Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Ritchie
Christian Names: Peter John
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Sydney
Service #: 8085774
Service: RAN
Branch: Naval Police
Commencement of service: Unknown
Completion of service: Still Serving
Case Notes:




Wannabes are not always retired ex-servicemen and women or nufti’s with no service at all. As our pages have shown, a small number of current serving members of the ADF think they can get away with embellishing their service or adding the odd medal or two to their rack to make themselves appear what they are not. Recent cases of this behaviour can be found by following the links provided:


With the above list containing both Officers and Other Ranks, it should come as no surprise that now we have a Warrant Officer fabricating his service. This is perhaps more disappointing because this Senior Sailor has during his career been responsible for training junior ranks in leadership, as well as a being a member of Sea Training Group where Warrant Officer Ritchie was the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on everything, including Navy values!

Peter Ritchie was photographed wearing:

Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) (No Entitlement)
Australian Service medal (ASM) (No Entitlement)
Defence Long Service Medal (DLSM) (Entitled)
Australian Defence Medal (ADM) (Entitled)
Unknown – Possibly UN Medal (No Entitlement)
Liberation of Kuwait Medal (No Entitlement)

Warrant Officer Ritchie has no entitlement to the AASM, ASM, Liberation of Kuwait Medal or the other one. These medals imply he has deployed to Middle East Area of Operations during the first Iraq war and also that he has also deployed on peacekeeping operations. None of it is true. Warrant Officer Ritchie did not deploy and has no entitlement to wear those medals.

If the fact that a Warrant Officer, the most senior non-commissioned rank in the Navy would embellish his medal entitlement is bad enough but Peter Ritchie is also a Military Policeman, and senior Australian Defence Force Investigative Service (ADFIS) investigator.

What chance do we have when the fox is put in charge of the chicken coop?

We at ANZMI are advised that Ritchie was reported to his superiors and at this time, all investigations and administrative action is complete. The final outcome was a CO's warning, and hopefully the loss of his credibility amongst fellow Service Police.

Whilst this matter has been dealt with internally by the Navy, let us not forget that Ritchie committed offences under the Commonwealth Defence Act (1903), not just internal Navy regulations. He improperly wore medals and decorations contrary to S80A of that Act and could have been subject to a maximum 6 months imprisonment. Sometimes a CO’s warning looks pretty good!

Precedents have been set with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) with Lieutenant Commander Brian Ferrie and Leading Seaman Fane Cokanauto, that if you wish to wear military medals/ribands that you are not entitled to wear, it doesn't really matter, because nothing is going to happen in a disciplinary sense to affect your military career.

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