Surname: Agard
Christian Names: Terrence John
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: South Burnett
Service: RAN
Case Notes:

Agard 1

UPDATED 12 Oct 2013 (time actually spent in Vietnam)

Terence John AGARD, R65362 a South Burnett resident served in the Royal Australian Navy and did two trips on HMAS Vampire escorting HMAS Sydney to Vung Tau in April and May 1967 which gave him a total of 18 days service in Vietnam according to the Nominal Roll.

In actual fact he did not spend 18 days in Vung Tau, the days are counted from the day the ship left a and returned to the port it departed from or when it met up with HMAS Sydney and ceased its escort at sea.

On 20 Apr 67 the Vampire stayed in Vung Tau harbour for 16 hours 30 minutes and on 30 Apr 67 stayed for 7 hours 55 minutes being a total time of 24 hours 25 minutes which is a big difference of the 18 days on his record.

Terence AGARD is wearing the South Vietnamese Campaign Medal which he is not entitled to. A total of 180 days in South Vietnam was the requirement to be awarded that medal.

The photograph was taken on Rememberance Day 2012 at the Nannago RSL QLD. It is ironic that he attended the service knowing full well he was wearing an official medal he is not entitled to. This shows what little respect he has for those veterans that never made it back.

Below is the medal he is not entitled to.

Agard 2

The only Vietnam medal he is entitled to is the Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal as seen below.

Agard 3


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