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Surname: Cerminara
Christian Names: Ralph
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8298192
Service: Army
Branch: Gunner, Royal Australian Artillery
Commencement of service: 27 August 2002
Completion of service: 18 September 2004
Case Notes:




Ralph Cerminara is described in some circles as ‘the self-described leader of the Australian Defence League or (ADL)’, others just call him a far right wing nutcase. We will leave that up to the reader to decide.

We know Ralph Cerminara to be a liar and ‘wannabe’. He is just another one of the new generation of fools who think they can claim operational service in Afghanistan and get away with it. This new generation 'wannabe' ingratiate themselves in various organisations by telling stories from ‘the sandpit’ or how they ‘buried a couple of mates over there’ so that anyone suspecting a lie is held to ridicule and abused by the wannabe or their associates.

This is the Ralph Cerminara story in a nutshell and a simple google search will help the reader understand what sort of person he really is. An active member of the Australian Defence League, Cerminara has a number of opinions which are quite disturbing. He has also appeared in the media as some sort of advocate for Defence Force Personnel.



Cerminara did serve in the Australian Army, but not with distinction. He enlisted on the 27th August 2002 and was discharged on the grounds, ‘Retention Not in the Service Interest’ in September 2004. He was discharged with the rank of Gunner, equivalent to a Private Soldier.

Since his unceremonious discharge from the Army, Ralph Cerminara, also known as Ralph Ski on Twitter has made quite a name for himself as the champion of the ADL. Look out if anyone dares to be critical of him or his policies, why? Because he is a ‘Veteran who buried his best mates’ as tweeted below:



Ralph Cerminara does not only tell his lies on social media, he is more than happy to do it face to face. In June 2013 he gave a speech to the Humanist Society of NSW entitled ‘A gunner in Afghanistan’ where Mr Cerminara, it was reported, served with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in Afghanistan in 2006. His speech, which purported him ‘Telling the truth in a world where the truth is the enemy’ was certainly profound, because the truth is definitely Ralph’s enemy. We know that he was discharged in 2004 and he did not serve in Afghanistan or any other overseas area during his two years of less than spectacular service.



When not mouthing far right politics, Ralph Cerminara has set himself up as some sort of self-appointed advocate for oppressed Defence Force personnel. Now that we know the truth about his reason for discharge from the Army, it might explain why he chose to embellish the truth when speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald in March 2013.


Ralph Cerminara is nothing more than a loud mouthed bully wannabe who couldn’t make it in the Army. He has found his way to the far right wing Australian Defence League and by spreading the lie that he saw service in Afghanistan, tries to use that false experience to support his distorted political views. He has no right to be called a Veteran and by making these false claims, he has committed offences against the Commonwealth:

DEFENCE ACT 1903 - SECT 80A - Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
(1) A person is guilty of an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.

Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.

(2) For the purposes of this section:
(a) returned soldier means a person who has served abroad during any war as a member of any Military Force raised in Australia or in any other part of the British Empire, or as a member of the Military Forces of any Ally of Great Britain.

If the Australian Defence League has any morals, they will distance themselves completely from Ralph Cerminara. He has proven himself to be a liar and a valour thief. He has displayed so little integrity, that it is no surprise that his services with the Australian Army were terminated as "not being in the interests of the Service."

Ralph Cerminara should immediately take to social media, and his various websites and apologise to all members of the Australian Defence Force for his lies. He is an imposter.

We doubt that he will apologise. We will eagerly wait and see if the Federal Police take an interest in his false claims of operational overseas war service and take action against him.


Like the proverbial bad penny, Ralph Cerminara just keeps turning up. After our recent exposure of this wannabe you would think he would take a lower profile, particularly in and around the ex-service community. But no, after posting a call to arms on Facebook, Ralph made his way to Sydney’s ANZAC Dawn Service, resplendent in his ADL Tee Shirt and carefully avoiding the Artillery community who would no doubt love to catch up with him.

While at the Dawn Service, he managed to latch onto a poor unsuspecting sailor for this photo opportunity. We have disguised the identity of the unsuspecting sailor, who we know to have absolutely no association with Cerminara or his distorted political views. Trying desperately to convince the world that members of the Australian Defence Force are ready to answer his ‘call to arms’. Ralph posted the photo on the Facebook page of the Australian Defence League (ADL). Not surprisingly after our exposure, linking Ralph with the Defence Force is something the ADL is keen to distance itself from so the image was quickly removed.

This is an example of the lengths Ralph Cerminara will go to advance his aims and a timely warning for any member of the Defence Forces in uniform who maybe approached by him to avoid any photo opportunity.

Following the initial exposure, Ralph was quick to lodge a complaint with Facebook alleging that we were harassing him and demanded that his image be removed. He accused us of cyber-bullying which is quiet amusing when we read what he and his mates have been up to in recent months.

Since our first report, we have been contacted by a number of people who have had dealings with Ralph Cerminara and the information they have provided has been both illuminating and very disturbing.

Cerminara came to our notice for falsely claiming service in Afghanistan but it seems that was not his only claim to overseas service.

No Ralph, you did not go to Timor with 3RAR. Remember, you were a Gunner in Artillery, not a Rifleman in Infantry.

Cerminara enlisted on the 27th August 2002 and was terminated on 18th September 2004.

We have been contacted by a number of people who served with Ralph Cerminara during his short time in the Army and the stories they tell of his actions, conduct and behaviour are most disturbing. Regrettably, and out of profound respect for those involved we will not divulge what we have been told, suffice to say that those who know his story and suffered because of his actions can rest a little easier knowing that he has been exposed as a fake and a contemptible wannabe.

Hang your head in shame Ralph Cerminara, and never again attempt to use sacred days such as ANZAC Day to advance your own agenda. Your actions are offensive and strike at the heart of the values held dear by current and former members of the Australian Defence Force from all walks of life and who have proudly pulled on the uniform of our Country.

Surname: Chamron
Christian Names: Woodhy
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Lidcombe - Sydney
Service #: Not Known
Service: Claims Cambodian Army & USArmy
Branch: Not Known
Commencement of service: Claims 1970
Completion of service: Claims 1975
Case Notes:



Woodhy Chamron emigrated from Cambodia to Australia on the 21st March, 1976. Not much was known about Woodhy as he eventually settled into his home suburb of Lidcombe in the western suburbs of Sydney. He claims that he was the original founder of the 1st Khmer Community New South Wales, 1977.

Over the following years he became a self proclaimed leader in the Khmer community around the western suburbs of Sydney.

In 2014, Chamron made inquiries to join the Auburn (Sydney, NSW) Returned and Services League (RSL) Sub Branch of the NSW RSL, claiming he was a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Cambodian Army and the United States Army during the Vietnam war.

He declined to deliver documentary proof of his alleged United States and Cambodian Army military service to the RSL Sub Branch office, however, he volunteered to disclose some documents to the then Vice President of the Auburn RSL Sub Branch, Mr Ron McLennan at Chamron’s private home. He emphasised that these documents were not to be taken away and copied.

Strangely, this demand was agreed to and in documents held by ANZMI, Vice President McLennan visited Chamron at his Lidcombe home and viewed documents that McLennan states satisfied himself of Chamron’s alleged United States Army and Cambodian Army service as a Lieutenant Colonel. McLennan also viewed purported military medals that Chamron showed him.

The below email document was received from a concerned RSL member who was inadvertently forwarded the document in error. In this document, McLennan, states that he read four sheets of paper pertaining to the military service of Chamron and “they all looked ok” . He further stated, “With American military and Cambodian Army I can only read the papers and hope they are original. About the medals, I have to take his word. We all know American service medals about (sic) and how you get them very easily”.

I Ron McLennan was the first person to view Woodhy service records at his home, they looked ok to me there were about four sheets of his record of service. With American military and Cambodian Army I had to approve them as I can only read the papers and hope they are original. About the medals I have to take his word. We all know American Service medals about and how you get them very easily.
Ron McLennan

The major problem with McLennan’s slack attitude towards Chamron’s claims is that we have evidence that most of the four sheets of paper McLennan was shown were written in a foreign language. Our inquiries have confirmed that McLennan cannot read, speak or understand Khmer, so he would not have any comprehension of what he was reading.

McLennan’s apathetic disregard for medals protocols is also concerning in respect to his comments about how you get American service medals very easily. All this is coming from a current executive Vice President of an RSL Sub Branch, who is responsible for the integrity and dignity of that Sub Branch and the credibility of the State RSL movement.

Why didn’t McLennan verify if the medals were genuinely awarded or purchased replicas over the internet? He allowed Chamron to dictate his own terms as to what documents he was shown and then naively states that “I have to take his word.”

For McLennan to make this comment, either Chamron told McLennan they were U.S military medals, or McLennan obviously did not even ask the question. McLennan did not obtain any proof whatsoever of what they were, and must have assumed they were genuine U.S military medals because of what Chamron told him about his U.S Army service.

In any case, Chamron’s medals are not “American Service Medals”. They are Cambodian military medals.

As Chamron would not provide any proof to ANZMI regarding his medal entitlements, we believe that all of them are non awarded replicas. They can be purchased on line over the internet.

Following McLennan’s visit to Chamron's house, he then personally approved his application for full membership to the Auburn RSL Sub Branch. Chamron has never appeared before a Membership Committee to have his claims or documentation validated.

State RSL Governance Regulations require all applicants to be processed in this fashion in order that the Membership committee can then recommend to the full committee if the application should be approved. McLennan took it upon himself to just approve everything without validating anything.

Thanks to this bungled process, Chamron then joined the Auburn RSL as a full returned services member without disclosing any proof of his claims.

This was much to the surprise of an overwhelming number of genuine returned and service members of the Auburn RSL Sub Branch. These other members had to produce their own Discharge Certificates or Certificates of Service, and photo identification before they could join the RSL movement, as required by State RSL regulations.

Following his acceptance into the Auburn RSL Sub Branch, Chamron then commenced attending official functions displaying the RSL insignia on his jackets with all his medals. The below photograph is a recent photograph of Chamron at an official VP (Victory in the Pacific) day ceremony in 2015.



In the above photograph, Chamron is wearing the following medals -;

1. Royal Order of Cambodia.
2. Unknown.
3. Royal Order of Cambodia.
4. Royal Order of Cambodia.
5. Royal Order of Sahametrei.
6. Unknown.
7. National Defence Medal. (Cambodia.)
8. Medal of Faithful Service, (Cambodia.)

The below mentioned photograph is Chamron again at another official function in 2015.

McLennan failed to make any attempt to identify the medal ribands that Chamron wears at all official occasions.

The gold braided military officers cap Chamron wears is similar to a General in the Cambodian Army. We have displayed both of them below.

Chamron is still yet to convince anyone at Auburn RSL Sub Branch that he is entitled to wear this highly ranked Officers cap and no one has told him to "get it off."

We started making some inquires about Mr Chamron and ascertained that in an email dated in 2014, he sent to a friend Mr. Khmeryong of the International Khmer Assembly, (IKA) Minnesota, U.S.A. he informed him that he (Chamron) was a “1st Lieutenant in the Lon Nol Army from 1970 - 1975 of OTS/3 from famous Khmer Military College”.

Extract -;

Woodhy Chamron
- Lon Nol's army 1st Lieutenant 1970-1975 of OTS/3 from famous Khmer Military College

We presume "OTS" is Officer Training School.

He then emigrated to Australia in March,1976, where he later claimed to McLennan and other Auburn RSL members that he was a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Cambodian Army and also had U.S Army service. A remarkable rise in rank from an alleged 1st Lieutenant to a Lieutenant Colonel when he had supposedly already left the Cambodian Army 37 years beforehand.

Interestingly, Chamron claimed in the email to his friend at the IKA Minnesota in 2014, that he was a former 1st Lieutenant in the Lon Nol Army. This is the same year he informed McLennan and others that he was a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Cambodian and U.S. Army.

ANZMI also made inquiries with Chamron’s claims of being a member of the United States Army during the Vietnam War. Our counterparts in the United States made a thorough inspection of United States Military Archive records and lo and behold, no Woodhy Chamron or Chamron Woodhy has ever served in the U.S. Military at any time whatsoever.

We forwarded two emails to Chamron requesting details of his military service in the United States and Cambodian Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. We also requested proof of his medal and riband entitlements.

He failed to provide any particulars and then abused us for asking. He claimed in his response that he was an Australian Cambodian war hero and that we should recognize him as that.

We then sent two emails to Mr Ron McLennan, Vice President of the Auburn RSL Sub Branch. He also failed to provide any information about documents or medals he was shown. He also failed to provide information as to why he was satisfied that the four sheets of paper Chamron produced , mostly in the Khmer language, convinced him that he should approve Chamron for full membership of his Auburn RSL Sub Branch.

We look forward to viewing a Certificate of Service or a Discharge Certificate from the Cambodian or U.S. Armies from Chamron, McLennan or anyone else who may have an interest in this matter.

We will not hold our breath.

Chamron claims he is an Australian Cambodian war hero. We seriously doubt that. We would prefer to describe him as an imposter with no credibility. We will continue to portray him as an imposter until he provides evidence of his U.S Army and Cambodian Army service as a Lieutenant Colonel and provide conclusive evidence of all his purported medal entitlements.

Since Chamron has been accepted as a full member of the Auburn RSL Sub Branch, he has used that Sub Branch as a platform to lobby the Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove, the former State Governor Dame Marie Bashir and other Politicians about political events he is unhappy with, that he claims are occurring in Cambodia.

McLennan and anyone else involved in the process of Chamron's acceptance to the RSL movement should resign their committee positions forthwith for their incompetence.

NSW RSL State Branch should hold an investigation into the entire Chamron membership process to ensure similar incidents are not repeated or have occurred in the past at Auburn RSL Sub Branch.

Surname: Chant
Christian Names: Christopher Tony
Country: Australia
State or Province: VIC
City or Town: Wodonga
Service #: Unknown
Service: Claims Army Reserve
Branch: Claims RAAC, RAAOC and 8/13 VMR
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:




Christopher Tony Chant is 48 years of age and is the Superintendent in Charge of the St John Ambulance Service for the Southern Region of New South Wales, Albury, Australia.

He has also been a member of the New South Wales (NSW) State Emergency Service (SES) Murray Region, Albury since 2007.  


In the above photograph, Chant is wearing -;
1. The Officer of the Order of St John Medal.
2. The Australian Defence Force Medal.
3. The Service Medal of the Order of St John.

On the 26 January, 2014, Christopher Tony Chant was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for "Service to the community of Albury through a range of community organisations"

This also includes 10 years in the Scouting organisation, Rotary, he is also a Marriage Celebrant in the local area and a Justice of the Peace.

Chant, however is a liar and a false pretender. Chant has told colleagues that he was a Lieutenant in the Australian Army Reserves for a period. During his time in the Reserves he claims that - "He came across a serious motor vehicle accident where he saved the lives of a number of people by pulling them out of a car wreck that caught on fire." He then claims that as a result of his actions, a local Member of Parliament recommended him for a bravery award. Below are photographs of Chant wearing the court mounted commendation for brave conduct, in uniform with his Superintendent rank.

The commendation for brave conduct is a gold sprig of mimosa mounted on a blood-red backing ribbon. See photograph below.

The two photographs of Chant below clearly show him wearing the Commendation for Brave Conduct riband that he has never been awarded.

Chant is a fraud and he knows it. We have confirmed that he has never been awarded the commendation for brave conduct. He was never recommended for it. His name does not appear on "Its an Honour" for Australian Awards. His story of saving the lives of people from a burning car wreck is doubtful and has not been verified. Either by Chant or anyone else.

He has deceitfully tried to convince colleagues that he is someone who he is not by purchasing this award and wearing it on his uniform and then telling outright lies as to why he was awarded it.

He has stolen the valour of all the brave men and women who have previously been awarded this prestigious award.

Initially, he was reported to the General Manager of St John for wearing a bravery award that he had never been awarded. An investigation was then conducted. He was told to stop wearing the bravery commendation ribbon by his senior Officer.

However, we have been informed that due to his executive Superintendent position, the matter was covered up and no further action was taken against him due to the embarrassment it would have caused St John Ambulance if the truth was known to the general public.

Since this serious deception and cover up, he has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) on the 26 January 2014. This is with the complete knowledge of his superiors who covered up his disgraceful behaviour in wearing a bravery commendation that he was not awarded or entitled to wear.

Chant has claimed Australian Army Reserve Service in the Armoured Corps, Ordnance Corps and the 8/13 Victorian Rifles as a Lieutenant. He wears the Australian Defence Force Medal.

However, we can find no trace of former Lieutenant Christopher Tony Chant DOB 3/12/1967 in the National Archives for Army Reserve Service or Citizens Military Forces.

We contacted Chant twice in writing, requesting details of his Australian Army Reserve Service, service number, rank, dates of service, units etc. and his entitlement to wear the Australian Defence Force Medal and riband.

We also requested information from him regarding the award of the commendation for bravery. On each occasion, we received no response. Now you might think that if he had nothing to hide, he would answer our requests.

Chant is an imposter without credibility. He does not deserve to hold the senior executive positions within St John Ambulance or the SES. He should return his OAM as he is not a fit and proper person to be the recipient of this award.

The NSW Attorney General's Department should also take action regarding Chant being a fit and proper person to hold the office of Justice of the Peace in and for the State of New South Wales.

Imposters like Chant work their way up through organisations by deception and self aggrandisement. Unfortunately, when they gain executive positions and get found out as being imposters, they become an embarrassment to the organisation that promoted them. Hence the cover ups. He should resign his positions immediately and apologise in writing to all the personnel in the organisations that he is affiliated with.

Chant well deserves his place on the ANZMI website, together with Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Flying Officer Graham John Slingsby who was also caught out and photographed wearing the same non earned bravery award on his RAAF uniform.


Christopher Tony Chant Update 10 MAY 15

Christopher Tony Chant of the Albury NSW Region has resigned from his position of Superintendent, St John Ambulance Service, Southern Region, New South Wales.

This high profile imposter lived the lie for some time of being a courageous member of the Australian Army Reserves, who rescued a number of people trapped in a burning car accident.

Recently, whilst he was a Superintendent of St John Ambulance Service, his claims of being awarded the Commendation for Brave Conduct in regards to this alleged incident were proven false by Anzmi.

St John Ambulance Service hierarchy had previously investigated this matter and had told Chant not to wear the Bravery Commendation again. They covered up the results of the investigation due to the embarrassment it would have caused the Service due to his high profile and rank.

He was even recommended for, and awarded the Order of Australia Medal following this cover up by St John Ambulance Service.

Incredibly, he was also being considered for the new rank of Assistant Commissioner of a Region in the new restructure of St John Ambulance Service. He was relieving at this rank when he was caught out as an imposter by Anzmi.

The following article is from the Border Mail 5 May, 2015 edition.

Chris Chant resigns, is not replaced
May 5, 2015, midnight


Chris Chant has resigned from St John Ambulance. The organisation says Mr Chant will not be replaced, with a restructure meaning all regional superintendent positions in NSW will be redundant.

ST John Ambulance NSW’s southern region superintendent Chris Chant has resigned from his post after revelations he falsely claimed a prestigious bravery award.
And the first aid service has confirmed he will not be replaced, as St John’s undergoes a restructure that will see all regional superintendent positions in NSW made redundant.

Mr Chant yesterday confirmed he had left the organisation but refused to go into detail, responding “no comment” to all questions.
The Border Mail reported in March that Mr Chant, 48, had been wearing a bravery award he was not entitled to alongside other military and St John’s service medals.

St John’s conducted an investigation into the Wodonga man last April, but did not disclose this publicly until The Border Mail began asking questions.

Yesterday, St John’s NSW general manager Rod O’Donnell confirmed Mr Chant had resigned but he would not provide any other information on when or why he had stood down.

“I can say Mr Chant is no longer with St John’s,” he said.

Asked when Mr Chant would be replaced, Mr O’Donnell revealed the organisation was undergoing a restructure and all regional superintendent positions were gone.
“Obviously with a restructure that takes a bit of time to bed down, but I can say the position as it was no longer exists,” he said.

Attention was drawn to Mr Chant’s claims after a website devoted to uncovering military imposters said he had claimed he earned a bravery commendation while serving in the Army Reserves after rescuing a number of people from a burning car wreck.

Mr Chant conceded at the time there were “elements of truth” to the allegations, but declined to comment any further.

“It’s a difficult issue ... there’s more to it than that,” he said in March.
“I don’t want to comment ... but there’s two sides to every story.”

Mr Chant’s name does not appear on the online honour roll It’s An Honour for any bravery commendations.

A spokesperson from Government House, which is responsible for all Australian awards, stated: “The Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General has no record of Mr Christopher Tony Chant receiving an Australian bravery decoration”.

Mr Chant was awarded the Order of Australia Medal last year for community work, including Rotary, Scouts Australia and work as a civil celebrant.

Just prior to this honour in January last year, he assisted a young woman at the scene of a crash on Wodonga’s Lincoln Causeway.

Our website is full of military and civilian imposters who misrepresent themselves by telling incredible lies to gain an advantage in the workplace over others, undeserved recognition in their social surroundings or gain positions on Ex Service Committees where they are rewarded with cash and other benefits.

Chant , like others, is an example of how far imposters will go to gain that advantage and reap the rewards for their lies.

We are currently in communication with the Governor General’s Office to have Chant’s Order of Australia Medal award revoked.

Hopefully, our next update will confirm this.


Surname: Chapman
Christian Names: Ian Edward
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army
Branch: infantry
Case Notes:

Ian Edward Chapman – Formerly of Cairns, Far North Queensland, now believed to reside in South Australia.
Ian Chapman is a classic wannabe, who on occasion wears a swag of medals and an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB). He claims quite correctly, to have been a National Serviceman, conscripted in 1971.  He then endeavours to deceive, by describing his posting to 1 Army Reinforcement Unit (1ARU) in Vietnam and his subsequent war service with 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (4RAR) until his return to Australia in December 1971.


The above photograph was taken at the Yorkys Knob Boat Club in Cairns, Far North Queensland, where Chapman spun his lies whilst slaking his insatiable thirst for Victoria Bitter Beer and Bundaberg Rum. Initially he told his fellow imbibers that he was a Vietnam Veteran and that his medals had been stolen during a burglary whilst residing in South Australia. Following that disclosure, he started attending commemorative occasions wearing Vietnam era medals and then added an Infantry Combat Badge.
Chapman did serve as a National Serviceman but was not conscripted until late September 1972 and was discharged in February 1973 after being on Leave Without Pay (LWOP) from December 1972. His effective service was around four months consisting of Recruit Training and one month of Infantry Corps training. The documents below are clear evidence of his actual service.



The photograph shown on his “Personal Particulars” page from his AAB 83 was taken on the day of his enlistment 27 September 1972.


The extract from his “Service Record” signifies Chapman was sent on LWOP on the 29 December 1972 and was discharged on 26 February 1973 on the grounds of “Exceptional hardship”.
We believe Chapman now resides in Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia. His wannabe antics reported here, were conducted in Cairns, Far North Queensland, however we have no doubt that he continues to continue his deception in South Australians.
Recent information indicates that Chapman is involved in marketing Security Alarm systems and other Security Paraphernalia in South Australia and Victoria. If you are unfortunate enough to meet Ian Edward Chapman ask him about his “Vietnam adventure”
Ian Edward Chapman is a fraud a liar and a medals cheat he is also an intelligent man who can be very convincing, he has an excellent memory and listens for interesting tales of service in Vietnam and will then iterate them as if they were his own.
Beware of this slick talking liar, fraud and wannabe. Should you have the misfortune to meet him please give us an update of his current activities
The above photograph clearly proves that Ian Edward Chapman is deserving of a prime position on our web site, where he will stay forever, as proof of his disgusting offence against the Veteran community.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Chapman
Christian Names: Trevor
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Unknown
Service: UK Army
Branch: Artillery
Case Notes:

Trevor Chapman – RSL President

There are lots of RSL Presidents and senior executives who wear bogus “Tin” medals as if they were campaign medals. The South Australian Returned and Services League (RSL) have issued a policy regarding Tin Medals and we are reliably advised that the RSL is aware that the President of the Marion RSL Sub Branch, in South Australia, Trevor Chapman, wears self purchased Tin medals.

Here is another example of the RSL allowing wannabes to infest their ranks. RSL Presidents are considered to be among community leaders and theirbehaviourmust be beyond reproach. 

Here is a photo of Trevor Chapman officially representing the RSL on a commemorative occasion.

Notice that Chapman is wearing three medals on his left breast and together with all his buttons and badges he looks like a proper little veteran.  The three medals he is wearing are all self purchased United Kingdom Tin commemorative medals, they are

 1. General Service Cross Commemorative Medal.

 2. National Service Commemorative Medal.

 3. British Forces Germany Medal.

Trevor Chapman served in Germany in a British Army, Royal Artillery, and Anti Aircraft unit during the 1950s.  He was awarded no medals for his service. Obviously to make himself a more presentable in the prestigious position of RSL Sub Branch President he has been to a medal shop and purchased Tin trinkets.  

Chapman’sbehaviouris unacceptable and should he not take the hint and remove his “pretty self purchased trinkets” he should be treated with contempt by those Marion RSL members who have earned and wear genuine medals.  

Chapman is not the worst wannabe we have encountered but there is a steady increase in his kind infesting our RSLs. 

The government is very clear about the wearing of medals by serving and ex-service personal. The protocol for wearing of medals can be found at the following web site. This site also has information dealing with wearing of Unofficial medals as seen below.


Unofficial medals

Ex-serviceorganisationssometimes commission their own unofficial medals to mark participation in particular military campaigns, periods of service or types of service that have not beenrecognisedthrough the Australianhonourssystem. Awards made by foreign governments which have not been approved by the Governor-General for acceptance and wear are also "unofficial". There is no impediment to wearing such medals in appropriate private settings, such as a meeting of the relevant ex-service association, or a reception hosted by the relevant foreign government. Ideally, unofficial medals should not be worn at public ceremonial and commemorative events, but if they are worn as the occasion demands, the convention is that they are worn on the right breast.

The RSL South Australian Branch also has a web site regarding the wearing of medals


As the President of an RSL it is Chapman’s responsibility to comply with official protocol as published by the government and his own State RSL Branch. By failing to do so, he shows a lack of leadership and respect to serving and ex-service men and women by wearing his tin medals on his left breast. 

We will continue to name and shame RSL executives who wear inappropriate medals to boost their egos.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Charles
Christian Names: Bernard Colin
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Cotton Tree
Service #: A17401
Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Branch: Carpenter
Case Notes:


Bernard Charles wears six medals. He is entitled to wear five. He has not earned the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) but at some time during the last fifty years he decided to attach it to his medal rack:




Charles wears:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)- Entitled

Vietnam Medal (VM) - Entitled

Defence Service Medal (DSM) - Entitled

National Medal (NM) - Entitled

Anniversary of National Service Medal (ANSM) -   Entitled

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) - Not Entitled


Eligibility wear the RVCM requires 181 days of service in Vietnam. Charles served for only 62 days:





Charles is a medals cheat who should have been well satisfied with his five legitimate medals.


There is currently a team of veterans scrutinizing media and finding many who are cheating with the RVCM.


If you do not meet the criterion for this medal do not wear it. It is a criminal offence to do so, with a maximum penalty of $3,300 fine or six months imprisonment or both.


Bernard Colin Charles created a false history regarding his medals entitlement and now we have corrected the falsehood.


Welcome to ANZMI Bernard Charles.


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