Date of Entry: 31/07/2021
Christian Names: Wayne Sherwood
Country: Australia
State or Province: South Australia
City or Town: Ceduna
Service #: 471858
Service: Australian Regular Army
Branch: Infantry
Case Notes:



Wayne Hoffrichter strongly proclaims his innocence for wearing the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM).

HoffrichterW.S.1 2021 08 14

He said the following:

"I have been wearing the Vietnam Medal because I received it in the mail years ago and thought it ok
There are plenty of others wearing it just like I have
Regards Wayne."

He is vigorously supported in the form of a Statutory Declaration and a signed statement from:

Professor Dr Glen D. Edwards.
Dip App Sci, BA, Dip App Psy, MA Sp Edu, Ph.D. (Medicine).
Professor, Stress and Trauma Studies
Proud Vietnam Veteran.

Hoffrichter and Edwards are both appealing our decision to include Hoffichter on this website.

As stated above, Edwards served in Vietnam ("Proud Vietnam Veteran"). He was a Medical Corporal at 1st Australian Field Hospital, Vung Tau, from 9 April 1970 until 17 December 1970. After discharge from the Army, he worked for fifteen years as Adelaide Director of Vietnam Veterans Counseling Service. With those credentials it is reasonable to assume, he would be aware of the criteria for wearing the RVCM

Edwards has appealed our decision to include Hoffrichter on this website, based on the following information, inter alia, extracted from a Statutory Declaration from Edwards



In addition, Edwards provided a signed statement which says inter alia.

"A young soldier attending my presentation approached me and remarked, “give me his details and I will get him his medal as I have a relative in Army Records and I know what to do”. Sometime later, a letter and Medal arrived at the office of the Vietnam Veterans’ Counselling Service, addressed to the Director of the Vietnam Veterans’ Counselling Service. The letter had a Defence Department letter heading and included a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. The letter stated in part ‘Mr. Hoffrichter could be awarded his medal’. The letter and Medal were on my instructions to my staff, forwarded by post to Mr. Hoffrichter. I had no reason at the time to check the authenticity of the letter or Mr Hoffrichter’s entitlement to the Vietnam Campaign Medal before having it posted to him".

Edwards then says.

"In retrospect, I am now concerned that I may well have been made a “fool” of by a soldier who conceivably had a little too much to drink during the evening. It now appears a practical but serious joke was played on both Mr. Hoffrichter and myself, which is of course is most embarrassing and concerning to Mr. Hoffrichter and me."

Finally Edwards proclaims his and Hoffrichter's ignorance as the reason for Hoffrichter wearing the medal.

"Note: Following correspondence by ANZMI Group, forwarded to the Ceduna RSL President, I sought clarification from Mr. Hoffrichter on 5th August 2021 as to why he believed he was entitled to wear the medal he received in the post. Mr. Hoffrichter explained that he went with and returned from Vietnam to the same home town as another veteran who wears the Vietnam Campaign Medal.
On the 8th August 2021, I contacted the veteran, and was informed by him that he was wounded in the chest by a piece of shrapnel and evacuated from the field by helicopter for treatment. After establishing this to be true, I spoke to both veterans again on 11th August 2021, during which time both informed me that they were not aware that the Vietnam Campaign Medal is an entitlement for a veteran wounded during Vietnam service. Both believed service in Vietnam was the reason they received their Vietnam Campaign Medal.
Dr G. Edwards".

The truth of whether Edward's story, of how he procured and forwarded the medal to Hoffrichter, is known only by Edwards, and maybe by Hoffrichter. Veterans can make up their own minds, about why and how Hoffrichter was wearing the medal.

In closing, we assert that all who went to Vietnam, (including the second soldier from Ceduna who we have identified) were well aware of the criteria for wearing the RVCM. Hoffrichter, Edwards and the "second soldier" are Vietnam Veteran.

We will not be removing Hoffrichter from this website




Wayne Hoffrichter states that he received the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) in the post, and has worn it ever since, and will continue to wear it. It is the last medal on his rack.



The problem is that Hoffrichter did not serve the required 181 days in Vietnam, to have earned the medal. He served for 97 days with the 3rd Infantry Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR). See below.

Hoffrichter2 2021 07 24


Here is the criteria for the RVCM:

Hoffrichter3 2021 07 24


Hoffrichter4 2021 07 24

Hoffrichter does not meet the criterion shown above. When he was contacted, he said he received the medal through the mail and would continue to wear it. If Hoffrichter received the medal in the post it would have been from a medals dealer from whom he had purchased the medal.

Many ex service men and ex service organizations have appealed the criteria for wearing the medal. Here is the official response to the Appeals, by the Federal Government.

Hoffrichter5 2021 07 24


Unfortunately Hoffrichter chose to exacerbate his situation, by having a fake letter created, giving him approval to wear the medal which means he was well aware of his dishonesty.



The problem with the letter is that it purports to have been initiated by a Colonel J Potter OAM, on the 24 July 1987. The letter is poorly written and does not comply Defence Instructions, regarding drafting official departmental correspondence, in relation to the layout, composition and signatory block. In essence it is easily identified as a fake letter.

Not only is he wearing the medal, but he has also participated in manufacturing a false document to support his false claim.

In essence he wears five medals, and he should wear only four, for his National Service. and his 97 days in Vietnam.

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