Date of Entry: 27/10/2020
Surname: Moore
Christian Names: Gary
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Crib Point
Service: Nil
Case Notes:


UPDATE: Gary Moore Crib Point RSL

The scurrilous wannabe Gary Moore of Crib Point was exposed as a Vietnam wannabe and valour thief, in late 2020.

He has represented the Crib Point RSL by marching on commemorative occasions with the flag. It is also suspected that he is wearing two medals on his left breast in the photograph below:

Moore 1


Moore is still on the committee of the Crib Point RSL, works behind the bar, and is a welfare officer at the behest of his good mate, the President of the Crib Point RSL Mr John "Geordie" Ord and the management committee.

Moore has been completely forgiven for his valour theft, by "his mate", the President John Ord. Ord issued an ultimatum, that if the current committee gets rid of Moore, he will resign, and the lily livered committee allowed him to get away with it.

The problem with the ten members of the Crib Point RSL Board is that apart from Ord, only one other, has ever served in the Australian, or any other Defence Force.

Most on the committee are controlled by Ord. Ord has been President for 39 years, democracy does not reign, and the Board does as Ord directs.

Ord enlisted into the Army on 28 January 1964 for a three year period, and was discharged on 7 Feb 1967. After recruit training, he was allocated to Royal Australian Army Corps of Signals, (RA Sigs), however, he failed the Signals training, and was transferred to Australian Army Catering Corps (AACC), where he served as a private cook for the remaining twenty two months of his enlistment period. During his three years of service, he was officially charged and disciplined eight times. Here is an example:

Moore 2


Although the Vietnam war was in full force during his time of service, he was never deployed overseas. In summary, he spent three years in the Army, of which ten months involved training, and was charged eight times.

Ord still exhibits the same lack of regard for protocol and rules, as he did fifty four years ago when he was serving. Here is a photograph of Ord, wearing an RSL award on his left breast. National RSL constitution by laws, direct that the medal is worn on the right breast.

Moore 4


Here are the RSL National instructions on wearing that award.

Moore 3

Moore 5

Beside not having a clue on how to wear the medal. His right hand across his right breast indicates he is attempting the Veterans Salute to fallen comrades. In fact his right hand should be covering, his Australian Defence Medal, as per this tradition.

"The Veterans Salute to their “Fallen Comrades” originated in London on Armistice Day in 1920, during the ceremony to unveil and dedicate the Cenotaph in Whitehall at the same time a funeral procession accompanying the remains of the “Unknown Soldier” halted at the Cenotaph during the ceremony before proceeding to Westminster Abbey for internment. Those present included the senior Soldier, sailor and many Victoria Cross winners. The ceremony concluded with a march past. The Regimental Sergeant Major of the Guard Regiment conducting the ceremony, faced with a gathering of highly decorated and high ranking military men (including many Victoria Cross winners), all wearing rows of medals, decreed that all would salute the Cenotaph as they marched past by placing their hand over their medals, signifying that “No matter what honours we may have been awarded they are nothing compared with the honour due to those who paid the supreme sacrifice

In addition Ord is the President, Secretary and Welfare Officer, whilst Moore is also a Wefare Officer and Barman. Moore does most of the Welfare work, however, neither Ord or Moore, have been trained, and neither are qualified for the task, and therefore must not be designated on the management board as Welfare officers. Under Ord's autocratic presidency, anything he says goes.

It is incongruous to have Moore, a liar, cheat and wannabe voting as a committee man at an RSL. It is obvious that President John Orr, is still as much an ill disciplined problem, as he was, when he served in the Army.

Moore has committed the ultimate insult against veterans, and a formal criminal offence, against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Section 80A, by falsely representing to be returned soldier. For that criminal act, there is a maximum fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment, or both. Victoria Police are involved, and Moore is being investigated.

RSL Sub branches on the Mornington Peninsula, and RSL sub branches everywhere. as well as all Veterans, ex Service men and woman, are urged to contact the Victoria RSL, and protest about the shameful handling of Moore and discordant management of the Crib Point Victoria RSL.

We assert that Moore must be expelled with ignominy and the entire committee removed.


Four years ago, Gary Moore, was accepted as an Associate member of the Crib Point RSL Sub Branch, on the basis of his father's seventy two days of WWII Army service in the Australia Army, in 1940. Since acceptance Moore has been elected as a member of the RSL management committee:

Moore 1

Immediately on arrival, he asserted to members that he is a damaged Vietnam veteran, and exhibited symptoms of PTSD to all and sundry.

Having been exposed as a fake, he admits his deceit and apologises. We are sure, he is sorry, because he was caught, and not because of his offence.

Moore is a classic bogus Vietnam Veteran. He even wrote a four page account of his Vietnam Service Titled "A walk in the light green". Here are the last two paragraphs of his four page essay.

"Bursts of machine-gun fire, rifle fire. Choppers frantically dropping the rest of our company off, then getting out as fast as they can before they collect their share of lead. I watch Frank and Dougie’s chopper come in, the pilot is not game enough to come in any lower than a few metres from the ground, so they decide to jump, a long way to the ground, as their chopper is hit by machine gun fire, killing the pilot and spiralling into the ground. I hear the cries and screams of the soldiers, but we cannot help.
Hand signals indicate to move out in arrowhead formation in quick time. Get out of this exposed position and into the edge of the Long Green".

We hold numerous Statutory Declarations, detailing what Moore has directly told others at the RSL. Here are examples:

"His PTSD is magnified by the fact that he shot and killed, a 15 year old Vietnamese boy".

"While sitting with head in hands, he stated it was a dark day, as one of my Vietnam veteran mates has just committed suicide".

"Stated he would not seek assistance for his war caused PTSD from a Government, who treated Vietnam Veterans so badly, on their return to Australia".

Veterans everywhere, particularly those who served in Vietnam, will not forgive Moore's antics, however, the President of the Crib Point RSL, Mr John R Ord, fully condones Moore's behaviour and states in an email:

"I have been the President for 37 years and on the executive over 40 years I run a very strict club and I believe every Member will agree that they don't want to be called in the office by myself, Gary has twice and received a very severe dressing down from me, he realises his errors and is I believe very embarrassed He did offer to resign from committee, which I refused to accept as I believe he is a great asset to the Sub Branch and does a lot of good work and has learned his lesson"..

Moore is a freewheeling "big noter" at the RSL, who is quick to do the President's bidding.

Despite the covering up, there are many people from the area who will not tolerate Moore's, and the President's behaviour.

Moore has extolled to many, at Crib Point, that he is a mentally harmed, Vietnam Veteran. He is a freewheeling, big noting Committee Member at the RSL, who has won the Presidents favour because he is quick to do the Presidents bidding.

Moore knows nothing about the reality of Veterans' actual suffering, as a result of the Vietnam war. He has no redeeming qualities, and is placed on this web site with ignominy, for Australia and the whole world to know of his disgraceful behaviour.

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