Date of Entry: 31/07/2021
Surname: GOODY
Christian Names: Gary
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Brisbane
Service: Nil
Branch: Nil
Commencement of service: N/A
Case Notes:


Garry Goodey is a show pony. He would have members of the public believe that he is a bemedaled Sub Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy. (RAN) He would also like you to nominate him for an Order of Australia Award.

Goodey is far from the real deal or what he would like people to believe.




Goodey has been a member of the Training Ship or T.S. Norfolk, Wellington Point, Brisbane since 2012. The T.S Norfolk is an Australian Navy Cadet Unit. (ANC) The ANC was formerly known as the Sea Cadets Corps. It helps develop young boys and girls and gives them a basic foundation of military knowledge and discipline.

In the above recent photographs, a formal occasion, Goodey wears the following on the left side of his ANC uniform.

1. Duke of Edinburgh Long Service medal. Civilian award.
2. Duke of Edinburgh Distinguished Service Silver Medal. Civilian award.
3. Unknown blue and yellow ribbon. Civilian award
4. A RAN Sub Lieutenant lace sleeve rank. Not entitled.

The Duke of Edinburgh Long Service medal is a civilian award and must be worn on the right side.


The Duke of Edinburgh Distinguished Service Silver Medal is also a civilian award and should not be worn on the left breast. These instructions have been made clear to all recipients of this award. See under.

Goodey6A 2021 07 25




Goodey wears the following RAN laced sleeve rank. This rank insignia is for Royal Australian Navy Sub Lieutenants and not ANC part time members. He has purchased this rank insignia and had it sewn on his uniform.


The below photo is what he should wear and is the rank of Sub Lieutenant ANC.


In the below photograph, Goodey wears the RAN Medical Branch cloth badge with his name. He also wears the RAN Medical Branch motif on his left side. He has had both these badges manufactured for his own ego. When an RAN dpnu name badge is worn with a rate on it, this indicates that you are a Rated Sailor. To earn this rating, an RAN Sailor has to complete rigorous courses to qualify. He has no entitlement to wear these two badges indicating that he is a qualified RAN Medical Branch member.. He was never a member of the Royal Australian Navy or Royal Australian Naval Reserves.


Goodey1AFireunifromandribbon 2021 07 25

Goodey was also photographed recently at a Gay Parade in his part time Auxiliary Fire Fighter uniform. (QFES) He again wears the Duke of Edinburgh Distinguished Service silver Medal Riband award on the left side on this occasion.

Goodey posted a request on his Facebook page for people to nominate him for an Order of Australia Award. This was removed following criticism of him.

Although he has been admonished in the past for wearing non authorised medals on the left breast, he has ignored that advice through arrogance.

He was contacted by a Researcher and invited to respond to reports received from genuine veterans that he was wearing -;
1. Civilian medals on the left side,
2. Unauthorised RAN Sub Lieutenant rank insignia and
3. Unauthorised RAN Medical Branch motifs.

He responded by claiming that he was unaware of what side of his uniform to wear his civilian medals. That is hard to believe when you consider he has been a member of the Australian Navy Cadets for almost 10 years. If he is that naive and ambivalent, he should not hold his current position at TS Norfolk. He also blames a Tailor at Cairns for sewing on the incorrect Sub Lieutenant sleeve insignia. However, he has done nothing to correct this error, until he was contacted by an ANZMI Researcher.

Following that contact, he removed all photographs of himself wearing the medals and rank insignia from his Facebook page.

He deceitfully portrays himself as a current Sub Lieutenant in the Royal Australian Navy. His Cadet rank is not recognised by the Australian Defence Force as an RAN rank.

Goodey shuns his nose at Australia Governor General’s medal wearing protocols that have been in existence for a hundred years.

With his arrogant attitude, he also disrespects all current and former servicemen and women who have served in the Australian Defence Force. Something he has not achieved.

Goodey should be given the boot from the Australian Navy Cadets. He sets a bad example for all the young boys and girls he has influence over.

The motto for the ANC is Integrity and Endeavour. He fails the test.

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