Date of Entry: 05/02/2019
Surname: Halter
Christian Names: Anthony Alan
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Nambour
Service #: 8099721
Service: Royal Australian Navy (RAN)
Branch: Seaman
Commencement of service: 11.03.1996
Completion of service: 5.11.2007
Case Notes:



Well here we go again folks. Anthony Halter, our infamous ex Royal Australian Navy Officer, medals cheat and fraud just cannot help himself.

Our original exposure of Halter below, disclosed that he appeared before the Nambour Magistrates Court on the 17 December, 2018, and was convicted and fined $1.000 dollars for wearing un-awarded Australian Military medals and accoutrements. He claimed to the Magistrate that he only had six months to live and that he wanted to wear the purchased medals before they were officially issued, and before he died of a brain tumour.

Surprise, surprise, eight months later, the medals he referred to will not be officially issued to him, because he is not entitled to them. Halter’s life revolves around a litany of lies and fraudulent acts. We could also throw in perjury.

Following his conviction in Nambour, and the ANZMI original exposure, Halter decided to up stakes and move to the quiet town of Stanthorpe, South East Queensland, where he was not known. He then became involved with the local veteran community and on Anzac Day 2019, following the Anzac Day March, local RSL members questioned his medal entitlements.

He claimed the following -;

1. He served with Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Intelligence.
2. He flew Sea King helicopters.
3. He flew RAN fixed wing aircraft.
4. He served multiple special operation tours in Kuwait, East Timor and Afghanistan (twice) and the Iraq invasion.
5. He was shot in Afghanistan.
6. He was on the ground in Afghanistan, when a fellow Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) colleague was killed in action by a landmine in 2002.
7. He was also called in to assist with the investigation of the Sea King helicopter crash in Banda Aceh.

All the above claims from Halter are lies.

Halter was reported to the Stanthorpe Police for wearing the un-awarded Australian Military medals. The Police also searched his home, as did the Nambour Police previously.

We have been advised that on the 17 July, 2019, exactly seven months to the day of his last appearance at Nambour Magistrates Court for identical offences, he appeared at the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to five counts of wearing military awards that he has no entitlement.

He was duly convicted and fined $1,500 dollars for his behaviour.

His genuine medal entitlement for his service is the following -;

1. AASM 2 clasps East Timor and Afghanistan.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Sovereign Border.
4. Australian Defence Medal.
5. UNTAET medal.

He is not entitled to the rest. (See original entry) He also has no entitlement to wear the Army Combat Badge and RAN Pilots wings above his medal rack.

For his recalcitrant behaviour, Halter has now been fined a total sum of $2500 dollars in seven months for identical offences against the Defence Act 1903 Section 80B.

Improper use of service decorations
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person wears a service decoration; and
(b) the person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

Halter is an inveterate liar and a fraud. As a former Commissioned Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, his behaviour is a disgrace.
He will no doubt be leaving town again soon, and resurfacing elsewhere to ingratiate himself in the local veteran community, where he will hope that he is not recognised.

As one of our Stanthorpe veterans told us -;

“He moved here to Stanthorpe after being caught out in Nambour last December. Obviously tried to make out to be a hero in a new town. The problem for him is, we are many and we are everywhere”.

So true.

ANZMI extend our appreciation to all the veterans of Stanthorpe for their vigilance in outing Halter again. Also to the Stanthorpe Police for their response in helping all genuine veterans maintain the integrity of the Australian Department of Defence Honours and Awards system.


Anthony Alan Halter, was born on the 16 October, 1972. He is now 46 years of age. In 1996, at the age of 23, he enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy. He served on the Landing Craft Heavy (LCH) vessel Wewak during the East Timor crisis and HMAS Arunta during its tour of the Middle East. According to Halter, he also served on RAN submarines for a few months in 2001.

During the last five years of his service, Halter claims he attained the rank of Sub Lieutenant and in 2005 the rank of Lieutenant. He held this rank until he was medically discharged in November, 2007 after 11 years and 8 months service.


In the above photograph, taken a few years before his discharge, Halter is wearing the rank of Lieutenant. He also wears the following medals-,

1. Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with clasps, Afghanistan and East Timor.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Defence Force Medal. (DFM)
4. United Nations Transitional East Timor Medal. (UNTAET)

Halter1 2019 01 30

In the above more recent photograph, Halter wears the following medals -;
1. AASM 2 clasps.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Border Protection.
4. Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal.
5. DFM.
7. International Security Assistance Force. (ISAF)

He also wears the RAN Aircrew badge above his medal rack and strangely, an Army Combat Badge. (ACB) He is not entitled to either award.

In 2012, Halter joined the Nambour RSL Sub Branch. He listed on his application form that he had service in East Timor, Afghanistan and Iraq as well as Peacekeeping duties.

In May, 2018, due to some concerns raised by members of the local veteran community, Halter left a copy of the following document at the Nambour RSL Services and Citizens Club.

ANZMI were notified and sent a copy from a concerned anonymous source who is not associated with either the Services Club or the Sub Branch. There are numerous grammatical and spelling errors. As well, there are references to medals that have never been awarded to Halter. An astute current or former member of the Australian Defence Force would immediately know that this letter is a forgery, and that only one person could benefit from its existence.



In this letter, Halter is claiming a great deal more medals than previously displayed. The list just keeps getting bigger.

In particular, he claims the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) and the Conspicuous Service Cross. (CSC) He was never awarded these medals. There are also claims for other medals and clasps that he has no entitlement to.

He claims a clasp for active service in Iraq, yet he does not wear the Iraq Medal. He claims a Special Operation clasp and a Bouganville clasp for the Australian Service Medal (ASM). However, he does claim or wear the actual ASM.

His genuine medal entitlement for his service is the following -;

1. AASM 2 clasps East Timor and Afghanistan.
2. Afghanistan Medal.
3. Australian Operational Service Medal – Sovereign Border.
4. Australian Defence Medal.
5. UNTAET medal.

As a result of his lies and wearing unearned medals and accoutrements that he is not entitled to, Halter was reported to the local Nambour Police. His house was searched and evidence seized. He was charged with "Misuse of service decorations", and appeared before the Nambour Magistrates Court. The following newspaper article details the demise of Anthony Alan Halter.



Halter, a former Commissioned Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, is a fraud and a medal cheat. He has embellished his service to portray a false image.

For his sins he was convicted and fined $1000.00. He can count himself lucky.

At ANZMI, we wonder why Halter, who was selected as an Able Seaman to undergo Officer training and then progress through the ranks to Midshipman, Sub Lieutenant and then Lieutenant, would go to all the trouble of risking public humiliation and Court convictions to impress others, that he does not even know.

Does not make sense.

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