Date of Entry: 31/07/2021
Christian Names: James
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Wauchope
Service: Nil
Case Notes:


James Lonergan is either a "hard arse", Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Operative, or a liar and wannabe.



We choose the latter, because he doesn't look like a "hard arse" SASR Operative, and his stories of military adventure are absymal.

We hold statements, detailing what he has said about his Australian Defence Force adventures. For instance:

"He was a Captain in the Special Air Service Regiment and has been deployed on overseas missions". When deployed to Iraq he was located in Kuwait, and went on a mission to Iraq. He was intercepted, and chased back across the Iraq Kuwait, border by Iraq soldiers, to a pick up point to meet a USA Helicopter, however, he was late at the pickup point and was not picked up, so he returned to Kuwait by foot. Back at base he told off and swore at the American pickup Helicopter pilot, and for that, was demoted to Lieutenant in SASR".
Whilst serving in Australia:

"As an SASR officer he was at the Blackhawk disaster in Townsville in 1996, and was tasked with the recovery of those who were killed"

"He was part of an SASR contingent located at Singleton Army Training Camp. Two soldiers training at Singleton, had the weekend off, were bored, and decided to go and upset an SASR contingent. The soldiers walked into a mine field, one of the soldiers decided to leap onto a mine which was set off, and he was killed" When asked if this event made the news, and he said, "no the Range Masters' were quiet about the event".

Mr Longeran also claims that "he has been awarded two military crosses".

After many attempts, Lonergan was finally contacted by a researcher, and when asked, what Australian Defence service he has had, he said "none",

He has never served in the Australia Defence Force, and his only adventures, have been hosing down fires as a member of a Rural Fire Brigade. We suggest that he gets himself hosed down, and stops telling lies about military matters that he obviously knows nothing about.

Case Management Notes:



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