Date of Entry: 21/05/2021
Surname: ROWE
Christian Names: Terrence Geoffrey
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Wingham
Service #: R65258
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Medical (Dental Assistant
Commencement of service: 1966
Completion of service: 1986
Case Notes:


Terrence Geoffrey Rowe attends art classes at the NSW country town of Wingham to get solace and alleviate the crippling Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from his "spending 1971 on HMAS Sydney taking troops to Vietnam"

Terry Rowe's Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Vietnam Nominal Roll, shows that he served on active service in Vietnam for 126 days. THAT IS WRONG! In fact he spent less than 6 days anchored in Vung Tau Harbour aboard HMAS Sydney. During the whole of the Vietnam war, no Australian Defence personnel were ever wounded in action whilst on board HMAS Sydney during delivery deployments.




The reason for the counting error, is that the RAN counted the days from departure of the last Australian port, until the day arriving back at first Australian or allied port. Whereas, a soldier being transported on board HMAS Sydney, had days in Vietnam counted from the time he set foot on land in Vietnam, until the day he stepped off land.

The RAN also made a significant blunder, in awarding the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) to thousands of RAN personnel who did not earn it. See here:

Rowe is being reported for his nefarious claim of being injured on active service, and taking his claim through the DVA system, to the Australian Appeals Tribunal (AAT), thus slowing down processing , for those in genuine need, with genuine injuries and illnesses.

The crux of his claim, is that whilst anchored in Vung Tau harbour, he sniffed or ingested Agent Orange, which after a chain of events, caused him to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His Agent Orange problem was exacerbated, because, whilst on active service, during the few days he was anchored in Vung Tau harbour, he was subjected to poison from teeth amalgams that he had to mix,

He blames a family medical problem for his PTSD, and blames the family medical problem on Agent Orange, therefore Agent Orange caused his PTSD,

We understand that he would have been under stress, relating to family medical problems, that happened in Australia, well after his series of a few days of active service.

Here is what the journalist quoted Rowe as having said. Note incorrect spelling of his name as Roe instead of Rowe,



There has been a huge international debate about the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, Agent Orange was a 50/50 mixture of two herbicides: 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T, used to aerial spray forests in Vietnam to reduce foliage cover for the North Vietnamese.

It is ridiculous to espouse that there was Agent Orange pollution, at sea in Vung Tau harbour, in 1971 that could be accidentally ingested by a Dental Assistant, on the deck, or in the dental surgery of HMAS Sydney.

For Rowe to try and link Agent Orange, and dental amalgam as active service injuries is preposterous,

It costs time and money for the DVA claims system to function. Nefarious claims end up at the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). AAT is manned by eminent legal and medical people, to adjudicate on claims. The AAT is a very fair system based on court like proceedings. Quite often, the Tribunal finds for the appellant. Bogus claims like Rowe's, are, by law, required to be fully investigated, and rejected without prejudice, except, that Australian and New Zealand veterans, are happy to be prejudiced and report Rowe's behaviour.

Here are the the findings of the AAT regarding Rowe's claim. Note that Rowe's claim was conclusively rejected.

Insert5Rowe 2021 04 17

In the late 1990s and early 2000s there was a never ending array of crooked claims that were sent to AAT for decision. In particular a person who appears on this web site, was responsible for many of them: See Roque "China" Hammall here :

From 1991 "China" Hammal ran a veteran disability support organization in Perth WA, named "Australian Navy in Vietnam Support Veteran's Association. (ANVSVA). Veterans would provide ANVSVA with their name and what ship they served on in Vietnam. The ANVSVA would study events that occurred on that ship and then splice the veteran into a Ship Stressor, and then get a percentage of whatever lump sum the successful applicant received.

Another interesting crooked applicant was Major Joseph Brain of the Gold Coast, Queensland who convinced the system that he had served in Vietnam, but in fact was never there: See here:

Following the exposure of Hammell, Brain and many others, DVA through necessity, slowed down their processing, whilst stopping most of the crooks, it made submitting claims by genuine veterans much harder.

Terrence Geoffrey Rowe is receiving solace for his "Agent Orange caused PTSD", but he will get no solace from DVA or from Australia and New Zealand veterans. He will however get attention, and a little infamy aboard the good ship ANZMI, which is free of agents of any colour, and does not use amalgam in their tooth booth.

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