Stolen Valour

Stolen Valour

Surname: Halter
Christian Names: Anthony Alan
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Nambour
Service #: 8099721
Service: Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
Branch: Seaman
Commencement of service: 11.03.1996
Completion of service: 5.11.2007
Case Notes:



Well here we go again folks. Anthony Halter, our infamous ex Royal Australian Navy Officer, medals cheat and fraud just cannot help himself.

Our original exposure of Halter below, disclosed that he appeared before the Nambour Magistrates Court on the 17 December, 2018, and was convicted and fined $1.000 dollars for wearing un-awarded Australian Military medals and accoutrements. He claimed to the Magistrate that he only had six months to live and that he wanted to wear the purchased medals before they were officially issued, and before he died of a brain tumour.

Surprise, surprise, eight months later, the medals he referred to will not be officially issued to him, because he is not entitled to them. Halter’s life revolves around a litany of lies and fraudulent acts. We could also throw in perjury.

Following his conviction in Nambour, and the ANZMI original exposure, Halter decided to up stakes and move to the quiet town of Stanthorpe, South East Queensland, where he was not known. He then became involved with the local veteran community and on Anzac Day 2019, following the Anzac Day March, local RSL members questioned his medal entitlements.

He claimed the following -;

1. He served with Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Intelligence.
2. He flew Sea King helicopters.
3. He flew RAN fixed wing aircraft.
4. He served multiple special operation tours in Kuwait, East Timor and Afghanistan (twice) and the Iraq invasion.
5. He was shot in Afghanistan.
6. He was on the ground in Afghanistan, when a fellow Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) colleague was killed in action by a landmine in 2002.
7. He was also called in to assist with the investigation of the Sea King helicopter crash in Banda Aceh.

All the above claims from Halter are lies.

Halter was reported to the Stanthorpe Police for wearing the un-awarded Australian Military medals. The Police also searched his home, as did the Nambour Police previously.

We have been advised that on the 17 July, 2019, exactly seven months to the day of his last appearance at Nambour Magistrates Court for identical offences, he appeared at the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to five counts of wearing military awards that he has no entitlement.

He was duly convicted and fined $1,500 dollars for his behaviour.

His genuine medal entitlement for his service is the following -;

1. AASM 2 clasps East Timor and Afghanistan.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Sovereign Border.
4. Australian Defence Medal.
5. UNTAET medal.

He is not entitled to the rest. (See original entry) He also has no entitlement to wear the Army Combat Badge and RAN Pilots wings above his medal rack.

For his recalcitrant behaviour, Halter has now been fined a total sum of $2500 dollars in seven months for identical offences against the Defence Act 1903 Section 80B.

Improper use of service decorations
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person wears a service decoration; and
(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Halter is an inveterate liar and a fraud. As a former Commissioned Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, his behaviour is a disgrace.
He will no doubt be leaving town again soon, and resurfacing elsewhere to ingratiate himself in the local veteran community, where he will hope that he is not recognised.

As one of our Stanthorpe veterans told us -;

“He moved here to Stanthorpe after being caught out in Nambour last December. Obviously tried to make out to be a hero in a new town. The problem for him is, we are many and we are everywhere”.

So true.

ANZMI extend our appreciation to all the veterans of Stanthorpe for their vigilance in outing Halter again. Also to the Stanthorpe Police for their response in helping all genuine veterans maintain the integrity of the Australian Department of Defence Honours and Awards system.


Anthony Alan Halter, was born on the 16 October, 1972. He is now 46 years of age. In 1996, at the age of 23, he enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy. He served on the Landing Craft Heavy (LCH) vessel Wewak during the East Timor crisis and HMAS Arunta during its tour of the Middle East. According to Halter, he also served on RAN submarines for a few months in 2001.

During the last five years of his service, Halter claims he attained the rank of Sub Lieutenant and in 2005 the rank of Lieutenant. He held this rank until he was medically discharged in November, 2007 after 11 years and 8 months service.


In the above photograph, taken a few years before his discharge, Halter is wearing the rank of Lieutenant. He also wears the following medals-,

1. Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with clasps, Afghanistan and East Timor.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Defence Force Medal. (DFM)
4. United Nations Transitional East Timor Medal. (UNTAET)

Halter1 2019 01 30

In the above more recent photograph, Halter wears the following medals -;
1. AASM 2 clasps.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Border Protection.
4. Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal.
5. DFM.
7. International Security Assistance Force. (ISAF)

He also wears the RAN Aircrew badge above his medal rack and strangely, an Army Combat Badge. (ACB) He is not entitled to either award.

In 2012, Halter joined the Nambour RSL Sub Branch. He listed on his application form that he had service in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as Peacekeeping duties.

In May, 2018, due to some concerns raised by members of the local veteran community, Halter left a copy of the following document at the Nambour RSL Services and Citizens Club.

ANZMI were notified and sent a copy from a concerned anonymous source who is not associated with either the Services Club or the Sub Branch. There are numerous grammatical and spelling errors. As well, there are references to medals that have never been awarded to Halter. An astute current or former member of the Australian Defence Force would immediately know that this letter is a forgery, and that only one person could benefit from its existence.



In this letter, Halter is claiming a great deal more medals than previously displayed. The list just keeps getting bigger.

In particular, he claims the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) and the Conspicuous Service Cross. (CSC) He was never awarded these medals. There are also claims for other medals and clasps that he has no entitlement to.

He claims a clasp for active service in Iraq, yet he does not wear the Iraq Medal. He claims a Special Operation clasp and a Bouganville clasp for the Australian Service Medal (ASM). However, he does claim or wear the actual ASM.

His genuine medal entitlement for his service is the following -;

1. AASM 2 clasps East Timor and Afghanistan.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Sovereign Border.
4. Australian Defence Medal.
5. UNTAET medal.

As a result of his lies and wearing unearned medals and accoutrements that he is not entitled to, Halter was reported to the local Nambour Police. His house was searched and evidence seized. He was charged with "Misuse of service decorations", and appeared before the Nambour Magistrates Court. The following newspaper article details the demise of Anthony Alan Halter.



Halter, a former Commissioned Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, is a fraud and a medal cheat. He has embellished his service to portray a false image.

For his sins he was convicted and fined $1000.00. He can count himself lucky.

At ANZMI, we wonder why Halter, who was selected as an Able Seaman to undergo Officer training and then progress through the ranks to Midshipman, Sub Lieutenant and then Lieutenant, would go to all the trouble of risking public humiliation and Court convictions to impress others, that he does not even know.

Does not make sense.

Surname: ROWE
Christian Names: Terrence Geoffrey
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Wingham
Service #: R65258
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Medical (Dental Assistant
Commencement of service: 1966
Completion of service: 1986
Case Notes:


Terrence Geoffrey Rowe attends art classes at the NSW country town of Wingham to get solace and alleviate the crippling Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) resulting from his "spending 1971 on HMAS Sydney taking troops to Vietnam"

Terry Rowe's Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Vietnam Nominal Roll, shows that he served on active service in Vietnam for 126 days. THAT IS WRONG! In fact he spent less than 6 days anchored in Vung Tau Harbour aboard HMAS Sydney. During the whole of the Vietnam war, no Australian Defence personnel were ever wounded in action whilst on board HMAS Sydney during delivery deployments.




The reason for the counting error, is that the RAN counted the days from departure of the last Australian port, until the day arriving back at first Australian or allied port. Whereas, a soldier being transported on board HMAS Sydney, had days in Vietnam counted from the time he set foot on land in Vietnam, until the day he stepped off land.

The RAN also made a significant blunder, in awarding the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) to thousands of RAN personnel who did not earn it. See here:

Rowe is being reported for his nefarious claim of being injured on active service, and taking his claim through the DVA system, to the Australian Appeals Tribunal (AAT), thus slowing down processing , for those in genuine need, with genuine injuries and illnesses.

The crux of his claim, is that whilst anchored in Vung Tau harbour, he sniffed or ingested Agent Orange, which after a chain of events, caused him to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His Agent Orange problem was exacerbated, because, whilst on active service, during the few days he was anchored in Vung Tau harbour, he was subjected to poison from teeth amalgams that he had to mix,

He blames a family medical problem for his PTSD, and blames the family medical problem on Agent Orange, therefore Agent Orange caused his PTSD,

We understand that he would have been under stress, relating to family medical problems, that happened in Australia, well after his series of a few days of active service.

Here is what the journalist quoted Rowe as having said. Note incorrect spelling of his name as Roe instead of Rowe,



There has been a huge international debate about the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam, Agent Orange was a 50/50 mixture of two herbicides: 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T, used to aerial spray forests in Vietnam to reduce foliage cover for the North Vietnamese.

It is ridiculous to espouse that there was Agent Orange pollution, at sea in Vung Tau harbour, in 1971 that could be accidentally ingested by a Dental Assistant, on the deck, or in the dental surgery of HMAS Sydney.

For Rowe to try and link Agent Orange, and dental amalgam as active service injuries is preposterous,

It costs time and money for the DVA claims system to function. Nefarious claims end up at the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). AAT is manned by eminent legal and medical people, to adjudicate on claims. The AAT is a very fair system based on court like proceedings. Quite often, the Tribunal finds for the appellant. Bogus claims like Rowe's, are, by law, required to be fully investigated, and rejected without prejudice, except, that Australian and New Zealand veterans, are happy to be prejudiced and report Rowe's behaviour.

Here are the the findings of the AAT regarding Rowe's claim. Note that Rowe's claim was conclusively rejected.

Insert5Rowe 2021 04 17

In the late 1990s and early 2000s there was a never ending array of crooked claims that were sent to AAT for decision. In particular a person who appears on this web site, was responsible for many of them: See Roque "China" Hammall here :

From 1991 "China" Hammal ran a veteran disability support organization in Perth WA, named "Australian Navy in Vietnam Support Veteran's Association. (ANVSVA). Veterans would provide ANVSVA with their name and what ship they served on in Vietnam. The ANVSVA would study events that occurred on that ship and then splice the veteran into a Ship Stressor, and then get a percentage of whatever lump sum the successful applicant received.

Another interesting crooked applicant was Major Joseph Brain of the Gold Coast, Queensland who convinced the system that he had served in Vietnam, but in fact was never there: See here:

Following the exposure of Hammell, Brain and many others, DVA through necessity, slowed down their processing, whilst stopping most of the crooks, it made submitting claims by genuine veterans much harder.

Terrence Geoffrey Rowe is receiving solace for his "Agent Orange caused PTSD", but he will get no solace from DVA or from Australia and New Zealand veterans. He will however get attention, and a little infamy aboard the good ship ANZMI, which is free of agents of any colour, and does not use amalgam in their tooth booth.

Christian Names: John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service: Nil
Case Notes:


Should you seek information about John Torcasio. On Google, you will find a sterling pictorial story of a "Top Gun" Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) pilot as per below:

Insert 1, 2,3,4,5,6 Torcasio

Insert1Torcasio 2021 04 12
Insert2Torcasio 2021 04 12

 Insert3Torcasio 2021 04 12 Insert4Torcasio


Insert5Torcasio 2021 04 12 Insert6Torcasio


There is very little else on the Facebook page, and he does not claim in writing, to be an RAAF pilot, nor does he say he is not.

John Toscasio was asked about the Facebook entry, as per below:

"Good morning John

Great photos of you and Jet fighters.

Are you a member of the RAAF or is it some other Air Force.

Best regards


Hi xxxx

I am a hobby photographer not in any air force they are just
prop photos

Regards John"

Toscasio exceeds his claimed purpose for publishing the photographs (hobbyist), and there is no explanation. A reasonable person would believe, he is a jet pilot from the RAAF, in accordance with the photographs he exhibits.

If John Torcasio published the photographs to achieve notoriety, he has achieved his objective. This information will be published throughout the world, but, he will not be seen as a "hot shot Top gun" instead he will be known as a "not so hot" ANZMI Wannabe.

Surname: Patterson
Christian Names: James Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:




James Edward Patterson was first identified as a liar and fraud in 2007 and his antics have been comprehensively updated on this website over the past fourteen years.

To gain sympathy back in 2012 Patterson pulled the "dying from cancer" maneuver. Here is an example of what he wrote:

"Bud ,I dont care about my standing in the vietnam or veteran community as I said before they can do what they want ,im dying so I dont care and if the so called unknown false names cant be bothered to come out in the open then I havent to time nor the incination to answer anymore questions about myself".

"my prostate went to Bone cancer although that is nothing to do with you".

For the last fourteen years Patterson has maintained that he is a Vietnam Veteran and worn medals as shown in the photograph above. On the 18 Nov 2020 he appealed to the Defence Honours and Awards Appeal Tribunal as per below:



Notice that again after seven pages of deliberations, Patterson's appeal is declared scriptum non grata.

The full Appeals findings can be found here:

Here are some excerpts:


Pattersoninsert4 2021 05 02
Pattersoninsert5 2021 05 02

After fourteen years of lies, Patterson is noted for his inept persistence, however, he knows with absolute certainty, that he is a liar and a wannabe. Veterans throughout the world also know, that he did not serve in the Vietnam war, at anytime, during his service with the Australian Army.

Patterson's curse, is a weed that is an ongoing detested annoyance to Australian agriculture. James Patterson is to the Australian and New Zealand veteran community, as the weed Patterson's curse is to the Agricultural industry.





James Edward Patterson

It was always understood by other Sydney veterans who associated with Patterson that he was a Regular Army Engineer who served on two trips to Vietnam with 32 Small Ships Squadron.  He said he made one of these trips on the Clive Steele and threw his awarded service medals overboard. He also claims to have served on HMAS Sydney on a voyage to Vietnam in 1966. There wasn’t a nominal roll available in those days so he was accepted by other veterans on face value.


We will disclose numerous occasions where Patterson claims to be a Vietnam Veteran, right up until May 2008 when, he had painted himself into a corner and was being hard pressed for proof of his claims.

He wrote:

“I served as a terminal operator on the HMAS Sydney (loading and unloading of the ship)  was taken to Vietnam in 1966 under the command of a Major Fletcher (Terminal officer), We never disembarked from the ship..... and upon return I was utilised by Small ships as a supernumerary (topside) on the Clive Steele 1966”

“33/30 Port squadron loaded/unloaded HMAS Sydney both in Sydney and VungTau under the command of a Major Fletcher. We never disembarked from the ship as soon as unloaded we returned to Australia”

Major Bruce Fletcher did not travel to Vietnam on HMAS Sydney in 1966 or any other time. He traveled by air to Vietnam departing Sydney on the 19 April 1966, three days before HMAS Sydney left Australia. Major Fletcher remained in Vietnam until 17 June 1967.

Patterson further said.

“I wrote to CARO in September, 2007 asking why my name was not on the nominal roll etc I had given them all the particulars in my letter, I received a telephone call Christmas 2007 that they were investigating my claim, and would get back to me (so far nothing heard but who cares anyway.”

Jim says he contacted Central Army Records Office (CARO) in late 2007 asking why his name isn’t on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) nominal roll, and an investigation is underway. He says he is gathering affidavits from men in the same situation as proof of the records omissions. These were men who served with 32 Small Ships.  Other Army personnel posted to HMAS Sydney (as he claims to have been}, don’t seem to have this problem.

Here is a novel wannabe statement put into writing by Patterson. Can you imagine a military parade where counterfeit medals were handed out? It may sound OK to civilians but genuine veterans recognize Patterson’s stupidity.

“Just for your information and that of other I was presented with two medals at a passing out parade at HMAS Penguin, we noticed that the medals were not inscribed and we then told them to stick them if they couldn’t put our names on them, and if you want to look there are about 12 medals at the bottom of the Sydney harbour (opposite the ORs dry mess) where we threw them.  “I’m not in the nominal roll either are other CMF personnel whom served on the ships”

Patterson was a contributor to an Internet Profile site. See below how he describes himself as “Vietnam Veteran Royal Australian Engineers RAE.” In addition although it is not our concern he also claims to be a “Retired Law enforcement Officer” that is another lie.

He also claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran on the USA Transport Vietnam Association web site, other genuine Australian Vietnam Veterans have been registered on this site.  He listed his details as “Jim Patterson 32 Small Ships Squadron Royal Australian Engineers and 30 Terminal Squadron Royal Australian Engineers” that information is false.  He was never a member of either of those units that served in Vietnam.

On a genealogy web site Patterson wrote the following: 



Patterson did not serve in the Australian Regular Army (ARA) at any time in any capacity.

“RSA Badge”, appears to be a typographical error “RAS Badge” was intended? (Returned from Active Service Badge) he does not have one nor is he entitled to one.  

We have Patterson’s full CMF pay records for the period he claims to have served in Vietnam. According to these records He was never transferred to CMF Full Time Duty and only ever received pay for CMF part time duty.  We hold his complete pay record from 1965 to 1968, this is the period he claims to have served on ships servicing Australian Forces in Vietnam




Patterson has been an active participant in Veterans networks particularly that of Allen J Petersen. Here are examples of how he put himself forward as an old soldier and experienced veteran. His email address is “Aussisoljer” and he signs off as “Jim Patterson an Old Engineer” and also “30 Terminal Squadron and 32 Small Ships Squadron” Patterson was never posted to either of those units, he has inserted them to give the impression that he served with units that served in Vietnam. In this exchange he takes to task a genuine veteran




Sent: Monday, 12 November 2007 3:13 PM


I don't get into arguments but in this instance I want to assist George.

So he was a storeman with RAEME and the other guy was a platoon SASR soldier, bloody hell wonder where he got his equipment, his ammo, his rations, from??

Maybe the tooth fairy, every soldier that served in Vietnam , Borneo was supplied by other soldiers, irrespective of the Corps they were in, everyone who served in Vietnam served with distinction. Funny we did supply runs to Borneo saw shit but then we were Transportation and we flew our own ensign, but wait we not the B all to end all. 

If you wanted armour backup wonder who brought it across, hang on it floated, if you wanted a salvo wonder who brought it across, the tooth fairy of course. Not everything came by aircraft you know, wonder who loaded the ships ?and it wasn't the navy, and who unloaded them again it wasn't the navy.

Mate I don't care if your a pogo, a backyard Johnny, or a front liner, but my SASR mates don't go on like this smart arse, they respect each and every person who served and I do know what Bob Buick did and I do know what a lot of 6 RAR blokes think of him, but I don't hold grudges - you owe a veteran whom serve and apology or your don't apologise in the "SPOOKS" you to highly trained in your tooth fairy mind because you to higher a class than the ordinary soldier.

JIM Paterson
30 Terminal Squadron/32 Small ship Squadron RAE
And if you have a problem with me get over it!




Sent: Tuesday, 20 May 2008 8:35 AM

Subject: Re SAS TRUST FUND..


Sorry xxxxxxxx

I'm not a bleater, I'm a educated person, can you please explain to this poor little baggy arse Engineer  where is the justice in one Regiment (SASR) being given $10 million for a trust fund whilst others are given scraps ?

Where is the justice of other ex servicemen who served in the uniform of this country willing to lay down their lives for this country, hurt on duty either in a active zone or peace time operation (which I believe this trust is about)  and they or their associations not given the same gratitude.

I don't know your background nor do I want to know but FAIRNESS and EQUALITY were and are a big thing in my book and we have laws of this country that say that is called DISCRIMINATION ACT we also had MATESHIP  .

This is sorry to say discriminating , one ex service person against another, virtually saying either you a SASR person, your entitled or your  ordinary serviceman Navy, Army Air Force and your not. 

I could be wrong but as a person who wore the uniform proudly of this country , and have mates who served in SASR, feel that we all should be treated equally- we all shared the same rigours, the same food, the same incidents, and lost the same colour blood and friends, so please tell the Incapacitated, the maimed why this regiment should be singled out and the amount of $10 million not given to ALL deserving ex servicemen. 

And who cares if a Lt Col didn't go out on patrol I don't think any one of them did, but I did see a few Majors, Captains, Lieutenant down out there, chain of command brother and before you go off I was a corporal not an officer, and proud of my service and Esprit de Corps .

Jim Patterson
an Old Engineer 

In the emails above Patterson alludes to having made voyages to Borneo he says “Funny we did supply runs to Borneo saw shit but then we were Transportation and we flew our own ensign, but wait we not the B all to end all”

In the second example he says“he has seen a few Majors, Captains and Lieutenants out on patrol” thus inferring that he has been on operational service.

We have much more evidence of Patterson’s allusions of serving in Vietnam. Should the need arise it can be released.

Although in one of his emails he says “He is an educated person” it is clear that he is far from that, however like most wannabes he is rat cunning and relies on the vulnerability of honest people to believe him on face value. Also like other wannabes he lacks the in depth knowledge of how efficiently the Defence Force Operated and the extent of evidence available to counter rat cunning wannabes. 

Patterson has not worn medals he is not entitled to (He claims to have thrown them away) he has fooled many people into believing he is a veteran of the Vietnam war. He is not a veteran he is an ex Citizens Military Forces soldier who had the opportunity to transfer to the Australian Regular Army and serve in Vietnam, he didn’t do that, he choose instead to pretend to be a veteran and bask in the kudos associated with that status, now he can suffer the consequences of his dishonesty and theft of honour by featuring on this web site where he belongs.

25 Jul 2009

A photograph of Patterson has come to light and has  been inserted into our original exposure.  Until now we had no evidence of Patterson wearing Vietnam war medals. He previously claimed to have thrown them away soon after they were presented to him, we assume, this dreamed up action, was some kind of "heroic" rebellion  against the horrors of war.

We have now received conclusive evidence that Patterson has worn Vietnam Medals on ceremonial occasions. He again used the “I threw the medals away” after he was knocked back for an Australian Defence Medal.  If you look closely at the photograph you can see he is wearing medals and also a Return from Active Service Badge (RASB). The RASB must belong to a genuine veteran and Patterson must have gone to deliberate and deceptive measures to obtain it

The photograph came with a report from a Veterans Group who interacted with and knew Patterson well.

Here is the report:

The bloke you have on your web site as James Edward Patterson is a bloke we, in the xxxxxxxx Vietnam Veterans Reunion area of NSW, know as Jim Patterson.

The Army Number on his Paysheet on your site is the same as we have recorded for him.

He came to notice as a possible wannabe in 2008 when we became aware that he had applied for the Australian Defence Medal and was rejected due to lack of records.

He became the subject of plenty of discussion at the reunion held in xxxxxxxxx in Nov 08 and a bloke from Sydney said that when this rejection was done he threw his medals (the ones he had worn to our reunions) into the harbour at Sydney.  It was also mentioned that his membership to 32 Small Ships Sqn had been cancelled.

The we I mentioned are the Vietnam Veterans here in xxxxxxxxxxxx.

This is the second shock we have received.  The first being mother Quick and now Jim Patterson - both known to many in the xxxxxxxxx and blokes that we just accepted as being Viet vets.

On the photo attached you can see he is wearing four medals, a returned from active service badge and a RSL Sub Branch badge.  It was taken at the 2004 xxxxxxx Vietnam Veterans Reunion at Albury NSW.

If any further info comes to hand I'll let you know


Patterson must be shunned by all ex Service Organisations because by word and deed he is a wannabe who deliberately deceived his Veteran “mates”

Patterson has committed crimes against the Defence Act by wearing medals he is not entitled to wear. Although we continually expose and parade wannabes before law enforcement authorities they ignore our actions, apparently they have the audacity to believe that the honour of Veterans and the supreme sacrifice made by many of our kind are just not in the public interest.  Such an attitude is a gross insult and unworthy of decent Australians.

ANZMI is committed to exposing frauds and impostors in the veteran community. Be an impostor at your own peril, eventually we will get you just as we have got Patterson and many others.


31st Oct 2009

Update Patterson’s curse

Farmers are inflicted with the dreaded weed called Patterson’s curse. Veterans have a similar affliction and that is the curse of Jim Patterson the liar, fraud and wannabe. To say that Patterson is the fundamental orifice of a horse is to insult horses.  He uses the email name and address of  Like the weed Patterson’s curse, Jim Patterson is a worthless entity who fails to apologise for his offence and continues with his wannabe antics.

Aiding and abetting Patterson is a dill and failed soldier named Terry Westerway of Sydney.  Westerway is a member of the Mad Galah organisation that is the shame of the Australian Veteran community. Have a look at the garbage that Westerway has written in relation to defending the unrepentant wannabe Patterson.

 "From: Terry Westerway
Cc: Jim Patterson ; Allen Petersen
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 7:24 PM
Subject: FW:       NSW apology

Mr xxxxxxxxx,
I presume that you have not answered Jim Patterson's email (below).
In so far as you (reportedly) said that you "had sent all relevant paperwork to ANZMI and your Legal representatives", can I reasonably assume that, therefore, you are the author of the letter/email to ANZMI on or about 25 July 2009 (attributed to the "xxxxxxxx Vietnam Veterans reunion") and the person who sent the photograph alleged to be of Jim Patterson at the "xxxxxxxxx Vietnam Veterans reunion" in Albury?
Can I reaonably assume that the substitution of "xxxxxxx" for the actual name is an ANZMI alteration to your original email? If that is so, then would it not be proper to either insist that "xxxxxxx" be removed and the correct name subsituted - or - to openly identify the group that you refer to? Is there something that you wish to conceal in permitting the substitution? If so, why? What have you to hide? If you truly believe what you say, would it not be proper to identify the group?
I wonder whether you have actually consulted a reasonable number of those who attended the reunion as to the malfeasances of which you complain?
As to the photograph, was it a photgraph personally obtained by you? If not, would it not be appropriate to identify the person who obtained the photograph - and a statement from that person as to his intentions in taking the photograph and the precise time and date on which the photograph was obtained?
As it stands, the evidenciary value of your (assumed) letter and the photograph are (on the best possible interpretation) of no evidenciary value whatsoever. Evidence, if it is to be relied upon, must identify the person who obtained the "evidence" and the circumstances under which the evidence was obtained.
In regard to the photograph, ANZMI make certain remarks about the medals being worn - but that conclusion is not immediately clear from the photograph itself. If the person taking the photograph had intended to identify the medals for the purposes of evidence, surely it would have been appropriate to take a clearer photo of the medals? You and ANZMI make certain assumptions about the medals etc, but those assumptions are not immediately clear from the photograph. As "evidence" the photo in itself is of no value.
Moreover, much of your (assumed) letter relies upon prior statements made by ANZMI about Jim Patterson's service - a poor substitute for actual evidence. The simple fact is that ANZMI make anonymous allegations and provide copies of documents - the providence of which is not in evidence (that is, unless the origin of documents is attested to by an identified person, they are of no evidenciary value).
As I have pointed out before, if Jim Patterson takes it into his head to issue legal proceeding against you, you have no defence, because you rely upon ANZMI who are hardly likely to step out into the sunlight to support your argument.
Your (assumed) letter also links Jim Patterson to someone called "Mother Quick" and certainly implies that whatever "Mother Quick" is alleged to have done, Jim Patterson is also tainted by some assumed similarity with the matter of "Mother Quick". That is (on the most generous interpretation) "guilt by association" - if we are to follow that principle, is it not reasonable to associate you with ANZMI and all of its error, omissions, unsubstantions and assumptions?
May I say, from my perspective, you are a person who lacks the intestinal fortitude and the cojones to stand out and openly make your allegations. And, in my view, makes your allegations worthless. There is an Old English word that I feel applies to you. The word is "nithing" - it means a person of no vaue, a person whose word is worthless.
By the way, I am still waiting for a visit from the Australian Federal Police (or the NSW Police for that matter) and/or a formal letter from your legal advisors. Tell them to hurry up will you?
Terry Westerway
(That bloke from Liverpool)"

 Westerway is the self appointed legal eagle for the Mad Galahs he fills his email with legal mumbo jumbo, when the crux of the matter is -

Did Jim Patterson serve in Vietnam - The answer to that question is no.

Does Jim Patterson still claim to be a Vietnam Veteran - The answer to that question is yes.

Has he worn medals that he is not entitled to wear - The answer is yes.

Is there evidence to prove this - The answer is yes, see the photo on the original entry.

Mad Galahs and Terry Westerway in particular should be despised by decent veterans for the irrational support of wannabe scum like Jim Patterson. There is only one thing lower than a wannabe and that is a person who supports a wannabe.

After being exposed as a liar, cheat and wannabe Patterson ducked his head and shut up for a few months, but now this noxious weed is attempting a come back through his good mates the Mad Galahs who just love liars and cheats like Jim Patterson.

In April and July 2009 we presented overwhelming evidence of Patterson’s offences against veterans integrity.  Patterson is an ex part time soldier who never left Australian shores but has for years claimed to be a Vietnam Veteran. 

The only place this mongrel can find a friend in the veteran community is with the Mad Galahs who attract odd balls and misfits like moths to a candle. Surely they must see, that like some of their other members who also appear on our pages, Patterson is persona non gratia, as far as veterans are concerned.

As a result of our previous Patterson update, Patterson had the audacity to act the hurt innocent and to threaten to sue a real veteran for telling the truth about him. Read what he had to say in the two emails shown below.

His threats of legal action are typical of wannabes and should be taken with a grain of salt, he is a proven liar and any Judge would probably declare him a vexatious litigant if he tried it on.

Some good advice to Patterson is – Do not continue to offend the veteran community with your presence, nick off, you are not a veteran and you are not welcome in the veteran community.



Sent: Saturday, 17 October 2009 10:21 AM

Subject: Mad galahs membership..

Allen, Could you get the secretary to please forward to me a membership form of this organisation, as I have just read  on the avm website list number 61 of the 10 October, 2009 that I am a member but never joined, and I deem that most inappropriate and apologise for not joining earlier. I do look forward to receiving my full engraved "Mad Galah" badge etc.

I think Phil Moon, Harry Kirkman,and Noel Muller would also like forms as they to were mentioned. 

Seems I get membership for outing one of there members or because I wrote and expressed in open forum (which I still believe is correct in this country but not if you do so anonymously) my opinions and I have threatened the dread word "legal action" and being posted on the anzmi site. 

I do hope it like the Freemasons (which I am a member by the way) which I enjoy and follow the teachings. (see I have nothing to hide and have papers to prove this also). 

(Irrelevant paragraphs deleted) 

Jim Patterson -and this is my name 

Oh by the way flew Cathay pacific arrived London 25th April, 2009 left Heathrow 24 May, 2009 just in case someone says im telling porkies! 


To: ;

Sent: Saturday, 10 October 2009 10:38 AM

Subject:xxxxxxxxxxxxxx NSW apology

I have copied this email to others like you did when you answered the ANZMI website without consultation to me prior to putting pen to paper and they have my permission if they need to reprint and distribute.

I wrote to you on the 11th September, and you replied on the 15th September, 2009 that you had sent all relevant paperwork to ANZMI and your "Legal representatives" I have had no correspondence from any party on your behalf to date.

You advised that what you wrote to others was factual and correct , which I advised you was incorrect. you have made no intention of withdrawing these remarks as per your email of the 15th September, 2009

I have made a record of interview with the appropriate authorities and shown them all the relevant paperwork which they find very interesting with regard to your comments, as has been proved to you by my email of the 11th September, 2009.

As I have no need to be interviewed further by any statutory body as to words written by you about me to others and posted on a website and the emails your wrote to others advising them to check out a website and the "Subject of discussion" you had with others about me without my input in November, 2008 at a meeting of the Riverina Vietnam Veterans reunion held in xxxxxxxxx NSW of the weekend in November, 2008 which I was not in attendance.

As you seem that you do not need to apologise to me please advise by the 22nd October, 2009 your "Legal representatives" so I can institute legal proceedings against you for  the remarks and statements you have written.

As you decline to apologise for the inept actions on your behalf you leave me no alternative as you have taken it upon yourself to agree with anonymous persons writings and "VET FROM SYDNEY" lies without checking the facts before putting pen to paper, and by your words you instigated by word of mouth to others.

I am requesting that this email be posted upon any website that others may deem necessary because you wrote without  any checks being made  in support of distorted facts written by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to ANZMI

I would also like it to be known that the person known as xxxxxx  xxxxxx is also know as "xxxxxxxxxx" and because he is known throughout the Riverina area, and resides in XXXXXXXX NSW, and is a supporter of ANZMI if not a member of this websites forum.

xxxxxxx you have till the 22nd October, 2009 to apologise and advise what you were told and read was in fact untrue by the persons whom told these matters to you .

I have nothing to hide my life is an open book, I'm told I'm "uneducated by others on the anzmi website" which you also agreed with because you advised that "they check everything out prior to printing" but can assure you my integrity, self respect, honesty and some of the material was obtained illegally, not as advised that obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

I have also obtained from my old school (private) and my certificates from various government bodies as to my "uneducated" status which will prove that I am not that way inclined.

Jim Patterson


15th Sep 2012


Update James E Patterson

The Veteran community announces that James E Patterson is the epitome of a despicable liar, fraud and recidivist wannabe.

Despite being comprehensively exposed, he is still pretending to be a Vietnam Veteran to anyone who will listen.

ANZMI tentacles are wide and relentless.

In 2009 Patterson visited London, where he met a genuine USA Vietnam Veteran. Patterson convinced this veteran that he was also Vietnam Veteran.

In September 2012, the USA Veteran wrote to another USA Veteran and subsequently questioned Patterson about the ANZMI exposure he had found.

"and delight we ran into an Australian (James E Patterson) and his wife who were on vacation...during the course of conversation we found out that we were both Vietnam Veterans...he told me that he was well acquainted with the 135thAHC and that he knew some of the Aussies and US pilots...and that he was an engineer with the 30 Terminal Squadron and made several trip trips to Vietnam...we exchanged emails and I promptly lost his in a pile of brochures and just found it the other day...I emailed him and received a warm reply where he told me that he and his wife just returned from a trip to the USA...I looked up his unit for the fun of it and was directed to this link

The USA veteran contacted Patterson in September 2012 as shown below:

“Morning Jim...ANZMI...tell me it ain't you, brother”

Patterson responded:

“what is ANZMI mate , if that the site that people send to other people like Facebook and twitter, then believe what you want, have never  heard or read the site”

In September 2012 Patterson further wrote:


Sorry this web page doesn't open.
(Referring to ANZMI)
Where did you get this site from, as I have spoken to a few mates whom know about this site and they tell me you have to be invited to read what is said. So may I ask whom invited you to this site
So I will say this, I don’t lie to people, I’m upfront, I don’t know what is written but can assume it is something to do with my service prior to and after I did trips in service, with Royal Australian Engineers and would of been written by a Christopher Brandon Cramer whom I declined to lie for to be a extra pension if I am right, and also had convictions squashed whilst in the Police service,..
I really don’t care my friend, I have a life outside of Internet bullshit and I have copies of all my records of service, which have been certified by Australian Government. Federal police as others have had the same shit written about them and is false
As I said I really don’t care what idiots whom write things about others but cannot say face to face to the person, you can be your own judge and jury, those that know me know what I did and that is all that matters to me and the respect I get from them”

You can always tell when Patterson is lying because his lips are moving.

Patterson claims to have no knowledge of ANZMI. We have had direct contact with him on numerous occasions.

Patterson deliberately lies about Christopher Brandon Cramer (now deceased) Cramer was a genuine Veteran who helped expose Patterson and despicable untrue accusations against Cramer are all part of Patterson’s evil twisted personality.

Patterson finally says:

those that know me know what I did and that is all that matters to me and the respect I get from them”

The only friends that Patterson has are those, who he still has fooled, like the Australian mob who call themselves “The Mad Galahs” Patterson fits well into that band of misfits, wannabes and conspiracy theorists.

This Patterson update should send the message that wannabes are despised all over the world by veterans of all nationalities.

We will keep a worldwide watch on Patterson until he realizes that any tours he may have had to Vietnam during the war are all dreams. 

6th Oct 2012

Update James Edward Patterson - 6 October 2012

James Edward Patterson has a fervent supporter, in the form of a "civil investigator" and military conspiracy “expert” named Terence Howard Westerway of Sydney, New South Wales.  

Westerway asserts there was a deliberate conspiracy to secretly and illegally send Citizens Military Forces (CMF) personnel to Vietnam, and that James Patterson was one of those secretly sent. 

Westerway was an ill disciplined Gunner (Private soldier) in the Royal Australian Artillery Corps who enlisted in 1964 and was sacked in 1967.

Westerway is a fool’s fool and that is apparent from his incredibly stupid email in support of Patterson.

To this day Patterson insists that he is a Vietnam Veteran. As long as there are fools around like Westerway, Patterson will continue to live a disgusting lie.

Read below what was written by Terence Howard Westerway on 16 Sep 2012 in support of liar, fraud and wannabe James Edward Patterson.

Morning xxx,

Irrelevant first paragraph deleted.

But to turn to Jim Patterson - as I understand it, Jim was with the Australian Engineers, as part of the "Small Ships Squadron", who operated a fleet of about 5 LCMs, doing shuttle runs between Australia and Vietnam, bring up supplies - often because the G*d Damned Seaman's Union and Waterside Workers Union (may they rot in Hell) often disrupted supplies to our troops in Vietnam. Most of the Small Ships Squadron was manned by "CMF" (Citizen Military Forces - same, same your National Guard).

To the best of my knowledge few (if any) CMF members on the Small Ships had their trips to Vietnam recorded (possibly because I suspect that it was illegal to deploy CMF troops into a war zone). Accordingly, few (if any) have a paper trail and they are not recorded with the Honours and Awards Directorate (who handle medal awards) as being entitled to wear Vietnam medals. Nevertheless, there were known instances when local commanders handed out medals anyway.

As far as I know, Jim has never sought to receive government disability benefits, so there has been no need to try and prove his visits to Vietnam. But Jim would not be the only one who has no record of Vietnam - there have been instances of even regular/conscript soldiers, sailors and airmen having their service records lost/misplaced/wrongly recorded. Such people seeking to have their service/disability recognized have had to resort to finding men they served with to testify for them. And does DVA (Department of Veterans Affairs) ever put them through the hoops. If Jim has nothing to claim, going through the hoops is a waste of time and effort - and certainly nothing he should have to do to satisfy a bunch of ignorant anonymous bloggers.
Of course, if ANZMI had actually carried out a proper investigation and made proper inquiries with members of the Small Ships Squadron and looked at the operations of "Small Ships", they might well have found people to testify on Jim's behalf (asking him for names might have been a good way to go). But, no, like most (if not all) of their "investigations", they are aimed at discrediting people against whom an allegation has been made by carrying out a "desktop investigation". Having had a fairly long history of investigation for legal cases (and having to have my investigations stand up in court) - the "investigations" carried out by ANZMI really rub me up the wrong way.

At this point in time, Jim would be a fool to go to the trouble of finding the evidence needed to prove his case - because ANZMI would simply refuse to accept it. Their own website makes it clear that once they have blogged, the ONLY thing they will accept is an "admission of guilt" and an apology for "lying".

It beats me why people want to be identified as a Vietnam Veteran (I still remember the reception we got when we came home) - but as far as I have seen, most of the "wannabes" claim to have been "special forces" and been involved in all sorts of (heroic) "secret missions" that they cannot talk about. I guess it might have something to do with the "Rambo" movies etc. I have never yet seen any of them who claim to have been anything as low-level as Small Ships, transport, supply etc.

But in the end, it is up to you to decide whether you believe Jim or not.

Terry Westerway

Westerway’s email displays a pathetic ignorance of how the Defence Force operates. Veterans will recognize this, and treat him and Patterson, his wannabe mate, with the contempt they deserve.   


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Heberle
Christian Names: Ian John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Western Australia
City or Town: Geraldton
Service #: 5717190
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:



After being exposed as a medals cheat in 2018, here are details from the Geraldton Guardian newspaper, dated October 2020.



On ANZAC Day 2020 he was again photographed wearing the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) and an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) neither of which he has earned.

HeerleInsert2   HeberleInsert3

 It is also reported in the Geraldton Guardian Newspaper that Herberle was returned to Australia from Vietnam after being wounded in action. That information is not true, and such a statement gives false credence to his wearing of the RVCM and the ICB. If he had been returned to Australia after having been wounded in action he would be entitled to wear the medal and also the ICB.

Ian Heberle is an ex President of the Geraldton Western Australia Returned and Services League (RSL) and is obviously a luminary of that institution.

Heberle may be a doyen, but he does not overrule the Australian Governor General, or, The Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat, Government House, or Directorate of Honours and Awards, Department of Defence.

To preserve the honour of our awards system, he, like all veterans must following traditions and protocols.

It is suggested that the Western Australia RSL Headquarters, take action against the Geraldton RSL and Ian Heberle, for flouting medals rules and protocols.

Herbele's mates, and all others, who wear the medal and badge, had to serve in Vietnam 181 days for the RVCM, and 90 days with an Infantry Battalion for the ICB. What Herbele is doing is falsely claiming to have been WIA in Vietnam.



Ian Heberle wears five medals and six badges.   He did not earn one of the medals and one of the badges




He wears:


Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) - Not entitled

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

Vietnam Medal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Anniversary of National Service Medal (ANSM)

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - Not entitled


Heberle served in Vietnam for 87 days as a Private Infantry Soldier.   Entitlement to wear the RVCM requires service of 181 days.




Those who were classified as Battle Casualties and returned to Australia before completing 181 days are also entitled to wear the medal. Heberle did some hard work in Vietnam but was never classified as a Battle Casualty.




Above his medal ribbons he is wearing the prestigious ICB.




Entitlement for this badge is:




As he served in Vietnam for only 87 days he is not entitled to wear the ICB.


Heberle is from a family with military history as he wears on his right breast World War 2 medals that were earned by a direct relative.


Heberle, like many other Returned Veterans has chosen to purchase and wear a medal and a badge that he did not earn.


A nation wide audit of photographs from commemorative occasions is under way resulting in many exposures of Veterans wearing medals they did not earn.  


Heberle has been caught and placed on this website, where he will remain for a very long time.



Surname: Ashcroft
Christian Names: Cristine aka Crissy
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Austrialian Army
Branch: Pay Corps
Commencement of service: 1998
Completion of service: 2016
Case Notes:



With 2021 ANZAC day now behind us, it is with pleasure that ANZMI again presents Ms Christine Ashcroft to all our readers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world as a contemptable and nasty piece of work, who continues to try and gain kudos, credibility, and fame by cheating the system.

This time, however, it is not the Australian Defence Force, The Australian Department of Veterans Affairs, or Sydney Channel 9 “The Voice” viewers and Judges”.

It now involves being a sporting cheat, who by ingesting illegal drug supplements to gain an advantage over others, was well and truly caught out by Australian Government Sport Integrity body.

The attachments below indicate the extent that Ashcroft will go to, to gain notoriety and fame within the sporting and veteran community.


Ashcroft1ABScreenshot 1





Ashcroft has been banned from competing in all sports by the National Sport's Tribunal until the 20 March, 2022.

She is a liar, valour thief, military imposter and now a sports cheat. When you consider the deceitful false claims, she made as being the first Australian female soldier to “fight outside the wire” in Afghanistan, and now her brazen attempts to gain fame over others by cheating the sporting system, we can only conclude that her credibility, now and in the future is abysmal.

When ANZMI initially exposed Ashcroft to the world as a military imposter, it is now obvious from the dates in the above Australian Government Sport Integrity body that she was also a drug cheat.

Her first offence identified is on or about the 23 September 2016 to on or about the 30 September 2017. This included the offences of “Use, and or attempted use and possession.

At this identical time, Ashcroft had been appointed an Ambassador for the 2018 Invictus Games to be held in Sydney, New South Wales commencing on the 20 October 2018. Ashcroft was also vying for selection as a weight lifting contestant for the Australian Invictus team.

Following the ANZMI exposure detailing evidence of Ashcroft’s false claims of military achievements, she was removed as an Invictus Games Ambassador by the relevant Games authorities. She also did not compete, due to non selection.

Ashcroft, guided by her close friend and supporter Kay Danes, now OAM, subsequently instituted defamation action against an elderly Vietnam veteran, whom she wrongfully claimed was the author and publisher of the ANZMI article about her.

Ashcroft’s legal action had a dramatic effect on the health of this veteran, who still suffers physically and mentally from trying to defend himself over a long period of time from the malicious action instituted by Ashcroft.

Ashcroft failed in her attempt to sue the Vietnam veteran for defamation.

Following her unsuccessful attempt to sue the veteran, we received information that Ashcroft had moved to the USA. We believe that she has now returned to her home at Penrith in Sydney.

Recently, Ashcroft’s mate, Kay Danes sent an email to ANZMI requesting that her name (Danes' name) be removed from the original exposure of the Christine Ashcroft publication.

See below -.

I would like to respectfully ask if you would consider removing the document that I alone authored and shared on my Facebook, which I did so in the flurry of excitement of seeing my friend Christine Ashcroft on 'The Voice.' It was an obvious oversight when I referred to her as 'fighting outside the wire' because we all know that fighting roles are undertaken by Infantry and other male ADF personnel. I am considerably embarrassed and meant no disrespect to anyone, least of all, our brave serving ADF members".

It is now evident that Danes does not want to be associated with her drug cheating friend.

Unfortunately, the damage has been done.



Cristine or Crissy Ashcroft was born on the 12 July, 1966. Ashcroft had three years Australian Army Reserve service from 1998 to 2001, when she then discharged. She again enlisted in the Australian Army Reserves in November, 2004, and was eventually posted to the RAAPC .

Ashcroft subsequently transferred to continuous full time duty with the Australian Army in the RAAPC in 2008, and subsequently to the Australian Regular Army in 2010.

In late 2009, Ashcroft was deployed to Australian Special Operations Task Group (SOTG) Afghanistan, as a member of the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps, (RAAPC) attached to 1 Commando Regiment, Operation Slipper. Her position was Finance Clerk, Corporal RAAPC, a sedentary role. She was based at Camp Russell.


Ashcroft's duties consisted of financial and clerical administration. By all reports, her allotted duties in that role in Afghanistan were satisfactory. Her deployment was for six months and Ashcroft returned home in mid 2010.

During the entire time on Afghanistan deployment, Ashcroft left the Camp Russell SOTG base on one occasion and travelled by helicopter to a village with her Commanding Officer. They attended a Shura meeting with Afghanistan locals.

The village had previously been secured by members of 1 Commando Regiment and was considered safe.

During the three hours that Ashcroft and her Commanding Officer were absent from the base and attending the meeting, nothing of a controversial or war like nature occurred. The village was defended by armoured vehicles and at least 200 Afghanistan National Army Soldiers (ANA). Following the uneventful meeting, they returned by helicopter to the SOTG base.

Ashcroft's deployment to Afghanistan concluded in June, 2010 and she returned to Australia as a member of the RAAPC. She continued her Army service in the RAAPC until October 2016. Ashcroft sustained no physical injuries in Afghanistan.

In 2016, well after Ashcroft’s return to Australia, she medically discharged from the Australian Army, due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which related to a subsequent post Afghanistan personal family incident that occurred in Australia.

Her entire Afghanistan operational deployment was uneventful. During the deployment Ashcroft only left the SOTG base on the one occasion mentioned.

Since Ashcroft’s return to Australia, a number of events have occurred that have given rise to a public perception that Ashcroft was an operational soldier fighting with “Australian Commando Special Forces”. In addition, that Ashcroft was “the first Australian female soldier to fight outside the wire”.

From the 4th to 12th May, 2016, Ashcroft attended the Invictus Games, Orlando, USA, where she competed in swimming and weightlifting as an Australian “wounded warrior.”

On the 15 May, 2016, whilst still a serving soldier, Ashcroft appeared in Army uniform on Australian television in a program called “The Voice,” where she gave details about her Afghanistan service, stating to one of the judges that “I still see things that I can’t unsee and they will be with me forever. I want my war to be over.”

Excerpt from The Voice write up International Business Times – The Voice by Arlene Paredes. 16 May, 2016. (Source IBT)

Crissy Ashcroft, 49 (as of 2017), is a war veteran who served actively for 13 years. She suffered serious injuries in her last duty, rendering her unable to continue working in the military. She got emotional while looking back to her time in Afghanistan. Despite being diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), Crissy is looking forward with optimism. Her war is over, she said. And she’s on “The Voice” to inspire former military personnel to pursue other things in case their service has ended, too.

Excerpt from 2017 MTV Awards, titled “HAS THE VOICE FOUND THE AUSSIE SUSAN BOYLE? (Source MTV Awards publication.)
Nick Bond.

SUNDAY’S episode of The Voice delivered one of the most emotional moments of the season when 49-year-old war veteran and aspiring performer Crissy Ashcroft took to the stage.

For Ashcroft, who has spent 13 years in the army and deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, the aftershocks of life in a war zone meant even making it to her audition was a battle.
“This morning, getting myself here to this stage has been a really hard road. So many times I said, ‘I can’t do this’,” she admitted. Fighting back tears, Ashcroft revealed that when she deployed to Afghanistan, she “saw things I can’t unsee, and they’ll be with me forever.”
Returning home, she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.
“I have triggers — If I see a car backfire, I’ll just hit the deck, which looks kind of strange in the middle of Sydney.”

Excerpt from the Daily Mail Australia 20 May, 2016, by Megan Pustetto.

War veteran Chrissy Ashcroft, who delivered a powerful rendition of Cold Chisel's When The War is Over on Sunday, has told more about her on-going fight with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).
The rosy-cheeked singer, who developed the anxiety disorder after witnessing harrowing scenes while deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, told WHO magazine: 'Every day for me to get out of the house is a battle.'
• The 49-year-old went on to explain that simple tasks like leaving the home and getting dressed every day she 'can't do any more.'

• What she witnessed during her time as a soldier, she says, left scarred and triggered the mental disorder typically involving disturbed sleep and constant vivid recall of an often traumatic experience.
She told the publication the crippling attacks were a 'bit like alcohol.' (Source Daily Mail Australia.)

Perhaps, one of the most compelling descriptions of her Afghanistan service was in a document titled – “WHEN THE WAR IS OVER.” -
the literary content attributed to a close friend, Ms. Kay Danes, whose name appears at the foot of the document. The article was posted on the Penrith (Sydney) Returned and Services League of Australia (R&SL) Website.


Ashcroft was also appointed an Ambassador for the Womens Veterans Network Australia (WVNA). Her personal profile appears below –


On her return from the 2016 Orlando Invictus Games, Ashcroft was also appointed the Australian Ambassador for the October, 2018 Invictus Games to be held in Sydney, Australia.

She also receives payment from Claxton Speakers International, who manage public speaking engagements for their listed personnel. Her profile appears below -


Cris Ashcroft is a former Australian Special Forces support soldier, and the first female frontline soldier to fight 'outside the wire' in Afghanistan. Her careers in international sports, and as an Australian Federal Police officer and most recently part of the Australian Invictus Games team and a performer on "The Voice" have brought her in touch with such a range of experiences and people, she can't easily be categorised.

Her defining career is as an, elite Special Forces support soldier, which took its toll with traumatic experiences leading to physical injuries and Chronic PTSD - which is the enemy she fights today. As an athlete, a singer a soldier and a survivor, Cris tells the story of a girl growing up who didn't fit in, but allowed her goals to drive her forward and obstacles out of the way.

She takes audiences to the terrifying frontline of enemy engagement in Afghanistan, with raw honesty and authenticity, and brings them home again to deal with the aftermath, in a positive and inspiring way. Cris's successful appearances on "The Voice" where she sang "When the War is Over", and her selection and participation at the Invictus Games, brought her to international recognition as a respected and decorated soldier with a voice that must be heard. Cris speaks with passion and integrity, and also with dry, irreverent Aussie sense of humour. She enlightens and inspires, bringing hope to everyone who faces challenges in their lives.

We contacted a Claxton Speakers International representative, who informed ANZMI that Ashcroft’s fee to speak at a public or private gathering on the nominated topic is $7,000 Australian dollars plus GST.

Following the above media publications and comments attributed to Ashcroft, ANZMI received numerous communications from former Australian Army personnel, who have stated that Ashcroft’s claims are lies and have been invented to promote her 2018 Invictus Games Ambassador profile, an upcoming vocalist recording contract, and as a prospective author of book offers.

We then requested and received sworn statutory declarations and statements from former Australian Army 1Commando Regiment personnel, and others, who know Ashcroft, and have refuted her claims of “being the first female Australian soldier to fight outside the wire.” and of being blown up in a Bushmaster vehicle.

The Statutory Declarations and statements from these former personnel, state that , inter alia-,

Witness 1. (Served on same deployment as Cristine Ashcroft in Afghanistan.)

* Christine Ashcroft was employed throughout the rotation as a pay clerk and never deployed with any of the commando field elements (FE) or Teams. She was never in the front line, never came under fire, never came face to face with the enemy, never was employed to question or search females in compounds and has no right to be making the false claims she is, in regards to her service in Afghanistan.

* Christine Ashcroft never suffered any injuries as a member of the Australian Defence Force, all of her recorded injuries are as a result of her participation in sport all of which occurred prior to her enlistment.

* Nothing untoward happened in the pay office or anywhere within Camp Russell where she was stationed.

* On one occasion Ashcroft and the Commanding Officer SOTG left Camp Russell and flew by helicopter to a meeting with locals in a 100% secure location. They remained at this meeting for approximately 3 hours and returned by helicopter to Camp Russell. During this entire time, there was no enemy action. The location of the meeting was secured by a commando company with armoured vehicles and up to 200 ANA soldiers. Once again, I reiterate, there was no enemy action, no shooting, no bombing, no fighting of any kind all very peaceful and quiet.

* Whilst in Afghanistan Ashcroft never made any comments or claims that she was injured, unwell or not coping with the deployment.

* Christine Ashcroft has and still is falsely representing Australia and The Invictus Games as a wounded warrior and is continuing to gain financially as a result of her false claims and deceitful lies regarding her service.

Witness 2.

She (Ashcroft) has stated the following to me-;

* She claimed to have delivered a teenage Afghan’s stillborn baby.
* She claimed to have conducted patrols with 1CDO “outside the wire” and was involved in gun fights. (She told me this on numerous occasions)
* She claimed that she was in a Bushmaster that was hit by an IED (Improvised explosive device), where she sustained hearing issues eye and shoulder issues.
* She claimed that she interrogated women over there.
* On her Face book Page, Crissy Ashcroft, she has photos of her in Afghanistan. One photo that she was in the hills of Afghanistan. *
* The photo was taken at the range.



Witness 3.

* At the 2017 World Championship Para Lifting she walked onto the stage with one crutch. She was asked why all of a sudden she needed crutches. She stated, “I need the crutches because I am extremely unbalanced because of my hearing. I was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan where a plate of the Bushmaster was blown off and hit me”. She then got on the weightlifting bench, did her minimal 60 kg lift then proceeded off stage with the crutch in her other arm. “This totally confused us, as she states clearly she has shoulder injuries. Now the Para Games for weightlifting was completely filmed and is on You Tube.”

* She later informed us that doing the show “The Voice”; it was a tough decision which judge to choose. She stated that she is getting a recording contract and has begun writing songs for her album.

Witnesses 4 and 5. (Both served on same deployment as Cristine Ashcroft in Afghanistan.)

* She never went on any field trips (in Afghanistan) like she claims.

* Crissy most definitely and I REITERATE STRONGLY, Crissy Ashcroft NEVER NEVER went anywhere near a front line, she NEVER EVER came under any enemy fire and CERTAINLY NEVER EVER come face to face with any enemy under fire.

* Crissy didn’t fight outside the wire so the claim she was the first female to fight outside the wire is incorrect and puts to shame the actual female that was.

* She was never ordered to question any female detainee.

* The photos of her holding a weapon are at the weapons firing range.

* Her injuries were sustained outside of the military within her sports of triathlons. She had a shoulder reconstruction prior to her joining up regular army.

* She was certainly not with any Commandos, and I have spoken to all of them, where anything that would have caused PTSD from being under threat or fire.

* No one has heard of any Bushmaster being blown up whilst she was present in it.

* Not one person I have spoken with believes or can confirm she delivered any baby.

Following receipt of the above statutory declarations and statements, and in fairness to Cristine Ashcroft, ANZMI sent Ashcroft an email detailing the allegations made against her by former experienced 1CDO Regiment members, who served in Afghanistan at the identical time, and invited Ashcroft to respond if she wished.

Her response was that all her claims are true and that all the allegations (made about her) are false in their entirety. She then indicated that she would “brief” the State and Federal Police “who will practice due diligence in ascertaining the true online identities of (ANZMI) and those who have also participated in this crime.”
“I further advise you that the allegations contained in your email are defamatory, and cause significant damage to my well-earned reputation.
You will be contacted by my legal team in relation to this in due course.”
Chris Ashcroft.

We invited Ashcroft to complete a statutory declaration refuting the allegations made by her former Army colleagues. Also if she would like to provide the names of witnesses who can verify her claims. We have not had a reply from Ashcroft.

Threats of legal action against ANZMI are a common defence mechanism relied upon by persons who have had their military service questioned. We are not concerned by those threats and only seek to have the truth exposed in the public arena regarding Ashcroft’s claims. They need to be clarified for all concerned.

The criterion for the Invictus Games is below -;

Competing in the 2017 Invictus Games

What are the requirements for competing in the Invictus Games?

To be eligible to compete in the Invictus Games, you must be an active service member or veteran from one of the participating nations, who has been wounded, ill or injured during, or as a direct result of, your service.

So someone didn't review Ashcroft's service before signing off on her eligbility to participate in the Invictus Games!

It is important for all genuine Australian Invictus Games competitors that selection and/or representation as an Ambassador for those games is a rigorous process, where all candidates meet the necessary requirements honestly and with integrity.

We have notified the Invictus Games officials, the WVNA, and Claxton Speakers International, regarding our research.

The Invictus Games, Sydney, are 17 months away and this matter needs close scrutiny. It is a significant event with anticipated world wide media coverage. There is a great deal of credibility at stake here for the Australian Invictus Games organisers, and importantly, Cristine Ashcroft.

There needs to be an investigation and they need to get it right.

An update will be provided on this site in the near future.

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