Surname: Young
Christian Names: James Wallace
Country: Australia
State or Province: Queensland
City or Town: Ipswich
Service #: 24371985
Service: British Army
Branch: Catering Corp
Commencement of service: 13th March 1976
Completion of service: 4 December 1979
Case Notes:

James Wallace Young - The case of the Phantom of the Falklands

James Wallace Young wears a British General Service Medal and a South Atlantic Medal with Rosette (for service in the Falklands campaign). He has been seen wearing these medals at Navy Cadet parades in the Ipswich area of Queensland, including  Anzac Day, Remembrance Day Parades, Unit inspection, HMAS lpswich Decommissioning Parade Cairns, TS Ipswich Commissioning Service, Civic functions, Ship Visits, HMAS Ipswich Freedom of the City Parade, Vietnam Veterans Day Parade, Coral Sea Services Bundamba and various TS Ipswich Parades and Services and Services at Laidley.



There is a plethora of witnesses to his actions including all of the Staff and Cadets at Training Ship Walrus and Training Ship Ipswich, Cadet’s Parents, Ipswich City Councilors, Queensland State Members, Federal Members, Member of the Army Cadets, Members of Airforce Cadets, RAN staff, RAA staff, other Australian Naval Cadet staff and Cadets. As well as that compelling list, we have a very nice photograph.



Here is a closer look at the medal ribbons worn by Young.



Beguiling our Defence Cadets with false campaign medals is not new, others, now on our web site who have tried, and “bit the dust” are David Malcolm Bain, Graham Keaton of Queensland and Jeffrey J Crase of South Australia this infamous trio were wannabes in positions of authority in Cadet units. After reading about Young, scroll down on our web site and you will find these disgusting individuals.


Like all wannabes Young has a big mouth when it comes to extolling his fake service to young and impressionable Cadets, he has told many war stories focused on himself, as the central figure undertaking brave acts or standing up to Senior Officers. Queensland Cadets must be somewhat confused about the integrity of Cadets Staff when you consider the wannabes from their Staff who have been exposed on our web site.


Prior to joining Australian Navy Cadets, James Wallace Young had served has a Private in the British Army Catering Corp in the Territorial and Army Reserve (Part time soldiers). His service number was 24371985, he enlisted on the 13th March 1976 and was discharged at his own request on 4 December 1979. He had no operational service at all. The South Atlantic Medal with Rosette that he wears, purports to be for service in the Falkland Islands during the war with Argentina. The Falkland Islands war never started until the 2nd April 1982, more than two years after Young’s discharge from the United Kingdom Army Reserve.


Here is a copy of Young’s Certificate of Discharge.



The Certificate of Discharge is not signed by either Young or his Commanding Officer however the information on the Service Record has been confirmed by information from London, as shown in the email below


“Dear Mr xxxxxxxxxxx,


We spoke about your query regarding whether James Wallace Young (service number 24371985) was entitled to wear the South Atlantic Medal.  I have consulted the Ministry of Defence here and have been provided with the following advice.   Mr Young served in the Territorial Army with 222 Sqn RCT for four years from 13 March 1976 and he did not serve outside of the UK.  He is, therefore, not entitled to wear the South Atlantic Medal.


I attach the qualifying criteria for the South Atlantic Medal for your information.  If Mr Young is wearing a medal to which he is not entitled, he is not breaking any civil laws, as long as he is not seeking any personal gain.  However, unless you are a Service widow, wearing any medal to which you are not entitled is considered a discourtesy to The Queen.


I hope this helps to explain matters.


Yours sincerely,


Xxxx   xxxxxxxx

Cabinet Office

Honours and Appointments Secretariat

Admiralty Arch South

The Mall

London SW1A 2WH

020 7276 2081”   


Whilst it may be only discourteous to the Queen in the United Kingdom, it is downright objectionable to Australian Veterans and more important is an offence against the Defence Act 1903 where a maximum fine of $3,300 dollars and six months jail or both is applicable. Law enforcement agencies do not bother themselves with the hurt to Australian Veterans caused by these wannabe sods polluting the Veteran community. Inaction by the Australian Federal Police and State Police is a much lamented situation among Australian Veterans.


There is no doubt that Young has deliberately worn medals knowing full well that he was not entitled to them, his purpose being to gain benefit from the Australian Navy Cadets by pretending to have had operational service when he was no more than an Army Reserve Cook who never left the United Kingdom. He would also have enjoyed the self gratification emanating from the false respect bestowed upon him by innocent youthful Cadets, enthralled by his self indulgent lies. Shame, shame shame.


This man must be drummed out of the Navy Cadet movement and perhaps keel hauled, whipped around the fleet and made to walk the plank. He, like Bain, Keaton and Crase are not fit and proper persons to mould our youth.


We will ensure that this entry is broadcast worldwide and in particular to the media and Cadet Units around Australia.


Allowing wannabes to command and control Cadet units, and to not diligently confirm and certify the bona fides of those they employ as youth leaders, is a failure by higher level Cadets management  


Every time Cadets management fails in this way the Cadet movement is diminished.


ANZMI has long arms, and as evidenced on our site, wannabes claiming foreign military service can be uncovered and disgraced, as easily as Australian and New Zealand wannabes, our international contacts are as keen as we are to ensure the integrity of the global Veteran Community.


Be a wannabe at your own peril - eventually we, in partnership with our local and international friends will get you. 


This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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