Surname: Cavanough
Christian Names: Kevin
Country: Australia
State or Province: QLD
City or Town: Childers
Service: Nil
Case Notes:

Kevin Cavanough - Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) wannabe
Kevin Cavanough runs a Quarter Horse Stud near Childers, Queensland, and claims to have served with the elite Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) in Somalia in the early 1990s.

 He can tell some pithy, but highly incorrect stories about his mythical service.


We have been unable to find any trace of Kevin Cavanough in the dusty tomes of Military Service Records and very much doubt that he has ever served anywhere.
In 1994 a ten man patrol of SASR Troopers under the command of a Sergeant was deployed to Somalia to protect the Sixty Seven Australian soldiers who had remained in Somalia after the withdrawal of the Australian Infantry Battalion group that was part of a United Nations contingent endeavouring to restore law and order. Accurate details of this deployment are recorded in the Book - 
SAS: a pictorial history of the Australian Special Air Service 1957 - 1997.  

We have the names of each person on the SASR Somalia deployment Cavanough is not listed.
We have a Nominal Roll of all of those from the Somalia deployed Australian Infantry Battalion Group, Cavanough is not listed.
We have a Statutory Declaration detailing a conversation with Cavanough about his “Somalia Deployment with SASR”.
Some of the contents of the Stat Dec are discussed below.  

“It is well known that the SAS purloined two Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and painted a large white Kangaroo on them. When Cavanough was asked about the acquisition of the APCs he said (conveniently) “He was out sniping on that day”


He also stated that Australian SASR were involved in the "Blackhawk down" incident, which is simply not true.

He stated that at one point a Somali man managed to get into the compound and walked into the middle of the area, when he was challenged he offered a big smile and then brought his AK-47 up (at which point he was shot by several SASR soldiers).

There was a similar incident when the two SASR APCs were escorting Australian vehicles through Mogadishu. Two locals were standing off to the side and with big smiles brought their AK-47s to bear at the vehicles in which were seated the Aussie contingent.  An SASR Sergeant on the rear APC dealt* with them both, before they could open fire. *Note, “dealt” is an SASR euphemism for “shot”.
An incident occurred when an SASR Trooper was involved in a wrestle with a lion over a gymnasium mat. The lion released the gym mat at bit the troopers hand instead. Cavanough showed no knowledge of this, although he nodded and chuckled pretending to reminisce.

When questioned about other genuine, well known incidents involving SASR Troopers Cavanough had no knowledge and he laughed and nodded in pretend reminiscence, it was clear he really had no idea about real SASR operations in Somalia”.

ANZMI contacted Cavanough by phone and asked if he had served with SASR in Somalia, he said yes he had. When asked why his name was not on the Somalia Nominal Roll he said that was his business.  When told that ANZMI believed he had never served anywhere with SASR he said he didn’t care what we thought, he then went on to instruct us to never call his phone number again.
We sent the following email to Cavanough on the 19 August 2012.
Dear Mr Cavanough
Our organisation investigates frauds and wannabes in the Veteran community please see our web site at: 
We have been advised that you claim to have served with The Special Air Service Regiment during its Somalia deployment. We have been unable to find any evidence of this deployment.
We have no opinions one way or the other in this regard and wish to advise that the matter can be quickly cleared up if you could please email a copy of your Certificate of Service or some other documentary evidence.
Please produce the documentary evidence by the 26 August 2012. Should you choose to not cooperate we will proceed without the benefit of your input.

Cavanough chose not to reply to our simple request. The reason Cavanough could not produce any documentary evidence of service in Somalia is because he has none, he was not there.  Any reasonable person with legitimate service would quickly produce documentary evidence and perhaps some rude words regarding our accusations.
Cavanough chose to be a liar, fraud and wannabe by claiming to have served with SASR in Somalia in 1994.
We choose to list him as a liar, fraud and wannabe on this web site and warn him to cease and desist with his despicable lies.  We also warn the hundreds of other wannabes falsely claiming service with SASR that your days of false glory will soon come to an end, as you are most likely on our current list of cases, and if not, you are sure to be reported by an offended genuine Australian or New Zealand Veteran

This is published in the public interest, particularly that of the Vietnam Veteran Community. All information presented here is fact and the truth. Reports from private citizens are supported by statements of fact and statutory declarations.

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