Date of Entry: 11/09/2018
Surname: Mueller
Christian Names: Frank Fred
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Bundaberg
Service #: 313522
Service: Army
Branch: Royal Australian Medical Corps
Case Notes:


Frank Fred Mueller of Bundaberg is a medals cheat. He is entitled to wear three military medals, however he wears four medals together with thirteen badges, buttons and bows.




Muellers medals are:


Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)   Entitled

Vietnam Medal (VM) Entitled

Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Entitled

Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) Not Entitled


Mueller does not meet the criterion to wear the RVCM as he served only 88 days in Vietnam instead of the required 181 days.




Initially Mueller was contacted direct, but he responded with a tirade of swearing and abuse.


Advice was then sought from the Bundaberg Returned and Services League (RSL) where he is a member. That RSL was aware of his offending but chose to protect him by refusing to participate in checking Mueller's medals entitlement.


They advised a researcher as follows inter alia:


"Bundaberg RSL has neither the resources nor the access to records and further we are here to support veterans not dishonour them. This member is a veteran of the Vietnam War, he has health issues and he needs our support.

 I urge you to handle your concerns with great caution, and suggest you refrain from undertaking any action other than that recommended by the Department of Defence."


We would aver that the Bundaberg RSL was dishonouring all veterans by knowingly allowing a medals cheat in their midst. They were operating against their own constitution and trashing long established Veterans protocols and traditions.

 Fortunately, and after some prodding, sanity prevailed at Bundaberg RSL and another communication was received which says inter alia:


Re my correspondence of 17 August regarding the wearing of a medal by Mr Mueller.

 I have been advised that Mr Mueller sought clarification of his eligibility and now accepts that he is not entitled to wear that medal and will refrain from doing so.


The situation at Bundaberg was indicative of the ever increasing laissez faire attitude in some RSL Clubs throughout Australia.

Mueller has well earned his place on this website and can settle in for a long stay.



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