Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: GOODY
Christian Names: Gary
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Case Notes:


Garry Goodey is a show pony. He would have members of the public believe that he is a bemedaled Sub Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy. (RAN) He would also like you to nominate him for an Order of Australia Award.

Goodey is far from the real deal or what he would like people to believe.




Goodey has been a member of the Training Ship or T.S. Norfolk, Wellington Point, Brisbane since 2012. The T.S Norfolk is an Australian Navy Cadet Unit. (ANC) The ANC was formerly known as the Sea Cadets Corps. It helps develop young boys and girls and gives them a basic foundation of military knowledge and discipline.

In the above recent photographs, a formal occasion, Goodey wears the following on the left side of his ANC uniform.

1. Duke of Edinburgh Long Service medal. Civilian award.
2. Duke of Edinburgh Distinguished Service Silver Medal. Civilian award.
3. Unknown blue and yellow ribbon. Civilian award
4. A RAN Sub Lieutenant lace sleeve rank. Not entitled.

The Duke of Edinburgh Long Service medal is a civilian award and must be worn on the right side.


The Duke of Edinburgh Distinguished Service Silver Medal is also a civilian award and should not be worn on the left breast. These instructions have been made clear to all recipients of this award. See under.

Goodey6A 2021 07 25




Goodey wears the following RAN laced sleeve rank. This rank insignia is for Royal Australian Navy Sub Lieutenants and not ANC part time members. He has purchased this rank insignia and had it sewn on his uniform.


The below photo is what he should wear and is the rank of Sub Lieutenant ANC.


In the below photograph, Goodey wears the RAN Medical Branch cloth badge with his name. He also wears the RAN Medical Branch motif on his left side. He has had both these badges manufactured for his own ego. When an RAN dpnu name badge is worn with a rate on it, this indicates that you are a Rated Sailor. To earn this rating, an RAN Sailor has to complete rigorous courses to qualify. He has no entitlement to wear these two badges indicating that he is a qualified RAN Medical Branch member.. He was never a member of the Royal Australian Navy or Royal Australian Naval Reserves.


Goodey1AFireunifromandribbon 2021 07 25

Goodey was also photographed recently at a Gay Parade in his part time Auxiliary Fire Fighter uniform. (QFES) He again wears the Duke of Edinburgh Distinguished Service silver Medal Riband award on the left side on this occasion.

Goodey posted a request on his Facebook page for people to nominate him for an Order of Australia Award. This was removed following criticism of him.

Although he has been admonished in the past for wearing non authorised medals on the left breast, he has ignored that advice through arrogance.

He was contacted by a Researcher and invited to respond to reports received from genuine veterans that he was wearing -;
1. Civilian medals on the left side,
2. Unauthorised RAN Sub Lieutenant rank insignia and
3. Unauthorised RAN Medical Branch motifs.

He responded by claiming that he was unaware of what side of his uniform to wear his civilian medals. That is hard to believe when you consider he has been a member of the Australian Navy Cadets for almost 10 years. If he is that naive and ambivalent, he should not hold his current position at TS Norfolk. He also blames a Tailor at Cairns for sewing on the incorrect Sub Lieutenant sleeve insignia. However, he has done nothing to correct this error, until he was contacted by an ANZMI Researcher.

Following that contact, he removed all photographs of himself wearing the medals and rank insignia from his Facebook page.

He deceitfully portrays himself as a current Sub Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy. His Cadet rank is not recognised by the Australian Defence Force as an RAN rank.

Goodey shuns his nose at Australia Governor General’s medal wearing protocols that have been in existence for a hundred years.

With his arrogant attitude, he also disrespects all current and former servicemen and women who have served in the Australian Defence Force. Something he has not achieved.

Goodey should be given the boot from the Australian Navy Cadets. He sets a bad example for all the young boys and girls he has influence over.

The motto for the ANC is Integrity and Endeavour. He fails the test.

Christian Names: Neil
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Forrestville
Case Notes:


A report was received detailing that Neil MacAulay aged 65 years had served as a Colonel on Black Operations.



MacAulay was contacted by phone and asked if he had ever served with Australian Defence Force. His answer was no, "but he served for nine years, in the school of hard knocks, overseas, on "Black Operations", under a United Nations banner, rescuing stolen children from militant gangs in Asia". Because of the nature of his work there were no historical records kept.

He said "there was not trace of his service, because he had changed his name, and he was the only survivor of the 163 men he served with".

To do this work, "he went overseas without a passport and received no pay".

When It was suggested to MacAulay, that he was telling lies, he vigorously denied he was lying.

We don't know where he was for the missing nine years "overseas" without pay or a passport. Perhaps he was serving Her Majesty in a different type of government establishment, where no pay was given, and a passport to enter was not required.

The jury in this matter is the Australian and New Zealand veteran communities. Please think about MacAulay's service and decide whether or not he is a liar and honour thief.

Surname: Wimberley
Christian Names: Terry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Nerang
Service #: Not Known
Service: USA Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: Vietnam Era
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




Terry Wimberley was born in Kentucky USA in 1946.  He is an ex United States (US) Army Veteran of the Vietnam era.  He now resides in Nerang, Queensland, Australia. 


Note that Wimberley is wearing among other medals and awards:

A United States Silver Star Medal, and a Bronze Star Medal.



He has developed a small profile in Australia as:

Secretary to Australian Bat Clinic:   Company Profile : Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Centre

Ritual Elder to Mankind Project Australia:  ManKind Project Australia - | ManKind Project Australia

According to Wikipedia, as a Ritual Elder of the Mankind Project he is required to "Support men in meaningful lives of integrity, accountability, responsibility and emotional intelligence".  When you read further you will see, that by his actions, he follows none of the Mankind Project principals

His claim to fame is that he was awarded  the very prestigious United States (US) Silver Star War Medal which is the third highest US military decoration, awarded to members of the US Armed Forces for "Gallantry in action against an enemy of the United States".  He also wears a US Bronze Star which is awarded for "Heroic or meritorious service or achievement"

There is no doubt that he served in Vietnam as a member of the US, 25th Infantry Regiment, 2/27th Infantry Battalion known as the "Wolfhounds".

Nowhere on Military Records, or lists in the United States, is Wimberley listed as having been awarded a Silver Star. We asked him about this, and  he supplied the following explanation and  photograph.

"Dear Mr. xxxxxxxxx

Further to your enquiry I have found the attached photo taken some time in

1968. The photo shows me receiving the award or awards from the Battalion

Commander, that you were interested in.

Interesting for me is that many of my fellow Wolfhounds and I cared less

about the awards---We just wanted to go home. Amazing for me that I found

this picture as I could only find about 40 photos in all. I have a vague

memory of a man in my platoon named Jake and I believe he took the photo.

Thank you for your interest and if you served----Thank you for your service."

The photograph provides no evidence of him being awarded a Silver Star. We are reliably advised that because it is a small unit parade, he is most likely being awarded the USA Infantry Combat Badge

We contacted sources in the United States and received the following responses:

From his US Army UnitAssociation

"Wolfhound Historical Society

Hello Sir, in respond (sic)  to you; yes, there was a Terry Wimberley in 2/27th Wolfhounds of the 25th ID. He also served Vietnam the year 1967-1968. I could not find record  of Silver Star award.

Wolfhounds forever,

Dorsey Weeks,President"


On 2 May 1971 an article about Wimberley appeared in the newspaper, Progress Bulletin from Pomona California. 

Unfortunately the clipping is unreadable, however we had it read in the USA and in relation to his military service it says:

"Terry Wimberley was drafted into the Army in 1967 and spent a year in South Vietnam where he was a forward observer and was wounded twice."

Had he been awarded a Silver and a Bronze Star during his service, he would have been a minor celebrity and it would certainly have been mentioned in a public relations "blurb".

Here is another report from a reliable source:

"[i]Good Day Mr. xxxxxxxxx,

I am glad to assist, in any way I can, concerning Mr. Terry Wimberley. The fotos (sic) of Mr. Terry Wimberley are an excellent starting point.

As you mentioned already, I was unable to find a citation for a "US Silver Star" (Silver Star Medal) for a "Terry Wimberley". Nowhere did I find a reference to Mr. Terry Wimberley for a valor award.

If said individual was an "Infantryman" he would also be entitled to a Combat Infantryman Badge ( or CIB). Strange that if this is the same "Terry Wimberley that the article would not mention he is a decorated veteran (i.e. Silver Star/Bronze Star recipient).

The photo apears (sic)  legitimate. The photo does depict a medal(s) or award(s) ceremony taking place, probably in Vietnam. The uniforms and surroundings look legitimate. The olive drab uniforms with concealed botton  (sic) down flap pockets are consistent with 1968 Vietnam. The ceremony is small (apparantly) (sic) two rows and involves what appears to be only "Specialists" enlisted Soldiers. The individual presenting the medal(s) or award(s) is certainly an officer and in the 25th Infantry Division.

Taking all of the above into account, it is my personal opinion, this is provably (sic) a ceremony to present the Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) to qualifying Infantrymen of the 25th Infantry Division serving in Vietnam.  I cannot infer anything else from this photo alone..

Mr. Terry Wimberley may be a legitimate "draftee" and "veteran" of the Vietnam War, but there is no information to substantiate his Silver Star or Bronze Star medals."

After gathering the above information we again contacted Wimberley and requested some definitive proof of his claimed valour awards, however he failed to respond.

Wimberley is a long way from Kentucky and we can assume that he thought that he could dupe Australian Veterans by adding a bit of extra colour to his Medal Rack in the form of prestigious USA Valour awards.

Wimberley is now a discredited fraud liar and wannabe.  He obviously swaggers around his "Mankind Project" Cult as a heroic Ritual Elder, when in fact he was, like most of us, an ordinary soldier who did their job without the need for false fame.

We suggest to Wimberley to not wear his false medals, and to not mix in the Australian Veteran Community, as genuine veterans loathe liars and frauds.

We have a very strong following in the USA and am sure thousands of US ex servicemen will also be disgusted by Wimberley's behaviour.

Wimberley sought false fame by wearing fake medals, however he has now found fame on this web site where he will stay for ever more.

Surname: HEPBURN
Christian Names: William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Tasmania
City or Town: Winkleigh
Service #: 63230
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 1978
Completion of service: 1979
Case Notes:


William Hepburn was born in 1958, and according to him, joined the Australian Regular Army in 1978, where, he, served for twelve months in Australia and in Rhodesia. In Rhodesia he went on special missions and the other soldiers with him were killed, and he is the only survivor. He is being treated for severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of his special missions.



Hepburn claims that after completing training at Recruit Training Battalion Kapooka, and Infantry Training Centre Singleton, he was posted to 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR).

In 1978, as a member of 6 RAR, Hepburn and five other Private soldiers were deployed to Rhodesia, for special operations and to train "local soldiers". They were seconded to the British Army, and from there were further seconded to the Rhodesian Army

The six traveled to Rhodesia by C130 Hercules aircraft, and on arrival were dispatched to a remote camp, where they lived in "hutchie" tents and remained for six weeks. During the six weeks, groups of "local soldiers" carrying an assortment of weapons would arrive for training and then randomly disappear as others arrived. As previously stated his five fellow soldiers were killed in action during this time.

A researcher spoke to Hepburn on four occasions, on the first three occasions Hepburn spun some graphic yarns about his twelve months in the Australian Army, which included being deployed to Rhodesia on a special mission in 1978. During the fourth discussion, the researcher suggested to Hepburn, that he was a liar. After much humming and hawing, Hepburn, said he was sure he had done the service, but may be "mixed up". He followed up with the email shown below:

" Good morning xxxxxxxx,
in regards to our recent phone conversation ,firstly thank you for your time and for being so straight forward with me, i am struggling to come to terms with this. i have lived with the belief that this actually happened for all of these years and now that you have given me the facts that it didnt i am totally confused.
it has never been my intention to falsely claim anything in regards to benefits or recognition, i dont know what to say . i am both ashamed and confused .
Xxxxx please accept my humblest apologies ,i dont have the words to say how i am feeling or even comprehend any of this .
if it is ok with you i would like to keep in touch from time to time .


Hepburn says he is very sorry, but as is often the case with wannabes, and liars, he is only sorry, that he has been caught out after many years of basking in the kudos, of his false heroic military adventures in Rhodesia

It is of interest that 152 Australian Army Officers and Non Commissioned Officers, including some from 6RAR, were involved in the Peacekeeping Operation "Agila", in Rhodesia, but it was in December 1979.

"Operation Agila : The Commonwealth Monitoring Force in Rhodesia 1979–1980

In December 1979, the Commonwealth Monitoring Force (CMF) was established by the British Commonwealth, with troops drawn from Australia, Britain, Fiji, Kenya and New Zealand. The operation was codenamed AGILA. The role of the CMF was to keep the peace between the Rhodesian Government's Security Forces and 22,000 Patriotic Front guerrillas during the run-up to the 1980 general elections which would establish the governance of a new independent state. The elections were held in February 1980, with the two major parties being Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union and Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union".

It appears that Hepburn has decided to join the operation a year early, and without doing the hard yards. As would be expected from an inexperienced private soldier with minimal service, his lies are easy to identify.

Hepburn has said he is being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), relating to his Rhodesia service, and he suffers constant nightmares and flashbacks. He is not associated with any Veteran organizations, however, he is being counseled by the Tasmanian State Government sponsored, Veterans and Veterans' Families Counselling Service (VVCS) located in Launceston, Tasmania.

He has basked in the kudos of his false service, and conflict caused PTSD for more than thirty years, he can now experience the infamy of being a caught out liar, and wannabe.

Surname: KARSAI
Christian Names: Stephen Stan
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Ettalong
Service #: 314002
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Military Police
Commencement of service: 04/03/1970
Completion of service: 10/03/1990
Case Notes:


In the 25 years that ANZMI has been in existence, numerous reports have been received regarding individuals who claim fraudulent acts of military service and other notable achievements.

No doubt these false pretenders intend to gain an advantage over others and undeserved respect.

If you live a lie, sooner or later you will be found out.

Stephen Karsai has claimed to be a “Doctor” since at least 2008. Alas, he is a fraud. He is also a military medal cheat and a liar. He claims Australian Military service in Kosovo and East Timor that is fraudulent. His credibility is in question.

His past has now caught up with him and he should hang his head in shame for fooling members of the local Central Coast NSW Business Community and veteran colleagues for many years that he has been awarded a genuine Doctorate (PhD) from a genuine University.

Karsai or Doctor Stephen Karsai as he prefers to be addressed, is a genuine Australian Army Veteran of the Vietnam War. He was a regular soldier who enlisted in the Australian Army in 1970. He was posted to Armoured Corps. (RAAC) as a Trooper, equivalent to a Private Soldier.

On the 2 June 1971, he was deployed to South Vietnam in C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment. He served in that Theatre for 121 days and returned to Australia on the 30 September 1971.

His service was unremarkable, and he was not evacuated as a Battle Casualty.

On the 10 July 1972, he was posted to the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police. (RACMP) as a Private soldier. He discharged from the RACMP and the Army in 1990. He had attained the rank of Sergeant.

Karsai1A 2021 08 15


In the above photographs, Karsai wears the following medals.
1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (AASM) Clasp Vietnam.
2. Vietnam Medal.
3. Defence Force Service Medal.
4. Australia Defence Medal (ADM)
5. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM.) Not entitled.

He is not entitled to wear the RVCM. He does not meet the criteria.


Karsai served in the former Republic of South Vietnam for 121 days. To qualify for this medal, members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) were required to spend 181 days minimum in country or be evacuated as a wounded battle casualty before the 181 days.

Every former ADF serviceman/woman who served in the former Republic of South Vietnam knows that the qualifying period for the RVCM is 181 days, or sooner if evacuated after sustaining wounds in battle. Karsai was a Sergeant in the Australian Army until 1990 as a Regular soldier, and beyond in Reserves. He well knows the criteria for the qualifying period for this medal. He has disregarded that criterion for his own ego.

The below photograph of Karsai in Australian Military Police uniform was taken just prior to his discharge in 1990. He is not wearing the offending RVCM in this photograph. He knew he was not entitled to it. On discharge he is photographed wearing the medal on civilian clothing.


He is also not qualified to the distinguished title of Doctor. (PhD) His Facebook page reveals that he was awarded a Doctorate from the Belford University in Security and Disaster Management. He has told others that he has been awarded an Honorary PhD degree in “Letters.”   This is also a fabrication.


Karsai was reported to ANZMI by veterans who are current members of the Vietnam Veterans, Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association (VVPPA), who have genuine concerns about his entitlements to the RVCM, his claim of PhD (Doctorate) and his claims of service in Kosovo and East Timor.

He is a former President of the VVPPA Ettalong, NSW, and a Pension Officer. Ettalong is a country town situated on the New South Wales Central Coast, north of Sydney.

He was also a Director of the Ettalong RSL Memorial Club and sat as a Board Member and Director of the Central Coast Private Hospital as Doctor Stephen Karsai. JP.

He sat on the Board of “Active Vets Australia” as Doctor Stephen Karsai.


It is here on his curriculum vitae that he claims to be a Doctor and Australian Defence Force Service in Kosovo and East Timor. These claims are lies.

Karsai was contacted and requested to provide the following information –

1. His entitlement to wear the RVCM when he does not meet the 181-day criteria.
2. His entitlement to claim Defence Force Service in Kosovo and East Timor.
3. Evidence that he is qualified to the status of Doctor. (PhD)

In response, he informed a Researcher that he obtained the RVCM and his Vietnam Medal from a “Q” Store in Vietnam. For our nonmilitary readers, that is a Quartermasters Store that issue blankets, utensils, clothing etc. One thing they do not issue is medals. Strangely, the Australian Government has taken an interest in fulfilling that duty.

From Karsai email, (Spelling and text has not been edited.)“

I know I was deployed in April as I spent my 21bday in country and came home in November/December with two medals issued by Q Store in country If it’s proven to be correct I willIMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE RVCM FROM MY RACK I’ll commence inquiries to day I will also for ward what I have been awarded from Belford Uni

Another mistruth is that he spent his 21st birthday in Vietnam. This may seem insignificant, but this birthday was 30 April 1971. His Vietnam deployment was between June and September 1971. Should remember that one!


Every Vietnam Veteran knows when they were deployed and their medal qualifications.

He stated that he has now communicated with the Australian Department of Defence and was shocked after 50 years that he is not entitled to the RVCM. See below -;

"I will immediately take OFF the campaign medal I must say it has been a shock to me after all these years" (Not edited.)

It should not come as too much of "a shock after all these years" for Karsai. He purchased the RVCM at a Medal Dealer shop or on eBay and had it court mounted with his legitimate medals.

Karsai claims his PhD Doctorate (Security and Disaster Management) was from Belford University.

He could not provide any further information about his PhD including his “Doctoral Thesis” reference. He claimed his Doctorate cost him $20.000.00 dollars. (Email not edited) See below -;

But from the information you have given me and the contact details I have for the uni I believe my so called dr is not worth the paper it’s written on it seems that in the lat ninety and 2000s I have been scammed lost the hrs I put in and out of pocket $20k I have taken steps to inform a number of people

The problem for Karsai is that the non-existent Belford University ceased operating the sham “Pay for a PhD degree” in 2012. From his own admission, Karsai has continued to claim his Belford PhD well after that.
See below -;


Karsai made a post on a UFO website in 2008. That indicates he has been using his bogus PhD claims for at least 13 years that we know of.

Dr.Stephen S Karsai
10/1/2008 9:18:15 PM


Dr. Stephen S Karsai

Karsai’s response regarding his claims to Kosovo and East Timor -;

"Stephen Karsai
I have NEVER CLAIMED THAT I served in Kosovo or East Timor I have always said that I was on Operation Safehaven looking after the Kosovo and Timor refugees."


Since Karsai was recently contacted by a Researcher, he has removed the Republic Vietnam Campaign Medal. He has also removed all traces of his bogus Doctorate from his Facebook page.

Karsai has volunteered his time to assist Veterans for some time. He does not need to embellish his achievements with unearned medals, false claims of service and bogus educational qualifications.

He needs to publicly apologise to all the people he has convinced that he is a “Doctor.” and to all the Vietnam Veteran community for wearing the RVCM and claiming Kosovo and East Timor service when he knew it was false.

We will let out readers make up their own minds about the credibility of "former" Doctor Stephen Stan Karsai.

Surname: Lewsam
Christian Names: Geoffrey Charles
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Canley Heights
Service #: R53310
Service: Navy
Branch: Electrical Engineering
Commencement of service: 1957
Completion of service: 1963
Case Notes:



Three years ago we reported Lewsam for wearing unofficial self purchased medals on his left breast. On 24 April 2021 he was again photographed wearing the same set of medals.

It is incongruous that Lewsam, the Vice President of the Canley Heights, Returned and Services League (RSL) in New South Wales, wears these medals whilst on official duty at the RSL. It is disappointing, that other RSL Executives do not take action to correct Lewsam's flagrant and long term disregard for protocol and tradition.

Here is what he was wearing in 2018 when first reported. 


Here is what he was wearing in April 2021. 


The NSW RSL has clear Protocol and Procedure Regulations, concerning the wearing of medals.



Lewsam served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1957 to 1963 as Seaman Electrical Engineer. In the above photographs he is wearing six medals, whereas, his full entitlement for the left breast is four. In addition, he is also wearing, a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB), which is not to be worn when wearing medals.

RSL's that take no notice of their own laws, are betraying the trust of their members.




Geoffrey Charles Lewsam served as a Leading Seaman in the RAN.  During his service, he had active service with the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR) with a trip to Malaysian waters. 


Lewsam wears:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Australian Service Medal  (ASM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Pingat Jasa for service in Malaysian waters

Purchased "Tin" FESR medal   -  Not Authorised

Purchased "Tin" Commemorative Logistics medal for Vietnam - Not Authorised.

Lewsam is wearing four genuine medals and has added two "Tin" self purchased medals, here are the details of the two offending medals..

FESR Commemorative medal, self purchased for $65:


Vietnam Logistic Support Medal Commemorative medal self purchased for $60. It was a trinket to be worn on the right breast by RAN servicemen who had served in Vietnam waters. The whole thing was scrapped when an official Logistic Support medal was issued by the Government. Lewsam never served in Vietnam waters.


Lewsam is the Vice President of the Canley Heights Returned and Services League (RSL).  In the lead up to ANZAC Days he visits local schools in his official capacity to talk about Australia's involvement in wars.  He is blatantly falsifying his service and portraying himself in a false manner. Wearing these two fake medals can only be for the purpose of massaging his ego.

His mate, Mr Richard Pritchard, the President of the Canley Vale RSL has failed to correct Lewsam's behaviour.  The President is a genuine Vietnam Veteran and is well aware of Lewsam's deceit, but  does nothing.

Although the behaviour of most ex service persons is unquestionable, ANZMI will continue to detect and report those who, for their own vanity choose to erode protocols and traditions.

We welcome Geoff Lewsam to the good ship ANZMI where he is welcomed as a crew member with a long time to serve.

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