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Surname: Ruurda
Christian Names: Michel Hendricus
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Woody Point
Service #: Nil
Service: Nil
Branch: NIL
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:




Michel Ruurda aka Johnson aka Jones of Woody Point in Queensland is a wannabe, fraudster and a bully.  We believe  he is currently using the name Michel JONES.

Ruurda has had no military service whatsoever and yet he tells stories of his time with the elite Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), here are some examples:


"He was a Sniper in the SAS and didn’t like to talk about it much. When he was in Afghanistan  they were overlooking a McDonalds Restaurant and were positioned to shoot anyone they felt was a threat. He stated he only had to shoot once then.

He was based in Bosnia working in Sarajevo. She was working with NATO at the time. His division which was a part of Secret Operations Logistics Squadron had just been established and as a result they required snipers who had trained at, “Sniper school.” He stated that he killed many men women and children for his country.  However he wasn’t weak so didn’t require any pension or after care

Whilst in Bosnia he stayed in an area called sniper alley where there was continuous fire fights between the snipers. He stated that his wife was their commander (from NATO) and would send them on secret mercenary type missions. When  asked  to clarify as things didn’t make sense  (eg. Sniper school and collation with NATO) he became angry and said I was bringing the bad out in him and he doesn’t want to relive it as it was fourteen years ago."

When asked why he used the name "Johnson"  he said.

"The army had given them many names and birth certificates  in case they needed to ever disappear".

We can report that Ruurda did visit Sarajevo in 2005 but only to have lunch with his civilian wife who was working with NATO.  The lunch in the NATO Officers'  Mess is the sum total of his military service.

Ruurda  uses his lunatic military stories to charm vulnerable women and if  his "Military Service" is ever questioned he resorts to threats and violence. He has said;

"He knows how to bleed people out and torture people due to his training".

Ruurda has other skeletons in the closet. Before he was an "SASR Sniper", he would have required a few  years normal army service then at least another year to complete the SASR acceptance and training cycle.  This would mean to have been a Sniper in Bosnia in 2005 he would have had to have been a soldier since at the very least 2002, however the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) were busy applying a lifetime ban from Financial Investment work during that period.  He was found guilty of fraud in 2004 that related to crimes between the period 2002 and 2004.  Here is the evidence:

Michel Ruurda aka Johnson aka Jones is a liar wannabe and fraudster who is known  also as a bully. He is a pathological liar and cannot be trusted with other peoples property.

You can tell when he is lying because his lips are moving.

People like Ruurda who have never served yet claim to have been a Special Forces Soldier are most welcome to our web site and we hope that Ruurda enjoys his infamy.






Surname: Ryan
Christian Names: Shane
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Case Notes:

Updated 17 Nov 2013



Normally media articles are not the complete story here on the cases pages, however in this case we have made an exception as the Herald Sun have done an excellent job and are still following through on this case.  As more is printed in the media this page will be upgraded.   Read all about this hero and then if you feel the desire please contact the Herald Sun and let them know your feelings towards this hero and others you may know of that fit the same mould.   There are thousands of them out there and they all need exposure, heavy fines and a stint in jail in accordance with the laws that are in place but rarely used.

Make believe: Shane Ryan.
Picture: Bill McAuley Herald Sun



and there you see him.  This Walter Mitty hero who has now admitted to bogus civilian bravery awards, has in his possession stolen Miliary medals and has admitted to impersonating a war veteran.   All of the above are Federal offences and we will see just how they pan out. 

Maybe because the Royal Humane Society are pursuing this there may be charges laid against him for the awards he received from the society but we guess that the Government and Federal police again will ignore the crimes committed against the Defence Act 1903.  To date they have not acted on any of the offences we have offered to them and we have provided all information required to obtain a conviction.  One of these also includes a convicted paedophile, possibly using his bogus Army uniform to enter schools to tell war stories, which they have completely ignored.

Shane Ryan, the hero, is not finished with yet.  If you have information pertaining to his Military Service we would like you to contact us.  He may also be in receipt of fraudulent DVA disability payments that you are aware of.  We need to know if he is. The Herald Sun has also published more articles on this villain.  Well done Herald Sun.  Keep the information on these bogus hero's in the public forum.

Updated 17 Nov 2013


Shane Ryan Update. He is at it again.


Ryan is to appear in the Frankston Magistrates Court, Melbourne on the 20 December 2013. He failed to appear for his first "appointment" and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Since then he has had two "appointments" the last being on the 28th October 2013, when his Defence Solicitor requested an adjournment.
The State Prosecution advised that the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions were taking over to prosecute the charge of "Obtain by deception". The Magistrate extended Ryan's bail and ordered him to reappear on 20th December 2013.
Ryan is a "rat cunning" recidivist, intent on creating a fictitious, glorious military career for his posterity. The last bout we had with Ryan was in 2004 which is detailed above.
We have been pursuing Ryan on this current matter since June 2012. After concluding our investigation in late 2012 we became aware of others with an interest in Ryan and put finalization of our case on hold, so as not to jeopardise pending legal action.


The matter came to our attention when a Rhodesian Army Association advised us that Ryan had applied to join their organisation, and to support his application had produced United Kingdom (UK) Ministry of Defence (MOD) documents.


When we approached Ryan about the documents he confidently advised that the documents were genuine. We believed that the documents were genuine, in that they had emanated from the UK MOD; however we knew that the information shown of the documents was false.


As the UK Ministry of Defence do not release information of any kind we were temporarily "stumped". However whilst our questions to the UK MOD were not answered, we believe our allegations were sufficient for the MOD to raise questions about the matter and apparently advise Australian authorities.


Below is email traffic concerning the UK MOD between Ryan and ANZMI when our investigation commenced.




Dear Mr Shane Ryan

I do independent research for various organisations and specialise in Defence personnel. Have been tasked by the UK Ministry of Defence in relation to forged documents bearing your name that they hold. Apparently the documents were used to seek membership of the Rhodesian Services Association located in New Zealand. Perhaps this matter can be resolved in the preliminary stages by a simple explanation from yourself? I always approach these matters from an independent point of view and, as am very busy with more important matters, would like to wrap up this matter quickly.



Sir 24/6/12


I am unable to open your attachment so ccn (sic) offer no comment. As any document I may or may not have sent to the Association to which you refer came originally from the MOD. your claim to be investigating on MOD's behalf is of interest. I have therefore forwarded your email to the CO MOD for their appropriate attention.




Dear Mr Ryan 24/6/2012


As you can not open the document, do you want me to send it to you in another form so that you can forward it to the CO of MOD? If you are unable to work with me in this matter will proceed without your input.




Thank you MOD have your orginal sic), email I am sure they will be in touch. The two documents sent to that Association were originated by MOD, who have advised me they haven't (sic) heard of you. I have been asked to forward any communications from you to MOD

Regards Shane


Mr Ryan 24/6/2012


No problem, please keep MoD in the loop, I will be phoning them when they open tomorrow. Most Australian retired Army Officers are happy to discuss their Service History. Would you be amenable to discuss yours?. Particularly your experiences in Rhodesia.



Dear Mr Ryan 27/6/12


You are invited to comment on the following. An investigation has been conducted into your claims of Service in Rhodesia as an Australian Army Infantry Officer and it is believed that your claims are false and that you have forged United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Documents. Should you choose to not comment, this information will be forwarded to Australian and United Kingdom law enforcement authorities, United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, Australian media, and the Australian Veterans organization ANZMI on the 4 July 2012.




Blogs <[email protected]>; 27/6/2012
to spva-dmsmodmoc., me
Officer in charge


Further to my prvious (sic) communications I am accused by This felllow (sic)of forging two letter sent to me by MOD.,Would you confirm to t0o that person these two letters are genuine.




Shane Ryan


[email protected]> 27/6/2012
to me, spva-dmsmodmoc.


Mr xxxxx


You appear to have made your mind up on this matter. I feel it best MOD anwser (sic)you allegation, as I doubt any comment I may offer will satisfy (sic) you, the letter are genuine, I have asked MOD to confirm that fact to you.
We have copies of the documents mentioned above but will hold them until after the Court Hearing.


At some time between June 2012 and June 2013, the Frankston Returned Services League (RSL) became involved in the prosecution, after the court case we will be able to


publish Frankston RSL's involvement in the matter.


Ryan has attempted many planned gambits in his quest for false fame, however on each occasion he has been thwarted. He was a failed Army Reserve Officer.
He is however a very successful and confirmed fraud, liar and wannabe.


More to follow after the 20th December 2013


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.


Surname: Rysdale
Christian Names: Alex
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Tahmoor
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:


Rysdale Update December, 2019.

Alex Rysdale from Picton New South Wales is a complete nutter and a fraud. Following his exposure on the ANZMI site years ago, as a complete military imposter, liar and false pretender, he now claims that he has suddenly found proof of his Australian military service. Well that certainly took some time. Usually, you just send an email to the Department of Defence and you receive an answer within days. The alternative is producing your Discharge Certificate when requested like all genuine servicemen and women do. No problems – Service proven.

But no, not our jungle fighting machine hero Rysdale. It took him years to discover his records. (Most imposters state that their records are hidden by the Government due to the dark secret missions they were ordered to carry out.) .

Anyway, below is a text dated 7 December, 2019, that he entered on the Picton Anzac Day Committee Face Book page.. Rysdale was a member of this committee until it was discovered that all his statements about his service with Special Air Service (SAS) in the deep steamy jungles of Vietnam were absolute rubbish and a figment of his imagination.

He must have impressed his family, friends and new fiancee, but certainly did not impress genuine Australian Defence Force veterans in Picton who reported him to ANZMI.

Alex Rysdale‎ to Picton Anzac Day Committee
7 December 2019 at 16:49 ·
My name is Alex Rysdale and I bet you won't read this in the Wollondilly Advertiser. I have been vilified and disgraced, my family subjected to all sorts of torment and I have been refused job opportunities. This rag that is called a paper and one that should print the truth has allowed a young reporter, (Name deleted by ANZMI) to be sucked in by an organisation that is in itself based on lies and deceit. This so-called organisation is called ANZMI. They claim to be the guardian angels of the Australian Defence Force and name and shame military imposters by publishing details and in a lot of cases total lies about actual Veterans or strongly worded criticism for very minor infringements. They also claim never to have made a mistake, never caused a suicide or severe mental health in ACTUAL VETERANS. Well, I am here to tell everyone that these faceless nameless men are nothing but cowards and are too scared to publish themselves or their real names let alone the truth. How can anyone believe anything that comes from them if they themselves are too ashamed to stand up and be counted. They say they are all Veterans, if so then prove it as you have asked so many others to do!!!. The Wollondilly Advertiser printed a retraction of my story, believing instead the cowards of ANZMI.

After a long and arduous journey and thanks to a great DVA Advocate I now have THE PROOF OF MY SERVICE.
I am happy to show this to (Name deleted by ANZMI) at any time. I do however think it a real shame that a reporter would not investigate the allegations and the people who make them before destroying peoples lives.

Rysdale is responsible for his own demise. He has told so many lies to people that he has lost sight of reality. There is no record of Rysdale ever serving in the Australian Defence Force. None.

Rysdale has been invited to send all his new found service information to ANZMI. However he has declined to provide -;
1. His service number.
2. When he served.
3. What SAS Unit he served with.
4. Where he served.
5. His Date of Discharge.
6. His overseas active service postings.

We hope that this is the last that we hear of Rysdale. If you know Rysdale, ask to view his Discharge Certificate or Certificate of Australian Army Service. He will no doubt tell you it is all hush hush and he cannot further comment.

Please send his responses to enquiries@anzmi.net We look forward to your responses.


It seems that a lot of military imposters exposed on the ANZMI website are pursuing their one moment of glory in their lifetime. Something to impress their immediate family, fiancées, close friends and the wider community in general.

Alex Rysdale, born about 1951 of Tahmoor (near Picton) NSW, is typical of this type of imposter.

Rysdale is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the veteran community. He should hang his head in shame. He is a low life individual who has stolen the valour of all those brave men, who fought and died in the Vietnam War. He insinuates that he was a member of Special Forces, "in a Squad of six."

He is an outright liar without honour or integrity.


Rysdale gave an in-depth interview to an unsuspecting Journalist from the Wollondilly Advertiser, about his heroic deeds as a Special Forces operative in the Australian Army, whilst he was fighting in the jungles of South Vietnam in 1969.

The below story was published on the 6 November, 2017 in that newspaper and also in the Campbelltown Macarthur Advertiser, shortly after.

Everything stated by Rysdale that appears in bold italics in this article is a lie. He has never served.


NOVEMBER 6 2017 - 11:06AM
Vietnam veteran faces horrors of war
• Ashleigh Tullis



Tahmoor's Alex Rysdale is a member of the Picton Anzac Day Committee but wants nothing to do with the government or RSLs because of the way veterans were treated after the Vietnam War. Picture: Chris Lane

I did become an animal.”
Tahmoor’s Alex Rysdale continues to live with the nightmares and horrors of fighting in the Vietnam War.
At 18 years old he enlisted in the Australian armed forces and was sent to Vietnam in 1969.
“I was a soldier,” he said. “I fought my way through the war both physically and mentally.”
Mr Rysdale still struggles with what war made him do.
“You change,” he said. “You become an animal. You do things that are worse than anything an animal can do.
“The hardest part is when I came back into the world and nobody cared.
“We didn’t have the camaraderie in the outside world.
“The hard part is remembering. I don’t want to remember and I keep away from the triggers.”

Mr Rysdale went into the army after completing his apprenticeship as a typewriter mechanic.
In 1969 he started his basic training and was named the cadet of the year. He trained in Western Australia and Queensland before being sent to Vietnam.

“Our squad went on patrols, looked for tunnel networks and cleared them out,” the veteran said.
“We were called to hunt down a sniper and take him out.
“We were to spot the enemy’s troop movements. Our squad of six would come up against 200 North Vietnamese Army troops and we would have to fight our way out.”

Mr Rysdale recalls one particular time when he thought he would die.
“We were asleep in a shallow grave and were covered in leaves to hide ourselves,” he said.
“There was a trail 10 metres to the left. I could hear them because the ground was vibrating.
“Three hundred North Vietnamese Army troops walked past us.
“Somehow we weren’t spotted.”



Alex Rysdale still lives with the scars from his service. Picture: Chris Lane

Mr Rysdale was evacuated from Vietnam in 1970.
I was shot and blown up at the same time,” he said.
“I was hiding behind a tree when we were out on patrol looking for troop movements.
“Three in our squad were killed.”

Mr Rysdale was taken to Germany then to Sydney to the Concord Repatriation Hospital.
“After I got out of hospital I was walking through the city and there was a construction site,” he said.
“A worker was using a jackhammer and I hit the ground and started screaming like a lunatic.
“Someone kicked me and told me to go to a shelter because he thought I was drunk.
“People will never understand what we went through.”

Mr Rysdale suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and said he can “just snap” at times.
“I wake up screaming at night.” he said. “Doctors can put a name on it but I think the nightmares are my own shame about what I did over there.”
Mr Rysdale said he has never really talked about his time during the Vietnam War.
The way he was treated after the war was why he never wanted anything to do with Returned Service Leagues or the government.
“I remember how badly we were treated by people back home,” he said.
“One time I was on rest and recuperation and I was so excited to have a home cooked meal by mum and get hugs and kisses from my family.
“As soon as I got off the plane I had eggs and tomatoes thrown at me and I was called a baby killer.
“I turned straight around and flew back to Bangkok.
“To this day I have never heard one of the idiots put their hand up and say they were really sorry.
“Our government didn’t recognise Vietnam as a war and that meant the guys were not given the rights and recognition they deserved for a long time.”


A wreath laid at the centenary ceremony during Remembrance Day at Picton Memorial Park. Picture: Ashleigh Tullis

Mr Rysdale is the last member of his squad and was very close with his fellow soldiers.
“I loved those blokes,” he said.
“We didn’t see each other often but I still thought about them.
“During the war we had so much fun as a whole group because we were a tight knit unit of six guys.
“So when only three of us came back with scars from being mentally wounded and abused, it didn’t seem right to have fun because it wasn’t with everybody in the group.
“If we would catch up at a funeral then we would buy six beers. One beer each for guys who didn’t come back and one for us.
“I think that was a fitting way to remember them.”

Mr Rysdale said he did not go to Remembrance Day or Anzac Day ceremonies until last year when he was asked to lay a wreath.
He is a member of the Picton Anzac Day Committee and helps man fundraising stalls, sets up for the ceremonies and is a part of the committee’s discussions but otherwise does not want to attend the ceremonies.

Mr Rysdale does however have a lot of admiration for the committee and what they have created in the Picton Memorial Park.
“Personally I think (name deleted) should be knighted for his hard work, dedication and the time he has put into helping veterans and the committee,” he said. (End of Article)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rysdale is a grandstander. We wonder what he has told his immediate family and brand new fiancée. We know that he told the Committee of the Picton Anzac Day Committee (PADC) that he was a Vietnam Veteran. With that background, he was accepted immediately as a committee member. When asked why he never wore his Vietnam medals on Anzac Days, he replied to the Committee “that the originals were mounted in a frame on his wall at home and that he did not have a set of replica medals".

Rysdale’s name does not appear on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs - Vietnam Nominal Roll - It is accurate. His name also does not appear on the Australian Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Association record of former members. His name also does not appear on any other documentation held at the National Archives of Australia for military service in any branch of the Australian Defence Force.

Rysdale is a pathetic individual who has placed himself out there in the public domain as a War Hero. He is nothing of the sort and should be shunned by the people in his home town of Tahmoor, New South Wales.

We sent Rysdale a request, giving him an opportunity to explain his extraordinary claims of heroic Vietnam War Army service, his enlistment and discharge dates, Army service number and his Unit.

He replied stating that - "I have spoken with the reporter at the advertiser and onformed (sic) her of my opinion on this. You dont know me and never will. You think that in this particular instance you are doing the right thing. I agree with what you do is great but not this time. I am not happy to continue this as per your demands and and have resigned from the Anzac committee. All this has done is cause me the utmost pain. Please talk with Ashley and she will be happy to discuss this with you".
Alex Rysdale

Any pain being suffered by Rysdale, is due the the fact that he knows that he has been well and truly caught out as a military imposter and valour thief..

Rysdale has committed an offence under the provisions of the Defence Act 1903 Part V11, Section 80A - Falsely representing himself to be a returned soldier.

DEFENCE ACT 1903 (EXTRACTS) The following extracts from the Defence Act 1903 apply to honours and awards:

80A Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman

(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

ANZMI have notified the local authorities.

The last we heard, the Wollondilly Advertiser is publishing an update of the original story shortly.

The update should read a little differently and will be factual.



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