Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Larcombe
Christian Names: Ronald Barry
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Minyip
Service #: 4718397
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 1966
Completion of service: 1968
Case Notes:




Ronald Barry Larcombe is another Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal (RVCM) cheat.



Larcombe is clearly wearing the RVCM medal. It is this the one on the far right.  Eligibility to wear the RVCM is detailed in  this  official notification on the Australian Government, Department of Honours and Awards website.

Larcombe served for only One Hundred and Sixty Nine days and was not returned to Australia as a Casualty.

In September 2015 Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal released the following thirty page report. 

"Report of the enquiry into feasibility of amending the eligibility criteria for the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal"

The full report can be accessed here:

The enquiry was convened follow many submissions from organisations and individuals desiring that  the One Hundred and Eighty One day criterion be changed.

The report concluded that there will be no change to the requirements:

Pages Fifteen to Eighteen of the Report contain names of organisations and individuals who partitioned the enquiry to amend the criterion.  Mr R B Larcombe's name appears twice as a person who made submissions.

Because of his involvement in the enquiry it is obvious that Larcombe has been fullt aware that he did not earn the RVCM and was knowingly wearing it illegally.

He has committed an offence  against the Defence Act 1903 Section VII part 80B.

Perhaps the Minyip Police may chose to take action against Larcombe.

It is not only individuals who have erred in regard to this medal.  In the early 1970s Central Army Records Office (CARO)  started issuing the RVCM to all Army personal who had the other Vietnam Medal. During the mail out, the mistake was realised and the issue curtailed.  There are many ex Army people wearing the RVCM after incorrectly receiving it from CARO.  These people are knowingly illegally wearing the medal even though they may have received it from CARO.

The Navy made a complete hash of it, they issued thousands of RVCMs to those who served on the Vietnam Gun Line. This involved a rotation of ships serving in Vietnam for around a seven month period.  As the ships were constantly departing Vietnam Waters for repairs and  other contingencies in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines, none of the crews served the aggregate of One Hundred and Eighty One days in Vietnam waters. Thousands of Navy Veterans wrongly wear the RVCM,  knowing full well that they are medals cheats, but until the Navy finds the courage to correct the matter the charade will continue.

We don't believe Larcombe was one of those from the  CARO bungle, but even if he was, because of his involvement in the Honours and Awards Tribunal, he  knows that he is a medals cheat, because he did not serve the required One Hundred and Eighty One days.

We suggest to Larcombe that he remove the self purchased fake and be satisfied with the other four medals that he has earned.

Welcome to our first "Minyipian" to our web site,  Ronald Barry Larcombe of Minyip in Victoria.



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