Date of Entry: 20/12/2020
Surname: GRAHAM
Christian Names: Robert Ernest
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Sapphire & Wowan
Service #: 2791084
Service: Army
Commencement of service: October 1968
Completion of service: October 1970
Case Notes:


Every now and again a lifetime wannabee is uprooted from his hole by genuine Australian and New Zealand Veterans.

On this occasion, this imposter has broken the trust of all his genuine veteran colleagues in the small Queensland township of Sapphire.

The below photograph is Wannabee, Valour Thief and Medal Cheat, Robert Ernest Graham.

Graham 1


Graham was born on the 17 February, 1948. For many years he has claimed to many people” that he is a Vietnam Veteran, having served with 1 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment ( 1RAR) at the Battles of Coral and Balmoral, South Vietnam in May, 1968”.

The above edited photograph depicts Graham at the Gemfields R.S.L Sub Branch Club, Sapphire, Queensland. The original photograph shows him adopting the most prominent position in the group, with genuine veterans standing to his left and right sides.

We are reliably informed that he is wearing the following awards -;

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975. AASM. Not entitled.
Vietnam Medal. VM. Not entitled.
Australian Defence Medal. ADM Entitled.
Anniversary of National Service Medal. NSM Entitled.
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. RVCM Not entitled.
On his right breast he wears the Meritorious Unit Citation. Battle of Coral-Balmoral Not entitled.

His name does not appear on the Vietnam Nominal Roll.

He also placed a Vietnam Veteran decal sticker on his motor vehicle.

Graham 3


In 2018, due to his fraudulent claims, Graham gained the position of Assistant Treasurer and Committee member of the Gemfields RSL Sub Branch. He was also appointed as the Caretaker of the Gemfields Veterans Retreat for a 3 year period. During this time, he claimed that he was a 1 RAR Infantry soldier to many veterans, who were accommodated at the Retreat.

Things started go awry for Graham, when genuine veterans started to question his long claimed Vietnam service. It is always difficult to defend a statement that you were at Fire Support Base Coral in May, 1968, and under attack, when you in fact commenced National Service Training in the Australian Army five months later in October, 1968.

In November, 2020, Graham was sent a letter by his Sub Branch asking for clarification of his Army Vietnam service.

His response is below -;

Graham 2


Graham expresses his sorrow in this letter, but it is plain that had his service not been questioned at this point in time, his deceit would have continued.

Graham has now been booted out of the Gemfields RSL Sub Branch, however, he is still a member of the Bribie Island, Queensland RSL Sub Branch - member number 2351035. The Queensland RSL State Branch need to take action against this wannabee, before he creates more embarrassment to that Organisation.

Graham has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903, Section 80A and 80B, by claiming

Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Improper use of service decorations
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person wears a service decoration; and
(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Graham has earned a lifetime of respect and kudos due to his fraudulent military service claims. He has now earned the right to appear on ANZMI where he correctly belongs.

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