Surname: Papa
Christian Names: George
Country: Australia
State or Province: WA
City or Town: Perth
Case Notes:

 Live: 04 Nov 2013

George papa of Perth, Western Australia was photographed marching on ANZAC Day, Perth in 2013. It is clear that he served as a National Serviceman and in the Army Reserves from the tin medals he is wearing in the photo below.  

However, he did not serve in the Army Reserves to be awarded the Reserve Force medal,  which is for 15 years service.  Papa, to embellish his military service has purchased an unofficial medal to show that he did serve in the Citizen Military Forces. He has also purchased an unofficial National Service Medal and he still wears that, even though he has been awarded the official National Service Medal.


The medals he is wearing from left to right are;

Australian Defence Medal. (entitled)

Anniversary of National Service Medal. (1951-1972) (entitled)

Citizen Military Forces Medal. (CMF) (not entitled self-purchased unofficial medal)

National Service Medal 1951-72. (not entitled self-purchased unofficial medal)



George Papa, for your lack of respect to other servicemen and women and the protocols of wearing medals you have earned a right to appear on this site.

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