Date of Entry: 10.04.2021
Surname: MOSSMAN
Christian Names: Graeme
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Ingleburn
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Royal Australian Engineers
Commencement of service: 07 Sep 1976
Completion of service: 07 Sep 1999
Case Notes:


Graeme Mossman is the Honorary Secretary of the Ingleburn Returned and Services League (RSL) which is a major sub branch that is in the area of the former and historic Australian Army Base Ingleburn, NSW,

Mossman 1


Mossman wears three medals on his left breast, they are:

Australian Service Medal with first Clasp. (ASM) Entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Entitled
NSW Corrective Service Medal - NSW State medal. Not be be worn with Federal medals.

During his military service, he had some postings to the Pacific Islands, but was never deployed on overseas operational service.

He earned the first two medals, for his service, but has added the third, to increase his Federal awards by thirty three percent.

The NSW Corrective Service Award, is not approved by the Australian Governor General to be worn with Federal medals on the left breast. It is worn separately on the right breast.

Mossman 2

Mossman 3

When asked by a independent researcher about the medal, he was extremely aggressive and said that the RSL executive had approved his wearing of the medal. As he wears the medal on commemorative occasions at the RSL, that assertion could be true

We welcome Graeme Mossman aboard.

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