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Surname: Lovett
Christian Names: Gordon Craig
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Sorrento
Service #: 2152459
Service: CMF (Army)
Branch: RAA
Commencement of service: 05 Dec 63
Completion of service: 03 May 68
Case Notes:




Gordon Craig Lovett now aged Sixty Nine years, went to the  Vietnam war on a secret mission. He has proof of that service which is written onto a yellow piece of paper, however, because what is written on the paper is "Very Secret" he can only show you the piece of paper and not the contents.

Notice that Lovett wears five Australian Medals, they are:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)

General Service Medal


Australian Defence Medal

Republicof VietnamCampaign Medal

The photograph provides clear evidence to Law Enforcement agencies of offences against the Defence Act 1903, Part VII Sections 80A and 80B.

80A. Falsely representing to be returned soldier

80B. Improper use of service decorations  

The penalty for both of these offences is a maximum fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Here is what Lovett has said about his Military Service.

"He left Darwin with a specialist "Clean up" group of Australian Soldiers working as a United States (US) Marines and was deployed at Ben Hoa (sic) Vietnam. During his service he was wounded by a bullet grazing his head. He and another soldier were sent to Vung Tau (sic) for twenty one days of Rest and Recuperation (R&R) leave.  For his head wound he was awarded a US Purple Heart Medal, but has not yet received it.  The yellow piece of paper gives evidence of the Purple Heart but as previously stated it is for his eyes only"

Here is the truth of his service.

Lovett enlisted into the Australian Citizens Military Forces (CMF)  on the 5 December 1963. He was allocated to a 9th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery .  He was discharged on 3 May 1968 for non attendance.  During the 1,650 days that he was a member of the CMF,  he managed to work for only 148 days over the five and a half year period. 

Considering that it takes at least 90 days for a recruit to complete basic training. It is very apparent that he would not have been an effective Gunner.

In recent times Lovett joined an ex Service Group on the Gold Coast of Queensland and began uttering the nonsense of his military history.  He was quickly recognised as a fraud and action was taken to remove him from the organisation.

Lovett's Service file has been perused and it reflects only his CMF Service. He is not listed on the Official Vietnam Nominal Roll and he is not listed on The Casualty List, which would have been the case if he was wounded in Action.

Every Veteran who served in Vietnam would recognise that Lovett's story is simply a pack of lies.

Lovett is a traditional liar fraud and wannabe, he is an example of the reason we exist. He steals the honour of all Veterans and grossly insults the memory of those who did not return.

We welcome him to our web site and warn those from the Gold Coast area to keep a watch for this despicable fraud.


Surname: Luk
Christian Names: Kelly Wingkee
Country: Australia
State or Province: ACT
City or Town: Canberra
Service: Army
Branch: RMC Duntroon
Case Notes:

Kelly Wingkee Luk –  Federal Police Officer and Wannabe

Prior to joining the Australian Federal Police, Kelly Wingkee Luk had the privilege of graduating from the Australian Defence Force Academy, and then attending Royal Military College (RMC) Duntroon to finish off his training as a Commissioned Army Officer.

 Luk did not graduate from RMC and was discharged from the Army.  His behaviour, in relation to this exposure, indicates his removal from RMC was a wise decision.  Below is Kelly Wingkee Luk in various poses in the uniform of a Federal Police Officer wearing Defence Force medals, medal ribbands and other accoutrements.



In one photograph Luk is wearing the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) with a clasp and the Australian Defence Medal (ADM), in addition he is wearing a Peacekeepers Blue Beret. The AASM is awarded with a clasp to denote the prescribed operation. Subsequent awards to the same person are made with an additional clasp.  The Governor-General has approved the following clasps for the award of the Australian Active Service Medal: Kuwait, Cambodia (20/10/91-7/10/93), Balkans (12/1/92-24/1/97), Vietnam 1975, East Timor (Faber 16/9/99-23/2/00, Warden 16/9/99-10/4/00, Tanager 20/2/00-19/5/02, Citadel 20/5/02-17/8/03), Somalia (Solace 10/1/93-21/5/93, Land & Air 2 nd UN Op 1/5/93-Present), Namibia, Rwanda, ICAT and IRAQ 2003. Luk was not involved in any of those deployments.

In the other photo he is wearing three unrecognizable medal ribbands and an Army Combat Badge (ACB).  

The truth is he has no entitlement to any Medals, ribbands, beret or the ACB

We have been contacted by people who served with Luk and they advise that he enlisted in January 1998 and resigned in February 2002 and spent his entire Defence Career in Canberra. Never at any time was he deployed on operational service.

By wearing medals he did not earn and by claiming to be a returned veteran, as further evidenced by the ACB, Luk has committed offences against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Sections 80A and 80B. Both these offences carry a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine and six months imprisonment or both.

We don’t know if Luk is still a serving Federal Police Officer and we make no comment regarding that aspect, however, Veterans everywhere, will not tolerate frauds and wannabes who wear medals and badges without having done the hard work to earn them.

Apparently he never absorbed any of the rich military traditions and personal integrity that is required of a Commissioned Army Officer, because he has proven that he is a liar, fraud and wannabe, and therefore deserves the ignominious position of being featured on this web site.  

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Lyles
Christian Names: Geoffrey Philip
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Kyneton
Service #: D1082549
Service: Royal Navy
Branch: RN UK
Commencement of service: Jun 64
Completion of service: Jan 66
Case Notes:




ANZMI were contacted by Peter MICKELBUROUGH, of the Melbourne Herald/Sun Newspaper, advising us that he had been confided in that the incumbent President of Kyneton RSL was suspected to be a bogus veteran wearing medals that he had no entitlement to. Should this prove to be fact it would be the fourth bogus Victorian RSL President unmasked in the past 12 months.

Whilst awaiting confirmation from British Navy records, a background check began on LYLES. This man was a Minister of religion who had ministered to five Uniting Church congregations in the rural areas of Kyneton, Barfold, Metcalfe, Mia Mia and Sutton Grange for six years, until his retirement in October 2013. Surely a "man of the cloth" would not pose as a bogus veteran?? Read on.....

ANZMI received a copy of LYLES' RN service which clearly displayed he had served, but only from June 1964 to January 1966. His only postings were to shore based training establishments where he qualified as a Junior Radio Operator Class 1 - and then was "Discharged Shore - Unsuitable". Hence, a minimal term of service which saw LYLES never embark on any operational service. Why was it then that he had worn Active Service medals for Borneo/Malaya supposedly awarded by the RN?

Proudly pinned to his left breast at many RSL functions this pretender wore the General Service Medal and two medals depicting Borneo/Malaya service - one being the Pinjat Singh awarded by the Malayan Government. When correspondence began, the main comments were that LYLES was a reputable upstanding member of the community, a religious man who had represented the Uniting Church, surely he would not cross the line and hoodwink genuine veterans into electing him a "Veteran" President of their RSL? Contact also made by a member of the Kyneton Masonic Lodge made clear the ill-feeling within their ranks - the word "betrayed" cracks more than one mention.

Folks, this is not the first such case of its kind, ANZMI debunked a bogus Archbishop a few years back, have a look at him on this website:


When the first article of LYLES suspected fraud hit the streets, members of Kyneton RSL were stunned. One female member received a 30 day suspension from the Sub Branch for questioning LYLES at a general meeting. Instead of answering her questions regarding club financial matters and his veteran status, this "offended" President had her suspended. A Vietnam veteran who questioned LYLES' bona fides was also suspended for 30 days. Such was the power this pretender held over his committee.

Time moved on and the State President of the RSL became involved. Here we must give kudos to Peter MICKELBUROUGH from the Herald/Sun Newspaper.
He had begun a crusade to wipe out wannabes in the RSL, personally
investigating and reporting on four bogus presidents in the past 12 months. Surely the National and State Branches of the RSL need to sit up and do more that harrumph and splutter. It is time to re-write the "Rules of Engagement" and properly vet every person who holds office in Victoria.

It is interesting to read Major General McLACHLAN's statement where he says:

"There is no tolerance whatsoever in these situations and the individuals have been required to resign and the matter referred to the civilian authorities (police)".

We all now are awaiting notification of this ex minister of religion and bogus veteran having his day in court. All we require is a date and location.

Even after LYLES became the fourth bogus President to leave office in disgrace in the past year, his control over the current committee is still obviously present. In a letter to the suspended female member, the replacement President Graeme DAY writes - inter alia - "Because ANZAC House was notified by you and the media contacted by persons unknown - this has been the catalyst for unnecessary anguish for the former President". People - I ask you, who is this LYLES character? We also suggest that current President Graeme DAY enrol himself in a course of "ethics and moral behaviour." He may learn how to treat the members of the Sub Branch with more respect for doing their duty and questioning the alleged service and medals entitlement of a suspect Sub Branch President.

History teaches us that many years ago a mad Russian monk named RASPUTIN gained control over Czars and Counts by using hypnotherapy and mind control - has he been reincarnated in Kyneton? Get real and take a broom to the entire committee of this RSL. Proper governance and probity needs immediate attention.

Geoffrey Philip LYLES - you have walked through the blood of our brothers, men who never got to wear their issued medals. Men and women who paid the ultimate price for your freedom.

May your God take pity on you because we don't.


The extract shown below is from the latest issue of the Victoria RSL Magazine "Mufti". It reflects how serious Victoria RSL Headquarters are about eradicating frauds and wannabes from RSLs


"Over the past year or so, we have detected in our membership a number of individuals wearing campaign and service medals to which they were not entitled.

Unfortunately in four cases the individuals concerned were in leadership roles in Sub-Branches and, as a consequence, attracted adverse publicity for the Sub-Branch and the RSL in general. There is no tolerance whatsoever in these situations and the individuals have been required to resign and the matter referred to the civilian authorities. As a matter of governance, it is now seen as necessary to have all candidates for leadership positions in the sub-branch provide evidence to support their entitlements to medals worn. I know this will not go down well, but we need to protect ourselves from further embarrassment. I therefore ask you to work with me in this regard.

Amendments to reflect this requirement will be prepared for the Corporate Governance Bylaw as a matter of urgency".

Surname: Lynch
Christian Names: Steven Ronald
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Charters Towers
Service #: None
Service: None
Branch: None
Commencement of service: None
Completion of service: None
Case Notes:




Steven Ronald Lynch was born on the 29 Oct 1959.  He now resides in the Historic Town of Charters Towers in Northern Queensland.

Lynch has a penchant to tell lies on the resumes that he sends out to prospective employers. Here are three examples:


What a disappointing effort at being a wannabe. Perhaps the misinformation on the resumes was designed to keep spies "in the dark" . 

2nd  Battalion does not have and never has had Helicopters.

5th/3rd Aviation has never existed in the Australian Defence Force

Australian Army Catering Corp/Aviation Officer.  Perhaps he was a Flying Cook?

Lynch likes those around him to know about his military career, but he doesn't like to talk about it because it reminds him of the smell of  " burning and decomposing bodies".  Like all wannabes of this ilk Lynch blames his miserable behaviour as being the consequences of his Defence Service. 

Claiming to have smelled burning and decomposing bodies during his defence service is a low act that exhibits the depth of disrespect that Wannabes will stoop to garner sympathy for their fake


A Defence file was sought to compare his actual service with his claimed service. It is no surprise that no file could be located. Ahhh well we guess he will say that is because of the secret nature of his work.

Here is the reply from National Australia Archives:


Lynch is a miserable person who has never served in the Australian Defence Force.

Lynch is a liar, fraud and wannabe deserving no sympathy, but at least he now has this exposure to make him miserable.

Welcome pseudo Helicopter pilot Steven Ronald Lynch.







Surname: Lyons
Christian Names: Victor Edward George
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: RAAF
Case Notes:

Victor Edward George Lyons

Australians were horrified when POW’s returned to Australia at the end of WW2. The hardships and degradation they suffered was clearly evident in their emaciated, broken bodies. These scenes were so confronting that many years passed before the horrors of imprisonment by the Japanese were made public by the Government.

We all came to revere these wonderful men who had given so much for their country and had suffered such appalling atrocities. They still achieved great things during their lifetimes, working for the Australian community, despite the horrific experiences they suffered during confinement as prisoners of war by the Japanese in Changi Prison.


Victor LYONS preyed on the Australian public who would never question his impeccable credentials of being a Changi POW and he has managed to bask in that acclaim for over forty years.  Victor Edward George LYONS, Service Number 164774, enlisted in the RAAF in Sydney NSW on 18 July 1944, having turned 18 just over a week earlier on 9 July 1944.   He was initially enlisted as a Trainee Tech on the basis of 18 months prior experience as an assistant motor cycle mechanic working for Mr R.G. Thwaite’s Boomerang Garage at Auburn, a Sydney suburb.

His service records show that after trade testing he was re-mustered as a Steward. He was later trained as a Cook in 1945. He was demobilised in Darwin on 20 June 1946. His trade classification at discharge was cook and he had achieved the rank of Leading Aircraftsman.

His medal entitlement was the 1939-45 War Medal. His records clearly show that he never served outside Australia.

At some stage following his discharge from the RAAF in 1946, Victor LYONS became a Changi POW survivor, attracting all the kudos and reverence from his family and friends that such sacrifice and service for his country deserved. Friends spoke of him in glowing terms and without exception, with immense respect, mindful of the ordeals and trauma that he had allegedly suffered during his supposed internment as a POW in Changi. 

Victor Lyons is an accomplished liar.   Some examples of this dubious quality follow: 

He began his service as a 15 year old air gunner in Wellingtons in England and then served with the 5th U.S. Air Force Liberators in the Pacific. (This story was supported by photographs of similar aircraft displayed on his TV room wall)

He was shot down 3 times and ended up a POW on the Emperor’s Railway in Singapore. He flew at least 28 mission over the Pacific/New Guinea/Gulf of Carpentaria areas, crashing a few times.

He had his stomach removed following being shot down.  He now has a plastic stomach and requires special dietary attention. He claimed to have been shipwrecked and picked up by a Japanese patrol boat and subsequently interned in Changi.

He claims to have murdered a Formosan guard prior to his release from Changi. The guard was known as “Boy Bastard”. (Bryce Courtenay’s characterisation of the Sandakan death marches in his novel “Four Fires” includes a Formosan guard employed by the Japanese who was also coincidentally called “Boy Bastard”)

He claimed to have suffered continuous ill-treatment at the hands of the Japanese. He claims he cannot have children because of the war injuries inflicted by the Japanese.

 He claims to have enlisted under different names. Victor Lyons shows visitors a book entitled “More Lives Than A Cat - Three and a Half Years as a Prisoner of War of the Japanese” by Guy Baker. A photograph on page 337 depicts a very emaciated man.  The photograph has printed underneath it the words; “This is how many men looked when they returned to Changi from the Burma Thailand Railway”. Victor LYONS has written beside the photograph in his own hand; “Victor Lyons 20 years of age weighing 7 stone It was in this condition that I killed The Boy Bastard & was charged with murder”

He claimed that scarring on his legs was caused by Japanese guards using bayonets. (His enlistment medical report states: scars underside lower right thigh, scars right and left patellae, scars rear left leg and shin)

He claims to suffer frequent dreadful nightmares relating to his time spent as a POW, but in light of the CPMH research that has disclosed his actual service record, perhaps this is just the effects of a guilty conscience.

He claims that his war medals were stolen. He claims that his dishonourable discharge prevents him from receiving a gold card that would assist him with the cost of operations for injuries caused by his ill-treatment in Changi.

Victor Lyon's make believe world began to crumble several years ago. He required an operation to repair knee damage, supposedly a war injury. Friends and relatives suggested he should apply for a Gold Card to assist with the cost of the operation. His continued refusal raised suspicions about his war service.

He claimed he may be arrested for murder for killing a Formosan guard “Boy Bastard” if he made a claim for benefits and his whereabouts became known to the government. He also claimed at this time that he had received the $25,000.00 compensation paid to all WW2 prisoners of war. (So apparently the government knew where he could be found after all)

Victor Lyon’s shabby charade was finally exposed when an attempt was made to locate old comrades who might attend his surprise 80th birthday party. A letter was forwarded to the ex- POW Association magazine Barbed Wire and Bamboo, requesting help to provide information and to try to locate friends. A couple of replies along the lines of “Who’s been having you on?” prompted a search for Victor Lyons military records.

When the records were made available it was obvious that this parasite has for over 40 years been fraudulently obtaining friendships and respect to which he has absolutely no lawful or moral entitlement.

Victor Lyons full record of service breaks down to simply the following:

Service Record
Service    Royal Australian Air Force 
Service Number    164774 
Date of Birth    9 Jul 1926
Place of Birth    DARLINGHURST, NSW
Date of Enlistment    18 Jul 1944 
Locality on Enlistment    NORTH AUBURN, NSW 
Place of Enlistment    SYDNEY, NSW 
Next of Kin    LYONS, THOMAS  
Date of Discharge    20 Jun 1946
Rank    Leading Aircraftman 
Posting at Discharge    DARWIN 
WW2 Honours and Gallantry    None for display
Prisoner of War    No

When we remember the wonderful examples of courage, humility, and perseverance exhibited by Weary Dunlop and his POW comrades, it is patently obvious that Victor Edward George LYONS is not fit to carry out the stinking slops buckets from their huts in Changi prison.

The comment below sent in by one of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous:

I have stood in the war cemeteries in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, Sandakan, Borneo and Kranji, Singapore, seen the endlessrows of headstones of those that died at the hands ofof the Japs, shed a tear for all the young lives lost andgiven thanks  that some tough and hardy souls made it hometo Australia. Those survivors have aways had my, and the Australian community's, highest respect and honour.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.



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