Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: O'Loughlan
Christian Names: Douglas Craig
Country: USA
State or Province: Now Minnasota
City or Town: Previously Bright
Service #: 3206175
Service: Army Reserve
Case Notes:


Douglas Craig O'Loughlan born 24 Jan 1964, was the President of the Bright, Victoria, Returned and Services League (RSL) until people realised he was not sufficiently bright enough to handle the job at Bright.


OLoughlan-1 2014-01-31 


O'Loughlan has no entitlement to wear any Defence Medals or Badges and no entitlement to wear the coveted Sherwood Green Commando Beret .

He is the epitome of a liar cheat and wannabe. We can also add scoundrel to the list as he skipped from Bright owing lots of money.

Below is his version of his military service that he entered on the website ancesty.com:


OLoughlan-2 2014-01-31


OLoughlan-3 2014-01-31


Notice he describes himself as a Special Forces Lieutenant who served in Somalia, Timor Leste and Afghanistan and his Defence Service was from 1987 to 2007. He then lists some of the medals he is wearing in the photograph, these are:

Australian Active Service Medal

Australian Service Medal

United Nations Timor Medal

Long Service Medal

Humanitarian Medal

The photograph also shows he is wearing the coveted Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) and what could be a Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB).

The truth of his Defence Service is vastly different from what he claims. He served for a short time as a part time Private Soldier in the Royal Victorian Regiment (RVR) and was discharged in 1990. On the 1 October 2009 he was appointed Lieutenant, as an Officer of Cadets. This appointment is for training volunteer juveniles at suburban Cadet venues. His Commission has no standing in the Defence Force.

Obviously he connived his appointment as Lieutenant for the purpose of having some "Rank", however after he was commissioned he did no volunteer work at all with any Cadet unit. The situation was recognised by Cadet Headquarters and on the 21 June 2011 his Cadet Commission was revoked, and he was discharged. In recognition for doing nothing, the discharge was backdated to the same day he was appointed, that being 1 October 2009. So in fact he was officially a Cadets officer for only a few minutes.

He departed Bright to marry in Minnesota USA, where he appears to have settled. We are reliably informed that he wore the fake Dress Uniform of an Australian Army Officer complete with the Medals, Badges and Sherwood Green Commando Beret, at his wedding.

We anticipate that O'Loughlan will return to Australia for his Fiftieth birthday which also coincides with a family marriage. We have timed the release of this exposure for when he is back in Australia. This will allow the media and perhaps the Police to have a "talk" to him

Genuine Veterans are nonplussed at the plethora of RSL Presidents from Victoria who have been exposed by ANZMI.

Is it a combination of a lack of diligence by the Victoria RSL, and that members of individual RSLs simply don't care?   Like many RSL Sub Branches throughout Australia, Bright is now controlled by Affiliate Members who have never served in the Defence Force. This is an incongruous situation that must be rectified.

Our once influential and outspoken RSL has degenerated to the point where Affiliate members have full voting rights to pass any motion. In recent times at Bright, the Affiliate members pushed to close down the Bright RSL and amalgamate with the local Senior Citizens Club.

It is bizarre that motions put to Sub Branch meetings can be won or lost on the vote of Affiliate members who care nothing for the true spirit of the RSL. Our departed RSL veterans of World War 1 and World War 2 would be horrified to know what has become of the Returned Services League they established and protected for their returned war veteran members. Particularly, in Bright, Victoria.

Liars, cheats and wannabes like O'Loughlan exist, because any person who wants to "big note" themselves, can falsely claim to be a Veteran, and have Affiliate members, vote them in.

In Victoria, within the past Twelve months this is the third liar, fraud and wannabe who has attained the position of President in their RSL.

We will ensure that our associates in the United States are well aware of O'Loughlan and do not allow him to in anyway to misrepresent himself as a Commissioned Officer and Returned Australian Veteran.

O'Loughlan is a psychopathic liar who deserves his place on this web site where the world can read about him.


O'Loughlan Update

We are aware that changes have been made at the Bright RSL. There is a new Committee consisting of mainly ex Service members. Affiliate members who have never served in the Defence Force, can no longer control or subvert the Sub Branch from its core business.

A person named "Craig" has communicated with us on behalf of O'Loughlan, we are aware that it is O'Loughlan himself. Here is what he has said. It is presented as written:

"Hello, its craig. Sorry, but my phone wont allow all the data i have to send, so am using the wifes computer.

Firstly, i have known doug for many years, and i honestly believe that a great deal of the information on your site is wrong.

1/ The beret and medals he was wearing were in recognition of his deceased cousin, Brett Wood, KIA Afghanista , 22 may 2011. Albeit he had the medals on the wrong side, he has never publicly declared himself a veteran. He was proud of his short time in the reserves, and was looking at becoming a permanant member, but work took him away from any nearby units. He also did over 2 yrs as a cadet officer, and was paid as such, so a lot of misinformation on your postin regards to that.

2/ as for him returning to australia for a birthday and wedding, that is not happening due to workcommitments he has as a driver in the USA.

3/ When i contacted him in regards to his profile on your site, and explained what was stated on there, he informs me that he has never had a site on ancestry, and that his account was compromised some time ago by a zealous ex partner. He is checking with that site to confirm.

4/ As far as the bright rsl, i dont know a lot, but he has informed me that he was pressured from the start from the then president, and from veterans to become an office bearer and help straighten out a lot of inhouse problems. I know he began as secretary.

5/ As far as the information about his personal kife in bright, and financials, that should remain unposted. The business he was running was in the process of being sold, that is why he and his wife moved to her hometown to semi retire. I believe that the sale fell through, and was in the hands of legal representatives.

6/ Although i have known this man as a friend for 12 yrs, i honestly believe that there were several mistakes, misunderstandings and pressures from unmentioned parties that place a lot of negative falsities upon this claim. I have never seen him wear any medals to any anzac day ceremonies, and he attended every year out of respect. I also must say that bringing a persons personal life into a situation such as this, when there has been no conclusive prof, and a lot of heresay, is very demeaning, and a subject of defamation of character and slander.

I know that you are doing a service to the veteran community, but sometimes, people just make an honest mistake, and i honestly believe that is what has happened here, he wore a beret and medals in utterrespect for a dead relative veteran, and is being persecuted to the tenth degree for it. Please , i urge you to take down his post, he is in no way an imposter." Much of what O'Loughlan has said is easily refuted, for instance:

"1/ The beret and medals he was wearing were in recognition of his deceased cousin, Brett Wood, KIA Afghanista"

At the Bright RSL, time and time again O'Loughlan claimed to be a Returned Veteran. At no time did he speak of any of his medals being worn in honour of a deceased relative. On occasion, with false pride, he went through each and every one of them without mention that they were not his own.

"he informs me that he has never had a site on ancestry, and that his account was compromised some time ago by a zealous ex partner".

He acknowledged, the information at the Ancestry site in his speech to the members of the Bright RSL at the Annual General Meeting immediately prior to the Election of Office bearers.

"I also must say that bringing a persons personal life into a situation such as this, when there has been no conclusive prof, and a lot of heresay, is very demeaning, and a subject of defamation of character and slander."

We have all the proof necessary and invite O'Loughlan to go ahead and make a case. Our defence will be that all that we have said is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and in support of the truth, is another photograph of O'Loughlan. This time showing his less than trim carcass hanging out of a Army Polyester Uniform.

OLoughlan 4 

He is again wearing medals that he has not earned, and the rank of Lieutenant that he has no right to wear. The photo is not very clear and we cannot say for sure that he is wearing an Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) that indicates that he has been deployed on Active Service with an Infantry Unit. He also appears to be wearing the silver Steyr Rifle badge on his right breast which is worn by individuals who meet all the criterion for readiness to be deployed on operational service.





He has no right or reason to wear either of the badges, and even if he were a real soldier, his fat gut would preclude any kind of active service.

Notice he is again wearing a brace of false medals on his left breast. O'Loughlan epitomises the reason for our existence.
We have advised all ex Service organisations in the USA to keep a watch for O'Loughlan.

He is the consummate low down liar from down under.



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