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Surname: Pink
Christian Names: Darryl Keith
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Goolwa
Service #: R95634
Service: RAN
Branch: Seaman, Underwater Control
Commencement of service: Not Known
Completion of service: Not Known
Case Notes:




Well, here we go again.   This is Darryl PINK, an ex-Navy member and a serving Vice President of the Goolwa RSL Sub Branch (South Australia) who again demonstrates a total lack of respect for Medal Policy and Protocols. 

Just when we thought we had cleaned up all the RSL Tin wearers, along comes Darryl Keith PINK a prime example of a person wearing a "Vanity" medal that is nothing more than worthless tin junk.

PINK is entitled to, and has been awarded four medals for his service, but as you can see, he wears five. The last one is a self-purchased duplication of the second medal.

PINK is entitled to the following official awards:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 (AASM-45-75)for service in Vietnam

Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM), for service as a member or crew of a ship in the prescribed area of operations of Vietnam in support of Australian forces

Australian Service Medal 1945-75(ASM 45-75) with Clasp FESR for his service with the Far East Special Reserve for service in South East Asia and

Australian Defence Medal (ADM) for completing his enlistment period in the RAN

PINK is entitled to these awards by virtue of his service at sea in support of the Far East Special Reserve and for undertaking escort duties for HMAS Sydney on her deployments to Vietnam.

PINK has also added to rack a piece of worthless junk, in the form of the Vietnam Logistic Support Medal:

This medal is a Commemorative self-purchased junk medal created by one of the Navy Associations. As such if they are to be worn at all, they should be worn on the right breast.    This medal would have cost PINK no more than $50 and do nothing more than feed his vanity to be seen as a Veteran with five medals instead of four.

This report is but one of a litany of RSL Executives being identified as Medal Cheats appearing on our website, surely the time has come for the National Executive of the RSL to take a stand on this issue and remove these clowns from Executive positions in the League.   The various State RSL Headquarters have spent many thousands of dollars trying to understand why younger veterans are not joining the RSL.   Perhaps all they need do is look at the ANZMI website and look at the long list of RSL Executives who have been caught out for the answer.

Younger veterans are not fools, and they will not allow themselves to be led by them.   The time has come for the RSL to act.   

We welcome Darryl PINK to our ever expanding list of medals cheats.

Surname: Pitts
Christian Names: Kevin William
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Myrtleford
Service #: Army
Service: 37958
Branch: Royal Australian Infantry Corps
Case Notes:


Kevin William Pitts is the President of the Myrtleford RSL, he along with his Secretary Bryan Meehan are medals cheats.




Pitts is wearing:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

General Service Medal (GSM) Malaya

Vietnam Medal (VM)

Australian Defence Medal (ADM)

Pingat Jasa Medal (PJM) Malaysia

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - NOT ENTITLED


He has earned all the medals except the RVCM, which he has "tacked" onto his rack.

 Being an RSL President and having done hard service he should be the epitome of a preserver of protocol and tradition. Here is a photograph of Pitts and his Secretary Bryan Meehan, both are wearing non earned RVCM medals




His Secretary Bryan Meehan is separately listed on this website.

 When contacted, Pitts could not accept that he is a medals cheat and strongly and wrongly defended himself and his mate Meehan. When asked if he would like a copy of the criterion for the medal he refused to discuss the matter further.

 Pitts served for 133 days in Vietnam which is 48 days short of the required 181 days. In addition he was not returned to Australia as a Battle Casualty.




Here are the rules for the RVCM, these rules have stood for the fifty years that Pitts has worn the medal.




As both are senior executives of the Myrtleford RSL, perhaps an audit of membership medals is in order, however neither Pitts nor Meehan should be involved as they are known offenders.

 Kevin Pitts is welcomed to this website where his behaviour as a medals cheat is recorded for posterity.

Surname: Polgar
Christian Names: Louis Henry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Fern Tree Gully
Case Notes:


Louis Henry Polgar and Hendrik Winjhots are good mates and have become known as Thelma and Louise as they do everything together.  Right down to and including concocting fictitious active service.  Both of them frequent several Returned and Services League's in Victoria, but the following information might just see them removed from these clubs because of their lies about Service

Louis Polgar

Hendrik Wijnholts

POLGAR   (Deceased)

An ex Regular Army soldier, Louis Henry Polgar served with 183 Independent Recce Flight in Lae, Papua New Guinea (PNG) for two years from 1971 to 1973 as a Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (RAEME) technical clerk in the rank of Craftsman (Private).  Louis enlisted for six years on 11 Feb 1970 and was discharged 10 Feb 1976.  His only posting overseas was to PNG.  

Photographed wearing the Australian Active Service Medal with clasp "VIETNAM" at the Bayswater, Victoria, Australia, Returned and Services League at an ANZAC day Commemorative parade (alongside his legally awarded Australian Service Medal with clasp PNG (for non-warlike operations) in April 2005 Louis was sent the CPMH initial contact letter.


 Louis chose not to respond to our letter and has sealed his fate by having his details permanently stationed on our website.  Of interest, during the period he was under investigation, his father was exposed as an alleged Nazi collaborator who persecuted Jews during WW2.   See below 

Of interest in this article Louis claims that the Federal Police had investigated him re wearing illegal medals and that the matter had been "cleared up".  A follow-up with the newspaper staff who printed the story alleges that the Federal Police never spoke to Louis at all.   So what is the story?  

The medals depicted above are the AASM with clasp, Vietnam and the ASM with clasp PNG.  He is entitled to the ASM only

Having been provided the opportunity to defend/deny any of the accusations levelled at him, and blatantly ignoring same has earned Louis permanent fame on this site. Of interest, he keeps regular company with the next member of our "rogues gallery" Mr. Rick WIJNHOLTS - these two regularly attend the Boronia, Bayswater and Belgrave/Upwey RSL's in outer Eastern Victoria and have earned the dubious nickname of serial bogus veteran status as "Thelma and Louise".


Membership details at two RSL's show different units allegedly served with in the then CMF (Citizen Military Forces) in the 1960's.

 Physically observed wearing miniature Vietnam medals at RSL functions Rick the "Railway Man" was also sent the initial CPMH letter and chose to ignore it.

 Numerous Statutory Declarations, two of which are shown below,  attest to this man posing, telling tall tales of Vietnam service and its psychological damage done to him.  Once the reader absorbs all of his swill it is envisaged a bucket will be required.

These two "Travelling Willbury's" need to be physically removed from any veteran's circles.

The day the National body of the RSL passes down the edict of "Any member found to be illegally wearing medals/posing as a veteran (when not) shall have their membership cancelled for LIFE" - cannot come soon enough.

 12 Sept 2007

The Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Branch of the Returned & Services League of Australia chose to believe a lying skunk of a wannabe over the word of two Vietnam Veterans. The Veterans statements were on signed Statutory Declarations. (See our original report).  Both veterans are members of the RSL and we are sure they are disgusted with this intolerable approach the RSL has towards Wijnholts and wannabes in general.

 Two veterans have stated on Statutory Declarations that Wijnholts has committed offences against the Defence Act that have penalties of up to $3,300 and six months jail or both. Wijnholts, by his actions of wearing Vietnam medals shows that he is a dishonest fool worthy of being charged with offences. Why would anyone be so gullible to believe anything he utters - He is a liar and a dishonourable blackguard and should not rub shoulders with genuine Veterans in an RSL Club.   


According to the letter, Wijnholts maintains he has never claimed to have served in Vietnam, that is a damn lie. On the 25th April 1997 he was seen wearing miniature Vietnam medals by two veterans, one veteran spoke directly to him on this occasion requesting that he remove the medals.  It is also known among Wijnholts workmates that he was thought to be a "damaged" Vietnam Veteran because he had told them that he was.  

We urge Victorian sub branch members to bring this matter to the attention of their executives so that it is made known to the Victorian State Branch, Chief Executive Officer that his action is intolerable and Wijnholt should not be allowed membership of any RSL anywhere anytime.

Expel him with ignominy


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Polglaise
Christian Names: Wayne David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Bendigo
Service #: 3206970
Service: Australian Army
Branch: Reserve and Cadets
Commencement of service: 1988,1997,2001
Completion of service: 1998,2000, 2006
Case Notes:




ANZAC Day 2014 in rural Bendigo, Victoria, a leather clad biker look alike mixed it up with genuine veterans. The photos, taken at the Bendigo RSL, attest to him bedecked with medals depicting operational/active service. He also wears the coveted Infantry Combat Badge, the AIRN (Operational Readiness) badge, the Returned From Active Service Badge and what looks like an American service medal as well as other trinkets of interest.

The photo taken from his rear clearly shows the back patches which indicate he is an Australian Army veteran of the Iraq and Timor conflicts.

Those he spoke to on the 25th of April, heard POLGLAISE extol his Army history with tales of being posted to the Special Forces Training Centre (SFTC) for one year and becoming their Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) (Hand to hand Fighting). He also claimed he went on to work in the "Dojo" at 2 Commando Regiment, trained Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) soldiers in CQB and unarmed combat prior to their deployment to Iraq in 1999. He claims this was all before he was deployed himself to Iraq in Close Personal Protection duties as both a soldier and civilian.

POLGLAISE then proceeded to hand out business cards of his "Kombative Concepts Method" where boldly printed appears his title of "KCM Director and Founder - Commander Wayne POLGLAISE.

His qualifications make Chuck NORRIS look like a novice!! This "veteran" sure has the stuff of heroes. On his business card he has even taken the liberty of plagiarising the badge of the US Special Forces Rangers and then added his company logo title to the badge. This is something we feel that the Rangers will be contacting "Commander" POLGLAISE about in the very near future.

Concerned veterans from Bendigo gathered and after a wonderful bout of investigations and interviews with local Army Reserve Units in the area, determined the following genuine service of POLGLAISE:

Enlisted to the Army Reserve June 1988 in the Royal Australian Corps of Transport (RACT) posted to 15 Transport Squadron Bendigo.
Discharged April 1989 - no qualifications.

Enlisted July 1997 - Army Reserve - Allocated to Royal Australian Infantry Corps (RA Inf) posted to 8/7 Royal Victorian Regiment, Bendigo.
Qualifications: Recruit Training - No other qualifications.
Discharged April 2000 - Operational (War) Service Nil, Honours and Awards Nil.

In November 2001 POLGLAISE was enlisted as an Australian Army Officer of Cadets, with the rank of Second Lieutenant Instructor at the Simpson Barracks, McLeod Victoria. He resigned in 2006.

POLGLAISE was a part-time soldier for two periods of service totalling some three years and seven months with no war service and absolutely no participation in Special Forces. He was then instructing school cadets for five years.

How is it he illegally wears combat medals and the like?

ANZMI emailed POLGLAISE giving him the opportunity to explain himself see below:

To: Wayne David POLGLAISE
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2014 7:28 PM
Subject: Suspect Bogus Veteran Wayne David POLGLAISE

My name is Rodney from ANZMI (Australian & New Zealand Military Imposters). Our aim in life is to expose to the world those that falsify active/operational service in theatres of combat. Should you never have heard of us simply Google ANZMI and you will see what our objectives are.

I am in possession of photographs of yourself taken last ANZAC day where you are wearing current issue medals depicting operational service, an Infantry Combat Badge and other items of militaria including a back patch and Australian flag motifs depicting Iraq service with the Australian forces. A thorough check of records within our means shows no record of you qualifying for operational service.

ANZMI operates without fear or favour, this email gives you the opportunity to prove beyond doubt that you are a returned serviceman, including your factual service history, or explain why you illegally wear medals that have not been issued to you. Should you choose not to reply to this email our investigators will proceed with the possibility of exposing you to the www without delay. Take the time to visit our website and you will see that there are those who have been subject to hefty fines and in some cases imprisonment for falsely purporting to be a returned serviceman.

You have until Friday 23 May 2014 to respond to this email.

ANZMI Investigator"

It was no surprise that he never replied. This is the standard action of a bogus veteran who considers if he ignores our contact, that the matter will just disappear and nothing more will be heard.

Veterans and the general population of Bendigo must be reeling in disbelief at the exposure of three "Walter MITTY's" in as many weeks - the recent exposures of SPARK, DOLMAN and now POLGLAISE have led to concerns that the HINES twins from Brisbane may be headed their way to establish another M.A.S.K. unit and will be recruiting from the area. It seems that there is no shortage of questionable candidates to select from.

Wayne David POLGLAISE - welcome to the world wide web. Your dishonesty and total disrespect for genuine veterans alive and dead is now available for the entire world to view - you are a disgrace to any uniform you ever wore.

Surname: Pollard
Christian Names: Lawrence Vincent
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Southport
Service #: 146108
Service: Army
Branch: Transport?
Commencement of service: 15 Aug 66
Completion of service: 20 Jun 72
Case Notes:




It’s not often you come across someone of the calibre of Lawrence Vincent Pollard. According to him he was a valued member of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)! In fact, so much so, we’re apparently not even allowed to link him to his former employer for fear of imprisonment for up to 10 years.

To make matters worse, Pollard is the President of the Southport RSL Sub Branch. And to put icing on the cake, for his dedicated service to ASIO he was awarded an ASIO Medal AND a Certificate of Appreciation and Meritorious Service. Both of which he is very happy to show off to anyone who’s interested. However, if you doubt or question Pollard’s entitlement to wear this tin ‘ASIO’ medal on his left breast along with his two other legitimate medals, he will attempt to explain that it is totally and undisputedly genuine and he can prove it.

Mr Lawrence Vincent Pollard is a liar and a fraud.

When asked by ANZMI, this is what Pollard had to say about his ‘ASIO’ medal:

Good Day XXXX,

I have been half expecting an email from your group.

As you will see from the attached I am a former/retired member of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and the third medal I wear is an ASIO Medal although the scan does not show it very well the name of ASIO is spelled out in detail around the medal.

The ASIO medal is not yet part of Australia’s Honours and Awards system, although it is presently being progressed and the matter is in the hands of the Director General of ASIO Major General Duncan Lewis (RTD). Mr Lewis is also progressing ASIO being made an eligible Organisation for the National Medal. We are aware that it will take some time for Letters Patent to be issued/approved for the ASIO Medal whereas the Governor General has the authority to declare an Organisation eligible for the National Medal and ASIO certainly qualifies even in relation to hazardous duty as there are two Islamists presently in jail for planning to kill ASIO officers.

In the meantime in order to be correct in the wearing of this medal I discussed the matter with Mr Peter Rush, Assistant Secretary Prime Minister & Cabinet Honours and Awards and Territories Branch. Mr Rush advised that as this is an Official Commonwealth Medal AWARDED to me and not a franklin mint or corn flakes packet medal I am entitled to wear it with my military medals and it does not come under the ACT in relation to honours and awards..

I have attached the ASIO Certificate of Meritorious Service to prove my credentials however you need to note Section 92 (1) (a) of the ASIO Act makes it offence for anyone to publish my name so will need to keep this correspondence confidential and as your group is concerned with integrity issues ( a cause which I support) I trust that you will appreciate this point.

I trust that this explanation puts this issue at rest and please contact me should you require any further information.

Lawrie Pollard

If Pollard was half-expecting an email from ANZMI, then he must have half-expected to be exposed as a liar and a fraud!

The ASIO medal that Pollard wears doesn’t exist, therefore he has taken it upon himself to have one made. The ribbon he has chosen for his ASIO medal is the one already used on the Dutch War Service 50th Anniversary medal (itself a ‘tin’ medal). ASIO does not have, and are unlikely to ever have, an official medal. To claim that the Director General of ASIO is contemplating the creation of an ASIO medal is also far-fetched. We doubt very much that, during this current climate of the threat from terrorism, the Director General would even waste his valuable time on this subject.

Pollard clearly admits that this piece of tin he’s wearing is not (yet) a part of the Australian Honours and Awards system. Pollard claims to have been given permission to wear the medal on the left side by a MrPeter Rush, Assistant Secretary Prime Minister & Cabinet Honours and Awards and Territories Branch. Firstly, there is no Honours and Awards and Territories Branch within the Office of the Prime Minister & Cabinet, it’s known as the Honours, Symbols and Territories Branch, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and they don’t deal with individual medals, they deal with honours and awards such as the Australian of the Year, etc. Regardless,Mr Rush gave no such permission for Pollard to wear the medal on the same side as his authorised military-issued medals. Here is an excerpt from the letter sent to Pollard regarding his request to wear the ASIO Medal:

‘Only official awards in the Australian honours system should be worn above the left breast. As the “ASIO Retired Officers Medallion” is not an official award in the Australian Honours system, it would not be appropriate to wear it on the left hand side. I note that, as a medallion rather than a medal, it is not designed to be worn.’

Best you put that so-called ‘ASIO Medal’ back in the cornflakes packet where you found it Mr Pollard!

As for the Certificate of Appreciation Pollard claims to have been awarded by ASIO….

The production of the certificate can be best described as amateurish. For starters; the word ‘Organization’ is spelled incorrectly. Australia ceased using the US dictionary method of spelling such words way before this certificate was signed in 1995. Furthermore, Pollard claims to have been employed with ASIO between 1968 and 1986. Yet this certificate was signed by the Director General Security in September 1995! Pollard had ceased working for ASIO over nine years earlier. Pollard also claims that this certificate is enough to prove his ‘credentials’. Of all people, Pollard should know that a piece of paper with your name printed on it doesn’t establish, confirm or prove your identity. Idiot!

With regard to Pollard’s rant about the ASIO Act 1979, Part V, section 92(1)(1a) protecting him from being publicly identified as a former employee of ASIO, what Pollard refers to in his email is quite correct. If someone publishes the name of a current or former employee or affiliate of the Organisation without prior authority, they will be committing an offence. Pollard must have thought he was being clever by quoting Section 92 (1) and (1a) of the ASIO Act 1979. He also must have thought that throwing a few references from the ASIO Act would frighten us enough to back off.


Under Section 92(1b) of the ASIO Act 1979 (2013 version), subsections (1) and (1a) do not apply in relation to the deliberate unauthorised publishing of the name of a former employee or affiliate of the Organisation if that person has caused or permitted the fact that the person is a former employee or affiliate of the Organisation to be made public. Mr Pollard openly states he is a former employee of ASIO, he openly allows anyone to see his fake Certificate of Appreciation and he wears a fake ‘ASIO Medal’ along with his RSL name tag which clearly links his name with his previous employer. Pollard ceased his employment with the Organisation almost 30 years ago, so it’s highly unlikely that he would put himself, his family or the general public in danger for openly stating who he used to work for.

ANZMI replied to Pollard’s email above by telling him we thought everything he has said so far is absolute bunkum! We then received his reply….

“On 16 June 2015 at 11:04, Sub Branch <subbranch@southportrsl.com.au> wrote:

Good Day XXXX,

When I attach for your information my ASIO Certificate of Meritorious Service what part of my email do you consider bunkum. Are you suggesting that I am impersonating a former Commonwealth Officer and if so you should report me to the Federal Police immediately.

If you are suggesting that I am wearing an ASIO medal to which I am not entitled then please report me to ASIO immediately their Brisbane telephone number is 3831 5980. They will then contact me and I will give my permission to talk with you.

If you do not desire to do that then you people cannot be as serious and of integrity as you purport.

Should you wish to discuss this matter with me my telephone No is 0414 239 855


Lawrie Pollard

We here at ANZMI are serious Mr Pollard, very serious. Furthermore, we don’t think you should be using the word ‘integrity’ as it is abundantly clear you don’t have any. We also reported Pollard to ASIO. It’s now up to them to decide what to do with him.

If Pollard is happy to give permission to ASIOs Brisbane office to answer our questions about him, then why is he hiding behind the ASIO Act 1979? Once again he has openly stated that he is a former employee of the Organisation, therefore enabling us to publish his name. We also did as he suggested and attempted to contact ASIOs Brisbane office. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly that number doesn’t exist. Is his ruse coming unstuck? Is his cover story falling apart? And then there was this….


From: Sub Branch <subbranch@southportrsl.com.au>
Date: 17 June 2015 at 10:57
Subject: ANZMI - Medals Lawrie POLLARD
To: XXXX <

Dear XXXX,

What you want to write about my medal is entirely up you, however I have been advised to send you the attached relevant section of the ASIO Act.

Should your Web Site contain any reference to my ASIO Service, then I will immediately file charges with the Australian Federal Police who as you know have the power to go behind your Gmail address.

If you are an Australian Citizen as you purport, and as you have been supplied with proof of my ASIO Service your actions would be indefensible.

I suggest you do more research on me and do not write me off as a nutter


Lawrie Pollard

We here at ANZMI conduct investigations without fear or favour. We are extremely thorough in our research and we ensure all of the information we collect during an investigation does not breach any state or federal laws. If Pollard decides to take legal action against ANZMI for publishing his name, it will be at his own expense and without the support of ASIO. The emails he has sent to ANZMI appear to be just a rant by some irrational and deluded ‘nutter’ who should be ‘written off’.

There’s also an “ASIO” trinket on the rack of medals on Pollard’s right breast, with the exception that this medal is bright and shiny! Pollard appears to be indicating he had/has a relative who was also an employee of ASIO.

Also, the beret Pollard is wearing in the first photograph is sporting an RAInf hat badge. On 15th August 1966 Pollard enlisted in the CMF and was posted to 1 Base Vehicle Workshop in Brisbane. It’s unlikely that Pollard was employed as an Infantry soldier in a vehicle workshop, so why is he wearing an Infantry Corps badge on his beret?

Pollard’s enlistment in the CMF in 1966 was soon after Australia committed troops to fight in Vietnam. It’s unknown what Corps Pollard was allocated to serve under upon completion of his basic training, but it would be safe to assume he was not RAInf as he would like you to believe.  Back then it was common for people to enlist in the CMF in order to avoid being conscripted and sent to the war in Vietnam, therefore ensuring they were never called up to complete a compulsory two year enlistment as a National Serviceman. Did Pollard enlist in the CMF to avoid his National Service obligation should his date of birth be selected? Only Pollard knows the answer to that question. On 20 June 1972 Pollard discharged from the CMF at his own request, which was (coincidentally) during the time Australian forces were being withdrawn from Vietnam.

And finally; Pollard recently sent a letter to Mr Terry Meehan, the (former) President, QLD State RSL:


“Mr Terry Meehan

Qld State President



Dear Terry,

1.     Several weeks ago Ian Ruxton, Deputy President of the Southport Sub Branch, acting on a Sub Branch Board request, asked you to provide a copy of the “Memorandum of Understanding”” signed between you as the Qld State President and the then CEO of QLD in relation to the use/operation of the Mates4Mates yacht. Mr Ruxton followed up this request with an SMS to you repeating this communication.

2.     As of this date we have not received any reply from you or even an acknowledgement of the email. We do not accept that this document could in any way be regarded as Confidential and we re- state our request for this document.

3.     We are also very concerned by a unofficial report we have received concerning  recent meetings of the Qld State  Board. The allegation which has been reported to us is that by a majority  the Board expressed a vote  of “No Confidence” in you as President on two separate occasions. As this matter is of direct interest to all Qld Sub Branch members particularly in the lead up to the AGM would you please as a matter of urgency advise:

(a) Is this allegation correct

(b) If so what action do you propose to take as a result

(c) I(c) If the allegation is correct what information do you propose to provide members in relation to your seeking re-election as President if  your fellow Board members have expressed no confidence in you.

4.     As concerned members of the RSL we ask that you treat this communication seriously and not ignore our right to information of relevance and importance.


Yours sincerely


Lawrie Pollard


Southport R&SL Sub Branch

Pollard is questioning Terry Meehan’s integrity regarding a recent event that occurred at the QLD RSL State HQ. Pollard has no right whatsoever to question another person’s integrity, particularly when he has none himself.

Pollard is a disgrace. He has conned his way into the President’s position within the Southport RSL Sub Branch, a position which demands the utmost of integrity, honesty and leadership. He has acted in an official capacity, both as the Vice President and President of the Southport RSL Sub Branch, which can only be regarded as inappropriate and an act of deliberate deception. He has attached a piece of tin to his authorised military medals when he should have been content with the ones he already has. Pollard has tried to lie, cheat and threaten his way out of being exposed, yet all he’s successfully done is bring discredit upon himself, his family and the Southport RSL Sub Branch. This poor excuse of an ex-serviceman needs to be outed as soon as possible before he does more damage to the reputation of the Southport RSL Sub Branch, it’s Executive and it’s members. What’s most disturbing is Pollard has belittled the good name of a relative by sticking a piece of tin onto their rack as well.

Here is a current photo of Mr Pollard (minus the ‘ASIO Medal’)….

Welcome to our website Mr Lawrence Vincent Pollard. This is where you’ll remain for the world to see for the rest of eternity.


Lawrence Pollard


Southport RSL Sub Branch



20 September 2015

It seems not all is well in the Southport RSL Sub Branch. After ANZMI’s comprehensive investigation into Mr Pollard’s lies regarding his fake ASIO medal and transgressions between he and other ranking members of the QLD RSL, he has taken it upon himself to resign from his position as the President of the Southport RSL Sub Branch and from the RSL. Pollard chose the easy option and bolted rather than face the disciplinary action that RSL QLD was going to impose upon him for his less-than-honourable service.


While ANZMI’s investigations have identified Pollard as the miscreant that he is, in the past we’ve also had the opportunity to expose other members of the Southport RSL Sub Branch Executive Committee. These other cheats are Tull and Boese:


After ANZMI’s exposure of Tull he resigned from his role as Honorary Secretary after only 12 months in the job.  Tull is a medal cheat who was caught out and fell on his sword and resigned from the position of Secretary of the Southport RSL Sub Branch.


In 2013 Boese was Treasurer of the Southport RSL Sub Branch. Boese is another member of the Southport RSL Sub Branch Executive Committee who was also exposed by ANZMI as a medal cheat. Further information that has come forward indicates that the members of the Sub Branch have elected him into the position of Vice President!

When will it stop?

In just over two years three members of the Southport RSL Sub Branch Executive Committee have been exposed as medal cheats and liars. They have damaged the good name of the RSL and have flouted the traditions of ANZAC Veterans and have also chosen to disregard the Honours and Traditions of the Australian and (in the case of Boese) New Zealand Defence Forces.

The only way to stop this from occurring is to ensure ALL current and potential committee members are subject to a comprehensive check of their service records. Those who have nothing to hide can take pride in what you have been elected to do. Others who are identified as liars or cheats should be outed immediately.

Finally, here is the latest photo taken of Pollard, Tull and Boese…..





Surname: POLLARD
Christian Names: Vernon Joseph
Country: Australia
State or Province: .
City or Town: .
Service #: 3777580
Service: National Service
Case Notes:


In veteran vernacular, Vernon Pollard was a Nasho who is now a wannabe, because he wears a lot of "Tin".


Here is a list of the medals he wore on a commemorative occasion in Maryborough Queensland.

Australian Defence Medal. Authorised
Commemoration of National Service Medal. Authorised
Queens Golden Jubilee medal. Non authorised
Cannot identify Non authorised
Conscription medal Non authorised
(CMF) Citizens Military Forces/Reserve Forces tin medal riband. Non authorised

He is entitled to wear only these two medals.

PollardInsert2 2021 04 03

He wears six. Three of the six can be clearly identified as non authorised, self awarded "Tin" medals. One of the six is mostly hidden and cannot be identified, but it will be another "Tinny".


His two legitimate medals were for National Service in Australia, however, his posterity, and uninformed civilians celebrating a commemorative occasion, would interpret him as a battle hardened veteran. Those who know, and now those who read this, will know, that he earned only two medals for domestic service in Australia, and that his behaviour is a disgrace to the Australian and New Zealand veteran community.

There are many who wear less than six medals, who have done hard service on overseas deployments and deserve accolades. Pollard is no more that a wannabe, who completed minimal service as a National Serviceman and deserves derision for "his" six medals, not the accolades he seeks.

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