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Surname: Anderson
Christian Names: Kelvin Douglas
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoia
City or Town: Ballarat
Service: Army
Branch: Military Police
Commencement of service: 8th Nov 1966
Completion of service: 27th Sept 1968
Case Notes:

Kelvin Douglas Anderson is a very unexciting and average wannabe, but a wannabe no less, and a dud is a dud.   He is also a convincing and persistent liar.  He claims to have served twice in Vietnam as a Military Policeman. Anderson has spread about, a false military history for himself.  The purpose of this presentation is to detail his correct military history.




False History as described by Kelvin Douglas Anderson

He joined the Army in 1966, completed recruit training at Kapooka in New South Wales, after recruit training was allocated direct to the Royal Australian Provost Corp (Military Police (MPs)).  He was allocated direct to the Military Police from recruit training because of his “Special experience” in investigating and security work as a civilian. He completed his Military Police Corps training at a special course at Watsonia in Melbourne. Normally, Military Police receive Corps training at South Head in Sydney, but because of the extra numbers another course was conducted at Watsonia. Following his Corps training he did a stint at the Military Corrective Establishment in Sydney and was then posted to the Military Police unit in St Kilda Road, Melbourne.

He was then posted twice to Vietnam between 1968 and 1970, where he served at Nui Dat, Vung Tau, Saigon and Bien Hoa. During his service in Vietnam he did “Special work”, investigation reports and some clerical work in the Provost Marshall’s Office.  On returning to Australia after his first tour in Vietnam he was sent back almost straight away for a second tour of duty.

Anderson threw away his medals because his kids didn’t want them.  He will not have anything to do with the Military, Vietnam Veterans, or anything else.

The real history of Kelvin Douglas Anderson

Kelvin Douglas Anderson was born at Midland Junction in Western Australia on the 24 October 1948. He enlisted into the Australian Regular Army for a period of six years on the 8th November 1966 aged Eighteen years. He was sent to Kapooka to complete Recruit Training. Up to this point he tells the truth, however from this point he is very careless with the truth.

On enlistment he stated his civilian occupation was an Apprentice Electrical Fitter not an investigator with “Special experience”.

Following Recruit Training he was allocated to the Royal Australian Corps of Signals and sent to Watsonia in Melbourne, where he completed an Elementary Technicians course on the 22nd June 1967. After a stint in Military hospitals he failed an Intermediate Technicians course at Watsonia on the 29th September 1967. On the 22 November 1967 he was transferred to 2 Signals Regt that was also located at Watsonia.

He was discharged from the Army as being medically unfit on the 27th September 1968. His total effective service, one year and three hundred and twenty five days. The documents below shows his enlistment and postings up to Nov 1967




No Military Police. No Vietnam service. The documents below are direct from Anderson’s service file and show his date of enlistment, date of discharge and rank of Signalman on discharge.



Anderson tries to dazzle his “friends” with his false military history and alludes to “Special Duties” in Vietnam, when he was a very ordinary and very inexperience soldier who lasted for less than two years.  Anderson was able to spin a good yarn as he served during the Vietnam era and knows all the “talk”. Genuine Veterans are seldom fooled by wannabes and their lies.

We are very pleased for the opportunity to correct and rewrite the true Military history of Kelvin Douglas Anderson of Ballarat. Victoria

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Anderson
Christian Names: Leonard James
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: StocktonFern bay
Service #: 2241239
Service: Army Reserve
Branch: Army
Commencement of service: 13 Feb 78
Completion of service: 09 Aug 84
Case Notes:




Leonard James Anderson, DOB 20/10/1950 is a legend in his home town of Stockton/Fern Bay, near Newcastle, NSW. He is currently the President of a Motor Cycle Club called the Sons of Anzacs in Newcastle. Leonard, or Lennie as he likes to be called has a fetish for military badges, patches and medals. As the years go by his military adornments increase remarkably on his motor cycle vest. As do the stories that go with them.

In the above photograph, Anderson is observed wearing the following adornments,

On his left chest he is wearing the Army Combat Badge which is issued to qualifying personnel for a continuous or accumulated period of 90 days unique service with an Arms Corps Unit within a war like area of operations.

Below his Sons of Anzac Patch, he is wearing an Order of Australia Riband/Medal which was awarded for his service to indigenous people. A civilian award. Next to that he is wearing the Australian Sports Riband/Medal which was awarded to him in 2000. Below that he is wearing an unofficial tin Australian Security Medal/Riband which can be purchased from the internet. Beside that is another possible tin security riband/medal that has yet to be identified.

On his right chest below the Australian Flag he is wearing a parachute badge and World War 2 ribands which we assume are that of a relative.

Below those ribands, he is wearing what looks at first glance to be a Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) patch with dagger and wings with the words "2nd Recon" . Besides that patch he wears a Sniper Patch.

Anderson has told colleagues over the past couple of years that he participated in SASR training only to fail in the last 6 candidates. He claims service in Army Intelligence. He claims that he did not go to Vietnam but he was involved in "Black Ops" in Cambodia where he was wounded twice and he shot and killed the enemy in firefights. He claims that he has the right to wear the Army Combat Badge due to his "Black Ops" service in combat where he was deployed with United States Rangers. He also claims to have been awarded the United States Rangers 1st Class parachute badge. He further claims that he was a Parachute Instructor in Darwin.

The above photo is not clear however it shows Anderson wearing a red Australian Army Parachute Display Team beret with what appears to be the UNSWR badge as well as his tin unofficial security medals on his right side.

In the above photos taken recently, Anderson is still wearing all of his regalia but has now added a United States Rangers 1st Class parachute badge above his ribands on his left chest. The United States Rangers badge can only be worn by citizens of the United States of America with qualifying military service.

We are also intrigued by the "2nd Recon Patch" (above) as we have never seen one previously. We have made some inquiries with individual Australian Army Unit officers and they have never seen it before either. It is obviously a home made designed patch that he has sewn onto his jacket himself to increase his importance and have people believe it has something akin with the Australian Special Air Service Regiment.

In addition to this we identified that the Order of Australia Medal/Riband that he wears on his left chest is the OAM (Military Division.) It can be distinguished from the OAM (General Division) due to the yellow bars embroided at both ends of the riband. The OAM (General Division) riband does not have the yellow bars. You can see in the attachment above the difference between the both ribands.

Anderson has purchased and mounted the incorrect riband deceitfully claiming and implying that it was awarded for honourable service in the Military Division.

We did some further research on Lennie and although all his patches, badges and ribands look impressive, we came to the conclusion that Lennie is a Military Fraud, an Imposter, a False Pretender, and I guess that you could also throw in a liar. The real story of the Sons of Anzac Motor Cycle Club President is a far cry from his postulations.

It is a very short story at that!!

Lennie enlisted in the Australian Army Reserves in February, 1978. He was discharged in August, 1984. He served part time during his six years attending monthly parades and the occasional two week camps within Australia. His only deployment outside Australia in his entire service was an exercise in Hawaii for about three weeks. He never completed any parachute course or sniper course. He has no qualifications in those areas.

We were contacted by some of Anderson's former Reserve colleagues who confirmed that Lennie had passed his initial subjects for promotion to 2nd Lieutenant. He was at that stage a Sergeant. He was due to be promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant when it was discovered that he had forged his Higher School Certificate. He was found guilty and reduced to the rank of Corporal. He then immediately left the Army Reserves in 1984.

His only military entitlement is the Australian Defence Medal. He is also entitled to the OAM (General Division)and the Australian Sports Medal.

He is not entitled to wear the OAM (Military Division)

He is also not entitled to wear the Army Combat Badge for all of his so called "black ops" in Cambodia, the U.S Rangers 1st Class badge, his red Parachute beret, his parachute patch or his sniper's patch. His tin unofficial security medals mean nothing and only add a bit more colour to his vest as does his "2nd Recon" home made patch.

Anderson is making himself out to be a war hero when in fact he was part time Reservist with no operational service whatsoever.

We at ANZMI have the utmost respect for civilians who volunteer and enlist in the Australian Army Reserves. Anderson however, is one of many former Reservists who feature on this site for embellishing their military service to gain notoriety and executive positions on committees in order to dominate those around them and seek ego driven recognition and respect.

Leonard Anderson, you have made your mark on the Sons Of Anzac Motor Cycle Club, Newcastle, and you have now made your mark on our website for evermore. You lack respect for genuine veterans and you lack credibility of any sort. You also lack total respect for any of your colleagues within the Motor Cycle club that you claim to represent as their President.

Our message to the The Sons of Anzac Motor Cycle Club committee, Newcastle, is get rid of this disgraceful imposter immediately before he does any more damage to the integrity of your organisation.

Organisations like the Sons of Anzac Motor Cycle Club and Patriots Motor Cycle Club do a good job for our current serving and former service personnel. But they need to screen applicants more judiciously and demand proven documentation before they accept people on face value.

This clown is a classic example of why organisations like this need to audit their members on a regular basis.

Due to his dishonesty, the Honours Secretariat at Government House, Canberra might also like to review their awarding of the OAM (General Division) to Anderson as well.

Surname: Anderson (DICK)
Christian Names: James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Gold Coast
Service #: R64828
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Aircraft Handler
Commencement of service: 27 Nov 1965
Completion of service: Unknown
Case Notes:



WUAnderson 1

James Anderson joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1965, under his birth name of James Anderson Dick.

Anderson trained as an Aircraft Handler at HMAS Albatross, his duties involving the marshalling of aircraft, and also aviation firefighting and rescue.

Anderson was posted to HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Sydney, undertaking operational service with Melbourne, as part of the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR), and Sydney, providing logistic support to Australian troops in Vietnam.

For his service, Anderson is entitled to the medals he is wearing in the above picture, namely:

  1. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75.
  2. Vietnam Logistic Support Medal.
  3. Australian Service Medal 1945-75.
  4. Australian Defence Medal.

He is a veteran entitled to recognition for his service, however, Anderson took it all that little bit further.

Anderson came to attention through a media article in the Gold Coast Sun, on 24 April 2016, where he recounts his exploits and experiences during the ‘Indonesian Confrontation’ and the Vietnam War:

Gold Coaster Jim Anderson has finally put the past behind him after surviving the horrors of the Vietnam War

A VIETNAM veteran who has battled the demons of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for decades has finally emerged on the other side, stronger for the harrowing experience and more at peace with himself. Jim Anderson, 70, of Wongawallan, served in the Royal Australian Navy for 12 years. As a 20-year-old he went to sea to serve in the Indonesian conflict where he was confined in a small box in the ship’s magazines for 10 long days.

He then did a two-and-a-half-year stint on the HMAS Sydney from 1967.

“We did about nine trips to take troops and supplies to Vietnam and to bring soldiers home,” he said. “We anchored off Cape St Jacques, near Vung Tau in South Vietnam, and the troops we picked up were very traumatised. Some of those poor fellas were literally ripping their hair out.”

Mr Anderson said the growing fear of being blown out of the water by the Viet Cong and other experiences triggered PTSD. “They bombed the harbour while we were there and we had no way of protecting ourselves. We were sitting ducks,” he said. “The USS Meeker County had her stern blown out and we came alongside her just after she had sunk. I remember feeling so vulnerable. I had never drunk alcohol before but that’s when I started drinking. It was all the tension.”

To make matters worse, the RAN ships were docked at the mouth of the Mekong River and sailors unknowingly bathed in and drank water contaminated with deadly Agent Orange. Mr Anderson’s hands still shake and, worse, he has seen too many of his mates die of cancer or their children born with deformities.

However, he said when he came home, the PTSD really kicked in.

“Vietnam soldiers like me were spat on and abused. That was the worst part. We had pigs’ blood thrown on us in Sydney and I was punched by a woman who called me a baby killer,” he said.

Mr Anderson started experiencing debilitating nightmares and crippling anxiety.

“I would dream of chasing people around the house and of a woman dressed in black standing in the corner of the bedroom. I would jump out of bed and frighten the hell out of my wife, Lorraine,” he said. “I had flashbacks to Vung Tau every five minutes and such bad anxiety that I couldn’t go to the shops in case they were crowded.

That’s when I really got stuck into the grog. I was full of anger and I remember going down to a pub in Botany Bay in full uniform, hoping someone would pick a fight with me.”

Mr Anderson struggled with PTSD for 20 years until he finally took his wife’s advice and started intensive counselling. He was given medication and, with the unwavering support of Lorraine, started to tackle his demons. “I still have counselling but the anger has gone,” he said. “Life is good and I feel blessed.”

Today, Mr Anderson has eight grandchildren and is a much-loved husband, father and friend with a wicked sense of humour and unwavering optimism.

“Our experiences in life make us what we are.”

Anderson has made quite an emotive statement, however, upon examination of the readily available evidence, Anderson is simply telling nothing more than fantastic stories.

Within the day of this article appearing online, reader comments were made, throwing doubt on the claims made by Anderson.

WUAnderson 2

Let us examine Anderson’s claims.

“As a 20-year-old he went to sea to serve in the Indonesian conflict where he was confined in a small box in the ship’s magazines for 10 long days.”

Anderson joined HMAS Melbourne on 21 March 1966, the ship sailing 3 days later for the Singapore exercise area. On 24 March 1966, Melbourne came under control of Commander, Far East Fleet (CMFEF), and became attached to the Far East Strategic Reserve (FESR), until 25 April 1966, when the ship left that area of operation and conducted escort duty to the HMAS Sydney enroute to Vietnam.

Anderson speaks of the ‘Indonesian Conflict’. Although a treaty officially ending hostilities was not signed until August 1966, the conflict effectively ceased in September 1965, when Indonesia’s President was removed after an anti-communist coup.

WUAnderson 3

As shown in the above extract of the Report of Proceedings (ROP) for April 1966, Melbourne entered potentially hostile waters on the 3rd of April whilst transiting from Manus Island to the Basilan Straits (Philippines). As the ship was in proximity of Indonesia, Defence Stations were assumed until 2359 hours on 7th April. This was a total period of five days at Defence Stations.

Anderson was an Aircraft Handler and during Defence Stations, if on watch, would be part of the team marshalling aircraft on the flight deck and inside the hangar, as well as providing aviation fire fighting support.

Although the Melbourne was armed with 40/60 Bofors anti-aircraft guns, ammunition

would not have been prepared for distribution from magazines to each gun mount, until the ship had proceeded to Action Stations, the next level up from Defence Stations, and a situation where attack is imminent.

Anderson, as an Aircraft Handler, would not have been positioned in the magazines during Defence Stations and, if he had, it was certainly not for 10 days.

Melbourne’s ROP shows that this short period was the only time the ship went anywhere in the vicinity of Indonesia during that deployment.

WUAnderson 4

The official publication on Navy involvement in the ‘Indonesian Confrontation’, produced by the Navy History Unit in Canberra, totally rebuffs the claim made by Anderson:

“Prior to the "official" period of the Indonesian Confrontation, Melbourne was allocated to the FESR for 17 days from 28th February 1962 to 16th March 1962 and in company with the Daring class destroyer, Voyager & the "Q" class anti-submarine frigate, Queenborough, challenged the right of sea passage through the Indonesian Archipelago. This was the only time in the history of the ship that she was prepared for, and placed in a position to engage with an enemy if challenged”.

The next claim made by Anderson is just as fanciful when the facts are disclosed.

“Mr Anderson said the growing fear of being blown out of the water by the Viet Cong and other experiences triggered PTSD. “They bombed the harbour while we were there and we had no way of protecting ourselves. We were sitting ducks,” he said. “The USS Meeker County had her stern blown out and we came alongside her just after she had sunk. I remember feeling so vulnerable. I had never drunk alcohol before but that’s when I started drinking. It was all the tension.”

Vietnam service is recorded on a Nominal Roll, maintained by the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). Whereas service for Army was calculated from the date of arrival in country until the date of departure, Navy ships were considered to be rendering operational service from the date of departure from the last Australian port, to the date of arrival at the first Australian port.

Accordingly, a ship could be accredited with 28 days ‘warlike’ service, yet only spending a few hours actually anchored in Vung Tau during that period, as was the case for HMAS Sydney whilst engaged in logistic support to the Vietnam operations.

The Reports of Proceedings for both Melbourne and Sydney, were accessed on the Australian War Memorial website to ascertain the validity of the claims made by Anderson.

Anderson was onboard Melbourne for the following Vietnam deployments:

25 Apr to 06 May 1966 – Melbourne did not enter Vung Tau, instead being diverted to what is now known as Con Son Island, some 100 km away, to refuel with HMAS Supply, and on completion, proceeded to Hong Kong on 04 My 1966.

25 May to 09 Jun 1966 – Once again, Melbourne did not enter Vung Tau, escorting Sydney down the Vietnam coast until these duties were taken over by HMAS Derwent. Melbourne then made passage for Penang, arriving on 09 Jun 1966.

In relation to those two deployments, Melbourne was not anchored in Vung Tau or even close-by to hostile forces.

Anderson served six deployments on Sydney which qualify for Vietnam service.

The following, taken from Sydney’s ROP, shows the dates of those deployments and actual time anchored in Vung Tau.

27 Mar to 26 Apr 1968 – 7h 00m

21 May to 13 Jun 1968 – 6h 58m

13 Nov to 28 Nov 1968 – 4h 20m

08 Feb to 25 Feb 1969 – 5h 25m

08 May to 30 May 1969 – 5h 30m

17 Nov to 05 Dec 1969 – 6h 12m

There is no mention in ROPs of Vung Tau harbour being bombed whilst Sydney was anchored or in transit. By comparison to other areas of the conflict, Vung Tau was largely free from Viet Cong activity.

In all, Anderson spent a total of 35 hours and 25 minutes anchored in Vung Tau. As no leave was granted during those port visits, Anderson did not, at any time, set foot on Vietnam soil. Unlike the majority of those who served in Vietnam, Anderson had the comforts and safety of Sydney at his disposal at all times.

So, let us now consider his claims about the USS Meeker County:

USS Meeker County (LST-980) was an LST-542-class tank landing ship built for the United States Navy during World War II. Named after Meeker County, Minnesota, she was the only U.S. Naval vessel to bear the name.

Originally laid down as LST-980 on 22 December 1943 at the Boston Navy Yard; the ship was launched on 10 February 1944 and de-activated in 1955.

In 1965, an urgent need for amphibious types caused Meeker County to be reactivated. Modernized at Baltimore, she recommissioned on 23 September 1966, underwent intensive training at Little Creek, and on 20 January 1967 departed for her new home port, Guam. She arrived at Apra Harbor, Guam, on 7 April and then sailed for Vietnam for a tour of duty as a unit of Landing Ship Squadron 3. Operating from Da Nang, she provided almost continuous support to combat operations in Vietnam into 1970.

Decommissioned in December 1970 at Bremerton, Washington, Meeker County was struck from the Naval Vessel Register on 1 April 1975. 

The USS Deeker County only suffered battle damage during the D-Day landings in World War Two. Participating in the invasion, LST-980 was bracketed by bombs, one of which, a 125-pound dud, penetrated the hull and two bulkheads, killing one man and causing minor damage.

Again, Anderson has simply lied. The only bombing, so far, has been of his outright fantasy stories.

Then there was the following statement, which we will not even go into, other than to say, given the evidence, none of it is true.

“I had flashbacks to Vung Tau every five minutes and such bad anxiety that I couldn’t go to the shops in case they were crowded. That’s when I really got stuck into the grog. I was full of anger and I remember going down to a pub in Botany Bay in full uniform, hoping someone would pick a fight with me.”

The reporter at the Gold Coast Sun was contacted and could not speak highly enough of Anderson. To date the paper has not retracted his story or followed the matter up, even after public comments doubting the validity of the article. A simple bit of fact-finding by the reporter would have avoided the embarrassment which has followed.

As ANZAC Day once again approaches, more ‘wannabees’ will crawl out and want to tell grandiose stories of their exploits to anyone prepared to listen, some of these stories will once again appear in the media, as gullible reporters fall for such tales of derring-do.

Veterans abhor other Veterans who grossly exaggerate their service, Anderson has done just that for no other reason, than to falsely raise his profile and gain preposterous sympathy and benefits from Department of Veterans Affairs.

It is best summed up in the final statement by Anderson ; “Our experiences in life make us what we are.” We are quite confident that his lack of experiences have justifiably made him the liar he is.

James Anderson, the lies about your history now cement your future place here on the website with others of your ilk.

Surname: Andrews
Christian Names: William James
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Lakelands
Case Notes:

William James Andrews of Lakelands in the Warners Bay region of NSW is a cool customer who is not at all averse to fooling his friends into believing that he served two tours of Vietnam with the 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR) during the Vietnam War.  Like most wannabes he also has a propensity to add some disgusting frills to his service.

He said to a “friend”  that

“His Section Commander ordered him to dispatch an adolescent VC - he emptied his M16 rifle into her.”



He was even accepted as a member of the 5RAR Association who were obviously more interested in collecting money than checking the bona fides of their “members”.  Andrews didn’t even provide a regimental number with his membership application.

We don’t know a lot about Andrews, but we do know that he is devoid of any proof of Army service;

 1.       He is not listed on the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), Vietnam Nominal Roll.


  2.       He does not have a Service File at Central Army Records Office (CARO).


   3.    He is not listed for benefits with DVA.


   4.    He could not quote an ex regimental number for membership with 5RAR association.


              5.      RAR has no record of him ever serving with the Battalion.


We are reliably advised that his wife clearly and honestly believes he is a Vietnam Veteran and has attended many commemorative occasions with him.  Wannabes give no thought to the hurt and mistrust they inflict on their families and friends.  To live such a lie is an inhuman trait.

As shown in the photograph he wears Vietnam Medals the photo shown above was taken at the Cenotaph in Sydney.

Andrews has committed an offence against the Defence Act 1903 by wearing medals to which he has no entitlement.  Penalties for this offence are a fine of up to $3,300 fine or six months jail or both.

Law enforcement authorities care nothing for the hurt caused to the Veteran Community by people like Andrews and it is a disgrace that ANZMI must do the work of law enforcement.

Andrews will grace our web site for the rest of his life for the world to see that he is a disgraceful fraud and a wannabe. 

10 Apr 2010

We are advised by the 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (5RAR) Association that Williams James Andrews did not renew his membership to the Association after 2008.

As a result of an audit after 2008, Andrews was removed from the Membership list of the 5RAR Association.

Should any ex Service Association, doubt the bona fides of any of its members, or those applying for membership, we are very happy to assist in sorting the matter out, simply contact us through our web site.  Experience has shown that many wannabes have infiltrated the ranks of ex Service Organisations and Unit Associations. 


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

Surname: Andrews
Christian Names: Peter James
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Brisbane
Service #: 182270
Service: ARMY
Branch: Failed Recruit Training
Commencement of service: Jul 82
Completion of service: Apr 83
Case Notes:




182270 Peter James Andrews is a liar and a fraud who embellished his military service to help avoid a conviction of rioting and a possible gaol sentence.

On the 19th December, 2013, Andrews appeared before Mr John McGrath, Stipendiary Magistrate at the BrisbaneMagistrates Court in respect to a charge of rioting in the Broadbeach bikie brawl in September, 2013. He was then currently a member of the Bandidos bikie gang at the time of the riot and he pleaded guilty to the charge.

He had been clearly photographed at the riot by CCTV footage wearing a black Bandidos vest with a black shirt with letters 'SYLB" (Support your local Bandidos.)

In answer to the charge that the Magistrate later referred to as "a terrifying incident and chilling to watch the video", Andrews was represented by Solicitor Mr Domenic Keim of Guest Lawyers, Brisbane at the Court Hearing.

According to newspaper reports, Mr Keim, who was acting on instructions from Andrews, informed the Court that Andrews had served in the Australian Army for six years, was a former soldier of the SAS (Special Air Service Regiment), and had been on tours of duty with the Military with a stint in Somalia.

He also informed the Magistrate that Andrews had been part of the Rural Fire Brigade.

There were further submissions by Mr Keim of alleged hardship experienced by Andrews at the proceedings and the fact that he had only been a Bandido member for a few months.

These submissions would no doubt be taken into account when the Magistrate Mr John McGrath determined the appropriate action. In sentencing Andrews, Mr McGrath stated "that it defies logic why a person at Andrews stage in life - with his family responsibilities - would associate with the Bandidos. It is a disgraceful effort for those involved."

Notwithstanding the "terrifying incident", the "chilling" video and the appropriate strongly worded summation by the Magistrate, Andrews was sentenced to only 100 hours community service and no conviction recorded.

Andrews could certainly have counted himself lucky.

However, following the above publicity from the Brisbane Courier-Mail, the Ninemsn release and the Gold Coast Bulletin, we were contacted by a former soldier who knew Andrews when he enlisted and commenced Recruit Training at Kapooka, Wagga Wagga in July, 1982.

It seems that Andrews is not, and never was, the crack SASR Special Forces Somalia Veteran with multiple tours, that the Court was led to believe.

In fact, he did not finish Army Recruit Training.

Andrews is a polished con man. He tells lies whenever it suits him, and he does not mind who he tells them to.

It seems that Peter James Andrews enlisted in the Australian Army in July, 1982. He was discharged nine months later in April, 1983. The reason - He was not suited to be a soldier. He failed Recruit Training and was not suitable for any of the hundreds of jobs that the Army have on offer.

It was a parting of the ways and the Australian Army were the winners.

Andrews actions were aptly described by the Magistrate as a disgrace. In our summation he is more than a disgrace. He is a low life liar and a fraud. To try and take the glory of our elite Special Air Service Regiment and in particular our Somalia veterans is nothing short of treachery. Andrews would not have made lunch time of Day 1, SASR training. He could not even complete Recruit Training.

Members of the SASR would be horrified knowing that this idiot dressing and acting as a Bandido outlaw gang member, used their good name to extricate himself from the seriousness of the charge that he was facing at Court.

Andrews is not on the roll of Somalia veterans, he has never been a member of the Special Air Service Regiment, he was never a trooper and he certainly did not do any tours with the Military.

We wonder if the Magistrate would have been so lenient with Andrews if he knew he was being lied to in the submissions placed before him.

We wonder if Mr Keim, Solicitor , took any action to verify any of the baloney he was fed by Andrews before he made submissions to the Court.

On their website, Mr Keim was praised by Guest Lawyers Brisbane, his employers, as "obtaining an excellent result for his client, a former prospective member of the Bandidos involved in the so called Broadbeach brawl."

We wonder what measures are in place to prevent this type of occurrence continually happening in our Justice system. Andrews is not the first and certainly will not be the last to claim meritorious military service when in fact he had nothing of the sort.

Ian Crowden at www.anzmi.net is a Commanchero bikie listed on this site for almost identical circumstances of claiming false army service to have his sentence reduced.

We wonder who actually has responsibility for what evidence is placed before the Court in situations like this, to prevent a miscarriage of Justice. Surely Mr John McGrath Stipendiary Magistrate will feel a little let down.

Had Andrews been required to enter the witness box and swear an oath to tell the truth regarding his military service antecedents, he would have committed perjury. His claims had never been verified.

We wondered if this matter would ever be reviewed.

Well it has. We contacted the relevant authorities in Brisbane and expressed our disappointment that a fake SASR soldier convinced his legal representative and the Magistrates Court that his antecedents included false SASR service and voluntary Rural Fire Brigade Service.

We were unable to expose this matter before now, as the case was placed before the court again following Andrews being charged by the Queensland Police with "perverting the course of justice." The matter had become subjudice (before the courts consideration.)

The matter has now been finalised and we are able to publish the facts -;

The below mentioned extract is from the Gold Coast Bulletin dated the 3 September 2014.

The below mentioned article is an extract from the Queensland Central News dated the 3 September, 2014.

Man pays price after lying about SAS duty to magistrate

Adam Davies | 3rd Sep 2014 1:45 PM

A QUEENSLAND man who told a magistrate he was a former special air service soldier and rural firie has been jailed for 15 months after it was revealed nothing was further from the truth.

Peter James Andrews, 51, faced Brisbane Magistrates Court last December after becoming involved in the infamous bikie brawl on the Gold Coast.

Andrews, who was in fact a used car salesman, pleaded guilty to a charge of riot after admitting playing a minor role in the Broadbeach brawl on September 27 which sparked Queensland's bikie crackdown.

The court heard at the time he had been a probationary member of a criminal motorcycle gang for just a few months after the collapse of his marriage.
He has since cut all ties with the club.

It was submitted on his behalf that he was a former SAS solider who had completed tours in Somalia and Bougainville as well as being a member of the Queensland Rural Fire Service where he battled blazes near Tenterfield in Northern NSW.
He was subsequently sentenced to 100 hours community service and no convictions were recorded.

But it was all a ruse.

Andrews pleaded guilty today in the Brisbane District Court to attempting to pervert the course of justice and falsely representing to be a returned soldier.
Crown Prosecutor Michael Connolly told the court Andrews had deliberately misled the sentencing magistrate.

"This was deliberate. It was not an error or a mistake," he said.

"For what reason he did this still remains unknown."

Defence barrister Malcolm Harrison said the father-of-three had worked for the past three decades as a truck driver but had changed careers shortly before his arrest.

He said what affect Andrews' claims had on the sentencing magistrate remained unclear.

Judge Kieran Dorney sentenced Andrews to 15 months behind bars saying the offences were serious and struck at the heart of the judicial system.
"Army records show you enlisted but were discharged after being found not suitable to be a soldier," he said.

"You were a member of the rural fire service more than a decade ago."

Judge Dorney ordered the 224 days Andrews had served behind bars as time already served and ordered he be released on immediate parole.

As stated Stipendiary Magistrate John McGrath must feel a little let down after being told lies about Andrew's false antecedents. However, Judge Kieran Dorney has now handed Andrews an appropriate sentence that may deter Andrews from claiming false military service again the next time he is arrested.

Andrews is described as a "Trainee Car Salesman". (Courier-Mail)

Maybe you will get the opportunity to purchase a car from him one day. Make sure you check under the bonnet to verify that it has an engine in it!!

Peter James Andrews has well and truly earned his place on this site.

Surname: Anthony
Christian Names: Trevor John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Upwey-Belgrave
Service #: R64804
Service: RAN & CMF
Branch: Medical
Case Notes:

Like many ‘wannabes’, Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony managed to ingratiate himself into a number of Ex Service Organisations, (ESO’s) and wrangled his way into a number of executive roles, including membership of Victoria’s ANZAC Day Commemorative Committee, and as a Navy ANZAC Day March Marshall.

A genuine Vietnam Veteran who undertook eight trips to Vietnam as a member of the crew of HMAS Sydney between 1966 and 1971, ‘Doc’ Anthony should have been satisfied with his operational service.

However, ‘Doc’ found it necessary to embellish his service, award himself a few more medals than he was entitled to and steal the honour of an elite group of Navy Clearance Divers.


The irony of the photograph depicting ‘Doc’ Anthony holding a trophy from the RAN Recruit School with words "Loyalty and Integrity" cannot be missed by those who view it. It is clear that Anthony has not displayed those qualities to his ship mates, fellow Vietnam veterans and the wider veteran community.

Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Sick Berth Attendant, reaching the rank of Leading Seaman. He served onboard HMAS Sydney in that capacity undertaking eight trips to Vietnam on that ship.



The wheels started to come off for ‘Doc’ Anthony after he delivered an inspiring keynote address to the members and community of the Upwey-Belgrave RSL on Vietnam Veterans Day 2011. At that time, he was the Vice President of the HMAS Sydney Association. How thrilling it must have been to listen as Anthony described his experiences in Vietnam, not only was he a Sick Berth Attendant on HMAS Sydney, but he also found time to be attached to a US helicopter Unit, spent time with HMAS Hobart ‘on the gun line’ and somehow became a member of CDT3, (Clearance Diving Team 3).

While other members of HMAS Sydney’s crew went about the mundane duties of off loading troops and stores upon arrival in Vietnam, Anthony found himself on the front line..... or so he would have us believe.

Anthony’s speech is indeed an interesting read and can still be found on the Upwey-Belgrave RSL website. But for those who missed it, relevant sections of the speech are reproduced here:

During this interesting presentation, Anthony claimed to have served with a US Helicopter ‘Dust Off’ Unit, and spent 6 months onboard HMAS Hobart ‘on the gun line’. Both claims are completely fictitious. ‘Doc’ may have done some time in the green, but we are told, was only as a member of the Citizens Military Forces, (CMF) in the early 1960’s prior to enlisting in the Navy.

Had any of his delusions been true, there would have been a posting record made, and as we can see, this did not occur. Through clever wording in his speech, Anthony tries to make us believe he served on HMAS Hobart during a period in history of the Vietnam conflict that claimed the lives of Australian sailors. His verbosity does him no credit.


He further claimed to have been a Ship’s Diver and even embellished this important role by speaking of a link to his ‘fellow divers in CDT 3’. Linking himself to the Clearance Divers (CD) is the naval equivalent of the ‘wannabe’ soldier claiming service with the SAS. Navy Clearance Divers are a special group of select individuals who like the SAS work hard to gain and retain their qualifications unlike Anthony who just dreamt them.

He claims to have been a ship’s diver, but he was not. Ship’s Divers are not Clearance Divers. Sailors trained as Ships Divers undergo basic training to allow them to perform this role. The role of a Ship’s Diver is a varied one, and not to be scoffed at, but at the same time, ship’s divers will tell you that they are not trained to the same level as a member of a CD Team.

Anthony was never trained as a Ship’s Diver and most definitely did not train as a Navy Clearance Diver.

To complement his stories of extraordinary operational experience, ‘Doc’ Anthony wears a rack of medals befitting his exaggerated service.

We are still trying to identify entitlements to all of the medals being worn by Anthony. We know that he is wearing at least three ‘tin’ medals. Anthony has an entitlement to the following medals:

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 (Vietnam Clasp)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal
Australian Service Medal (presumably with FESR Clasp)
Defence Long Service Medal (replaced the Defence Force Service Medal)
National Medal (Entitlement still to be confirmed)
Australian Defence medal

One of the ‘tin’ medals being worn is the Australian Logistic Support Forces Medal. Next to this medal is The Far East Strategic Reserve Medal, both commemorative association medals available for purchase on the HMAS Sydney Vietnam Veterans Logistical Support Veterans Association (Victoria) website. The third ‘tin’ medal is believed to be a version of the HMAS Sydney ‘Vung Tau Ferry’ Medal issued in the early 1990’s. (www.hmassydney.com/medals.html)



Oh what a tangled web we weave - when first we practice to deceive –

Trevor "Doc" ANTHONY has been forced to resign from the Outer Eastern VVAA, the HMAS SYDNEY Logistic Support Group, and the Victorian Branch of the Naval Association have requested his resignation. ANZAC House in Melbourne have divorced him as an ANZAC Day March Marshall. No doubt the South Eastern TPI Association will give him the spear as their President, and a few other veterans groups he belongs to will issue divorce papers as well.

It appears however that ‘Doc’ Anthony does not want to go quietly. As each of the numerous bodies he has associated himself with confront him, we are told he refuses to admit any wrong doing and simply resigns.

Trevor ‘Doc’ Anthony had the audacity to stand in front of genuine Vietnam Veterans, RSL Members and the general public and deliver a speech which he knew were lies, he created a persona of daring do, and he led everyone to believe that he served in areas where casualties were common place.

The fact is that the truth was the only casualty in his story and for his unwillingness to apologise to the veteran community he deserves his place on this website.


Well, it finally seems as if this tin wearing peacock has parted company with just about every Ex-Service Organisation (ESO) he managed to attach himself to.

Unfortunately, “Doc” didn’t go down fighting, unlike the heroic persona he created and continued to pretend to be.

To date, Anthony has tendered his resignation from the RAN Association, HMAS Sydney Association, The South Eastern TPI Association and the Outer Eastern VVAA. He was also dismissed as a ANZAC Day March Marshall.

His method of resigning was, to say the least, dramatic. On each occasion, the organisation contacted Anthony and asked that he provide evidence to support his claims of Vietnam service as outlined in our original exposure. On each occasion, Anthony vehemently threatens to fight the allegation and tells the organisation he will appear with his solicitor only to telephone his resignation through before the hearing.

The final coup d' grace was his much anticipated appearance before the Committee at the Ringwood RSL Sub Branch, his home club. Anthony contacted the Sub Branch to inform them he would appear at the appointed date and time, with his Solicitor and a Senior Victoria Police Officer to defend his ridiculous claims. As should have been expected, he contacted the Sub Branch and tendered his resignation over the phone, thereby denying the Sub Branch to opportunity to look him in the eye when dismissing him.

Trevor “Doc” Anthony could not resist the opportunity to embellish his military service. Rather than be content with his actual distinguished service on HMAS Sydney during the Vietnam War, he chose to create elements of that service which were simply lies. He added unofficial medals to his official entitlement to make himself stand out in the crowd. There is no doubt that “Doc” Anthony did some good while involved in the various ESO’s he was a member of. Notwithstanding, the mark of a man is admit wrong doing, and the ability to apologise to those who have been offended by his actions or lies. Trevor “Doc” Anthony could not do this, rather he took the easy way out by resigning from the various ESO’s without acknowledging his actions were wrong.

Trevor “Doc” Anthony has found a permanent place on our website.

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