Date of Entry: 20/12/2020
Surname: STOBBS
Christian Names: Aaron Craig
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Newcastle
Case Notes:


Aaron STOBBS from Newcastle, NSW is the definitive Wannabe, he first came to the notice of genuine Veterans when he joined a online mental health course. As is the ‘norm’ for such people, he claimed to be a traumatised member of the SAS who is in the process of discharging from the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

In order to demonstrate his ‘ADF credentials’, STOBBS posted a number of images of himself on a social media platform, wearing a selection of uniforms.

It is clear from the image below, that STOBBS is a bit confused about which arm of the ADF the Special Air Service belongs. Here we see our hero posing for a ‘selfie’ wearing part Army, part RAAF uniform. The hat badge of the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) affixed to the belt is a nice touch we think. There is no point going into too much detail about the Honours and Awards being worn, but yes we did notice that he has two Australian Defence Medals (ADM), and two Australian Service Medals (ASM).

Stobbs 1

STOBBS has access to quiet a collection of uniforms. Here, he is a RAAF Warrant Officer or perhaps a Flight Sergeant. Perhaps he was wearing his aviator sunglasses when he was deciding what rank he would be on the day the photo was taken.

Stobbs 2

He even has the ability to be a Corporal in the SAS.

Stobbs 3

To be fair to Mr STOBBS, not all photographs of him inappropriately wearing uniforms of the ADF were taken in his bedroom. On one occasion he ventured out side for that ‘tactical look’. Unfortunately, he still managed to get it wrong. Note the embellishments being worn on his Disruptive Camouflage Pattern Uniform (DCPU).

Stobbs 4

The truth is Aaron STOBBS is a military wannabe. A fraud and a fake who would like people to believe he is a damaged Veteran and there can be no lower act than doing that. Genuine Veterans took less than 30 seconds to spot this fraud.

Stobbs 5

In real life, Aaron STOBBS is a civilian Chef, working at a prestigious location in the Hunter Valley. In this field he has excelled, however by purporting to be a Veteran, and wearing uniforms bearing hard won honours and awards is an insult to the Veterans Community and he should hang his head in shame.

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