Date of Entry: 14/07/2021
Surname: BARNES
Christian Names: Troy Daniel
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Bradbury, Sydney
Service #: Nil
Service: Claims Army
Branch: Commando
Commencement of service: Nil
Completion of service: Nil
Case Notes:


Troy Daniel Barnes, also known as Jason Daniels, was born on the 9 February 1990.

About 2011, Barnes joined the New South Wales Police Force. He subsequently attained the rank of Senior Constable. He was attached to the Professional Standards Command, Sydney.

Barnes is a Fraud and a Military Imposter.


ANZMI has been researching the reported lies espoused by Barnes for some time. However, due to his arrest and charging of 29 criminal matters, ANZMI could not publish any of the known facts, due to the matter being before the Court.

That Court matter has now been determined, and ANZMI is free to publish his lies and inexcusable deceitful behaviour.

From early in his Police career, Barnes has boasted to family members, friends and Professional Standards Command work colleagues the following -;
1. He was a Paratrooper and a Commando in the Australian Army.
2. He completed three tours of the Middle East.
3. He served in “The Iraq and Afghanistan wars”. He was part of the team that captured Osama Bin Laden.
4. He received a Medal of Honour in a private ceremony; however, it is not on the public record as it may jeopardize his safety.
5. Due to his exemplary Army service, he was selected for Diplomatic Missions.
6. He was a member of the New South Wales Police Task Force Raptor, and he was threatened by criminal elements.

Below are the Australian Medals Barnes has claimed to relatives and friends that have been awarded to him.


NSW Police Force members with prior Military Service became suspicious of Barnes’ claims. As did members of Barnes’ family and friends.

In September 2020, NSW Police were notified that Barnes was in possession of illegal military items. As a result, a search warrant was executed at his house and an Australian Military uniform and other items were seized.

Barnes was arrested and charged with 29 offences, including falsely representing himself to be a returned Soldier, Sailor or Airman under the provisions of the Defence Act 1903. Section 80A.


Falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman
(1) A person commits an offence if:
(a) the person represents himself or herself to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman; and
(b) the representation is false.
Penalty: 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months, or both.
Barnes resigned from the NSW Police Force in late September, 2020, and his resignation was accepted.

On the 9 July 2021, Barnes appeared before the Parramatta (Sydney) Local Court and was convicted. See below -;
Courtesy ABC News.


BarnesTroy2A 2021 07 10


It is clear that Troy Barnes is an incorrigible liar and a false pretender of the highest order. Like many Military Imposters who appear on this site following public exposure, Barnes claims the usual Post Traumatic Stress Disorder excuse for his behaviour. That excuse probably saved him a custodial sentence on this occasion.

If any of our readers can provide a more suitable photograph of Barnes, it would be appreciated.

Barnes was a total embarrassment to the New South Wales Police Force, and that service needs to be congratulated for weeding out this charlatan.

Well done NSW Police on behalf of ANZMI, all Australian and New Zealand military veterans, and all our followers.

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