Harrison (Previously known as Edward Ernest John Carr)

Date of Entry: 01/01/20xx
Surname: Harrison (Previously
Christian Names: Gerald Francis
Country: Australia
State or Province: SA
City or Town: Adelaide
Service #: 4400165 and 41693
Service: Army
Branch: Infantry
Commencement of service: 18 Jan 52
Completion of service: 17 Jan 55
Case Notes:




Gerald Francis Harrison OAMhas lied about his military service for at least 40 years. Even after our extensive investigation there are still questions unanswered. He has admitted to an ANZMI investigator that he has comprehensively lied about the details of his service in Korea. Harrison claims to have served under the name 4400165 Edward Ernest Carr. Carr's birthdate is the same as Harrisons. We have also traced a 1957 marriage announcement advising of Carr's marriage to a lady named xxxxxx. It is known that Harrison's ex wife had the same name. We have also traced an Edward Ernest Carr to the Rostrevor Secondary School in Adelaide, which is the school Harrison claims to have attended. There was another person attending Rostrevor School in the 1950s named Gerald Harrison, he was a champion sportsman, however he was not "our" Harrison.

Here is Harrison's version of his service that is now filed as official war History in "The State Library of South Australia". It is 26 pages of fanciful lies, designed to turn the service of a very mundane uninteresting private soldier into the service of a cavalier warrior who has become a false doyen of the Adelaide Veteran Community:

The document can be read in full at this reference:


Much of what Harrison has said is fiction. He falsely claims to have arrived in Korea in 1951 and served on "the front line" until 1953. He tells of being involved in the historic 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR) Battle of Maryang San in October 1951 and of being wounded in action on more that one occasion.

Harrison claims his original name was Edward Ernest John Carr. There is a document on Carr's file showing that he changed his name by dropping "John" as his third Christian name.

Sometime after being discharged from the Army, he claims to have changed his name to Gerald Francis Harrison from Edward Ernest Carr.

If he served in Korea under the name of Edward Ernest Carr, he did not arrive in Korea until 4 October 1952 and departed on 6 October 1953, his service was very ordinary and the only time he was wounded was when a Corporal A K Allen punched him on the nose in February 1953. The Corporal was charged with striking Carr, and Carr was charged with using offensive language to the Corporal.

As detailed in his personal history, on return to Australia, Harrison/Carr claims to have attained the rank of Sergeant, and been posted to Malaysia where he qualified as a parachutist. In fact, after Carr returned to Australia he stayed in South Australia and he was discharged as a Private Soldier on 17th January 1955.

When questioned about his lies he admitted that he had lied about his time in Korea but stated that he had stolen the service of his cousin named Maurice James Carr who had also "served in Korea from 1951 to 1953". This is a lie because whilst a Maurice James Carr did serve in Korea he did not arrive until October 1952 and was not at the battle of Maryang San and was not wounded in action.

It is obvious that Carr is a pathological liar who will say whatever he thinks he can get away with.

It is bizarre and incongruous that a person who has comprehensively lied about his military history could be awarded an OAM for educating children about Australia's military history. Note that the OAM citation says:

"For service to the welfare of Veterans and their families, and to the Community as a participant in programs developed to educate children about Australia's' military history"

Harrison was so good at his deception that he convinced the 3RAR Association that he was at the battle of Maryang San. On the 2 October 2011 at a special ceremony he was awarded a Commemorative Certificate and Life Membership to the Association for his participation at Maryang San. Below is a photograph of the occasion together with a clipping from the 3RAR Association "In Touch" newsletter.

Harrison has a high profile in the Adelaide Veteran community. He has been the President of the Korea and South East Asia Forces Association and is a member of The South Australian Consultative Forum. The purpose of this forum is:

"To provide a mechanism for regular consultation and discussion between the Deputy Commissioner and Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) to discuss systemic issues that concern the veteran and defence communities arising from the range of DVA operations".

We assert that Harrison is not a fit and proper person to have influence in the Adelaide Veteran Community, we suggest:

His OAM should be rescinded by the Office of the Governor General.

He should be expelled from the 3RAR Association.

Expelled from all ex Service organisations.

All reference to his association with Maryang San should be expunged from records

The personal history ensconced in the South Australian State Library should be destroyed, or at least marked "fiction".

We are aware that many in the Adelaide Veteran Community will find it hard to believe that this kindly venerable "gentleman" is a liar and a con-man with a track record of 40 years of "big noting" and deceit.

He is very suited to be on this web site and must be removed from all aspects of the Adelaide Veteran Community.


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