Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Parfitt
Christian Names: Bradley Mark
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Forest Lake
Service #: Unconfirmed
Service: ARA and Gres
Branch: RAA, RACMP, RAInf,
Commencement of service: 1977
Completion of service: 1994
Case Notes:


Bradley Mark Parfitt was born on the 2 November, 1959. Parfitt is a "Grandstander" First Class. When we talk about wannabees, this gunslinging secret former Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) Rambo is high on the list.

He has performed highly top secret duties that he cannot talk about because of the "Official Secrets Act". But like most idiotic wanabees, he talks about them anyway! What other way is there to get your story out there.

The above photograph shows Parfitt, the gunslinger. This photograph was apparently taken in Iraq where he performed some form of security work as a civilian.

His Linked in page indicates that he trained thousands of Iraqi Police as part of his 78 million dollar fifteen month contract, and also trained thousands of Iraqi Military Special Forces. He states that he was the owner of BLP Training Australia and later BLP International. He claims in an Australian Newspaper report and on his curriculum vitae (cv) that he was a former Australian Infantry Officer and a member of the Queensland Police Force.

Over the years Parfitt has not held back on his "Official Secrets Oath" He has told colleagues that he was a former SASR operative from 1982 until 1984 during his Army Career. This is in conflict with his actual Regular Army Service of 1977 to 1982 where he spent all of his time in the Royal Australian Artillery and Royal Australian Corps of Miltary Police.

He claims that when he was in SASR, (1982-1984) he was a member of 4 Squadron, SASR. The Squadron was top secret until it was revealed in the Australian Media in 2013. Parfitt claims that the Australian Government told the media that 4 Squadron SASR had been established in 2006, but he states that this particular statement is not true. He claims that it had been established in 1980 and was based on Swan Island, Victoria, where it provided support to ASIS (Australian Security Intelligence Service) "and other things".

When questioned further regarding his statements, he replied that, "This info is really super dooper top secret and is probably something you should keep to yourself". He has stated that he is still under the "Official Secrets Act" about all this stuff and because of his secret service, he got a start later in the private operations sector in Iraq.

Well our "super dooper" SASR hero is in fact a fanciful fraud who has obviously duped a lot of people into believing his self serving rubbish.

We have been contacted by former Army associates of Parfitt who have reliably informed us that Parfitt enlisted in the Australian Army in 1977. Following Recruit Training he was posted to the School of Artillery, then to an Artillery Regiment and then Corps transferred to the Military Police. He left the Army in 1982 following an uneventful period of service.

In 1983 he joined the Australian Reserves and was posted to 1 MP Company and then to an Artillery Regiment. In 1985, he was discharged after failing to carry out efficient service.

He again somehow joined the ARES in late 1985 where was posted as a Private to an Infantry Reserve Unit in Brisbane and then North Queensland. He was then posted to the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps (RAAPC). He was again subsequently discharged failing to carry out efficient service in 1994.

Parfitt was never a member of the Special Air Service Regiment. All his SASR secret service rantings are a figment of his imagination.

He has never been a sworn member of the Queensland Police Force or a Commissioned Officer in the Australian Infantry Corps.

This wannabee has no operational service and his entire Army service in the Regular Army and Reserves could be classified as unexceptional. As a result of this exposure, Parfitt now has one more write up to include on his suspect cv.


Update. Bradley PARFITT.

When Bradley Parfitt came to our notice we were amused at his rantings of false secret "super dooper" SASR service and his reluctance to talk about it because of the "Official Secrets Act."

Particularly, as we discovered that he had no operational service whatsoever.

Since then Parfitt has threatened to sue Anzmi and he sent us a convoluted unsigned document that he obviously manufactured himself claiming it to be a genuine legal process. One glance at the document and you could tell that it was immature, unprofessional and "home made".

Parfitt then withdrew this threat, but has now again sent us the same ridiculous document.

Well we always maintain that the truth is the best defence that we can provide for any publication that we post on this site.

So much so that we now have further photographs of Parfitt wearing fake military medals and other documentation proving once and for all that he is a complete fool, a liar and a fraud.

We also have in our possession unsigned copies of Queensland Police letters that Parfitt has obviously manufactured and produced to an organisation he was affiliated with, in an attempt to verify his claim of Special Constable status within the Queensland Police Force. In these letters, he claims Special Constable status on two occasions from August, 1982 to December, 1982, and from December, 1982 until June, 1984.

Our advice is that these letters on Queensland Police Force letterheads were unofficial to enhance his status within a Queensland motor cycle club. We do not say that he was never a Special Constable for a short time. We maintain that the unsigned letters purporting to have come from the Queensland Police Commissioners Office that he produced are false and misleading.

As stated, we also have in our possession additional photographs of Parfitt exhibiting numerous military medals and other purchased "tin bling" that he is not entitled to wear.



The above medals have been identified from left to right as follows -;

1. Australian Active Service Medal with clasp. Not entitled. Purchased.
2. Iraq Medal. Not entitled. Purchased.
3. Jubilee Medal. Purchased commemorative.
4. 2002 Golden Jubilee QE2 medal. Purchased commemorative.
5. Centenary Medal 2001 with clasps. Purchased commemorative.
6. Regular Forces Medal. Purchased tin medal.
7. Citizens Military Forces Medal (CMF) Purchased tin medal.
8. Australian Security Medal. Purchased tin medal.

He is also wearing unauthorised ribands on his left chest. These are -;

Top Row.

1. Silver Star medal riband. (USA) not entitled. Purchased.
2. Bronze Star medal riband. (USA) not entitled. Purchased.

Bottom Row.

1. US Distinguished Service medal riband. Purchased.
2. US Combat Action Navy/Marine medal riband. Purchased.
3. Unknown medal riband Probably US award. Purchased.

Parfitt has no entitlement to any of the above awards. He has never been awarded one of them. He has purchased the entire set from the Internet or Medal Shops and had the medals Court Mounted.

Not only does he have total disrespect for genuine recipients of the AASM and the Iraq medal, he parades around wearing the US Silver Star and US Bronze Star ribands.

The US Silver Star is awarded for gallantry whilst in action against an enemy of the United States.

The US Bronze Star is awarded for a recipient distinguishing themselves with heroic or meritorious service whilst engaged in action against the enemy of the United States.

He even wears the 2001 Centenary Medal with "clasps"!! This medal does not come with clasps as it is a one off Centenary Medal. The "clasps" if genuine, would make him about 300 years old. Not real bright!.

The rest of his medals are just purchased commemorative tin that improve his unentitled rack. They do not require further comment.

He also wears the US Combat Action Navy Marine riband the wrong way around.

His peacetime Regular Army service and part time Army Reserve Force engagement, which culminated in his discharge from the Royal Australian Army Pay Corps (RAAPC), is remote from the medals and ribands that he embellishes himself with.

He is an imposter of the highest order.

In addition to his admitted false Special Air Service Regiment service, Parfitt describes himself on his c.v. among other feats of military greatness, to have experience in "long range recon" and "Senior N.C.O Weapons Instructor experience qualified through to 105 Howitzer."

We suggest that Parfitt should place his head in the barrel of one of his Howitzers and "pull the trigger".

His outright disrespect for all those service personnel who have genuinely been awarded the Australian Active Service Medal and Iraq medals is abhorrent. In addition, his improper wearing of undeserved US gallantry awards just confirms what an idiot and low life imposter Parfitt has developed into.

Parfitt is like a number of other false pretenders on this site. He threatens legal action when cornered, and continues to bluff and lie about his military service when in fact his entire service was very mundane to say the least. Comments posted about Parfitt from people who know him and recorded on our Facebook page paint his picture clearly.

He has committed offences by his manufacture of Police letters and wearing Australian military medals that he has no entitlement to. The relevant authorities will hopefully take these matters to the next level.

Parfitt has committed an offence against the Australian Defence Act 1903 as amended.

80B Improper use of Service Decorations.

1. A person is guilty of an offence if;
(a) The person wears a service decoration; and
(b) The person is not the person on whom the decoration was conferred.

Penalty. 30 penalty units or imprisonment for 6 months or both.

In our original write up, we described Parfitt as a Grandstander. He is more than that. He is an outright fraud and a liar who has no credibility whatsoever.

Bradley Mark Parfitt Update 2.

Since our original exposure and update of Bradley Mark Parfitt, of Forest Lake, Brisbane, we have discovered further evidence that prove he is the total epitome of a liar and fraud when it comes to his manufactured military service.

Parfitt considers himself a bush lawyer. Regular visitors to, may have noticed that the Parfitt disclosure was removed from our site for a period.

Parfitt attempted to have his lies and the photos of himself wearing unawarded medals and US bravery ribands concealed by attempting a legal manouvre to gain the initiative. His actions failed and backfired on him. He lost, Anzmi won!

This chap gets top billing, and for that, his photo with all his purchased medals and ribands will now grace our Home Page, Face Book page and Latest Cases page for a long time to come.

Since we initially exposed Parfitt, we have received a constant tirade of abuse from him, as he staunchly tries to defend his wearing of Australian Military medals and United States Army ribands that have not been awarded to him. Strangely though, he has never sent us any documentation to prove his entitlements to any medals that he wears. We are satisfied that he is probably entitled to the Australian Defence Medal for his Regular Army service and his Army Reserve Service where he was discharged from the RAAPC. (The Royal Australian Army Pay Corps in 1994.)

As stated, he did send us a convoluted unsigned home made legal document that obviously took him an entire weekend to compile, but only a few seconds for us to arrive at the conclusion that it was idiotic and childish before it was shredded and binned.

Following further investigation of Parfitt, we received a document from an informant who knew Parfitt, particularly his knowledge of when Parfitt was working as a Security guard in Iraq and the UAE. This document is obviously a Company Agreement that sets out its method of operations and most importantly it's personnel operatives. The document is geared for obtaining contracts from Governments, mainly the US and Iraq Governments, in regards to security work and other matters.

The extract below is from that document -:


As we alluded to in his initial exposures, Parfitt was never a member of the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR). He would not have lasted one hour of the first day of the selection process.

He describes himself above as an Executive Specialist in SASR for 15 years. His unremarkable record is disclosed in our initial writeup, and he was discharged as a part time Army Reserve Private in the Pay Corps in 1994 for "Failing to carry out efficient service." In other words, his services were no longer required.

One of the concerning things about this document is that there are two genuine former SASR operatives named as being involved in the Company. We will not name them here, but it is surprising that they would both allow Parfitt to claim the honour of the Regiment as an "Executive Specialist" when he is just a blatant fraud with unexceptional military service

Also in the document above, Parfitt claims that he held command positions within Australian State Police Forces in Special Emergency Response Teams and Counter Terrorist Squads. These claims are lies and he well knows it.

Parfitt, elsewhere, claims he had service in the Queensland State Police Force as a Special Constable when he left the Army from 1982 to 1984. This is the period he refers to in his forged Queensland Police letterhead documents mentioned in the previous update above.

With no disrespect to Special Constables, they are not sworn Police officers and they mainly carry out security duties on Police and Government Buildings and other security tasks in order for real Police to concentrate on crime investigation and other important duties. Just more lies from Parfitt.

The rest of his curriculum vitae (cv) above, respecting Instructor Apec, Urban Assault techniques and a Senior Instructor on the National Counter Terrorist Committee is just rubbish.

Parfitt lives in Fairyland. He is a deceitful imposter who tells lies whenever it suits the occasion.

Below is a submission to a Queensland Government Inquiry into banning outlawed motor cycle clubs -;

Parfitt submission into Legislative Requirements to ban outlawed motor cycle clubs.

I am a returned serviceman and also a Private Security Company owner in the
Global War on Terror. I watched men die in the name of FREEDOM. I held them in
my arms and cried. I had parts of their bodies blown all over me. Politician’s, please don’t say you “Know how I feel” because you don’t; unless you have been in combat and seen and felt it. I CHOOSE to associate with so called Outlaw Motorcycle Club members for many reasons – don’t take away my freedom – I think I have earnt it.

Parfitt was never a Returned Serviceman. He did not serve outside Australia in his time in the Regular Army or the Reserves. As far as being in combat, no comment required. Just more lies. The rest of it make up your own mind. He may have had a leaky fountain pen in the Pay Corps, but that would be the only angry shot he saw in his entire Army service. We are not being critical of the RAAPC here, just a former member.

In another submission to a Queensland Inquiry into the safety of Motor Bikes , Parfitt stated below,



I have served in combat with Counter Terrorism Special Operations. There is an inescapable nexus between the visibility of something drawing the viewer towards it ie you see something out of the corner of your eye you will look at it ... where you look is where you steer. Hence, this clothing will increase the number of sideswipe crashes car v motorcycle.

Any reflective properties of any substance are negated if the surrounding light is of a higher measurement (eg A retro-reflector does not return light shone onto it exactly to the point of origin. Rather, it returns a cone of retro-reflective light towards the source of illumination)

This knowledge of reflection is a fundamental principle of camouflage that every soldier knows.

Parfitt loves to draw attention to his personal Global War on Terror. We have been reliably informed that Parfitt spent most of his time in an office in Dubai during his time as a Security Guard in the Middle East and only went to Iraq for the odd "photo shoot with gun in hand."

The below entry is a submission for entry to a motor cycle club after he had been refused entry to the Vietnam Veterans Motor Cycle Club (VVMC) due to the fact that he was not entitled to wear the Australian Active Service Medal (AASM) or the Australian Service Medal. (ASM)

Unfortunately many contractors who served three, four or five years in direct combat operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia , Libya etc didn’t receive an ASM or AASM during their 10, 15 or 20 years service in the Army (wasn’t enough wars and peace keeping actions around !) The Veterans / VVMC requirement for entry is the ASM or AASM and thats fair enough, its their Club. With respect; I think its time all Veterans acknowledged Contractors as not security guards (common misconception) but as battle hardened veterans who lost a hell of a lot of Brothers killed in action. Animosity needs to be put aside, we contractors are surely entitled to patch status and to stand side by side with the Veterans and VVMC. It is also high time the Patriots were recognised and honoured for their years and years of service to the country and granted patch status.

In the above statement, Parfitt considers himself a battled hardened veteran.

It is ironic that in the statement above he rightly states that civil contractors did not receive the "ASM or the AASM."

In our previous update, Parfitt is photographed illegally wearing the Australian Active Service Medal with one clasp next to the Iraq Medal and others on his left side. The clasp would no doubt be Iraq. As stated, none of the medals he wears or U.S ribands have been officially awarded to him.


The Anzmi website cases are read world wide. We regularly receive communications from Australian and overseas media organisations that request approval to publish our written exposures and photographs. . This is obviously due to copyright laws in different countries. We always accede to their requests and are delighted that others recognise and acknowledge the work that we do.

We gain satisfaction in knowing that there is media interest out there that think the same as we do, who are willing to expose imposters like Parfitt. Their published account of Parfitt is identical to our exposure and has gained him more deserved publicity overseas.

Below is further evidence that Parfitt is seriously lacking in any integrity whatsoever. In this article "Military talk with Brad Parfitt", he claims that inter alia,

"He delivered rapid training to members of the Australian Defence Force immediately prior to ADF inserting into Timor Leste and supplying the ADF with a suite of less than lethal options."

• About Brad Parfitt

About Brad Parfitt
Brad Parfitt served in the Australian Regular Army from January 1977 to December 82 followed by two periods of Army Reserve Service from March 83 – February 85, then August 85 to September 94.
During his reserve service he was posted to a number of units including 51 Bn, a Regional Force Surveillance unit and occupied establishment positions in support and administrative units as a holding pattern, when off shore in his civilian security work.

After Regular Army service, Brad became involved in both on and off shore security operations. The firm he was Director of provided security, paramedical, fire and rescue services in the mining industry with major contracts at Groote Eyland , Gove and Queensland Nickel in Australia. At this time his firm was also contracted to conduct the operational and security components of the Federal Governments gun buy back scheme in Queensland.
By the mid nineties Brad was soon recognised as a trouble shooter. He had become interested in less than lethal munitions and travelled extensively gaining qualifications and experience culminating in the firm he was a Director of delivering rapid training to members of the Australian Defense Force immediately prior to the ADF inserting into Timor Leste and supplying the ADF with a suite of less than lethal options.
As the world faced 9/11, Brad Parfitt was one of the early ‘old hands’ who started traveling into countries and providing short term services to various Government Departments. In ’03, Brad’s focus changed to Iraq and he commenced working to gain a permanent presence in the Middle East. He undertook some short term work and continued to gain knowledge of the complex battle space and actors

Parfitt certainly suffers from aggrandisement. One wonders what this country would be like if we did not have Parfitt out there defending our shores in the Global War on Terror.

The Australian Defence Force must be ecstatic having someone like Parfitt training their troops and supplying them "with a suite of less than lethal options." Glory be.

We repeat, it is an offence under the Defence Act 1903, to wear Australian Military medals that have not been awarded to you or claim to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman. Parfitt has blatantly committed offences under this act.

Hopefully, our next update will reveal forged letters with Queensland Police letterheads verifying that he was working as a Special Constable in the anti terrorist field for a short period of time. This matter is also under investigation. We will then look forward to the relevant authorities taking action against this imposter and that will be the last we, or anyone else hears about him.




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