Latest Cases

Latest Cases

Surname: Campbell
Christian Names: Garry John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Echuca
Service: Army
Case Notes:


Garry Campbell is quick to tell vulnerable ladies about his hard life caused by his war torn history.

According to Campbell he is a homeless shattered man, who endured incredible hardships during his military service.

In this other "snap" If you look closely at the lenses in the photograph you will see that the photo is a "selfie" to capture his stoic strength and demeanour, despite his war caused inner demons. Perhaps it was taken to charm another target?

According to him, his legendary "service" included:

"He was a Chinook Helicopter Pilot who did secret operations overseas.

On more than one occasion armoured vehicles in which he was located were parachuted out of aircraft.

Has been on secret operations with United States forces, but can't say where for security reasons.

As a result of his service has shrapnel fragments in his skull that are too dangerous to remove.

Of the thirty six men in his unit, all but three have committed suicide".

Here is a heart wrenching story he told to one of his targets:

"I am not without my sins, guilty of crimes for which I must face our creator for .. I have taken the life of an innocent, a young girl no more than 8yo who's family had wired with explosives ...yet I have also tried to save and come close to sacrifice my own life to do so last mission serving we were given false Intel, I flew point guard ..meaning 1st in last out , for 53minutes it was the hottest hell hole on earth ..watched as 27 of my m8s fell ...268 surrendered to us yet we were not meant to win America needed an excuse to bomb they had sacrificed us ... I tried to stop the bombing run and was shot out of the sky for doing so ..there were no survivors . All countries ..all religions are guilty of such crimes against humanity is only small groups of individuals who have corrupted the majority to such heinous crimes ...this is what I stand for and will die for".

Campbell is of the genre that we call love rats, who, without scruple target and con vulnerable ladies for sympathy and personal gain. In fact the only targets that Campbell would have ever seen are those he cons.

We are pleased to expose him on this website to warn those who meet him that Caveat Emptor i.e. Buyer beware applies. He is an unscrupulous military fraud and liar.

In reality his only military achievement is appearing on this website, which, unlike his fictitious military exploits is something he can boast about.

Ladies beware, and we welcome Garry John Campbell previously known as Cyril Bryant to our website.

Surname: Koryn
Christian Names: Matthew James
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Membourne
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry/Catering Corps
Commencement of service: 2009
Completion of service: 2014
Case Notes:


Matthew James Koryn enlisted in the Australian Regular Army in 2009. After basic training he was allocated to Royal Australian Infantry Corps, but for medical reasons did not complete his Corps training and transferred to Australian Army Catering Corps in 2010. He was discharged from the Army in 2014 for medical reasons.

Koryn will tell of his service, as being a Sergeant in Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) with considerable overseas service. He also claims to have served with United States (US) Special Forces and various mercenary groups.

The truth is, he has never departed Australia either before, during or since his service.

To prove his service he has purchased six medals and an Infantry Combat Badge. Sadly he chooses to have close family members wear these on his behalf on Commemorative occasions.

Here is a photograph of his fake medals

They are:

Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) Not entitled

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Not entitled
Afghanistan Medal Not entitled
Iraq Medal Not entitled
Australian Service Medal Not entitled
Australian Defence Medal
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Medal (ISAF) Not entitled

Koryn is an inspirational liar who spun yarns whilst in hospital to vulnerable people. Here is what a person said about him on social media:

Wherever possible he will tell of his false military exploits that have led him to being an invalid. His actual service was that of a private soldier Cook who was never deployed to any operational areas.

He was successful in conning the Victoria Returned and Services League (RSL), by securing a grant under personal hardship to pay off debts including what he owed on a car. As soon as the payment was made by the RSL, he purchased an expensive high performance Ford FPV GTP XR8. The payments for the new car were higher than the payments "he couldn't make" on the old car which was paid off by the RSL.

RSL and other veterans, and veteran support organizations should be aware that Koryn is quick to speak of his false and heroic Special Forces service and is always on the prowl for a hand out.

Koryn was given the privilege of serving in the Australian Army, but his service was nothing like he tells people. He was never in SASR and he achieved the rank and status of a Private Soldier in the Catering corps, which for many, is the starting point of a solid career path.

Koryn service in the Catering Corps was the epitome of mundane, but he needs to tell of a much more adventurous time.

He is not what he says he is. He is what we say he is, and for his dishonesty is granted a space on this website.


Surname: Warusam
Christian Names: George Barnabus
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Aurukun
Service #: Army Reserve & Navy
Branch: Infantry/Navy Recruit
Case Notes:


George Warusam is a worrisome man who resides in a remote area of Far North Queensland (FNQ) and claims to be a Veteran of the Vietnam War and wears all the medals. He also claims to have served at Royal Australian Navy establishment HMAS Cerberus during the 1980s when he was twenty years old. In addition he claims to have served with an Army Reserve unit for thirty years. Warusam was born on the 4th October 1954.

The ribbons and medals represent:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) Not entitled
Vietnam Medal (VM) Not entitled
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) Both left and right breast
Anniversary of National Service Medal (ANSM) Not entitled
Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) Not entitled

The medals indicate that Warusam spent at least one hundred and eighty one days at war in South Vietnam. There are two aspects that prove that Warusam is a liar and medals cheat.

When he was asked for details of his service here is what he said in answer to an email from a researcher.

"Good afternoon Mr Warusam

I take the liberty of seeking information from you regarding the medals that you wear when in Army Cadets uniform.

Would very much appreciate if you could please advise about your Vietnam service.

What unit did you serve in.
What years did you serve in Vietnam.
What is your age.

Thank you in anticipation.


"From George Warusam

"I was at HMAS Cerberus is a Royal Australian Navy base that serves as primary training establish for RAN personnel do my training at 1980's during the ending of Vietnam War and I was just an ordinary seaman base in Cerberus 20 yrs of age. Was born 4 Oct 1954. I will be 65 within two months time"

As Warusam was born 4 October 1954 he is now aged 64 years. To have served in Vietnam before the end of the war in March 1972 he would need to be at least sixty seven years old. He said he was a recruit at HMAS Cerberus in the 1980s when he was twenty years old.
In fact in 1980 he would have been twenty six years old. The Royal Australian Navy had withdrawn all ships and personnel from Vietnam by March 1972.

He is not listed on the Department of Veterans Affairs Vietnam Nominal Roll.

Warusam wears a set of Vietnam medals plus an Anniversary of National Service Medal. He wears the Australian Defence Medal on both his left and right breast.

Warusam has also stated that he served for thirty years with the 51st Infantry Battalion (Army Reserve Unit) whose Headquarters is located in Cairns, and has sub units throughout the Cape York region. He claims to have held the rank of Corporal.

He is now an Officer of Cadets at an Australian Army Cadets unit at Aurukun FNQ with the rank of Lieutenant. Officer of Cadets rank has no authority in the Australian Defence Force, and traditionally is worn only for Cadets unit business.

George Warusam never left Australia either as a Soldier or a Sailor and has decided to make himself out to be a veteran of the Vietnam war by wearing five ribbons above five medals on his left breast and one medal on his right breast.

We don't know what the truth of his Defence service is. He may have spent some months in the RAN and may have spent years in an Army Reserve unit, however at no time has he served with the Australian Defence Force in South Vietnam.

If Warusam served with the RAN and an Army Reserve Unit he should have been content with that, but for reasons known only to him, has chosen to falsely claim to a Returned Veteran of the Vietnam War.

In his local community and the ex service community of Australia, he has gone from hero to zero.

Warusam is now enlisted to serve with ANZMI for many years. We welcome him and thank him for his impending service, however he is forbidden to wear his fake medals.

Surname: Swan
Christian Names: Brian Lawrence
Country: Australia
State or Province: New South Wales
City or Town: Epping
Service #: O2453
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Branch: Shipwright
Commencement of service: 01 July 1956
Case Notes:


Brian Swan is listed as having served as a Lieutenant in Vietnam for 177 days on board HMAS Sydney during the Vietnam War. The RAN counting system was flawed. Swan would have spent less than a total of 3 days in Vung Tau Harbour during his 8 visits to Vietnam. HMAS Sydney had a turn around time of less than 7 hours per visit in Vung Tau Harbour, but counted time, as being in Vietnam from the departure from their last Australian port until the return to their first Australian port


Swan had no hand in the flawed "Days in Vietnam" system but he exaggerates his service by adding two extra self purchased "Tin" commemorative medals to his rack.

Swan was awarded the prestigious Member of the Order of Australia Medal (AM) in 1988 for services to the RAN. For his Defence service he wears nine medals, he is entitled to wear only seven, he has chosen to add two "Tin" self purchased Navy Association medals. Here is a list of his medals:

Member of the Order of Australia Medal (AM)
Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)
Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal (VLSM)
Australian Service Medal (ASM)
Defence Force Service Medal (DFSM)
National Medal (NM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
Logistic and Support Medal Tin self purchased medal Not to be worn with official medals
HMAS Sydney Medal Tin Self purchased medal. Not to be worn with official medals.

Here are two offending medals:

Subsequent to his service as a Lieutenant on board HMAS Sydney, Swan received the prestigious promotions to the rank of Captain (RAN).

Swan is the Vice President of the Epping, New South Wales, Returned and Services League (RSL) and is obviously blasé about protocol and tradition for wearing medals. We suggest a review of medals protocol at Epping RSL and that Vice President Brian Lawrence Swan be first to be counseled.

We welcome aboard Captain Brian Swan, an ex RAN Senior Officer who we welcome as a shipmate to all the other medals cheats on this website

Surname: Showler
Christian Names: Jeffery
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Woodend
Service #: N/A
Service: N/A
Branch: N/A
Commencement of service: N/A
Completion of service: N/A
Case Notes:


Jeffrey Showler is about 50 years of age. He is a dreamer. At least that is what some of his associates have told us. Showler likes to publicise the fact that he is a highly intelligent former Royal Military College Duntroon Graduate, who has specialist skills as an Encryptologist and a Marksman Sniper to boot. He is a man of many hats., including a highly skilled Intelligence Analyst at the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. (ASIO)

Showler runs a Face Book page where he has identified his unique talents for the world to see. It is a very impressive curriculum vitae (cv), in particular, to those in the outside world.

Showler Face Book page.
• Security Analyst at ASIO
• Infantry at Australian Defence Force
• Former As Per Above at Australian Army
• Former Cryptologist Specialist - Rifleman - Specialist Marksman Sniper - Infantry at Ex - Australian Defence Force "Army"
• Former Forestry Management at Department Conservation and Environment
• Studied Major: Bachelor of Information Technology (I.T. Security) at Deakin University
• Studied Cryptography at Broadmeadows Kangan Institue of TAFE
• Studied Forestry at Bendigo TAFE
• Went to Kyneton Secondary College

Showler joined a Dating Website, where he identified himself as an Infantry Soldier, and who was awarded a Graduate Degree at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. He claims that his interests include “meeting people, flirting and romance”.

We assume that Showler is out to gain favour with members of the opposite sex and not his own. With credentials and romantic interests of that calibre, what lady could resist the temptation of contacting him for the opportunity of appeal and intrigue.

Showler’s claims are inconsistent with reality. He claims that he was a specialist Marksman Sniper. Infantry Snipers usually hold the rank of Private, Rifleman. They are never Royal Military College Duntroon graduates, who on graduation, would be Commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant.

Showler claims military service in the Australian Army in the following periods –

Australian Defence Force

Infantry • 1989 to present
• Ex - Australian Defence Force "Army"
Cryptologist Specialist - Rifleman - Specialist Marksman Sniper - Infantry • October 1986 to January 2006
Service History (1986-89) - (1993-97) - (2004-06)
• Ex - Australian Defence Force "Army"
Cryptologist Specialist - Rifleman - Specialist Marksman Sniper - Infantry • October 1986 to January 2006

As well, he also discloses his Duntroon graduate and Infantry claims on his Dating Site Friends-4-Life entry.
Also amongst his skills, Showler states the following -;

Professional Skills
Army snipers • Australian Army • Australian Department of Defence • Australian Infantry Regiment

Not having any idea of Military terms or protocol, Showler states “Army snipers” as a Professional skill. That is a ridiculous comment made by someone who has obviously never experienced Army life. He also claims Australian Infantry Regiment. If he was genuine, he would state, “Infantry, Royal Australian Regiment.” , or RAR.

Showler claims Australian Army service until 2006. Another problem for him though, is that the Australian Defence Force has never heard of him.

ANZMI also contacted ASIO regarding Showler. A spokesperson for that organisation stated that he could not confirm or deny that Showler was an Intelligence Analyst working at ASIO.

He did comment however, that a person employed by that organisation, in particular as an Intelligence Analyst, would not publicise those personal details on public social media.

To ANZMI, that makes sense. He could certainly draw the attention from all the nut cases out there who have an axe to grind with our top Intelligence Organisation.

Showler likes to dress up in Army Cams (camouflage uniform) and pose for the camera.

We tried to contact Showler and ask him some details about his alleged remarkable military career and his undercover ASIO activities. He was not too keen to respond to ANZMI’s inquiries. Probably because it is all hush hush, and he can only talk about it to impress gullible ladies seeking flirtation and romance on the Dating Site.

Welcome to the real world, Jeffrey Showler.

Surname: Ogden
Christian Names: Simon J.
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Melbourne
Service #: 141552
Service: Royal Australian Navy
Case Notes:


Simon Ogden served on board HMAS Sydney during the 1990 - 1991 Gulf War action, he was one of the 1581 Australian Navy personnel to serve in that theatre of conflict.

Ogden is wearing a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB), a Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC) and five medals. The RASB and the MUC are legitimate but he should be wearing only four medals. Here is a close up of his medal rack.

Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB

Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC)

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM)
Australian Service Medal (ASM)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM)
Liberation of Kuwait Medal (LKM)
Kuwait Liberation Medal Not entitled

The last medal is not authorised to be worn and must not be mixed with genuine medals.

Here are details of the offending medal.

The non approved medal is often seen being worn by former Australian RAN personnel. It degrades protocol and tradition to wear it attached to genuine issued medals.

For his lapse in judgement we welcome Gulf War Veteran Simon J Ogden to our website.

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