Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Irwin
Christian Names: Neville Joseph
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Goodna
Service #: 2216650
Service: Army
Branch: Citizens Military Forces
Case Notes:

Neville Joseph Irwin of Goodna, Queensland recently bathed in the glory of National newspaper and Television coverage for being a Returned Vietnam Veteran who was not allowed to fly our National Flag on Australia Day.


The problem is that Irwin is a liar, a fraud and a wannabe. See below where he exhibits a Certificate of Appreciation for his service in Vietnam that is signed by the Prime Minister of Australia


It is no wonder that forty two years after the end of the Vietnam War, the journalist who sighted the certificate when reporting the flag issue, believed that Irwin was a genuine War Veteran.

Irwin has "conned" his local Federal Politician  into issuing him the Certificate which  is hung in a prominent position on his living room wall.


The Certificate is the centre piece of the three frames shown above. The other two frames contain an Australian Defence Medal (ADM) and an Anniversary of National Service Medal (ANSM)

Eligibility for the ADM

The Australian Defence Medal recognises Australian Defence Force personnel who have efficiently completed either an initial enlistment period, or four years service, whichever is the lesser, and all of the relevant service was after 3 September 1945.

Eligibility for Anniversary of National Service Medal

The Anniversary of National Service 1951-1972 Medal (ANSM) was introduced in 2001 to recognise those who completed their obligation under the two National Service schemes that had operated in Australia between 1951 and 1972.

Irwin had the opportunity to salve his itch for Active Service, but chose to fulfill his National Service obligation by opting to serve only in Australia by joining the Citizens Military Forces (CMF).

Here is his Military history:

He enlisted into the CMF Unit, 41 Royal New South Wales Regiment in August 1968 and was discharged in February 1970.

He again enlisted in September 1970 with the same unit. As soon as he had  completed his National Service obligation in October 1973 he was again discharged.

In two different newspaper articles Irwin is quoted as shown:



We contacted Irwin and requested an explanation for his claims of being a Returned Vietnam Veteran.  Despite all the newspaper quotes and the false Certificate of Appreciation, that he blatantly displays to all who enter his house, he denied ever making claim to have served in Vietnam

Irwin dodged the chance of putting himself in harms way as a Soldier, by opting for part time service with the CMF in lieu of serving two years full time service as a National Serviceman, with the possibility of overseas deployment.

By claiming to be a Returned Veteran, Irwin exhibits forethought and planning in his attempt to steal the honour of those who have been to war.  Despite what "Wannabes" of Irwin's ilk may think, Veterans world wide will not allow these sleazy beings  to get away with their deceit.

Irwin's attempt to be seen as a wronged nationalistic flag flyer, by claiming to be something he is not, and never will be, is a low act.

For his deceit, Veterans and the general public worldwide, now know that he represents the thousands of liars, cheats and wannabes who infest Veteran Communities.

People like Irwin are easily able to fool journalists, politicians and the general public, but ANZMI is represented by thousands of genuine Veterans throughout Australia and New Zealand, who will never allow people like Irwin to steal their honour.

Irwin is condemned as a liar, cheat and Wannabe and will represent those infamous qualities on our web site for many years to come.

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