Surname: O'Keefe
Christian Names: Matthew Paul
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Yeppoon
Service: Army
Branch: logistics
Case Notes:

Matthew Paul O’Keefe born 1968 – False “Cambodia Veteran”


Beware of Matthew Paul O’Keefe; he is a liar a cheat and a wannabe.  His home base is around the Yeppoon area of Central Queensland; however he often disappears, for a few months. During 2010 he spent some time in the Burnett region of Queensland in 2011 he was at Pandanus Park the Veterans Retreat in Far North Queensland. He is expected back in Yeppoon around mid 2012

O’Keefe wears medals and claims to have;

 Attained the rank of Captain in the Australian Army;

Served in 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR);

Served in the Australian Army on active service in Cambodia. 

In the photo below he is displaying evidence of those claims at a commemorative ceremony in the Yeppoon area. Notice that he is wearing the 3 RAR Beret and also wearing medals on his left breast that he did not earn.


We hold Statutory Declarations from people who were told directly by O’Keefe that he served in Cambodia. In addition we are reliably advised that O’Keefe has told others that he attained the commissioned rank of Captain during his service

Those who known O’Keefe since he was a “youngster” advise that he did serve for a short time in the Australian Army; his last posting was as a Private soldier at the Logistics Battalion in Western Australia. He was charged with theft, incarcerated in a civilian prison and discharged from the Army.  No Captains "Pips", no overseas service and no medals earned during his service. We hold two separate Cambodia Nominal Rolls of Army personnel who served in Cambodia. O'Keefe is not listed.

A few years back he was welcomed into the Yeppoon RSL and appointed Curator of the RSL Museum. He was then involved in a scandal involving dishonest dealings with medals donated to the Museum. Unfortunately in the usual way that the RSL handles these incidents it was decided to take no action for the reason most often proffered in such cases, “They did not want to bring the RSL into disrepute”.

We assert that in RSLs and other ex Service Organisations (ESO) most scandals are “covered up” by dishonest individuals in local control of the institutions.  Gutless local ESO executives, Australia wide, prefer “Cover ups” rather than bringing perpetrators to justice.

There is of course a strong possibility that many ESOs do not want law enforcement or senior ESO executives scratching around their area in case other skeletons are shaken from their cupboards.

Because of his service as a Private soldier in the Australian Regular Army, even though O’Keefe has been imprisoned by the Western Australian Justice system, he is entitled to membership of the RSL.

If he turns up at your RSL, keep a good count of your silverware, and please let us know where and when you have seen him.

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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