Date of Entry: 05/03/2021
Surname: Burke
Christian Names: Cameron
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: .
Service: Claims ARMY
Branch: Claims SASR
Case Notes:



ANZMI has been exposing military imposters, frauds, charlatans, medal cheats and honour thieves for about 25 years. That is a long time.

Hundreds of unscrupulous Australian and New Zealand individuals appear on this site for their deceit. The deceit is mainly for unearned public recognition, insecurity and envy of the achievements of others. We also include the “Love Rat” in this category who obtain cash, lodgings and other benefits from vulnerable ladies, who are taken in by their lies.

In the extensive time period ANZMI has operated, we are well aware that genuine military personnel, who have experienced traumatic events whilst on active service, do not relate those experiences to the general public. In particular, on social media. They do not have to.

Hence, the unfortunate evolution of military imposters and wannabees from all walks of life reported to ANZMI.

We now introduce you to Cameron Burke. He is all of the above.

We have been reliably informed from a close source, that Cameron Burke spent 3 or 4 months in the Australian Army, but departed because he could not cope with military life. He was a drop out from Recruit Training. The close source also revealed that all his military service claims are lies.



ANZMI have been investigating Burke since 2019. Evidence about Burke was fairly flimsy then, as witnesses were reluctant to come forward and provide information that could be corroborated.

That has all changed.

A number of people have now provided statutory declarations and other material to ANZMI that prove beyond all doubt that Cameron Burke is a shameless con man.

Featured below are articles where he has claimed to vulnerable ladies and others that he is a highly trained, former Captain in the Australian Special Air Service Regiment, SASR, with active service in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.



Below are other comments he has made on social media about his extraordinary military service.



He even claims he sat on the Afghanistan War Crimes Commission Panel.





Below are some of the claims Burke has made to numerous people, who have reported him to ANZMI over the past 18 months. He is also continuing to make these false claims to the present day.

• He served in the SASR as a Captain.
• He was a Graduate of Duntroon Military College.
• He served in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
• Whilst in Afghanistan, he was wounded by an Improvised Explosive device IED and captured.
• As a wounded soldier he spent time in a Hospital in Germany.
• He was a sniper who killed 70 people. (Unusual for a Captain ANZMI comment)
• His entire team was captured.
• He killed multiple high level targets.
• He claimed he received 8-10 medals of honour.
• He is suffering severely from PTSD.
• The worst thing he had ever experienced was a mass killing of women and
children that he witnessed on a mission where Australia was "not supposed
to be there" and he was "ordered not to stop the massacre" and just watch
and report.
• He was captured after the bomb blast that rendered Luke a paraplegic and was tortured for 3 days.
• He used to parachute out of aircraft into the ocean and scuba dive into position for missions;
• He used to walk many kilometers to missions carrying heavy equipment,
which rendered his back injured and compacted his spine, so that he
became "shorter" after the military.
• His medals are with the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.
• He was a Captain, Regular Army for 8 years to 2008 and then Reserves for five years.

His lies and deceit go on and on. It is not worth expanding on the dozens of more lies that he has told to his friends and others. It does not take the matter further.

In conclusion, Cameron Burke is an incorrigible liar who will grace the pages of ANZMI for many years to come. He is a disgrace. He should be spurned by the Veteran Community at every opportunity. Ladies Beware.

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