Surname: Johnstone
Christian Names: Andrew Philip
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Lismore
Case Notes:

Updated 6 Oct 2013

Major Andrew Philip Alexander Johnstone the “Golden Boy” of Lismore, New South Wales, is Chairman of the New South Wales Far North Coast, Young Veterans outreach group and Secretary of the Lismore RSL Sub Branch. He is also a liar, cheat and con man.


Johnstone featured in numerous regional newspaper articles and was photographed wearing ten medals. Two of these medals are self-purchased fakes. The articles also said that he was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, which he is not.

The first Award, the ochre-red ribbon with the silver insignia on the bottom, is a Commendation for Distinguished Service, awarded for distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations.

He was never awarded this decoration. It is reported that he has a forged Certificate that adorns his wall at home to “authenticate” the award.




This decoration is similar to the Commendation for Gallantry which has a plain orange ribbon with a gold insignia at the bottom and awarded for acts of gallantry in action which are considered worthy of recognition as seen below.



By purchasing it, and wearing it, Johnstone is falsely claiming he has carried out his duties in a Distinguished manner and insulting all those who have earned this award the hard way.

The fourth medal from the left is the Iraq medal. He was never awarded this medal.


Iraq Medal

The Iraq Medal recognises service with the Australian Defence Force in specified operations in the Iraq region from 18 March 2003. Johnstone was never deployed to Iraq and has no entitlement to the medal which he has obviously purchased himself.


Although the photograph is blurred, we believe we have identified the following medals that Johnstone wears. They are from left to right.

Commendation for Distinguished Service - PHONEY (NOT ENTITLED)

Australian Active Service Medal 1975 clasp East Timor (entitled)

International Forces East Timor Medal (Interfet- entitled)


Australian Service Medal 1975 with clasps (entitled)

Defence Force Service Medal (entitled)

Australian Defence Medal (entitled)

UNAMET/UNTAET East Timor (entitled)

UNTSO (Israel/Lebanon area) (entitled)

Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (entitled)

Army Combat Badge (entitled)

Meritorious Unit Citation - 5 Aviation Regiment - East Timor 1999 to 2002 (Entitled)

RASB Returned from Active Service Badge (entitled)

Here are excerpts from newspaper articles where Johnstone is described as both an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran.





An Army Officer who attains the rank of Major, with approval, may retain that title after he has resigned his Commission, hence in the community; he is seen as a person of honour and integrity.

Johnstone deserves none of that respect or honour, because he has sullied his reputation and the reputation of all ex Defence Officers by awarding himself, and wearing two false medals. He has a genuine entitlement to eight medals. However having the mind of a fraudulent wannabe he desired a little bit extra with a bit of “Gallantry” to spice it up.

One would think that Johnstone’s career would have been satisfactory to most individuals.

Johnstone’s Military Service

After a thorough investigation we have ascertained that Johnstone was an officer with the Army Aviation Corps, did several deployments to East Timor and one deployment with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation in Israel known as Operation Paladin and resided in Tiberias not far from the UN Headquarters in Jerusalem.

He never carried out deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan.

We approached Johnstone and requested that he simply provide evidence of his claimed service   Instead of doing so, which would have satisfactorily ended our enquiries, he sent the following email.

“Dear Mr. XXXXX,

Thank you for your e-mail.
From my part this is indeed an unusual request.

Please pass on to the enquirer that I would be more than pleased to respond directly to any controversy regarding my honours and awards and military service.
I can be contacted on this e-mail, XXXXXXXXXXX, to arrange a meeting to discuss their enquiry, that way there is complete transparency and would alleviate any misunderstandings or privacy concerns from either party.

Best Wishes and Kind Regards,


In response we sent the following to him:

“Dear Andrew

Thank you for responding.

A face to face meeting is not possible.

As previously stated, asking you directly for the information is the easy way.

The hard way is not so difficult.

We will seek your comment when all information is gathered, which should be within a few days.


He chose not to reply, and another email was sent, again no reply was received.


We have irrefutable proof that you fraudulently wear the Iraq medal and you falsely wear a Commendation for Gallantry.

As you have chosen to not respond to our last email we will now expose you on our web site

We are also aware that you display a forged certificate relating to the Commendation for Gallantry”.


Instead of simply sending proof, Johnstone claims to be taking legal action. If that is so, then he is simply putting on the bluff and bluster behaviour that we see with most cornered rats.

The major defence against defamation is that what is said is the truth. If Johnstone desires to pay legal fees for the purpose of bluff, well good luck to him, because during any legal action the truth of his service will prevail. Maybe the truth will be revealed by Law Enforcement?

Johnstone has committed a criminal act by wearing medals that he did not earn. State Police can lay a charge under the Defence Act 1903 Part VII, Section 80B

Improper use of Service Decorations

"Service Decoration" --Means any order, medal, badge, clasp, bar or other insignia that was or may be conferred for valour, distinguished conduct or service, long service, good conduct, devotion to duty, efficiency, participation in a campaign or other warlike operation or for any other reason on a member of the Defence Force or of any armed force of any part of the Queen's dominions or of any Power allied or associated with Australia in any war or warlike operations in which Australia is or has been engaged, and includes the ribbon of any such order, medal, badge, clasp or other decoration and any colourable imitation, representation or miniature of any such order, medal, badge, clasp or other decoration.
We have experienced anger from prominent Veterans from the Lismore area for the audacity of exposing their “Golden Boy”. We assert that any Veteran who protects a wannabe is equally a wannabe.
Johnstone is the author of his own demise and we are simply the messenger. We proceed without fear or favour, and will not kowtow to any ex senior Officers who deign to blindly believe liars and give them support.

This is a wakeup call to Johnstone to cease being a conman and get out of the ex-service community which he is polluting. It is also a wakeup call to ex Service organizations that do not properly check the bona fides of their members and blindly believe frauds and liars , and refuse to believe the truth when it is put under their noses.

Johnstone will remain a resident of our web site for ever more.

This is published in the public interest, veterans of all conflicts, in particular that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.

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