signed by Bees on the 12 Oct 1993 - Shown below - Bees says his rank was from "Cpl - Major" and he claims service with the Army and "Other" in Korea, Malaysia and "Other". (Inferring secret service and secret destinations)


In the British Army there is a rank Corporal Major. If Bees was claiming to have been a Corporal Major he would have written "Cpl Major" on the RSL Application and not " Cpl - Major" indicating his rank went from Corporal to Major. A Corporal Major in the British Army is equivalent to a Warrant Officer - a Regimental Corporal Major being equivalent to a Warrant Officer First Class and a Squadron Corporal Major equivalent to a Warrant Officer Second Class. Bees Certificate of Discharge shows him as being a Trooper on discharge after twelve years service, that rank is equivalent to a Private soldier.

The above document shows his discharge date as 21 April 1966. The document he purports is his Certificate of Discharge shows his discharge date as 25 April 1961. The Certificate of Discharge further shows, that although his discharge date was 25 April 1961 it was signed on the 24 March 1961.  There are numerous suspicious  marks on the certificate that indicate it has been altered. See Below:  

We have further documentation from other sources to show Bees was never awarded an MM and Bar.  (For brevity we will not show the complete documents):

The British Commonwealth Ex-Services League, 48 Pall Mall London SWIY 7308 state:

"I have today had confirmation that the MM was not awarded to him for any operation whether covert or otherwise"
"you will wish to know we have checked all London Gazettes for the period from 1952 to 1962 which covers Kenya, Cyprus, Malaya, Suez, Korea, Trucial States, Aden and the Congo and no MM has ever been awarded to anyone called BEES.  These gazette issues include awards to all UK and Commonwealth Forces and locally enlisted forces such as the Aden Levies etc under British Command.  Unless it was awarded prior or after these dates then he is not entitled to wear this decoration" .

Google Search Engine

If you follow the instructions below there you have 90 pages of British Recipients of the Military Medal. Anthony Bees is not among them.
       Google Search    -    Military Medal
       Scroll to Military Medal Wikipedia
       Click and scroll down to Category: Recipients of the MM

There are numerous British soldiers listed who are shown as having received the award whilst serving with Special Air Service.
The Royal Armoured Corps War Memorial Benevolent Fund C/- Regimental Headquarters, Royal Tank Regiment, Stanley barracks, Bovington UK state:

"I have made enquiries with the Medals Office (Army) and the Military Secretaries branch 16, MOD. Both offices have no record of Mr Bees being awarded the Military Medal (MM)"

UK Ministry of Defence - Army Historical Branch, 3-5 Great Scotland Yard London advise: inter alia

"We have found no records to suggest that Mr Bees was awarded the Military medal"


The London Gazette:

The London Gazette promulgates all honours and awards and officer promotions. Bees is not listed anywhere in the London Gazette as he would have been, if he were awarded an MM or been commissioned as an Officer as shown on his RSL Application.  In addition the mysterious "Maj Lowther, Bart" does not appear anywhere in the London Gazette.

It is well known that persons receiving honours whilst serving with Special Forces, for security reasons may be  listed in the London Gazette under their "home" unit, meaning the unit in which they served before working with Special Forces. This means that even though a medal may have been awarded for work with Special Forces it is still promulgated in the London Gazette against their "home unit".  Bravery Awards for Special Forces personnel are not suppressed for security reasons, especially those supposedly awarded fifty years ago.

We have found no records in the London Gazette to suggest that Mr Bees was awarded the Military Medal in any unit in the United Kingdom.

Bees Korean unit The 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars know nothing of his MM and Bar. We received this email through an intermediary.

"I have spoken with the Regimental Secretary of the 8th Kings Irish Hussars.  They have a Bees who served in Korea, as a Corporal with the Recce Troop.  There are no Bees in the list of Honours and awards in connection with Korean Service to anyone of this name.  They have apparently had previous enquiries about him.  This chap obviously needs to be confronted and told that there is no record of him being awarded a Military Medal, and Bar, nor of any American Awards, and asked to produce the evidence.  He seems to be trying to make a name for himself in the Korean Veteran Community, the sooner it is cleared the better for all concerned.



From our United Kingdom ANZMI Agent

"There is no record of Tony Bees being awarded an MM in this campaign.

There was a small involvement by the SAS in Kenya but no MM's awarded.

From info provided Tony Bees is not entitled to wear the MM and definitely did not serve with Special Forces."

The report from the 8th Kings Irish Hussars states that Bees served as a Corporal, yet on his Certificate of Discharge and on his Statutory Declaration he is shown as "Trooper".  Because of the extent of Bees known lies, his reluctance to explain his true service and our inability to view Bees's UK Service file without his permission it is not possible to prove conclusively that Bees is even the same person shown as having served in Korea with the 8th Kings Irish Hussars.

You may also ask why he has shown his rank as Cpl - Major meaning "Corporal to Major" on his RSL Application. If he was a commissioned officer why would he say he was a trooper on his Statutory Declaration.  If he was a soldier of outstanding qualities and abilities who had been awarded two imperial and a US bravery medal and served with Special Forces under very secret conditions, can you imagine him only reaching the rank of "Trooper" after twelve years service. (A Trooper is equal to a Private soldier). Neither his written or verbal tales stands up to scrutiny. 

During this investigation we found no evidence to indicate that Tony Bees earned any of the USA awards that he "sported" on the occasion of the Bribie Island ceremony on the 27 July 2006. They are all fakes. This is the first known occasions that he has worn them, and a Bar to the Military Medal. Tony Bees laid a remembrance wreath at that event on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Korean Veterans Association Inc. On that occasion every genuine veteran attending must have found his rack of medals rather odd, however nothing was done by anybody attending. It is a gross insult to those being remembered to have the wreath laid by a scandalous, unrepentant pretender.

Bees is the President of the Korean Veterans Sunshine Coast Association Incorporated, in Queensland. Was his election to President assisted by his contemptuous acts of medal fraud?  Surely veterans from the Sunshine Coast could have figured out that Bees is a fraud, his array of medals is ludicrous. It has been stated by members of that organization that Bees is known to be a fraud, but "does such a good job as President they let him be" - How could genuine Korean veterans have such notions festering in their brains? Aiding and abetting wannabes and military frauds is equally offensive as the act it self.

Time and technology have caught up with older frauds like Tony Bees, who seem to think that migrating to the Antipodes shields them from scrutiny, however, ANZMI through the miracle of the Internet and their massive cumulative military experience can reach into filing cabinets in most countries of the world.

 Our ANZMI agent resident in the UK has been kept extremely busy these last few years - and looks forward to assisting us in any further investigations.

The act of falsely wearing bravery medals is an offence against the Defence act that carries a fine of $3,300 or imprisonment for six months or both. Despite our continued protestations the Australian Federal Police, State Police and Public Prosecutors continue to insult Australian veterans by ignoring those who offend.  For instance Reginald Bruce Newton (see his entry on our site) is a dishonest unrepentant fraud who continues to mesmerise his sycophants and continues to falsely claim he earned a Military Cross and Bar through acts of Cold War military bravery.  Newton was "outed" in March 2006 and has since been ignored by law enforcement agencies.

We iterate this is an insult to Australian veterans and their mates who paid the supreme sacrifice. We strongly urge action against Bees, Newton and all other offenders who are being deliberately ignored by our law enforcement agencies.
It is notable that many ex service organisations, both British and Australian involved with Bees were quick to assist in exposing Bees as a wannabe. We would hope that all ex service organisations expel Bees for his disgraceful behaviour, because, if  Ex Service Organisations don't take appropriate action, how can we expect the law enforcement agencies to become serious. It behoves Ex Service Organizations to lodge official complaints about wannabes to law enforcement authorities. We can't deport Bees back to the UK but we can at least send him to Coventry.
Tony Bees is a fraud who was confident enough to believe he could fool us Colonials into believing he is a British Korean war, and Kenyan Special Forces hero.  Well Tony Bees as long as we Colonials have breath in our bodies we will pursue and "out" fools like you. We have world wide contacts and we do our work diligently and honourably and will continue to do so until the last wannabe is comprehensively rounded up, roped and branded - as Bees has been. 
We recently received a photograph of Mr Bees miniature medals, a very impressive rack don't you think!

1)    Military Medal & Bar

2)    Korea Medal

3)    Korea United Nations Medal

4)   Africa General Service Medal with Kenya clasp (bronze issued 1952-1956 Mau Mau Rebellion)

5)   General Service Medal with Malaya Bar (UK)

6)   Silver Star (USA Gallantry in Action)

7)   Legion of Merit (USA Exceptionally meritorious conduct)

8)   Purple Heart (USA)

9)   Croix de Guerre (French)

10) Commemorative Medal (trip Australia to Korea -by Korean Government)

11) Korean Service Medal  (USA 1950-1954) Bought one

12) Korean Commemorative Medal 50th Anniversary Medal

13  British National Service Commemorative Medal 1939-1960 (bought one)

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the  Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


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