Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Moran
Christian Names: Dennis Michael John
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service #: 279827 (incomplete)
Service: Army National Service
Branch: Transport. Royal Australian Army Service Corps
Commencement of service: 01 Oct 71
Case Notes:




Dennis Moran was born about 1951. He was conscripted into the Australian Army on the 1 October, 1971 as a National Serviceman. He completed his three months training at Singleton 3 Recruit Training Battalion (RTB) and was posted to a RAASC unit. He had no overseas service. He is currently a member of the National Servicemen’s Association, New South Wales.

The above photograph shows Moran wearing at least four medals on his left side. The first one is hidden behind his lapel but it would be the Australian Defence Medal. (ADM) The second medal is the Anniversary of National Service 1951 to 1972 medal. (NSM)

The last two medals are tin purchased trinkets that mean nothing.

The second last medal is a United Kingdom (UK) National Defence Service Medal and can be purchased on the internet for about A$100.00. Below is an example of this medal.

The last medal is a UK Volunteer Service Medal. This medal can also be purchased on the internet for about the same price. Below is an example of this medal.

Both of these medals are commemorative medals and should be worn on the right side, if worn at all, and not mixed with genuinely awarded medals. He has had them Court Mounted next to his genuine two medals to make them look official.

Moran is a Medal Cheat and a wannabee.

He wears United Kingdom tin medals for his Australian Army Service. That makes Moran a "Moron".

As compulsory National Service in Australia was terminated by the Whitlam Government during 1972, it is doubtful that Moran would have completed his two years service, yet he wears four medals. Even if he volunteered to continue serving until his two year term expired in October, 1973, he is only entitled to the ADM and the NSM.

We have exposed numerous National Service Association personnel who increase their genuine medals entitlement with rubbish on this website recently. There are many more in the pipeline.

Our advice to Dennis Moran is remove them immediately and be satisfied with what you have genuinely been awarded.

The National Servicemen’s Association of Australia need to take a stronger stance on this issue and de-register and ban medal cheats in their midst.

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