Surname: Beerie
Christian Names: Jimmy
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Lismore
Service: Army
Commencement of service: 0
Completion of service: 0
Case Notes:

Jimmy Beerie, aka James (Jimmy) Maxwell Tatham, aka James Leggo, aka Len Gallagher.

This man currently lives in Lismore, New South Wales, he uses the name Jimmy Beerie

He was adopted into the Leggo family in 1942 and given the name James Leggo, his birth name is Maxwell Tatham. For many years he has pretended to be a Vietnam Veteran and an ex Agent of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) to “con” acts of kindness from  genuine Veterans and generally inflate his false reputation within his circle of acquaintances.    From the age of 12 years he has been a Petty Criminal and Conman, using various names to weave his deceit.  His abilities as a criminal and conman can be judged by the many years he has spent in and out of prisons.


This human detritus for three years led a Vietnam Veteran into financial hardship by conning him into believing he was assisting a fellow Vietnam Veteran in a time of hardship. In fact Beerie has never served in any Defence Force anywhere, his only “service” has been as an Inmate in Prisons.

In 2009 after hearing a genuine Veteran on Talkback radio 2SM Sydney, Beerie contacted the genuine Veteran through the radio station and coerced a friendship on the basis of their “mutual Defence Service”.

We hold Statutory Declarations detailing Beerie’s actions and what he has told people about himself. Here are examples:

  1. Had military service as covert operator, Australia Secret Intelligence Service in Vietnam and also New Zealand.

  2. Was involved in battle of Long Tan in Vietnam, where he was in an intelligence role and lying in a camouflaged position when an enemy soldier unknowingly urinated on him. He then killed the enemy soldier.

  3. After discharge built his own computer and hacked into Defence Computer System. Four State and Federal Policemen raided him and found nothing. Next day Federal Police returned and asked him to work for them tracing overseas Paedophile accounts.

  4. Claims to be involved with “The Mob” (we assume he means Mafia) and has killed many people.

  5. Claims to be very close friends with a controversial female politician who hid out at his place during difficult times.

  6. Has been observed by numerous Veterans on ANZAC Days in Lismore wearing Defence Medals

  7. Has an Army Identification Card showing another persons name, which he claims to be that which he used during his “Vietnam Service”.

Here is an excerpt from one of the Stat Decs in our possession:



Beerie required life saving surgery and had to travel from Lismore to Sydney, and needed a Carer to accompany him. The genuine Veteran's wife volunteered to be the Carer.  Beerie led the Carer to believe that her expenses would be covered by Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).  After caring for Beerie through his operation and recovery, Beerie promised he would submit a claim for the Carer to DVA.  The travel and accommodation expenses for the Carer were around $1,100.

When the Veteran’s wife discovered that Beerie had failed to submit the claim for her expenses to DVA, she submitted a claim herself and was told that Beerie had no DVA entitlements, and in any case, he had already been paid for a claim he submitted to the State Governments Isolated Patients Travel and Assistance Scheme (IPTAS), of course Beerie kept the money for himself.

If you reside in the Lismore area of NSW don’t allow this “Rat” to convince you that he is a Returned Veteran or any kind of ex Spy. He is a recidivist criminal and conman who will take advantage of you if he gets the opportunity.

Beerie at one stage of his criminal career was incarcerated in Boggo Road Prison in Brisbane under the name Len Gallagher. We are also reliably advised that he will not go too close to the Queensland Border, as there is a current Warrant for his arrest in Queensland in relation to a charge for Impersonating a Police Officer.

Beware of Beerie aka Leggo aka Tatham aka Gallagher. He is not a returned Serviceman as he would have you believe. He is a scurrilous opportunistic con man who has no redeeming qualities.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Located in: Stolen Valour
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