Date of Entry: 24/07/2021
Surname: NORRIS
Christian Names: Troy David
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Woodgate
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Commencement of service: 2001
Completion of service: 2014
Case Notes:


When questioned about his medals, Troy Norris was full of legalese and nefarious arguments, but never quite got to producing evidence as to the bona fides of the Afghanistan medal he wears.




These are the medals he is wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Entitled

Afghanistan Medal (AM) Not Entitled

Iraq Medal (IM) Entitled

Australian Operational Service Medal (AOSM) Entitled

Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Entitled

The second medal from the left is the Afghanistan medal that he did not earn. He also wears six badges, one of which is the Returned from Active Service Badge which is not worn when wearing medals.

The Returned From Active Service Badge (RASB) is worn on the left lapel positioned near the button hole. The RASB stands alone, and is not worn with any other embellishments, including full or miniature medals, i.e. when wearing medals the RASB is not worn.

He claims to wear the Afghanistan medal because of active service in the relevant strategic area of Operation Slipper. To earn the medal, required thirty days of service in the designated tactical area of operations, . Here are excerpts from the official Afghanistan Medals Instrument 2015 ,signed by the Australian Governor General on 13 April 2015.


Afghanmedal3 2021 07 04



Norris was in the area of Operation Slipper, for only twelve days, whilst aboard HMAS Melbourne, after having completed operational service on Operation Catalyst, in Iraq's designated tactical area. His ship was returning to Australia, and had to pass through part of Operation Slipper's designated tactical area. The dates that HMAS Melbourne was in the area, were from 22 March 2004 until the 2 April 2004. A total of 12 Days.

To have qualified for the Afghanistan medal, Norris would have been required to be in the designated area of Operation Slipper, for 30 days.

As "proof" of his service, Norris sent and email containing his Certificate of Service, which is heavily redacted and proves nothing.

He said:

"Find attached my official certificate of service showing my award of the AASM with clasps of Iraq 2003 and ICAT. Being an expert in this field you would be well aware of the areas of operation and campaign medals are associated with these distinction.
Also to protect myself I against any further accusations I too have collected 2 Statutory Declarations. The first from my RSL president stating that he has responded to your questioning of the validity of my service and has confirmed to you that I am a legitimate service member with all awards being officially approved. As you are probably well aware the RSL requires a full copy of your service record to authenticate your service before be aloud (sic) to join.
The second is from the district RSL whom you logged a complaint with, once again authenticating my service.
I have also attached a copy of my medical records to prove to you and show you that I actually was shot and involved in an explosion resulting in multiple spinal surgeries and the paralysis of my right lower leg. Not that I should be required to prove anything. If you like I can also send you my DVA TPI gold card and my disability sticker".



Exacerbating the situation was the President of the Toowoomba Returned and Services League RSL, Mr Scott May who launched a tirade, that "his" RSL had done irrefutable due diligence, to prove that the medals Norris wears are true and correct. He then launched a rant against ANZMI on the RSL Toowoomba Facebook account. We believe that Mr Scott May, has proven to be "all tip and no iceberg", and whilst his political diatribes, may reflect his ability to rave, it in no way contributed to Norris's defence.

Norris solicited help from an ex RAN, and now Queensland Police officer, who sent the following email to our researcher

Good afternoon,

I have been approached by a Mr Troy NORRIS today who is concerned that he is being unfairly harassed by a person calling himself xxxxxxxxxx from the Australia and New Zealand Military Imposters Group (ANZMI).

Mr NORRIS has received numerous phone calls from a private number from xxxxxxx and emails from this email address after you allegedly received a complaint about his eligibility to wear certain medals that he has been awarded.

I believe that you have received correspondence from Mr NORRIS as well as from Mr Scott MAY, president of the Toowoomba RSL as to his eligibility to wear said medals.

Your actions are now bordering on harassment towards Mr NORRIS and I request that you cease all communications with Mr NORRIS. If you have any further enquiries to make, please direct those enquiries to Mr Scott MAY from the Toowoomba RSL.

xxxxxxxxPolice Station
xxxxxxxPatrol Group
Wide Bay Burnett District
Qld Police Service
Ph 4192 1444 Fax 4126 3057
E-mail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As a result of the above email, Norris sent the following email. (Notice how the Police Officer has used the Official Police computer data base for him and Norris, to search for the name of our researcher):


"Good morning Ernest,

I’m glad I sought police advice before releasing any further private information about myself. Especially considering I was warned by the police that sensitive information like your requesting can be used for identify fraud and you have no legal right to it. You have only further compounded your untrustworthy nature by using a false identity as we searched you in the police data base. You didn’t even provide your true personal information and identity the police like you stated you would, how am I supposed to trust you when you won’t even be honest with the police? Also if you really though I was guilty why didn’t you report me to the police when you were on the phone?
I took in my statutory declarations from the RSL’s and my service record proving my legitimacy to the police station and they are contained on the police report. I was advised that if this should go any further I would have grounds for further police action for defamation of character.

As you were told if you still want to seek information you can contact the Toowoomba RSL President for verification of my service and medals. I know you said “you didn’t like him because he’s not a nice man” but he’s only following the RSL’s privacy policy and looking out for the best interest of one of his members. I’d be cranky too if I was a sitting RSL president and I’d already confirmed a member’s service and awards just to be ignored.

As you said to the police officer I have been hard to get information out of because the information surrounding my service is private and it’s privacy is protected, if it wasn’t you would have concluded your research on day one. I’m not about to hand over sensitive private information on hearsay and baseless claims from a member of the public.

Should you truly wish to conduct your investigation correctly I would consider meeting in person but I am not sending information to a faceless organization or to a person whom I don’t know their true identity or motives for my own safety. I think this is fair and reasonable.

Troy Norris"


The policeman involved, who searched the Police Data base for Norris, is an ex RAN acquaintance of Norris. Both Norris, and the Police Officer mentioned Statutory Declarations from the Toowoomba RSL, as proof of his entitlement for the Afghanistan medal. No Statutory Declarations were presented to our researcher. The "due diligence" certified by the Toowoomba RSL President, is either a deliberate lie, or an incompetent fumble, at certifying a members bona fides.

Numerous efforts to sort this matter out with the Toowoomba RSL, were unsuccessful, and Norris claims to have a "legal team" from the Toowoomba RSL supporting him. This highlights Norris's ability to con people. He has an RSL District Executive, an RSL President and an RSL Legal Team all convinced that he was issued with the Afghanistan medal.

We also hold a signed statement, detailing that Norris told a group of people that he had served as a Clearance Diver in Afghanistan defusing explosives. An Australian Clearance Divers' association, have advised that Troy Norris has never served in the RAN as a Clearance Diver.

It is very likely that he contrived that service, to explain his false Afghanistan medal, as genuine Australian Clearance Divers were deployed to Afghanistan. He also inferred that he had been shot and blown up, during Afghanistan service. In fact one of his injuries was received in a training accident, and the other whilst on Operation Resolute, on Australian Border Patrol operations, as stated in an ABC news article, dated 3 December 2014 as follows:
NORRIST.7 2021 07 04

NORRIST.8 2021 07 04


Norris arrived back in Australia from his service with Operations Catalyst and Slipper in April 2004, and subsequently served on Operation Resolute on Australian Border Patrols to the immediate North of Australia.

Norris had an adventurous RAN career, before being discharged in 2014 for medical reasons. He chose to become a medals cheat, and liar, by adding the Afghanistan medal to his medals and his adventures. He also chose to deceive those who trusted him, and who must now, be somewhat nonplussed at their gullibility. It is unfortunate when an RSL claims by Statutory Declaration, that their due diligence proves Norris to be genuine. Norris is a master con man, and the Toowoomba RSL, at the senior levels, have either dishonestly supported Norris, or they are gullible beyond normal.

It is also unfortunate, that a Queensland Police office chose to break the law by illegally searching the police website on Norris's behalf.

Norris can serve forever on HMNZ Ship ANZMI, however he will not be awarded any accolades.

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