Surname: Osborne-Brown
Christian Names: Robert Murray
Country: Australia
State or Province: Unknown
City or Town: Unknown
Service: Army
Case Notes:

Robert Murray Osborne-Brown aka Bob Brown

As far as we can ascertain, Brown was first seen wearing an Army Colonel’s uniform in early1996 although this charade could possibly have begun a long time before that.   It was in 1996 that he told stories of  being semi-retired from the Army and of using an F-111 fighter jet as personal transport.

Some further false claims made by Brown are:

Served with 4RAR in Malaya/Borneo and from there was posted to Duntroon Military College for Officer training.
He told of being the Company Commander of an American Company serving in the DMZ during the war and apparently it was Thanksgiving Day for the Americans at the DMZ, the day was celebrated by helicopters flying overhead throwing frozen turkeys on parachutes to the Company below. 

He had been shot in the face, had numerous operations and was due to have another one in Adelaide. Later photographs don’t show any signs of any facial alteration or reconstructive surgery.

He received a field commission (promoted to Officer) in Viet Nam.

Served in the Falklands during the war there. [No Australian Military personnel served in that conflict]

Recipient of the US Purple Heart and actually gave one to an Australian  friend because the friend had been wounded and didn’t have one. The Purple Heart is an US Military award and not recognised by the Australian Government for wearing while in uniform.

Lectures on PTSD to Army personnel, in uniform, at $300 per hour. A video of one of these supposed lectures shows Brown and a blackboard but no one else in the room. These lectures were supposedly also carried out at 1Recruit Training Battalion [RTB], Kapooka.

He said he was in receipt of a 60% disability compensation payment from the Dept of Veteran’s Affairs and this percentage could be higher now if true. It is known that he pursued a claim for war caused disability through a Viet Nam Veterans organisation.

More information;

He visited 1RTB, Kapooka, in 1998 with a friend and was “treated like royalty”. It would appear that the staff there had met him before and regarded him to be a highly decorated Colonel. This visit was to firm up arrangements that Brown had made for his former recruit platoon’s 35th anniversary to be held on the base. He had received donations from his former recruit training mates to produce newsletters but there were only three ever produced.
During this reunion Brown awarded a trophy to an outstanding Recruit.

Note the row of ribbands and the Infantry Combat Badge (ICB) in this photo. These are the ribbands for the Australian Active Service Medal, Viet Nam Medal, what we believe to be the Multi National Force and Observers Medal (Sinai Desert, 1982, Military) and the Viet Nam Campaign Medal.
Photo of this presentation here.

Note the three rows of ribbands with the ICB in this photo below taken in 1996, plus the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Palm Unit Citation on his right breast. Note his sloppy presentation, button undone and wearing a uniform a lot too big for him.
Photo in uniform here.


Osborne-Brown contacted a well known Viet Nam Veteran for assistance and claimed the following Honours and awards:

Order of Australia, (AO),
Distinguished Service Order (DSO Imperial award, Officers),
Military Cross with Bar (that is twice awarded the MC),
Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM Imperial award Other Ranks) (equivalent to DSO),
Long Service and Good Conduct Medal,
US Meritorious Unit Commendation
South Vietnamese Unit Gallantry Cross with Palm.

Some more of his claims that have been forwarded to us:

Four tours to Viet Nam, 1RAR and AATTV (Australian Army Training Team Viet Nam)
Three years with the Pacific Islands Regiment (PIR) PNG,
British Special Air Services (22 SAS Squadron),
Two tours Ulster using the name McGregor so the Australian government could deny his presence there,
Attached US Marine Corps
Commissioned as an Officer by the Chief of the general Staff, Sir Thomas Daly, during a parade at Holsworthy Army Camp.

This person received what was very close to a dishonourable discharge after serving in the Army for two years and ten months.  He did not serve overseas in any capacity while with the Australian Regular Army and never rose above the rank of Lance Corporal.

Below are more photos of Osborne Brown.  They are:

His platoon photograph taken at Kapooka in 1963

Photograph taken when initially posted to Depot Company, Ingleburn

Osborne - Brown in Camouflage Uniform

and his reunion photos, Kapooka 1998

In this age where terrorism is high on the list of Security measures for this nation, the bonefides of anyone presenting himself in uniform to any Military establishment as a visiting lecturer should be established well before he is allowed on base.  In this instance it is a matter of a fraud infiltrating, however, what is to stop a real terrorist from doing the same and mapping the military area for future reference towards targets???  The sale of medals, uniforms and accoutrements should be controlled.  This is an Australian government responsibility that is ignored completely.

If you should know the whereabouts of Robert Osborne - Brown, aka Bob Brown please contact the site as there are members of his old platoon who would like to catch up with him.  Please use the file entry below for contact.


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from the private citizens are supported by statement of fact and statutory declarations.



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