Date of Entry: 05/03/2021
Surname: Tufrey
Christian Names: Brian Kenneth
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Yengarie
Service #: Nil
Service: Army
Branch: Claims SASR
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:


Brian Tufrey was born in 1944.


We hold a Statutory Declaration detailing that Tufrey said, "he was a member of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) and was involved in Black Ops, and he went on three man patrols, and they would climb Palm trees in wait for the enemy, then pop them off. He also said: " that he and his two comrades were lucky to survive what was a terrible ordeal" He added, " he should not be revealing any information as he may be recalled at anytime"

Brian Tufrey was contacted twice and spoken to by a researcher.

On the first occasion, he told the researcher that:

in 1962 at the age of eighteen years, he served as a "Sniper" with SAS, in Australian Army, and because of the exceptional secret nature of his service, he was never posted to, or served at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne WA. His training was all done elsewhere and he could not, and would not divulge any information about it.".

Although the researcher, from experience, knew that Tufry was telling lies, due diligence proved that Tufry is a liar. Being an eighteen year old operational member of SAS and not serving at Swanbourne is ridiculous.

On the second occasion Tufry was contacted, it was put to him, that he was telling lies, and he vehemently denied that accusation and reasserted that:

"he served with SAS in 1962 and was deployed overseas on "Black Operations".

An eighteen year old serving with SASR, but not at Swanbourne, and being deployed of secret Black Ops? His story is very exciting and heroic, but simply put, he is a liar.

Here is the history of the SASR:

Australian Special Air Service Company was raised on 25 July 1957 at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, Western Australia (WA). It was expanded to a Regiment, and renamed Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) on 4 September 1964.

The Regiment first saw operational service on the island of Borneo in February 1965, when an SAS Squadron deployed to Brunei during the Indonesian confrontation.

He also said that:

"there are no records of his SAS service, and that details of the "Black Operations", and all of his military records were top secret and would never be released.

People from Yengarie in the Maryborough area of Queensland, may believe, that Tufry is an ex SAS Black Ops elite soldier, but it is sad, because his wife joined the conversation with the researcher, and extolled her unconditional belief, that Brian Tufrey has done all he says that he has.

The truth is that he is a liar, and the reason that files can not be located, is because they do not, and never have existed.

ANZMI lodgers quarters contain many who falsely claim to have served with the elite SASR. As a now ensconced wannabe lodger, Tufrey can spin his yarns for eternity, whilst feeling at home, with the hundreds of other liars, cheats and Valour thiefs. It is a truism that if all who claimed to have served with SASR, actually did, it would be the largest veterans association that ever existed.

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