Surname: Mitchell
Christian Names: Paul Gregory
Country: Australia
State or Province: Victoria
City or Town: Loch Sport
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Paul Gregory Mitchell - a Kiwi who "Fought in North Vietnam"

There was something “Fishy” about Paul Gregory Mitchell of the picturesque seaside town of Loch Sport in Gippsland Victoria.

His claimed  New Zealand military service was of such a fanciful nature that genuine Loch Sport veterans were alerted to having a suspected liar,  fraud and wannabe in their midst.


Mitchell is a Kiwi immigrant who thought he could fool Australian Veterans by claiming to be a New Zealand, Vietnam Veteran.  He may never have been discovered as a liar, fraud and wannabe had he chosen to lie about being an ordinary Infantry soldier or a Cook or Tank Driver.  Like most wannabes, Mitchell chose to live in a world where his “Service” was clandestine, heroic and difficult to be confirmed – by ordinary Veterans – but not by ANZMI.

It was known around town that Mitchell was a New Zealand “Vietnam Veteran” and when asked about his service  over a friendly beer, at the local pub, he confirmed his service in Vietnam on numerous occasions to numerous genuine veterans, but always added;

“I can't talk about it as I am sworn to secrecy because we were fighting in North Vietnam.”

Although local veterans were suspicious about Mitchell’s claims, they decided to seek conclusive proof by calling in the “Ghost Busters” of the Veteran world and sent us a request for help.

The first port of call for ANZMI was to check the New Zealand, Vietnam Veterans nominal roll, and of course, he was not listed.  There are six Mitchells listed on the roll, but no Paul Gregory Mitchell, this anomaly was always explained away by Mitchell, as being because of the secret nature of his service.

When contacted by an ANZMI Investigator by phone, Mitchell flatly denied ever making any claims about serving in Vietnam, but then, slung in some innuendo to indicate that if he had served, he could not talk about it. He finally he said “If you want me to say that I did not serve in Vietnam, then I will say it” this sentence was put in such a way to infer that he was being security conscious and was prepared to lie rather than admit that New Zealand soldiers had illegally operated in North Vietnam.

During our investigation Loch Sport Veterans who had heard Mitchell’s lies on a first hand basis, confronted him and after considerable effort, he capitulated and admitted that he had never served in Vietnam with the New Zealand Armed Forces or any other Armed Force.

Paul Gregory Mitchell of Loch Sport is a liar, a fraud and a wannabe which is not a good citizenship category to be in whilst residing in a small country town.

There is sufficient evidence available for law enforcement to charge Mitchell under the Defence Act 1903 Part Vll section 80A, which says, that falsely representing to be returned soldier, sailor or airman is an offence with provisions for a penalty of a fine of $3,300 or six months imprisonment or both.

Should the aggrieved Veterans of Loch Sport, report this matter to their local State Police and provide affidavits, the police would be obliged to charge Mitchell and have him before the local Magistrates Court.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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