Surname: Moselen
Christian Names: Don
Country: New Zealand
State or Province: North Island
City or Town: Otaki
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Don Moselen President of Otaki New Zealand (NZ) Returned Services Association (RSA) was described as a “slight bespectacled man whose tiny stature was offset by a booming voice and massive ego”.

There is nothing wrong with a massive ego as long as it is an honest ego. As shown in the newspaper clippings below Moselen had a long history of dishonesty.

Moselen picked the wrong people to try to fool when he posed before New Zealand Veterans with a rack of Medals he had not earned.  Moselen’s overnight demise from a strutting rooster to feather duster was well documented in the NZ media.

Here is “Rooster” Moselen                                           




 Here is “Feather Duster” Moselen



Moselen is caught and charged



First visit to court






History of criminal activity



Veterans call for apology



Community consequences


Don Moselen is a short, egotistical and loud man with a lengthy criminal history, we are seeing more and more con men pushing their way into Ex Service Organisations. Moselen eventually got his “comeuppance” , but he should never have been voted into the position of President of the Otaki RSA in the first place. ANZMI is dedicated to keeping the Veteran community clean and we urge all Veterans to be vigilant, because right now there are frauds and liars planning and plotting their moves to become executives in RSLs in Australia, and RSAs in New Zealand.

If you have any suspicions send us an email and we will respond.

Update Don Moselen 6 Aug 2012


 Don Moselen the final chapter

Anyone contemplating fraudulent activity in the Veteran communities of Australia or New Zealand should, as part of their decision making process, acquaint themselves to what happened to Don Moselen when he had his shot at deception.

Here is the final chapter about Moselen. After being fined for falsely wearing medals, he was fined for using New Zealand Returned Service Association funds to get a false medal mounted.

Go ahead make our day, give us something to write about, and something your family, your grandchildren and great grand children can read in the same way that Moselen’s heirs and successors will be able to do.

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