Date of Entry: 16/08/2021
Surname: KARSAI
Christian Names: Stephen Stan
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Ettalong
Service #: 314002
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Military Police
Commencement of service: 04/03/1970
Completion of service: 10/03/1990
Case Notes:


In the 25 years that ANZMI has been in existence, numerous reports have been received regarding individuals who claim fraudulent acts of military service and other notable achievements.

No doubt these false pretenders intend to gain an advantage over others and undeserved respect.

If you live a lie, sooner or later you will be found out.

Stephen Karsai has claimed to be a “Doctor” since at least 2008. Alas, he is a fraud. He is also a military medal cheat and a liar. He claims Australian Military service in Kosovo and East Timor that is fraudulent. His credibility is in question.

His past has now caught up with him and he should hang his head in shame for fooling members of the local Central Coast NSW Business Community and veteran colleagues for many years that he has been awarded a genuine Doctorate (PhD) from a genuine University.

Karsai or Doctor Stephen Karsai as he prefers to be addressed, is a genuine Australian Army Veteran of the Vietnam War. He was a regular soldier who enlisted in the Australian Army in 1970. He was posted to Armoured Corps. (RAAC) as a Trooper, equivalent to a Private Soldier.

On the 2 June 1971, he was deployed to South Vietnam in C Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment. He served in that Theatre for 121 days and returned to Australia on the 30 September 1971.

His service was unremarkable, and he was not evacuated as a Battle Casualty.

On the 10 July 1972, he was posted to the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police. (RACMP) as a Private soldier. He discharged from the RACMP and the Army in 1990. He had attained the rank of Sergeant.

Karsai1A 2021 08 15


In the above photographs, Karsai wears the following medals.
1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (AASM) Clasp Vietnam.
2. Vietnam Medal.
3. Defence Force Service Medal.
4. Australia Defence Medal (ADM)
5. Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. (RVCM.) Not entitled.

He is not entitled to wear the RVCM. He does not meet the criteria.


Karsai served in the former Republic of South Vietnam for 121 days. To qualify for this medal, members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) were required to spend 181 days minimum in country or be evacuated as a wounded battle casualty before the 181 days.

Every former ADF serviceman/woman who served in the former Republic of South Vietnam knows that the qualifying period for the RVCM is 181 days, or sooner if evacuated after sustaining wounds in battle. Karsai was a Sergeant in the Australian Army until 1990 as a Regular soldier, and beyond in Reserves. He well knows the criteria for the qualifying period for this medal. He has disregarded that criterion for his own ego.

The below photograph of Karsai in Australian Military Police uniform was taken just prior to his discharge in 1990. He is not wearing the offending RVCM in this photograph. He knew he was not entitled to it. On discharge he is photographed wearing the medal on civilian clothing.


He is also not qualified to the distinguished title of Doctor. (PhD) His Facebook page reveals that he was awarded a Doctorate from the Belford University in Security and Disaster Management. He has told others that he has been awarded an Honorary PhD degree in “Letters.”   This is also a fabrication.


Karsai was reported to ANZMI by veterans who are current members of the Vietnam Veterans, Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association (VVPPA), who have genuine concerns about his entitlements to the RVCM, his claim of PhD (Doctorate) and his claims of service in Kosovo and East Timor.

He is a former President of the VVPPA Ettalong, NSW, and a Pension Officer. Ettalong is a country town situated on the New South Wales Central Coast, north of Sydney.

He was also a Director of the Ettalong RSL Memorial Club and sat as a Board Member and Director of the Central Coast Private Hospital as Doctor Stephen Karsai. JP.

He sat on the Board of “Active Vets Australia” as Doctor Stephen Karsai.


It is here on his curriculum vitae that he claims to be a Doctor and Australian Defence Force Service in Kosovo and East Timor. These claims are lies.

Karsai was contacted and requested to provide the following information –

1. His entitlement to wear the RVCM when he does not meet the 181-day criteria.
2. His entitlement to claim Defence Force Service in Kosovo and East Timor.
3. Evidence that he is qualified to the status of Doctor. (PhD)

In response, he informed a Researcher that he obtained the RVCM and his Vietnam Medal from a “Q” Store in Vietnam. For our nonmilitary readers, that is a Quartermasters Store that issue blankets, utensils, clothing etc. One thing they do not issue is medals. Strangely, the Australian Government has taken an interest in fulfilling that duty.

From Karsai email, (Spelling and text has not been edited.)“

I know I was deployed in April as I spent my 21bday in country and came home in November/December with two medals issued by Q Store in country If it’s proven to be correct I willIMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE RVCM FROM MY RACK I’ll commence inquiries to day I will also for ward what I have been awarded from Belford Uni

Another mistruth is that he spent his 21st birthday in Vietnam. This may seem insignificant, but this birthday was 30 April 1971. His Vietnam deployment was between June and September 1971. Should remember that one!


Every Vietnam Veteran knows when they were deployed and their medal qualifications.

He stated that he has now communicated with the Australian Department of Defence and was shocked after 50 years that he is not entitled to the RVCM. See below -;

"I will immediately take OFF the campaign medal I must say it has been a shock to me after all these years" (Not edited.)

It should not come as too much of "a shock after all these years" for Karsai. He purchased the RVCM at a Medal Dealer shop or on eBay and had it court mounted with his legitimate medals.

Karsai claims his PhD Doctorate (Security and Disaster Management) was from Belford University.

He could not provide any further information about his PhD including his “Doctoral Thesis” reference. He claimed his Doctorate cost him $20.000.00 dollars. (Email not edited) See below -;

But from the information you have given me and the contact details I have for the uni I believe my so called dr is not worth the paper it’s written on it seems that in the lat ninety and 2000s I have been scammed lost the hrs I put in and out of pocket $20k I have taken steps to inform a number of people

The problem for Karsai is that the non-existent Belford University ceased operating the sham “Pay for a PhD degree” in 2012. From his own admission, Karsai has continued to claim his Belford PhD well after that.
See below -;


Karsai made a post on a UFO website in 2008. That indicates he has been using his bogus PhD claims for at least 13 years that we know of.

Dr.Stephen S Karsai
10/1/2008 9:18:15 PM


Dr. Stephen S Karsai

Karsai’s response regarding his claims to Kosovo and East Timor -;

"Stephen Karsai
I have NEVER CLAIMED THAT I served in Kosovo or East Timor I have always said that I was on Operation Safehaven looking after the Kosovo and Timor refugees."


Since Karsai was recently contacted by a Researcher, he has removed the Republic Vietnam Campaign Medal. He has also removed all traces of his bogus Doctorate from his Facebook page.

Karsai has volunteered his time to assist Veterans for some time. He does not need to embellish his achievements with unearned medals, false claims of service and bogus educational qualifications.

He needs to publicly apologise to all the people he has convinced that he is a “Doctor.” and to all the Vietnam Veteran community for wearing the RVCM and claiming Kosovo and East Timor service when he knew it was false.

We will let out readers make up their own minds about the credibility of "former" Doctor Stephen Stan Karsai.

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