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Surname: Lloyd
Christian Names: David Kenneth
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Imbil
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:

213923 David Kenneth Lloyd served in the Australian Regular Army for a period of 6 years from 1961 to 1967. During this time he served in the third battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), and saw service in Malaya between 1963 and 1965.   He was a private soldier.

This just cannot be the DK Lloyd we are exposing here, as those that know him, and this includes members of the New South Wales and Northern Territory Police Force in which he served for a number of years, could tell you a very different story, as he has indicated to them that he was a former member of the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) and served with them in VietNam. He even wore the medal ribands of this conflict on his police uniform.

D.K. Lloyd served as a police officer in both New South Wales and then in the Northern Territory before moving to Imbil in Queensland around 1995/96.  As a member of the NT Police he related his stories of SAS service in VietNam and would readily produce "his" Army Battle Dress uniform complete with Sergeant Chevrons, SAS accoutrements, and medals.     

He was very active in the Returned and Services League (R&SL), Alice Springs, and this almost saw him lead the ANZAC day parade as the parade commander in 1995.  Unfortunately he had been relating his so-called service exploits to fellow police officers who became suspicious and checked out his service.  It is extremely unfortunate for Mr Lloyd that a very large number of the Territory's police officers are former veterans.  He was confronted by some of them and from there it appears he not only didn't march at the head of the column, he didn't march at all.

In fact he promptly sold up and moved to Imbil, across the border in Queensland, possibly thinking that in this quiet town he would be able to get away with his charade.   Again he was wrong as the members of the R&SL in Imbil are vigilant and very thorough in checking the bona-fides of all who wish to join their club.   Imbil is a small community.  The welcome sign to the town shows the population as 434.  Two of whom at this stage have been identified as  bogus war veterans.

The irony here is that D.K. Lloyd, no doubt thinking he was doing his civil duty, or maybe in an attempt to gain some credibility with the veterans, was one of the people that pointed out that Geoffrey James Watson, who also resides here on the pages of CPMH,  was not who he appeared to be.   It would seem that within the bogus veteran community it is a dog-eat-dog situation as they will expose each other in an attempt to gain credibility within the genuine veterans area.   

Nonetheless Lloyd was confronted about his service to which he replied that he had a discharge certificate to verify his service.   This is true, if he is relating to his service in Malaya in 1963-65 as a private soldier, but it will not show any promotion ot the rank of Sergeant, service for VietNam and will not show that he has earned the general service medal pre-1962, nor the 2 VietNam medals, and possibly the National medal that he wears.  We know. We have a copy on file. The truth is that the only medal/s depicted in the photograph you see here that he is entitled to is the general service medal post 1962 and possibly, the National medal as this could have been earned with an accumulation of military and police service.    

D.K. Lloyd was a police officer in one state and a territory of Australia and as such should have been a well respected pillar of each of the communities, however, further information alleges  that even in his role as a police officer there may have been certain problems whilst he was in charge of a lost property section of the department in the Northern Territory. Add to this the suspicions about who allegedly owns the VietNam medals that he proudly wears. To this effect it is believed that there are certain police officers that would like to interview him if he should ever stray back into their jurisdiction.  

Currently he is a member of the Nambour (Queensland) R&SL and it is possible that he may march with them on ANZAC or VietNam Veterans Day (August 18).   We know for a fact that there is a certain veteran in Alice Springs that would appreciate a fellow service-person or R&SL official  checking the name on the rim of the medals that he will be wearing and he can be contacted through the Alice Springs Returned and Services League, telephone: 08 8952 2868 or email: rslalicesprings@octa4.net.au   

The face of D.K. Lloyd is changing fast as the years take their toll.  See the recent photograph (below) taken during his days in Imbil.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.


Christian Names: James
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Wauchope
Service: Nil
Case Notes:


James Lonergan is either a "hard arse", Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Operative, or a liar and wannabe.



We choose the latter, because he doesn't look like a "hard arse" SASR Operative, and his stories of military adventure are absymal.

We hold statements, detailing what he has said about his Australian Defence Force adventures. For instance:

"He was a Captain in the Special Air Service Regiment and has been deployed on overseas missions". When deployed to Iraq he was located in Kuwait, and went on a mission to Iraq. He was intercepted, and chased back across the Iraq Kuwait, border by Iraq soldiers, to a pick up point to meet a USA Helicopter, however, he was late at the pickup point and was not picked up, so he returned to Kuwait by foot. Back at base he told off and swore at the American pickup Helicopter pilot, and for that, was demoted to Lieutenant in SASR".
Whilst serving in Australia:

"As an SASR officer he was at the Blackhawk disaster in Townsville in 1996, and was tasked with the recovery of those who were killed"

"He was part of an SASR contingent located at Singleton Army Training Camp. Two soldiers training at Singleton, had the weekend off, were bored, and decided to go and upset an SASR contingent. The soldiers walked into a mine field, one of the soldiers decided to leap onto a mine which was set off, and he was killed" When asked if this event made the news, and he said, "no the Range Masters' were quiet about the event".

Mr Longeran also claims that "he has been awarded two military crosses".

After many attempts, Lonergan was finally contacted by a researcher, and when asked, what Australian Defence service he has had, he said "none",

He has never served in the Australia Defence Force, and his only adventures, have been hosing down fires as a member of a Rural Fire Brigade. We suggest that he gets himself hosed down, and stops telling lies about military matters that he obviously knows nothing about.

Surname: Long
Christian Names: Kenneth Clive
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

Kenneth Clive Long - Medals cheat

Kenneth Clive Long is a medals cheat, who has obviously purchased a Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM) to enhance his approved rack. The VCM is a commonly abused award and we have many examples on our pages. In the photograph of Kenneth Long below, the offending medal is on the far right of his rack and is shown below his photograph.



Here is the eligibility for the medal


"The Australian government maintained the basic qualifying criteria specified by the Republic of Vietnam for allied troops. To be eligible for the medal a person must have completed a minimum period of 181 days, either continuous or aggregated, unless: killed on active service (KIA);wounded in action i.e. classified as a Battle Casualty and evacuated as a result of those wounds; or  captured and later released or escaped."

Kenneth Long served in Vietnam for 177 days before being returned to Australia for personal reasons. This information is reflected in both his Defence Service Record and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Certificate of Vietnam War Service. See below:


There are no grey areas, 181 days is the criteria, Kenneth Long does not meet the criteria and has usurped the Governor General’s responsibilities by purchasing and awarding himself the medal.
We know there are many more self awarded and unofficial medals in the Veteran Community and as soon as offenders are recognized they will be exposed as cheats and frauds


Update Kenneth Clive Long

Entitlements to Medals are concise, if you meet the criterion you wear the medal.

Long does not meet the rules to wear the Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM), however, he is not alone in erring about this matter, there is a Triad of errors. Those erring are:

1. Kenneth Long
2. Central Army Records Office (CARO).
3. Department of Defence Honours and Awards.

We have clearly defined the facts for wearing the medal in our original exposure.

Since posting the exposure, Long has been bleating about removing him from our web site.

Here is his latest bleat:

Date: 25 March 2014 10:16
Subject: Confirmation of Service
To: >

Hi xxxx,

You say there are no grey areas, you are completely wrong!!! There are compassionate reasons and this is where my solution falls. I have emailed you on previous occasions explaining why I am eligible to wear the Vietnamese Campaign Medal and you have refused to listen to any of my explainations. (sic)

I now direct you to take my name from the site and to write an apology to me and my family for misplacing me as a MEDAL CHEAT and causing undue stress upon us all.
I would also like you to inform me of your address and phone number as well as your legal representative as you have not heard the last of me.

Please find attached a record from Honours and Awards dated 19 March, 2014 confirming that I have qualified for and have been awarded the medal.

I await your prompt response,

Ken Long"

Below is the "record from Honours and Awards dated 19 March 2014 " that Long refers to"



Notice that it says:

"An examination of your Service Record confirms that you have qualified for and have been awarded the following awards

Vietnam Campaign Medal"

Department of Defence Honours and Awards did not examine Long's Service Record, if they had, they would discover he has no entitlement for the VCM.

Many years ago CARO erroneously included a VCM on Long's Certificate of Service.

Honours and Awards have simply "parroted" CARO's mistake and instead of correctly advising Long of his non entitlement have very much exacerbated the problem.

Long did not serve 181 days in Vietnam, and he was not returned home because of enemy action. He served 177 days and returned home for administrative or personal reasons.

It would appear that Long lacks the ability to understand simple instructions and even though CARO and Honours and Awards have wrongly confirmed his entitlement any reasonable person would know that they had erred because the criterion of serving 181 days in Vietnam was not met.

We ask that the erring Triad take the following action:

1. Kenneth Long. Get the ribbon off and stop whingeing and making threats.

2. CARO advise long of your error and apologise.

3. Honours and Awards apologise for not properly checking Long's Service
Record and providing incorrect information.

In his email to us Long states that our policy is " that there are no grey areas and that we are completely wrong" Long is correct about there being no grey areas and when the CARO and Honours and Awards advise him or their errors, he will learn that our report is truthful and accurate and there are no grey areas when it comes to medals entitlements.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.

Persons appearing on our site that are now deceased will not be removed, but the case will have the word "Deceased" placed next to their name when we are advised.



Surname: Longden
Christian Names: Neal
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Goodna
Service #: Unknown
Service: RAAF
Branch: Unknown
Commencement of service: 1948
Completion of service: 1975
Case Notes:




Neal Longden poked his head up for a media interview on 7th March 2015. If, like Longden you want to raise your profile by becoming a media star, you should ensure that you are not wearing unearned, non awarded medals.

Longden wears six medals and should only wear five. The last medal is a self purchased commemorative medal worn only for vanity

Here is the offending medal:

It is an Imperial National Defence Medal that is purchased from the United Kingdom for Seventy Five Pounds.

Pasting old blokes onto our web site gives us no joy, however, be aware those who flaunt medals protocols will eventually be noticed and given a prominent position on our wall of shame.

Surname: Love
Christian Names: Andrew Thomas
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Shoalhaven
Service: Citizen Military Forces
Case Notes:

Andrew Thomas Love aka (Drew)

He proudly "sports" on his left breast the following medals:

Australian Active Service medal 1945 – 75.

Vietnam Medal

National Service medal

Vietnamese Campaign medal.



 Andrew Thomas Love is neither a National Serviceman nor a Vietnam Veteran.

"Drew" has "conned" the Returned Services League (RSL), and Vietnam Veterans Association NSW Branch Inc., and his "friends" into accepting him as a veteran member.

Full membership to the RSL depends on the following criteria.

You can apply to become a member of the League if you:

Served in any Australian Defence Forces in either of the two World Wars or in any theatre of conflict; or

Served overseas for not less than six months as a member of an approved peace-keeping force; or

Served for not less than six months in the regular or reserve forces of the ADF, or of any country not an enemy of Australia (shorter service can also qualify if discharge was honourable and for reasons beyond an individual's control); or

If you are an Australian or allied citizen and served with or in support of the ADF or allied forces in any theatre or conflict; or

Served during World War II, as a member of the Australian Women's Land Army or as a voluntary aid detachment in a military or convalescent hospital .

Full/Ordinary membership to the VVAA.

Any person who served in South Vietnam between the 23rd May 1962 and the 29th April 1975 (both dates inclusive) in any of the Armed Forces.

On both the RSL and the VVAA NSW Branch Inc., Applications to Join, the spaces where service details and regimental numbers are listed have been left blank, yet the applications have been approved for full membership.


Now how can genuine veterans preserve their honour when our primary veteran organisations do not follow simple rules and check the bona fides of applicants?   Organisations that do not follow the proper protocols for membership are aiding and abetting the proliferation of Wannabes, Military impostors and pension fraudsters

"Drew" claims to have served in Vietnam, in a Cavalry unit, under another name, this was in 1971. He has been seen proudly sporting the Armoured Corps Blazer, Beret and Badge.

Andrew Love has experienced Military Service, he enlisted in the Citizens Military Forces (CMF), 1st,15th Royal New South Wales Lancers, on 25 July 1972 as a Trooper Recruit and was discharged medically unfit, 14 November 1972 as a Trooper Recruit.

We have a copy of  "Drew's" Application to Enlist in the CMF. To the question in paragraph 17 that asks, "Have you served in any armed Force" "Drew" answered   - "No"   



"Drew" was enlisted into the CMF as a Trooper Recruit and discharged four months later as a Trooper Recruit. Would a medal bedecked, jungle trained, Armoured Personnel Carrier Jockey enlist into the CMF as a Trooper Recruit in the year following his operational service. "Drew," says he did. "Drew" was unable to cope with four months of CMF training so don't tell me he ever pulled on a boot with the professionals.



Drew's Record of Service for his time with the CMF shows no entries in the block for "Decorations and Medals", why, because Drew never had any medals in 1972 because he never earned any in South Vietnam in 1971 as he claims.


Drew has paraded himself as a National Serviceman and Vietnam veteran for many years, in the Nowra region, he even ran for election to office in the Bomaderry RSL, advertising his qualifications as "A National Serviceman and Vietnam Veteran" on an Election Flyer.


A copy of the Flyer was sent to CARO for verification and on the 26th July 2000 CARO wrote; inter alia

"The attachment from the Bomaderry R.S.L Club Limited, Qualifications and Experience of Candidates for Election 2000, is of interest as it records that Andrew (Drew) Love was a National Serviceman and a Vietnam veteran.   This office has no record of Andrew Love being either".

 The Federal Police investigated Drew in Jul 2000.   In a letter from a Federal Agent,  of 4 July 2000 it was stated inter alia   

"This matter has been further investigated by our Operations Monitoring Centre (OMC) and it has been established that while Andrew LOVE is recorded as having four (4) months service with the Australian armed forces in 1972, it has been further established that it is highly unlikely that Andrew LOVE is in fact a Vietnam Veteran. It is also understood that Andrew LOVE is not currently receiving any benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs".


Love said in a letter that he wrote in late July 2004. inter alia

"The name Love does not appear on the Nominal Roll of Vietnam, I repeat that it does not appear.   The reasons for this are confidential and will remain so."

He further wrote:

"In October 2000 my record was brought up in discussion at the Bomaderry RSL Sub Branch, coincidently it was raised when I was not in attendance.   I produced the following to the then Secretary and the current President.  They being Dave Hardy and & Alex Stevens and now the President of the VVA Sub Branch Bob O'Grady has viewed these.

Original Medical Files.

Original Driving Test (Army)

In confidence Records of Service inclusive of this (sic) decorations and medals.

RAS Badge with accompanying paper work identifying the number and recipient.

Army correspondence re issue of medals"

Drew has supporters in the Nowra area who believe he is their friend, some have seen the documents he flashes around and believe his stories. Friends of "Drew" I say to you that you must be gullible but remarkable people to accept this human enigma as a friend.

We wrote "Drew" a letter requesting proof that he is an ex National Serviceman and a Vietnam Veteran, he chose to ignore our letter.

All we want Drew, is to see some real evidence to support your claims like:

The number on the rear of the RAS Badge.

The name inscribed on your medals.

The Record of Service that you have flashed around.

 We believe, whilst "Drew" was thundering around Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam in his Armoured Personnel Carrier a "Twin Spirit", was working as a Fitter and Machinist Toolmaker in LOVES Carbide Tooling Services, 67 Clapham Rd Sefton, NSW, a family business in Sefton, Sydney. When "Drew" enlisted in the CMF in 1972 he noted this employment from 1968 to 1972 in the Work History section paragraph 13 of his CMF Enlistment Application.  


Funny thing, the "Twin Spirit's" name was also Andrew Thomas Love born 16 Oct 1951. He looked the same; he had the same name and was born on the same day – If it looks like a "Drew", quacks like a "Drew" and waddles like a "Drew" then it is a "Drew" and Drew Love has been bowled out for a duck because "Drew" Love was never in Vietnam, in 1971 he was safe, working nine to five in the family business in Sefton, Sydney

"Drew" Love was never a National Serviceman or a Vietnam Veteran; however, he is a conman, a liar, and a thief of veterans' honour.   He has "conned" people who he claimed as his friends, he has lied about his military service, and he has stolen the honour of the veteran whose medals he wears. Incidentally to whom do the medals belong, if they weren't issued to "Drew" they may be plastic or perhaps they are medals that have been donated to the RSL and now listed as missing – anything is possible. Only "Drew" can enlighten us about "his" medals.

Drew your threats of legal action that you have dished out for many years as your first line of defence do not wash with CPMH, because, we have irrefutable proof of your miserable actions.

Andrew Thomas Love you will stay on our web site as a chronic offender and one of the worst that we have had to deal with. You have basked in the lime light of the honour of veterans, now you can wallow in the shame of your exposure.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


Surname: Loveridge
Christian Names: Allen J
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 0
Completion of service: 0
Case Notes:

Allen J Loveridge – aka “The Pathetic Parasite” is a Wannabe, Liar, Fraud, Conman, Cheat, Sponger and Loverat.

According to Allen J Loveridge who “crawls” around the Campsie, Parramatta, Merrylands area of Sydney NSW, he is an Army Commissioned Officer who graduated from Royal Military College Duntroon (RMC) and is on continuous “Secret Missions” to world wide destinations



Social Networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are not good places to make ridiculous claims about your “military career”, particularly if you have never pulled on a military boot of any kind.  See Loveridge’s Facebook and LinkedIn entries




Notice the ridiculous claims made by Loveridge in the documents


Document 1.

He states in the column on the right that he is one of the people being transported to the Navy ship.

Document 2.

Says he is:

An Australian Army Captain, serving with 6th Brigade.

A combat Specialist.

An Intelligence Specialist.

An Infantry Officer.

Document 3.

Claims to be:

Allan Loveridge  "Intell Australian Defence Force, who was educated at “Australian Royal Military Collage” (sic)". The idiot can’t even spell College.

Loveridge claims to be a secret agent for the Australian army who graduated from RMC two years ago, as no less than a captain, and claims to have been to Iraq, Afghanistan, and all around the world. Says he was recruited as a “computer hacker” and goes on overseas missions, earning three thousand dollars per week

Even though he boasts about his high pay, he never has cash. He explains this as being because he “donates his pay to a Children’s Hospital Charity Fund to avoid tax”.

Loveridge is the lowest form of conman, who uses the ploy of being an Army “Secret Agent” to charm, and then sponge off vulnerable young women. He lodges in their house, pays nothing towards his “board and keep”, tells lies about paying household expenses, and then when it all catches up with him he moves on. Many have subsequently incurred debt and financial hardship due to his ongoing deception and false promises of restitution

One of his partners often dropped him off at a Sydney Military establishment where he pretended to work, but he would return back home a few hours later.

In recent times we have intercepted text messages sent to and from Loveridge -  Allan J Loveridge, Super Spy. They make amusing reading

27 May 13

“ Me - hey where are you

Down in Canberra working at Royal Military College Duntroon Intelligence training cadets

Me - really”

28 May 13

Yeah been down here all weekend. Leave tomorrow for Western Australia (WA)

me - why are you going to WA

Work took my self off medical leave so now I'm back at work full time I pretty much get sent around a lot then from WA will be going to Afghanistan for 3 months

me - Well you and xxxx broke up so I assumed that was cos of you going back to xxxxxx.

No idea what she was thinking. I told her I'm gonna stay on base and will come over but it's better for our relationship if we spend some time apart and a few days later she ended it so it was like well meh. (sic)

me - I just assumed you went back to xxxxxx

Nope who told you that

me- xxxxxx did

Via text? She didn't tell you why?

me -She told me on the phone but I didn’t push the issue as it was recent

Who told you we broke up?

me - Oh. Sorry. I just assumed that you had gone back. So who are you with now.

No one. Taking time to resort (sic) out my life. Pretty much we broke up cause I took my self off medical leave I got emails when I'm working but never what time so I couldn't tell her and she got shitty over that then she started getting shitty cause I had a kid with xxxxx and she couldn't deal with it and when I would get a msg from xxxxxx about xxxxx she would snap so I left so we where (sic) not together 24/7 and have some time apart and she couldn't handle that so she started going on with hatefully words so pretty much it was tit for tat and yeah. So I figured after court when I went to work to just move back on base cause she couldn't deal with xxxx and me having xxxxx   Pretty much where it was heading for was I had to pick between her and xxxxx and if she was gonna make me pick she was going to lose. He's my son yeah the situation was fucked up but I'm not gonna leave my son to grow up with out a father for some girl.

me - Well I will give you a call at Duntroon tomorrow to say hello. It would be good to catch up.

Won't be there tomorrow I'm leaving here in like 4 hours back to Sydney

me - what happened with going to WA and then afghanistan?

Leaving duntroon at 5am to go back to Sydney then from Sydney to WA then WA to Afghanistan via navy

me - Why Afghanistan when we are drawing troops out. Nothing left to do.

Yes there is, we are the primary training to the afghan army now. Although we are withdrawing our troops we are still there to train them and bring our stuff back

me -What stuff are you bringing back. Lunch boxes and beer cans?

We have a lot of equipment over there that has to be brought back.

me -OK I will email you then

Can't no email access at Richmond RAAF base”


There it is, two days in the life of Loveridge - Allan J Loveridge Super Spy, who is really a pathetic Wannabe, Liar, Fraud, Conman, Cheat, Sponger and Loverat.

We have unearthed other “Loverat Secret Service” scum on this web site here are some of them:

Montgomery   http://www.anzmi.net/montgomery/montgomery.html

Bennetts http://www.anzmi.net/bennetts/bennetts.html

Gwilliam  http://www.anzmi.net/gwilliam/gwilliam.html

As well as the immorality of what Loveridge is doing by interfering in the lives of vulnerable women, he is also committing offences against the Defence Act 1903 Part VII Section 80A whereas he is falsely claiming to be a returned veteran. That offence has a maximum penalty of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Have no doubt; Loveridge is an insipid, despicable low down parasite who could never hold any position in the Australian Defence Force, but he will hold a position on this web site for the rest of his life.  From now on, any person who types his name into a computer Search Engine will discover the truth about  Loveridge - Allan J Loveridge - codenamed “The pathetic parasite”

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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