Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Lambert
Christian Names: Gordon
Country: Australia
State or Province: NSW
City or Town: Albury
Service #: U/K
Service: National Service
Branch: RAAOC
Commencement of service: 1953
Completion of service: 1953
Case Notes:




Gordon Lambert was a former National Serviceman serving his 3 months compulsory Army training in the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps. He is a member of the Albury Wodonga National Servicemen's Association.

His President, John Bauerle recently featured on this site for setting a bad example to his members by wearing tin medal ribands. Unfortunately Lambert has worn the same tin medal ribands as his President and continues to wear a purchased tin medal.

The below mentioned photograph is Lambert wearing the same three tin medal ribands as his President John Bauerle on his left side.

They are -;

From left to right -;

1. An unofficial purchased tin medal riband denoting National Service.
2. An unofficial purchased tin Conscripts medal riband.
3. An unofficial (CMF) Citizens Military Forces/Reserve Forces tin medal riband.

These ribands are purchased on the internet or Medal Shops.

In a more recent photo below, Lambert is wearing two genuine issued medals but has still increased his rack by one third in continuing to wear the tin purchased CMF/Reserve Forces medal.

He wears the RAAOC (Ordnance Corps) and RAASC (Service Corps) hat badges on his National Servicemen's beret.

The above court mounted medals are from left to right -;

The ADM, Australian Defence Force Medal. Entitled.
The Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-1972 Entitled.
The CMF/Reserve Forces Medal. Tin purchased medal. Not entitled.

These misdemeanors may seem minor and it gives us no pleasure in exposing former National Servicemen like Bauerle, Burzacott and Lambert as medal cheats.

The National Servicemens Association of Australia however need to enforce proper medal wearing protocols in all of their Branches to ensure that their reputation is not tarnished by a few. Particularly those holding executive positions.

Why they need to display unofficial purchased tin on official occasions is a mystery.

We get dozens of reports of members of the National Servicemen's Association of Australia increasing their genuinely awarded medals by wearing unofficial purchased medals.

If you have the need to purchase commemorative medals/ribands, they should be worn on the right, below genuine next of kin medals.


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