Surname: Colquhoun
Christian Names: Patricia Iona
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Case Notes:

see update section below

Patricia Iona Colquhoun is not Royalty, nor is she a Veteran.  She is but a common thief.  One of the variety that steals the honour of Veteran's and the title of a living, breathing, Duchess.  Patricia Colquhoun claims to be the Duchess of Argyll on her web page here colquhoun\index.htm  Trying to access all of this site via her links will fail as she has now pulled the site because of her exposure.   However we managed, as usual, to capture the relevant parts of her site before she was able to close it down so we can show you, the people of the world, just another of the type that we are dealing with.

Go here and you will see the personal data that she displayed on her site colquhoun\personaldata.htm  The absolute drivel is there for you all to see.  The facts are that there are two Duchesses of Argyll at present.  Eleanor, the current Duchess and Iona, the Dowager Duchess.  There is no Patricia Iona, Duchess of Argyll, except in the mind of this impostor.  CPMH have informed London Peerage of this impostor who in turn have contacted the real Duke of Argyll, so no doubt there will be a knock on the door of our lovely Patricia in the near future.  Her home town of Canberra, our National Capital incidentally, is also the home town of the Australian Federal Police.  A short trip around the block won't take them long when the formal complaint is lodged.

Our Patricia was very bold with her internet site and also had a chat session set up where she could tell all who cared to contact her just how good and "Royal" she was.  It was unfortunate that several of those who began to chat with her were  genuine Viet Nam Veterans and the plans for a well laid ambush were set.

An archival check of service records show that there was a person of her surname who served in Viet Nam, however that's where the similarity stops.  She is no doubt an avid reader, this  apparently being where she obtained all the information about the Duchess of Argyll and her stories about being a nurse in Viet Nam.  Naturally CPMH checked with the Australian Army Nursing Corps and also with the Australian Civilian Nurses who were in Viet Nam to verify this persons service, but alas, she was never there.

She states that on her arrival in Viet Nam she drove to Vung Tau in the  "pink Citroen we all used".  Members of the Nursing Corps will be familiar with this vehicle, however to drive from Sai Gon, now Ho Chi Minh City, to Vung Tau in this vehicle in December 1969, unescorted, is absolute rubbish.   Patricia also claims that she was a Private nurse, another mistake as all our nurses were of commissioned rank.   Her knowledge of "things Viet Nam" asked of her by the Veterans could not be answered satisfactorily as she had obviously not read the right books and I can assure her that our seriously wounded brothers were not sent to civilian hospitals in-country to be cared for by the Red Cross.  In response to another question posed to her about her service she responded with, "I only did my job and all the credit should go to those who were on the front line and that's why I never want my name in print in publications about Viet Nam."  The fact here is she can't have her name in print as she wasn't there.  This page is about as far as she is ever going to go with her claims of Veteran status and having her name in print.

Anzac Day in Canberra had former service persons searching the ranks for her so that they could go and have a chat.  Surely someone that was as proud of her service, see here, would have been out and in the ranks with all the other proud nurses who marched on this day. 

Not our Patricia, as she had been emailed by CPMH and was much more interested in changing the information on her web site to read as per here.

then hiding, instead of marching in the ranks. Panic was now setting in.  She had been caught out.  We know she read our email to her address here, as we received both a delivery and read receipt......but no reply was forthcoming.

As stated  there is no evidence or service record available under the 30 year act to show any service for Patricia.  Through the "old boy" network that exists within the Australian Veterans and Military community it has been established by CPMH that Patricia did do some Army Reserve Service in the 1980's.  This amount of service would equate to her learning enough to be able to tie up her boots and attend a evening's parade every now and then.  This service was with a medical unit and perhaps this is where she gathered her Viet Nam experiences, standing at the bar at the completion of the nights training, listening intently to the stories of the senior cadre staff members.
  30 JUNE 2003.  It would seem that Patricia just cant help herself with her lies.  She has now changed her site and you will find the new one here.
Just in case Patricia realises we have caught her out again and tries to change her Military history, this is how her military history is, as she claims, on her new site shown above, as at 30 June 2003.

PATRICIA IONA COLQUHOUN, DUCHESS OF ARGYLL, is a fraud on both counts.  If there is one corps that deserves protection by all ex servicepersons it is our Nursing Corps.  The dedication of the men and women of this corps is greatly appreciated by all troops, especially those who were wounded in action.  Some of the front line troops that were CASEVAC'd back to the hospitals with wounds, died in the arms of these outstanding men and women.   These are haunting memories for them to live with for the rest of their lives.  No wonder they were up in arms about the stories put out by this bogus Veteran.  When their representatives were contacted about Patricia, they in their own caring way, simply stated that she must be a very lonely person to concoct stories like this.  Lonely she shall be no more.  She is now a famous Veteran, albeit, bogus, on this her eternal page.  This page is not easily removed from the internet like her own fictitious one. 

To serve this country proudly in war is something only the genuine serviceperson can do.  Those that claim it falsely WILL be exposed in the long term.  We are but a small Defence or ex Defence community and word of mouth can always confirm if you served. 

This entry is one of the growing number that will be forwarded to Federal Authorities for prosecution once the proposed new fines and sentences shown on our opening pages are in place.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.


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